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So I just did a last minute, unplanned, pop-up webinar to share something a little bit early (you know how I am with secrets)! Right now, I'm knee-deep preparing slides and presentations for Funnel Hacking LIVE, and this 'Diamond in the Rough' marketing strategy NEEDED to be shared before the event! So I've had my team upload the webinar for you to listen to in this episode, then make sure to go and grab your tickets for Funnel Hacking LIVE before prices double or we sell out (because we sell out EVERY YEAR)! Secure your spot at today!

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Sometimes, you have to take a step back to be able to move forward. This is the step back, plug in, get the new download on what's working today in today's marketplace based on today's trends and everything, and then coming back and you can run twice as fast. It'll be fun.


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I'm fun being with you guys today. We're going to be going for probably about 45 minutes or less. It'll be a shorter day today. I just had something cool I want to share with you guys, and then I have to get back to slide preparation mode because we got Funnel Hacking Live. I leave in a week from today. What? In a week from today, I leave for Funnel Hacking Live, and so anyway, I'm knee-deep and I'm neck deep now in slides and preparation and everything, having so much fun, but because of that, I can't spend three hours even if I wanted to, but I got something really cool to share with you guys. Real quick before we get started, a couple little housekeeping things and I'm going to share with you guys the big secret. The secret one it is, here's the resetting the hooks. You guys don't forget.

As I've been preparing for this year's Funnel Hacking Live, this year, we are talking a lot about continuity, which is recurring income, right? So it could be membership site, it could be software, it could be supplements, whatever your recurring business is. As I was going through all my notes, my things, and I'm building out a presentation called compounding continuity, which is like compounding interest only way better. Actually, technically, I was looking at compounding interest versus compounding continuity, and based on the same numbers, you make 18 times more over 20 year period. Anyway, it's crazy, but you guys will have to wait for Funnel Hacking Live for that presentation, but as I was going through our site trying to find all different things that we've done in the past to get people onto continuity program, and there's one campaign stupid Russell has not done in a couple of years, but we did it...

Every single time we did it, we got between 300 and 500 brand new members in a 15-minute window of time. 15 minutes. How many of you guys would like to do something, and then in 15 minutes, get three to 500 people to join your continuity program? Okay? It's like the coolest, simplest, most exciting, coolest campaign ever in the history of all time. Again, I'm going to share it in Funnel Hacking Live, but I was like, "Ah, I got to talk to somebody about this, somebody who actually cares," so that's why we're jumping around really quick to share it with you, guys. Is it cool with that if I share it today? Okay, so that's the game plan, so make sure people are still on. Okay, so that's the game plan where me sharing with you guys today in a second on the whiteboard, but before we do, the last thing we'll talk about is just I want to make sure you guys know that Funnel Hacking Live is next week, basically.

I leave Friday and I guess it's like a week and a half away technically for everybody else, but I'm leaving in a week from now. We've almost sold out tickets. We will either sell out... We will probably sell out, I don't know, the next couple of days. If not, basically Sunday night at midnight, we're doubling ticket prices. So either we will sell out before Sunday midnight or we're doubling ticket prices, whichever one comes first, so I want to make sure you guys are fully aware of that because every single year, I guess somebody comes back like, "Oh, Russell, I tried to buy my tickets. I'm here at the venue and I can't get in." It's like you guys, you have to buy tickets before you show up to the venue with, some of you guys know Alex Charfen, and Charfen spoke at the second Funnel Hacking Live and third Funnel Hacking Live.

He wasn't a speaker but he was planning on attending, and he went the week before to go buy tickets and they were sold out. He's like, "Hey, man, can you give me tickets?" I'm like, "No, we sold out. We literally cannot get more people in. The fire marshal will not allow us have any more people in after we sell out," so he had to wait, he didn't come that year, and the next year, he spoke again. It's like he missed it because of the exact same thing, so I want to make sure you guys don't miss this. This is your last final warning. I've been warning you guys for three months leading up to this, but this is it. We will either double the prices of tickets Sunday at midnight or we sell out, whichever happens first, and so I'm just putting that out there into your mind so you do not forget you have tickets for you, for your spouse, for your kids, for your business partners. Make sure you guys are there at Funnel Hacking Live.

This year will be the greatest year of all time. I'm actually working on 11 presentations for you, guys. This is the most presentations I've ever done in Funnel Hacking Live, which seems stupid. Why am I doing that? It's because I love you guys and I want to serve you so much, so I have 11 and I'm working... Want to see a couple of screenshots? I'll show you a couple right here. This is some of the ones I've made up all night working on. The linchpin is one of them. Somebody have heard me talk about this. We're going to go deep on the linchpin. This is called the attractive character flywheel. What is that, Russell? This is the thing you need to dump more traffic into the linchpin. Over here, we've got dramatic demonstrations part two. Me and Steve Larsen talked about dramatic demonstrations last year, one of my favorite presentations ever, so we're going deeper on that.

Especially over the last year, we've done, I think 18 or 19 dramatic demonstrations, and they've dramatically scaled our company so we're showing you guys behind the scenes of what's happening there at ClickFunnels State of the Union. ClickFunnels 2.0 has a whole bunch of things rolling out for you at Funnel Hacking Live, plus the new roadmap showing you guys all this stuff, phase two is almost complete, a whole bunch of other cool things that's going to be happening over here. We've got a cool funnel hacking presentation. We've got the Two Comma Club Black Card. What is that? Anyway, so that's only one, two, three, four, five six of the 11 presentations I'm working on for you guys right now. Anyway, so if you don't have your tickets yet, go to That's Get year tickets. Okay, with that said, you guys ready to learn my cool thing I want to share with you guys?

Okay, I'm actually going to doodle on the whiteboard over here, so come on over. Again, the concept behind this is how do I get people to join my membership? How many of you guys, by the way, you have a continuity program right now? Continuity is kind of a weird word, but basically, continuity is the same as membership or subscription where somebody signs up and they pay you monthly for something, right? For me, for the first, man, 10, 15 years of my business, I never had continuity. I had a whole bunch of promotions, I had campaigns, I had funnels, but I didn't have continuity until I launched ClickFunnels. When I had ClickFunnels, it changed my life having continuity, like actual residual income coming in every single month, and I've become mildly obsessed with it, and so this year's Funnel Hacking Live's one of the biggest focus points is how do we get people to get more continuity income, more residual income? Because there's something magical about waking up in the morning and there's just...

Again, how many of you guys have a continuity program? If you do, let me know in the comments. I can see it over there. If you do, say, "Yes, I've got one," or like, "No, I want one," or "I don't even know yet, kind of in between." Okay, for those who have one, you know this feeling. Those who don't have one yet, I want to explain the greatest feeling in the world. Imagine this, you're staying in bed, you're getting ready for the day. All of a sudden, your alarm clock goes off and you reach over to your phone, you try to find it, you pull it in, you turn the alarm off, and you look at the thing and there's this little notification from a company called Stripe. It says on there, the Stripe notification shows you how much money you made yesterday from your recurring payments. The best thing in the world is waking up and seeing that and be like, "I made this much money before I even got out of bed." That's the magic of recurring income.

I remember we were growing ClickFunnels initially. When we first launched, I remember the first time that Stripe thing came in, I was like, "Oh..." I can't remember. I was like, "$100 today. That's amazing." Then the next day, it was like 500, then 1,000, and 2,000. It kept growing at the point where now it's like... Every single morning, first thing I look at this Stripe thing, I'm like, "Ah, it's a good day," and you wake up and then go to work. It's the best feeling in the world and that's the one you guys have. That's why I'm going to be teaching you guys about compounding continuity at Funnel Hacking Live this year. I have a whole session going deep on that because if everything you're doing is building the continuity, imagine if you had 100 members paying you $100 a month. You guys do the math on that. If you have 100 members, pay 100 bucks a month, 10,000 bucks. I'm really tired if you can tell. That's 10 grand a month.

Imagine you get 1,000 members paying you 100 bucks a month. What's that? It's 100,000. 100,000, you guys. What if you had 10,000 people paying you 100 bucks a month? That's the power of compounding continuity. Right now, a lot of you guys are doing funnels and stuff, but there's not really a rhyme or reason or no purpose, and I'm going to show you guys how to compound continuity. Anyway, so that's what I'm going to be spending most of my time at Funnel Hacking Live this year on is how to do that, and it's most exciting thing in the world when we get it. That's my goal for you, guys. Especially guys who are there, if you don't have your tickets yet, go get your tickets. We're doubling ticket price this Sunday at midnight or we're going to sell it, whichever comes first.

Anyway, so as I was preparing this, I was looking through all the old campaigns, different things we've done to get more people in continuity, and there's one that was the best of them all, and so I'm going to share you guys that right now. Are you cool with that? Okay, so that's the game plan. Now, my nickname, my code name for this right out is called Membership Site Kickstart. Excuse me, it's a way to kickstart your campaign and get people started and moving in it really, really quick. This is... Let's see, one, two, three, four, five. This is a five-day campaign. I'm going to be sending out six emails though, or sorry, five emails in five days for this campaign. Okay? Now, to make this for you to really understand, there's just two core things that I want you to understand.

Basically, when you create a membership site, one of the biggest problems people have with a membership site is they log in and us, as creators, we want to create a lot of stuff, so we're like, "I'm going to put everything I have in this membership site," and you jam all these things in there and there's tons and tons of stuff in there, right? Then what happens? Your poor new member logs in, they open up the gates, they walk in this thing, and there's a million things they're looking around like, "There's so much stuff. I don't know what to do," and then what happens? They get overwhelmed and they leave. That's why I think the average stick rate on membership site's like two and a half months because people come in and they're like, "This is so much," and then they bounce and they leave. All right?

So at Funnel Hacking Live, one of my friends, Stu McLaren's going to come and talk to you guys about the number one thing that they did to be able to get people to actually stick. I think their average one is from two and a half months to eight or nine months, which is great, and so he's going to talk about that. I'm not going to go too deep and do it, but one of the concepts is a success path. He takes a success path so someone comes in to exactly what they're doing, but then after the success path is done, you have a lot of stuff in your membership site. For most of us, it's like all of our training, our courses, and there's a whole bunch of just really cool stuff, but because there's so much stuff, nobody knows what to do, and sometimes you get something inside it like let's say this is the whole membership site and there's all these different modules and there's these videos, these things, but there's something that's like, of all the things, that's the goal.

That's the most important part. It's buried in there, right? It's like a diamond in the rough. Do you guys remember the movie Aladdin? In the very beginning, they're like seeking out the diamond in the rough. I remember as a kid hearing that, I asked my mom, "What's the diamond in the rough" she's like, "Amongst all the things, it's the one diamond that's been hidden under all the dirt and everything. The diamond in the rough," and I started thinking about that. It's like we were trying to find what's the diamond in the rough, you remember? The thing that's the most exciting, the most unique, most interesting thing someone might want to learn about. Okay, that's the first thing. Now, hold that as a note. Hold that as a thought for a second.

I remember a couple of years ago I was doing a funnel, and this is where I first learned this principle. I created a funnel and I can't remember what the front end product was, but I remember the upsell was this course I put together called the 7 Figure Shortcut, and it was the recordings of an event I did. It was a five-day event to teach people how to do webinars and presentations from stage and stuff like that, so it was a five-day event. I remember that was the upsell, and so I was so excited in the upsell copy. I was like, "When you guys get this, you get access to a five-day event. I'm going to teach you this and this," and I go through all this stuff I cover in five days, and it was this huge long explanation. I was so excited about all the stuff they were going to get, how it was going to be complete, everything they ever want is all going to be in this one spot. Then guess what? We started driving traffic to it and our take rate...

I think it was a 497 offer. Our take rate was less than half a percent. It was crazy. It was like almost nothing and nobody was buying it, so we're trying different headlines, different tweaks, different changes. Then I had this idea. I remember back to my mom, the diamond in the rough. Of all the things in that five-day event, what's the most important thing? There's one thing that I thought of. In the entire five-day event, the most important thing was the session I did, it was probably a 20 to 30 minute session I did on a concept that you guys were probably familiar with if you're following me, but it was called the Stack. At the time, no one ever heard me talk about the Stack. I was like, "This is a stack. This is how you get people to buy." So I changed the sales letter and I was like, "Hey, you're getting access to this course called the 7 Figure Shortcut. It's amazing. Let's get all the training, all the videos," but there's one video that's the most important. It's this concept called the Stack.

I talk about what the stack is and the benefit of it and how it's so amazing. I explained that thing like, "All of this stuff's great, but this is the secret thing you need." By picking out just the one little diamond rock and just sharing that one thing, our conversion went from less than 1% to over 10%. It changed everything. Me, as a creator, I'm like, "But they don't even know what's in this thing. There's so much cool stuff." They didn't care. They just wanted the one sexy thing that's so cool. They can only get inside that thing. Okay, that's the key principle you have to understand. You're trying to find what the diamond in the rough is. Okay, so that's some context to set this thing up, right? Okay, so the way that this campaign works is, again, I'm looking at this and I'm trying to get people in my membership site.

A lot of them heard me talk about it. Maybe they signed up at one point and then they're active members, or they signed up and then they canceled, they left. Whoever haven't signed up yet, they're like, "Oh, I'll sign up tomorrow. I'll sign up in the future. Someday, I'm going to sign up for that membership site." This is the thing to get them. First off, it gets them to sign up today, force them to take action so they're not just like, "Oh, someday I'll sign up for things." It's like, "I have to do it today." So force them to sign up. People who have left and canceled, it gets them to come back, and then people who are active members, they stick longer because like, "This is so cool. What's happening?" Okay? So it does three core things. Gets the defense sitters to finally take action, people who left to come back, and people who are in here to stick longer. Have you ever guys left all three of those things?

This is amazing. It's all coming down. One simple campaign. Okay, so I think that's most of the context I need to explain this. Oh, there's one other thing. Do you guys know the difference between strategy and tactics? This is important to understand, and then I think that's everything... Yeah. If you guys get this piece, then you have it all. Okay? There's strategy and there's tactics. Okay? The strategy is like, let's say if I was a football coach, I would have my clipboard out here and say, "Hey, the strategy is first off, you're going to go here and you're going to move over here and then..." So it's like the access of the, "Oh, here's the explanation how it works," right? The tactics then is going really deep like, "Okay, so if you do this, you're going to do 12 steps here. You're going to turn right," and goes deeper into it, right?

For example, when I do the webinar where I sell ClickFunnels, you guys have probably seen it before, well, in the webinar, I teach the strategy. I'm like, "Hey, there's this thing called funnel hacking. That's the strategy. Now, there's five steps. Step number one, you have to find a product that's already selling. Step number two is you got to funnel hacker, which means you get your credit card out and you buy the product. You see what's happening in the funnel. Step number three, then you go into ClickFunnels and you build something that's similar.

Step number four, then you drive traffic to it," so I'm showing the strategy. People are like, "Oh," and they get the aha like, "That's amazing." Okay, but I didn't show them is the tactic, which is like how do you actually build a funnel? Well, first off, you have to get ClickFunnels account, then you log in, then you set up your domain, then you got to go and pick which funnel type you want, then you're going to pick a template and the copy, then you got to have a headline, and this is the headline.

That's all the tactics, right? That's all the other pieces here. Okay? So there's a big difference between strategy and tactics. Strategy is the what you're doing. Tactics are the how. Okay? So the what and the how. This is key. This is so simple, but it's so profound. Actually, understand this. This is the secret to selling as a whole. I wish that we had four days together. I could share all these things. Oh wait, we do. It's called Funnel Hacking Live. It's happening next week. I'm going to go deep into all this kind of stuff with you guys, so again, if you don't have your tickets yet, go to We are either selling out... Tickets will either be sold out the next day or so, or Sunday night, we're doubling the prices at midnight, whichever happens first, so you're aware.

Okay, so there's all the background. Diamond in the rough, strategy versus tactics. She has it all. Get all that? You got that down in your notes? Okay. There's a way I can like... I still want this, but I want to shrinkify it. I think this board cool. Check that out. Boom. Shrink it. This way, you guys still have it in your memory, but I can talk about my five-day campaign. Okay. All right, you guys liking this so far? Actually, I can't tell. Go in the comments and say, "This is awesome," or like, "Russell, you're talking too fast or too slow," or however you're feeling at this point before I give you the diamond in the rough that I'm about to share with you guys, let me know. I'm going to come over to the comments and see what you guys are saying. Okay? All right, we got, "Yes, Russell, you talk fast. Let's go. This is awesome. What are the three things? This is awesome. Keep going."

Want to show everyone here you can actually see their... How do we... Should I be pulling this out? Pop out. Yeah. Check out, you guys. You can see your old comments. These are real. They're actually coming in. What's up everybody? Oh, someone said over here, "Thanks, you're my hero too." "You're always haul butt talking." "Let's go. Love it." "Hey, launching today. Woo-hoo." "No more coffee for..." I'm a Mormon. I don't drink coffee so there you go. This is just Russell as I am. "Try talking faster. Loving this. Woo-hoo." "Listen, you're like 2X speaking. You talk really fast." I'll work on it. All right, there's a lot. Okay, thanks for all the love, you guys. All right. You got me pumped. I can go back and start teaching again. Okay, so this is the first part of the key, right? How do I end that? There we go. Okay, now we're back.

Okay, so five-day campaign. This is how it works. Day number one, the secret in day number one is you are going to be revealing to people... I usually doodle with the actual animator. This is the diamond. Okay, a diamond. That's a horrible diamond. Okay, we're still going to do this. There's a diamond, okay? Step number one, this is email number one you're going to send out to your existing list, or if you don't have a list, if you do have a Facebook or Instagram, whatever it is, but number one is you're going to talk about the diamond in the rough. For simplicity, I'm going to call this diamond in the rough, okay? Now, when I talk about this, I'm not going to be specific. I'm not going to tell them what that is. I'm just going to say there's this really cool thing that I found.

For example, I might send an email to my list and be like, "Hey, you guys, last week we're in the membership. All of our members were meeting together and we're doing this training. In the training, people wanted me to talk about how I've figured out how to do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and so I did this training and it's crazy. People were flipping out. I didn't realize that that was the thing that some people were missing and blah blah." Insert your story there. You're not telling them what it is. This is before the strategy or the tactic. This is just telling like, "There's this really cool thing and it's amazing." This is like you getting excited, right? For example, if I was selling my five-day event again, I'd be like, "Oh, my gosh, I did this five-day event. It was crazy, everyone loved it," but what was insane was day number three right after lunch, I did this session and people went nuts for it.

I didn't realize that that was the piece everybody was missing. There are things they loved and they thought was really good, but that one piece people told me, that alone was worth the price of mission times infinity. They loved it. It was amazing. I've never talked about outside that live event before. In fact, I've never even... It's in the membership side, but I've never talked about it publicly anywhere. I was looking at someone on Facebook. I'd never have and I'm curious like, "Would you be interested in more info about this? I could create something, but I don't want to waste your time if you're not interested. Let me know if you're interested, yes or no." That's it. They don't know what it is. They know you're excited about something. Everyone else is excited about something and you ask them if you should create it. Okay? So you're creating this demand, this excitement, this pressure, right? That's day number one. Okay?

No notice, there's no link to register or nothing. It's just like, "Hey, there's this really cool thing and it's amazing." That's it. Okay, you probably noticed three days ago, I sent you guys an email about this really cool thing that's amazing. Anyway, I'm always doing what I'm saying to do. Okay, day number two. Day number two comes out. Now, here is where you're actually going to show them the diamond. Okay? Day number two, come back and say, "Hey, you guys, this is amazing. Last night, I got so many responses back from you guys wanting to know more information about this thing so I'm going to tell you what it is." Okay, notice I said I'm going to tell you guys what it is? What strategy, not tactics. I'm going to tell you guys what it is. This is what it is. It's a way that when you finish your sales presentation, you can go through and blah blah, and I explain the stack. I explain the strategy, what this thing is. I explained whatever your strategy is.

This is the way that I lost 12 pounds in 13 minutes is by stacking my ketos with my carbs and my fish with my whatever. You talk about the strategy and people are like, "Whoa, that's really cool." So you talk about it, so you reveal the diamonds like, "Boom, I'm showing you the actual diamonds," you reveal the diamond and then you say, "So that's kind of what it is. Would you guys like me to do a training showing you how to do this? Let me know if you want more info. I can go deeper on this and actually show you guys behind the scenes how this whole thing works. If you're interested, let me know." Okay, so this one I reveal that I have a diamond in the rough here. I show the diamond, I show the what it is, but again, I'm not doing anything other than just saying, "Are you guys interested in more info?" That causes, again, pressure and excitement.

Then day number three in the campaign, this is where I come in and I'm going to explain the actual result. Okay, so this is me teaching a thing, so coming in and saying, "Okay, guys, I talked to you three days about the thing I showed you yesterday, explained kind of what it is. Everyone's freaking out, but what they don't even understand is the actual benefit I got from this. By doing this thing that I've been telling you guys about last two days, I actually lost 22 million pounds, I was able to increase my close rate from 3% to 40%. I was able..." Whatever the benefit, whatever the result is. I share the result with them. It's like, "Oh, my gosh, this is the result I got from it." At this point, I say, "Look, you guys have been going crazy the last two days wanting to know more about it and now you've seen the results I've got. I'm going to do a really quick call tomorrow to walk you through exactly what it is. How are you guys interested in that?"

Boom, they all freak out, obviously. At this point, I've pushed them to a reg page as their named email. Boom, I get them to put in the information. There's a smile on your face. Put in their information so that I can walk them through the actual training. Now, these people are being excited, excited, "Oh, I'm finally going to get here," and they get all excited. That's day number three. Then day number four, in the morning, I send an email basically reminding them, which by the way, this is crazy. We had, I think, 2,300 people who registered for this call as of like 9:00 AM this morning, Mountain Time. Three hours later, we got another 1,500 people. So a third of you guys all signed up in the last 25 seconds. This is the lesson to all you guys is if you just send one email and forget about it, no one's going to actually come. This one, a third of you guys came from this morning's email.

This morning, I sent an email like, "Hey, don't forget we're going live at two Eastern. Don't miss this," so you have one more email that goes out in the morning just reminding them and pushing them back to the registration page, and then you get on and you're doing a training. Okay, now this is the strategy behind the training, and this is the magic. The first time I ever saw this was probably 18, 19 years ago. I saw Alex Mandossian do it. He was launching a software company called Instant Teleseminar and he was trying to get members. I watched him do this to get 1,000 members in 15 minutes and I was like, "Holy crap," and then I saw them a year later launch another software company and they got same thing, 1,000 members in 15 minutes. I saw them do it two or three times and I was like, "Okay, note to self, I need to do this strategy."

This is the strategy I'm teaching you guys right now, okay? It's so powerful. What happens is you jump on a call and it's... Here's a clock. You have 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00. You jump on a call with your people and you do this training. During the training, you are going to go deep into... I'm going to put this here. You're going to go deep into the what. You're going to teach them the strategy, right? Jump on for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, for this whole part of the time. For 45 minutes, I'm teaching them the what's going to be happening. Okay? Let me explain what this thing is. I can come back here, but I'm going deep teaching the what, the strategy. Here's how it works. Step number one, you're going to go and you're going to find someone to funnel hack. Step number two, you're going to go buy the product. Step number three, I'm showing you the strategy.

Then when 45 minutes is up, then I tell them, I say, "Hey, everyone, I hope you enjoyed this so far. Hope you guys are pumped about this concept, you love this strategy, you think it's the greatest strategy in the world." Well, for all of my members, in 15 minutes at the top of the hour, what we're going to do is we're going to go do a live training inside a membership site. Members here, I'm going to show you guys the how. I'm going to walk through the tactics. I'm going to connect you with the people you need to do this with. I'm going to show you the sites, the resources of the links. I'm going to give you guys the scripts. I'm going to give you everything. This is only for members, so if you are a member, log in the members area right now because at the top of the hour, 15 minutes from right now, we're going to be getting started, and in the members area, there's a link right there. You can register for a separate Zoom call. It's on a different channel just for members only. You're going to register.

If you're a member, go register. It's going to be amazing. We're going to get on there and we're going to teach you guys all this cool stuff. You see exactly how to do it. This by the way, is one time training, so if you are an active member, get in there. Something's going to be recorded. In the member's area, it's only for live members, so make sure you are there, number one. Number two, if you're not a member yet, if you've been sitting on the fence or you've been a member and you canceled, you've got literally 15 minutes. The live change starts at 15 minutes, so you've got that much time, and when this clock hits zero, let's see.

Yeah, when this 15-minute window is gone and the clock is zero, this training starts and we're going live, and when it's done, it's gone. You missed out on it forever. What just happened?
You got 500,000. How many people who are sitting here learning the strategy, they're sold on a strategy, they love the strategy, and now it's like, "I want the tactic and I need to know how to do it. I need the resources, the people, the connections, all the rest of it." Only way to get that is to be a member. They log in the members area and get it. What happens is your existing members, they love you because like, "This is so cool. I get this for free as a member," and they log in, boom, log into training to get for free. People who have been sitting on the fence for months or years like, "Someday, I'm going to sign up. Someday, I'm going to sign up," or they signed up and they left and canceled, but they're on this call because they want to know about tactic. They want to know what this diamond in the rough is like you got to be hooked to them really, really well.

They want that, now they're like, "Ah, okay, I'm going to do it," so then they come back in, and in that 15-minute period of time, you'll see memberships flying. The first time I did it, we had over 500 people sign up. I remember seeing, they're like, "Refresh, refresh, refresh." I'm like, "It took me six months to get my first 500 members. Six months. Next time, it took me 15 minutes by using this one campaign." That was it, right? They come in, you sign up, and boom, you got them. Then you do the training here and you blow their minds, you get all the stuff, and then what you do is if you're doing it in Zoom or if you're doing it in Facebook group, whatever, however you're doing it, you take screenshots of all the testimonials. People are like, "That was amazing. I can't believe you shared that," and you just get them all excited. Then what you do, data number five, there's one last thing.

Data number five, and this one you don't have to use, but you can if you want, this is the Disney close. How you guys know Walt Disney, the man before people ruined his company? Anyway, I shouldn't get political. Oh, actually, no, I know nothing about politics. I just know Dan Kennedy told me he sold all his stock. Dan was the biggest Disney fan of all time, so based on that, I know something's happening, but I'm not paying any real attention. Anyway, what I did pay attention to is Disney's marketing. Remember what Disney did back in the day? They would have Little Mermaid and they would show it, right? And you'd go watch in the theaters and then buy DVDs and videos and stuff, and then they would do what? They would take it and they'd put it back in the vault.

Do you guys remember this? I remember because I started having kids. When Ellie was first born, I was like, "I want to show them Little Mermaid. I want to show them Beauty and the Beast. I want to show these things," and I tried to get it and I couldn't because they were in the Disney Vault. We had to wait until they release them once every two or three years. They'd open it back up and like, "Oh, we got to go," and we'd all go and rewatch the thing because they'd take it out of the vault. Now, Disney Plus, I think they messed that up. I think it's always there streaming, but back in the day, the Disney vault was the secret. That was the key, right? So what you do here is you just did this really cool training and now you're going to put it in the vault.

This gives you one last shot to come back and say, "Hey, guys, for all the active members, hope you guys love it. Everyone who joined us, hope you guys enjoyed it. We're going to be doing a one-time replay before I put this in the vault and this will be hidden forever or at least until we decide to bring it back someday in the future." Then what you can do is you can go back and you can do one last call, you can bring people in, you can stream it on Zoom if you want, whatever it is, or you can put it in the members area for 24 hours, however you want to do it, but putting it in the vault is the risk... Sorry, not risk reversal. It's the feared urgency. It's the thing you're taking it away from them. If you're not careful, you're going to lose this thing forever.

That's the five-day campaign. Introduce the diamond in the rough, show them what it is, show them the result that thing got, get them onto a training call. On a training call, you spend 45 minutes teaching the strategy. At the end of it, you got 15 minutes before you teach the tactics in the members area. Existing members love you, new members come in, canceled members come back, and then day five, you do one last push for urgency and scarcity before you put it back in the vault, and that, my friends, is called the Membership Site Kickstarter. I do have this doodled better than this. This is what it looks like doodled out. Oh, do you see all this? There's the diamond in the rough. See that looks way better in my diamond. Then there's the diamond, then we got the explained result, we got the live strategy revealed, 15 minute sprint, and then we put it back in the vault. There you guys go. There is the campaign as a whole right there.

Let me ask you a question. Those who have a continuity program, what was that one little diamond in the rough? What's that worth to you? Is that worth like an extra, I don't know, 10 members this month? Okay, if it's 10 members a month, let say it's 100 bucks a month, what's the math? Because $1,000 a month times 12 months, it's $12,000. If I just give you $12,000 nugget, if you run it once, that'd only get 10 members. Now, what if you get 100 members? You get 100 members, have nine, seven bucks a month, that's 10 grand, right? Brandon is my mathematician behind the camera. 10 grand a month times yours is 120. That's a six figure raise you gave yourself by me sharing this one dime in the rough if you run it once. Now, let's say you run this thing once a month and you get 100 new members in every single month over 12 months, that's 1,200 members paying you $97 a month. That's $120,000 of recurring revenue times 12. That's a $1.2 million diamond in the rough I just gave you.

You guys are getting this? You guys are getting this? This was one little pop-up training that I did for 15, 20 minutes with you guys right now to share with you just one idea that we're going to be talking about Funnel Hacking Live. Those of you guys who are not at Funnel Hacking Live right now, I want you to understand the value of what we're going to be sharing, okay? The entire four-day event, we're going deep into how do we build continuity programs? How do we do compounding continuity? How do we get traffic from challenges, from webinars, from Facebook, from Instagram, from joint ventures, from influencers, all the different ways to build up your continuity program? That's my goal. That's what we were talking about for four days of Funnel Hacking Live this year.

Look at this. You already have your tickets and you're there, message me. Actually, I'd come back to comments. Message me like, "I'm there, Russell. We're going to be there. I wouldn't miss it. I would literally get rid of my kid if I have to get rid of my kids, if I find babysitters." Some said, "Is FHL for younger crowd? My kids will be there." Yeah, everyone except for Garrett White's presentation would be the only one potentially I'd be careful with. Yeah, if you already got tickets to FHL, be like, "I'm going, I'm here. It's going to be amazing." I'll check it out. We got Jane's in there, Dan's in there, Michelle's in there, Alicia's out there. "The sisters are there." "My team's going to be there." "I'm going to be there." Cool. Most of you guys have your tickets, which is amazing. We should because we're what? Close to 5,000? Am I too close? Am I blown out? Oh, hey, we're over close to 5,000 tickets sold.

Again, tickets are almost sold out. We're going to be selling out. We'll either sell out the next day or so, might be tonight hopefully which should be nice because I love selling tickets, but I'm excited to be done selling tickets so I can finish my presentations. We'll either sell out next day or so, or Sunday night at midnight, we're doubling ticket prices. So if you've been sitting on the fence, you need to come. Again, this is one little idea that I shared in 20, 30 minutes that literally could add for most of you guys another six, seven figures or more to your bottom line. That's one little nugget. Imagine what I can give you in four days, right? I have 11 presentations. If you got one nugget like that in 11 presentations times 11, and some of you guys told me I've watched, some of you guys said, "That's worth $100,000 a year. That's worth 1.2 million a year. That's worth $30,000 a year," so you got that. That's one nugget. If I give you 11 of those nuggets and what would that be worth to you? It's insane, and that's just me.

There's like 25 other speakers who are also speaking. We're all going to be adding to the same conversation of how do we get more people into our continuity programs and our membership sites and everything like that. If you don't have a continuity program and you're like, 'I don't have a continuity, Russell," cool, spend time with us. We're going to show you how to do that. "But Russell, I have a coaching business." I'm going to show you how to transform your coaching business to continuity business. "But I have a physical product." Come and transition your physical product business into a continuity business. If you don't have continuity, which is recurring payments, recurring income, you don't have a business.

That's what I want you guys to understand, so this year's Funnel Hacking Live, were going deep into it from every single angle, all focused on compounding continuity, more and more people in these things because, man, imagine in a year from now, if you had 1,000 people paying you 50 bucks a month, how would that change your life? Or 10,000 people, right? Or maybe it's 200 people paying you 100 bucks a month. The stuff you'll be learning in this event will change your life radically forever. So if you have your tickets, I'm so pumped for you, guys. I'm so excited. I think it's going to be the most special Funnel Hacking Live we've ever done. This is the one that's the most focused on one thing.

In the past, we've had Funnel Hacking Lives on people talking about a lot of different topics and stuff. This was like a smorgasbord of like, "I'm going to take this and this," but this is like everything's focused on this one goal and this one thing of getting you guys recurring income, okay? Right now, as you guys know, the economy's getting crazier. There's things happening. I don't know all those kind of things, but for me, I want certainty and stability in my business, and the only way I have certainty and stability in my business today is continuity income, right? Zuckerberg doubled ad price. What do I do? Turn off your ads and just live on your continuity income. There's a lot of things you can do, but it comes down to having absolute certainty. So for me, as one of your leaders to prepare you for what's happening in the world right now, what could be happening in the future, it's like getting you guys focusing on this compounding continuity, getting people in your continuity programs.

That way, again, if ads shift again or if the economy gets... Or all the things that could possibly be happening, this gives you guys security, absolute belief in knowing that, hey, every morning I wake up, I pick up my phone like, "Oh, I already made that much money before I get to work." It's such a good feeling. It makes you sleep so much better at night, so that's what we're going to be focusing all during Funnel Hacking Live for four full days. It's going to be amazing. Those of you guys who got your tickets, I'm excited to be there. Those of you guys who don't have your tickets yet and you're on the fence, you're like, "Oh, do I do it? Do I not?" I understand it's a commitment, right? You got to commit, first off, the ticket price, which isn't a lot, but it's not inexpensive. If you don't get it before Sunday, the ticket price doubles Sunday at midnight if we don't sell out.

The other ticket price, I understand you got to get flights and hotels, and you have your time off work and explain it to your spouse and get your kids or... I get it. It's a week of your time that you're spending somewhere else, but I promise you this is not something I take lightly. The effort and the energy and the time you put in this, I would not do this if I didn't know it was going to exponentially grow your business. Sometimes, you have to take a step back to be able to move forward. This is the step back, plug in, get the new download on what's working today in today's marketplace based on today's trends and everything, and then coming back and you can run twice as fast. It'll be fun. Like I said, my wife's going to be with me. We're bringing our entire kids. Half of our team's there.

If you have a spouse, bring them. Let them be there with you so they can understand what you're doing, especially if they don't understand what you're doing. Hopefully, I'll be able to show them this is real, this is exciting, and they'll believe in you more, right? If you want to bring your kids, yeah, it's probably not young young kids, but for teenagers, yeah, we have tons... We have, I think, almost half a dozen teenagers who won our Two Comma Club Awards. Yes, teenagers can be in the room and be part of it, and then bring a business partner as well. If your business partners are not both there, both coming in... In fact, I can't tell you the person's name, but there's somebody you would know who's got a huge business, and I explained the linchpin principle that I was sharing at Funnel Hacking Live with them, and they sat there and listened, they got it.

They're like, "Oh, my gosh, I got it," and they went back to their team like, "Hey, Russell sold me this thing," and they tried to explain to the team, and team's like, "No, I don't understand. Nope, I don't want to do it," and they fought him back and forth, so they did the last launch and he didn't do, he did not use the thing that he learned from me. Afterwards, they had a big launch, multiple eight figure launch. He showed me the numbers and stuff, and I was like, "I hate doing this to you. I don't want to be a jerk, but I want to show you what would've happened had you made the two or three tweaks that I told you before that your team told you no," and I mapped it through and I showed it to them, and their continuity income would've been like $40 million a year in recurring income that would've came on the backside of the launch had they have done the changes, but they didn't.

The reason why is because the entrepreneur's sold, but the team wasn't, so I'm like, "Bring your team. Get them in there so they can hear these same conversations, so they can be like, 'Oh, that's what so-and-so's trying to do.'" I literally had somebody... Excuse me. After I wrote the Dotcom Secrets book, my first book I ever wrote, someone read it. Excuse me. They read it and then he called me up on the phone and he hired me. He wanted me to come and do a one-day consult for his team, and I was like, "What? Okay," and I didn't really want to do it so I was like, "$100,000," and so he was like, "Done." I'm like, "What?" Again, first time I ever sold something like that. He wrote me a check for $100,000, I flew out there with his team, and he told me, he's like, "I read the book. I want you to..."

He's like, "But I want you to get everybody else on my team to understand this book that they need to read it too." I'm like, "You're paying me 100 grand to convince your team to read the book you read?" He's like, "Yeah, because if they all read it, we'll be on the same page, but if I tell them to go read it, they're not going to believe me." So they brought me as the author out to basically be like, "You guys, this stuff's real," to sell them on it, and then all the team was reading it, they all believed it and I watched their business blow up. At first, I thought it was crazy. I'm like, "You're literally paying me 100 grand to come and just convince your team that this book is real," but then because of that, it changes the whole business. So same thing for you. Bring your team. If you've got an assistant or you've got a business partner, if you've got someone who's on the ad, just bring your people.

This is the place to be. Okay? We have over 5,000 crazy entrepreneurs who are all going to be here. We got the greatest speaking lineup in the history of all time. Did you guys know, by the way, Andy Grammer, the musician's coming, doing a private concert for us? A lot of people didn't even know that was part of... Yes, the last day, we're doing a private concert. Andy Grammmer's going to be insane. We got Jocko who wrote Extreme Ownership is going to be there, and then a whole bunch of speakers who were people who were in our community, people who... Last year, some of them were nervous about coming to Funnel Hacking Live. They couldn't afford it, they didn't know if they should be there. They showed up and transformed their business. Now, this year, they're on stage speaking and teaching.

So the rest of the speakers are you, guys. It's your peers. It's people who are just like you a year ago who've experienced this, who are having success with it, and so this is the best event in the world as you guys... Those who've been before, it's closer to a rock concert than a live event, and it's amazing, so if you don't have your ticket yet, go and get them. It's going to be awesome. All you got to do is go to That's where the party's starting. I think that's most of the stuff. Anything else I want to share with you, guys? I got 818 people on now. I hate logging off when there's so many cool people. There's so many cool... Anyway, I'm so excited some of you guys are going to come into this. It'd be so much fun. If you haven't... Somebody says, "Is Garrett White going to come?" Yes, Garrett's going to be there, so if you do have kids, that might be the one presentation you don't want them to be part of. It's motivating, but you know. Anyway, it's going to be so much fun.

Anyway, that said, you guys, I'm going to... Somebody says, "More secrets, more secrets, more secrets." I want to, but I've got 11 presentations I got to finish. These presentations got that much gold times 10. In fact, I'm excited for all my presentations. There's two of them that are going to blow your mind. My intro keynote I'm really proud of and nervous for and excited. That one's going to be big. That's going to be big so that's why make sure you're there. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday, so Wednesday at noon, I do my first keynote, which means fly on Tuesday night, make sure you're there Tuesday night, get registered, Wednesday morning at the morning, eat breakfast, hang out with funnel hackers, and we start at noon on Wednesday. My first presentation of my keynote, that's when I'm so... My goal is always after you go through the first hour, you're like, "Holy crap, that was worth everything," so I'm giving you my best, and then all the other ones are good.

Then day three, I have a presentation after lunch on day three. It's going to blow your guys mind. Do you guys want to see the title of it? Okay, I'll show you the title of it. This is the title. See, I can actually make this slide show big. You see this? I'm launching a new continuity program for myself, and everyone keeps asking me like, "Well, Russell, you made $100 million a year in ClickFunnels because it was software." I'm like, "You can do the info product." He's like, "No, you can't." I'm like, "You literally can." He's like, "No, you can't," and so at my last Atlas meeting, which is my high end Mastermind, I mapped out, I said, "This is how not like what I wanted. This is the process I'm going through. Here's secrets of success through over $100 million in the next 48..." Or sorry, 24 months, two years. I walked through it and it was crazy.

There were people in tears, people like, "I finally understand it." They're like, "I can actually..." They're like, "Before, I couldn't replicate everything you were doing, Russell, because you had a software company and I'm an info product company," and they're like, "I can see now how these... It all fits." So that's the title. I'm still working on the headlines. I might tweak it a little bit, but for the most part, it's how I plan on making secrets to success, my new continuity program, $100 million company using the linchpin in the next 24 months and how you can funnel hack what I'm doing in your business at the same time. I spent a couple of days so far for this presentation. It's not quite done yet, but literally, I'm like, "Okay, because I'm building this in real time..." People have asked me like, "If you were to lose everything today, Russell, starting from scratch, what would you do?"

This is cool because literally it's me starting from scratch. I'm like, "What's the first thing I did?" I'm going to show you, guys. Here's the first thing I did. Here's the second thing I did. Here's the third thing I did. Here's what I'm doing today. Here's what I'm going to do. You're going to see the entire timeline for me to go from zero to $100 million in sales in 24 months, at least that's what I'm shooting towards. That alone, if you just came for that session alone and just took notes and then just went home and copy me, it would change your life forever. This will be worth 1,000 times the ticket price, and the only way to see this presentation is at Funnel Hacking Live. This is not something I've ever given before, ever plan on giving it after. It's just for those of you guys who come and make the sacrifice to be there because I want to completely, completely, completely overdeliver.

"Can you buy a ticket to watch FHL without showing to Florida?" No. Get to Florida. Get in a plane and fly to... If I got to fly me and 100 people on my team to Florida, I've literally worked five million dollars, I've spent five million dollars now putting this party on. That's what's cost me for the hotel, for the venue, for the lights, for the LED walls, for the speakers, for the smoke that blows up for the hotel room block, all that kind of stuff, for the food we feed you guys all the time, and for the entertainment, Andy Grammer's coming and performing. We got Jocko from Extreme Ownership and all our keynotes. It's five million dollars I spent so far to put this show on for you. Then I'm spending two weeks of my time doing a presentation. I'm flying out there for a week. You can get a ticket and fly to Funnel Hacking Live. It's in Florida. I don't care if you're in the UK.

I think we have like 60 people from Brazil flying up. All of our Brazilians get it. They're all flying up here for it, and their dollar exchange ratio is way less than you, guys. You can be in the room, so be in the room. Don't miss it. You’d be insane not to. Oh, someone said, "What is the black card?" Oh, You got to be there to find out. There are things I only share at Funnel Hacking Live so you got to be there to find out. Oh, I love reading these things. Everyone's like, "This is going to be the best investment of the year. Going to Funnel Hacking Live to make an experience." Let's see. "When the secret success launched, how can I get a picture with you?" "Love you, Rusty." Thanks. Love you guys too. Anyway, Bari Baumgardner is not only coming, she's been presenting on stage. Bari is the person who runs our live events. How many of you guys would like to do virtual events or live events? Anyway, she's going to be showing you guys the framework that she uses to do huge events.

Before meeting Bari, our biggest event ever did just about a million dollars. Since meeting Bari, we've had no event that's done under 10 million, so she 10 extra our event business by showing the through line that she'll be teaching at the Funnel Hacking Live, so if you are doing events, you want to do events, do not miss her session. It is insane. Someone's still paying five grand for virtual. Just get here. Just cancel your wedding. Tell your wife like, "Look, we can get married any weekend. Funnel Hacking Live's only this weekend." Awesome. All right, so many cool things. All right, guys. Well, with that said, I got to get back to work. I promise I'd be done in 45 minutes and we're at 43 minutes. Or are we at hour and 43? Did I go way over? No. Oh, yeah. I promised 45 minutes, I'm done a minute and a half early. That's how much I love you guys.

Anyway, so hopefully you guys enjoy this. If you missed this beginning, I showed you guys this strategy, the diamond in the rough, Membership Site Kickstart, how to get people to join your continuity program very, very quickly, so make sure go and rewatch that if you missed it. This would be worth six figures a year for most of you guys just by watching that alone, so go back and watch that. If you have your tickets for Funnel Hacking Live, I'll see you in a little bit over a week from now. I leave in a week from today, so I'll be flying out there, hanging out with you, guys. I cannot wait to see you all, see your beautiful funnel hacking faces. It's going to be so much fun. If you don't have tickets yet, now is your last call. This is my last warning to you, my last thing to try to get you to come.

You know that whole like you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink? I have led you guys to water. I've been talking about this for six months. I'm like, "There's the water. Just drink. It's really, really good," right? I think we're at 2,500 people who won Two Comma Club Award. 2,500 people drink the water and won an award and changed their life. You just got to have the faith to do the last little step, so I've taken you here, this is my last call to action to get you guys there. Again, we will probably sell out tickets the next day or so. We are right at the edge of selling out. I think it was like 100 and something tickets left so we're almost sold out.

If we don't sell out by Sunday, at midnight, we are doubling the ticket prices, so one of those two things will happen. Either we'll sell out the next 24, 40 hours, or we'll double ticket prices, so this is your last shot, you guys. With that said, thank you so much for being part of our community. Thank you for being a funnel hacker. Thank you for letting me create and make up these cool things and share them with you. It's so much fun, it's so fulfilling, so I appreciate you guys for jumping on here. With that said, you guys, I'm at my 45-minute mark, get your tickets at Thank you guys so much, and we'll see you in Orlando in a little over a week, so thanks, everybody. See you guys all soon.


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