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42 - Listen, Do, Succeed

42 - Listen, Do, Succeed

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Episode Recap:

The fastest way to succeed in anything in life. On today’s episode Russell talks about finding a coach and actually doing what they say. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for today:

-- Why Russell hired a new coach, and why having a coach is important to him.

-- Why Russell’s wrestling coach said he was one of the most coachable people ever.

-- And why you need to find someone you trust, listen to what they say, do it, and then you’ll have success.

So listen here to find out how to find success by finding a mentor or coach you can trust.

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Best Quote:

First off, people in the inner circle are people who, they hear what I say, they do it and then they succeed. It’s really interesting. They hear what I say, they do it, and then they have success. Hear, do succeed. Hear, do, succeed. When I was wrestling, I remember one of my coaches telling me, “You’re one of the most coachable people I’ve ever had.” I said, “What do you mean?” “Well you hear what I say and then you go and do it. I literally between matches will show you your level was too high. You need to lower your levels, be moving more. Next match you’re doing that. Most people I tell them that over and over and it takes weeks or months or years to even attempt it. I tell you something and you just do it.”


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Hey everyone, I’m really excited, I know I’m always excited, but today I’m especially excited because yesterday I hired a new coach. If you’ve been listening to the podcast for 5 years like you should have been, I’ve talked about this before in the past.

But I’m a big, big, big, big believer in coaching. When I was wrestling I always had a coach, I usually had 3 or 4 coaches. I had a freestyle coach, Greco coach, nutrition coach, strength training coach. But sometimes we get in business and we’re like, “Oh we’re so smart, we don’t need coaches.” And no, you’re wrong. In fact, it’s kind of funny because a lot of people I know who are really successful in this business for a long time who no longer are, they’re like the last people to go and get coaching.

It blows my mind, because they think they know how to do it all. I’m kind of at the top of my game right now, I don’t know, maybe it’ll go higher, but I definitely think I’m 9 ½ minutes into my 10 minutes of fame, what it is 15 minutes of fame, 14 ½ minutes in. So who knows when this whole thing will go down, but for me I’m at the peak of where I’ve ever wanted or dreamt of being.

I’m still trying to find coaches to coach me in different areas of my life and different aspects and different things. I’ve had health coaches, business coaches, all sorts of stuff. Yesterday, actually two days ago I was listening to a podcast, actually the Freedom Fast Lane podcast by Ryan Moran, and he was doing a call with this dude, and the guy coached him through this thing on the podcast. I was like, that was insane. I said out loud that I want that guy to do that thing for me every Monday morning to keep me focused on what I’m doing.

And I’m not going to tell you his name, not because I wouldn’t share, but because I don’t want all you guys trying to hire him, because that’s not his core business. But anyway, the next day I messaged Ryan I was like, “Dude, I need this guys info.” And he’s like, “Oh.” And then I messaged 50 other ways and finally Dave got a hold of him and two hours later I was on a call with him. During this call he literally did a laser coaching thing with me and I was like, “This is so awesome. I want this every week.”

And it’s kind of funny, this isn’t his full time gig, doing coaching like that. He’s like, “Well, where do you want to go?” I’m like, “I want to write you a big check for money and then you do this every Monday morning for me.” And he’s like, “Okay.” So I did, I wrote him a check. And now next Monday I have my first actual thing and it’s so exciting. I’ve had different coaches in my life. I have a coach every Tuesday morning I meet with more on like, it’s Tara Williams, who is an energy coach, but it kind of goes in different directions, from spiritual to physical to mental to business to relationships, all over the place.

So that’s one that touches on different areas of my life, but this is very specific on focus and intent and I’m so excited. I’m excited for that. I wish you guys could see how I was jumping around, crazy. I was so excited to give someone money to be able to coach me. Because it gets hard, the different levels you get to, it’s harder to find a coach who’s there, who can take you through a different aspect, so it’s just exciting for me. I’m so excited.

In fact, that’s why as a coach, I obviously coach a lot of entrepreneurs, I don’t want my students or friends, whatever you want to call them. I want to keep progressing myself so that they keep having something to tap into, if that makes sense. I’ve had a lot of coaches throughout the years, that I came in and really quickly we met and then surpassed and I’m like, I can’t get stuff out of it. I don’t want my people ever feeling that way.

That’s why I’m always pushing myself, pushing myself, pushing myself just so that I’m always as sharp as possible so I can keep serving and giving and coaching. But anyway, I’m just excited and what’s interesting, and this is the point of the podcast, not that you guys care that I hired a coach. But more so it’s because at the last Inner Circle meeting last week, we had 4 days of Inner Circle and I got 4 days next week too, I’m so excited. But what’s interesting, I watched a pattern. It was such an interesting pattern.

First off, people in the inner circle are people who, they hear what I say, they do it and then they succeed. It’s really interesting. They hear what I say, they do it, and then they have success. Hear, do succeed. Hear, do, succeed. When I was wrestling, I remember one of my coaches telling me, “You’re one of the most coachable people I’ve ever had.” I said, “What do you mean?” “Well you hear what I say and then you go and do it. I literally between matches will show you your level was too high. You need to lower your levels, be moving more.

Next match you’re doing that. Most people I tell them that over and over and it takes weeks or months or years to even attempt it. I tell you something and you just do it.” And I’m like, “Yeah, isn’t that how it should work?” You hear someone you trust, that you hired, that you are paying to be a coach, someone who is your coach, you hear them, you then do that thing, and you make money. Or you hear that thing, do it and then wrestle better. That’s the process.

So the key first off, you gotta tap into somebody that you trust. Someone who you know is not going to lead you astray, someone who knows more than you do. So when you hear them, you’re not second guessing should I do that, should I not? You gotta pick the mentor that you have 100% faith and trust in. It could be me, someone else, I don’t care, just pick somebody where you’re like, I have absolute faith in that person’s opinion. Therefore I will do whatever they say.

I will hear and then I will do and then I’ll have success. But what’s interesting is during this whole inner circle, again, I’m watching and most of these people, that’s who they are. They hear, they do, they succeed. That’s why there are able to afford 25 grand to come hang out with us a couple of times a year. That’s why they’re having success. But as I was watching, not all of them, but probably 60% of our inner circle members are also coaches in different markets, different industries, things like that.

And what’s interesting is almost all of them said “I’ve got these students and they just hear what I say and do it and they have success. But I’ve got all these other ones who don’t.” And I was like, it’s so fascinating to me that people that have success what do they do. They heard, they did, they had success. The one’s who didn’t, they heard, they questioned, they thought about it, they flip flopped, they over analyzed, they studied something else, they did this, they….they get stuck in this thing in the middle that they don’t really hear.

And it’s just so fascinating for me. Yesterday when I heard, two days ago when I heard that podcast and the second I heard it I was like, “I heard it, now I’m going to go do so I can be successful.” How am I going to do it? I know I’m going to forget or it’s going to be hard so I’m going to pay someone so I can do it. So I heard, did, boom now I guarantee you guys will see in the next 6 months, the changes in my company and hopefully in me personally because of this coaching.

Again, I could have heard the podcast and thought about it and tried things, but no I heard it, I’m going to go do it and then I’m going to be successful. So if anything you get from this, there is a pattern of people who are successful in all areas of life. The pattern is number one, they find the mentor, the person, the coach, whatever they believe to get them where they are, and then they put on blinders. They hear, they do, they succeed.

Hear, do, succeed. Hear, do, succeed. That’s it. And if you’re not successful, something happened. Number one you picked the wrong mentor, so you picked someone you’re not really trusting or they have bad advice, bad strategy whatever. So if that’s the case, pick somebody that has the right strategy that you trust. That’s number one, so you do it. Number two, you have to listen to them. Now listening, I said this to one of my friends one time.

There’s two types of listeners in the world, those who listen and those who wait to be heard. And a lot of you guys are hearing stuff, but you’re waiting to be…..You’re trying to inject this thing in the middle, and I don’t want you guys being the people who are waiting to be heard. You are hiring a coach so you can listen. So stop, get the right person with the right strategy, pay them whatever it takes, then listen. Listen. Even if you think you know a better way, you read a blog post or a book or someone who has a different…it doesn’t matter.

There’s a million ways to skin a cat. Pick a strategy from a person and then listen to what they say, and then whatever they say, do it. That’s it, just do it. And then what will happen? You will have success. Listen, do, succeed. Listen, do, succeed. It’s a pretty simple strategy. It’s somewhere between the listening and the succeeding we get caught up trying to think or over analyze or whatever it is.

In fact, it’s interesting, people that are really good at school typically, the reason I think they don’t succeed in this kind of world is because they listen and they analyze and think….it’s good to think for yourself, but you’re hiring someone who already thought through these things for you. Like this dude yesterday, I don’t know, I’m guessing he was surprised at how he said something and I’m like, “Okay, I’m doing it.

Done.” I listen, I heard, I did. I’m not like, “Well, my company is bigger than yours and I did this…” or whatever. No, I listen, I do, I succeed. I trusted him enough to give him money, therefore I’m trusting his strategy with 100% certainty that this is the way. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have picked him, I wouldn’t have paid him, I wouldn’t have whatever. I chose that person, therefore I will listen with 100%, I have 100% certainty that everything he says is going to be truth, therefore I will listen, I will do and I will succeed. So this message is mostly for those of you guys who are struggling.

My guess is that somewhere between this little chain that you’re missing. You picked the wrong person to tap into a strategy. But if you’re listening to this, you’re listening to me, so obviously you picked the right thing. So you got the right strategy to listen, do, and succeed. Boom, that’s it. I look at Brandon and Kaelin, literally Brandon and Kaelin come to every event, they’re at everything we do. They listen to every podcast, they’re probably listening to this right now smiling and saying, “Russell keeps dropping our name again.”

They listen to everything. They picked somebody they trusted, they listen, and they do. I will literally be onstage at an event talking about a concept and I get off stage, and Brandon’s like, “hey that thing you just said, I just launched it.” I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “yeah, While you were talking I did it.” He’s listening, he did it, he’ll succeed. That’s why their company is going….. Everyone else in the room is sitting there listening, listening, taking notes, thinking about how cool it would be, and then they hang out in networking and they’re talking and….

No, Brandon is there listening, doing and that’s why they’re so successful. So for you, look at that chain, there’s four elements. Pick the right mentor with the strategy and have absolute certainty in what they say, listen to what they’re saying, again listen, not waiting to be heard. Listen, then do it. Whatever they say, don’t even… Just do it. Just jump off the cliff. I trusted this person, therefore I will jump off the cliff if they tell me to. Just do it. And then get success. That’s it. That’s it, it is really that easy. So easy. It’s insanely easy.

I don’t know why we keep complicating this. So don’t complicate it. If you do this thing and don’t have success, there’s somewhere in here, either you didn’t hear it right, or you didn’t do it right, or you picked the wrong strategy. If you get the right strategy up front, you listen and you do, then you’ll have success. It’s inevitable. You can’t not succeed.

So there you go guys, I hope that helps. It should help you, but it should also help the people you’re coaching. It should help, so many ways. Understand that guys, that’s the key. That’s all I got guys. I’m heading into the office today. It’s Wednesday, I got a lot more fun stuff to do today, I’m excited.

Appreciate yo all for listening and subscribing to the podcast. If you’re not subscribed yet, go to and subscribe or I guess there’s a link to the iTunes, that might be easier. And then please rate, review, let us know, share this, if you got any benefit from this. Appreciate you all, thanks so much for everything and I will talk you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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