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12.1 - Live Q&A With Russell Brunson

Live Q&A With Russell Brunson

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Episode Recap:

Segment recorded from the “Drop The Mic Show” where Russell takes 10 questions from funnel hackers and answers them live.

On this bonus episode of Marketing Secrets Russell answers questions about marketing from other funnel hackers, including:

-- How teenagers can use Clickfunnels to become more financially independent.
-- How to find out if there is a market for your product.
-- How Russell keeps his sanity and keeps his family happy while being a busy entrepreneur.
-- How to move your business into higher ticket sales.
-- How and where to put in an upsell in a supplement funnel.
-- Whether or not you should be running multiple businesses or focusing on one core business.
-- What one thing made Russell's business explode.
-- What to do when you launch a funnel that doesn't work out.
-- How to go about raising money for a non-profit organization.
-- How to go from marketing just a product to marketing an awesome experience to be able to charge more.

So listen to hear Russell drop the mic as he answers these questions.

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