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Marketing Quickies Show

Ep 87 - How To Emotionally Destroy Your Opponents...

On this special episode you get to see Russell and his son, Dallin as he talks you through a wrestling match and tells how he relates it to his business.

Ep 86 - Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Whose The Most Expensive Marketer Of Them All!!

On today’s Friday night episode Russell is at the Hack-a-thon with the Clickfunnels partners and shares how he found out his name is really expensive. He also mentions fighting about the future of Clickfunnels.

Ep 83 - Blue Keytones !! Call Me The Walter White Of Ketones

On today’s episode Russell opens up a brand new box of Ketones that taste like a Tootsie Roll Pop. He also points out that the key to selling your product again is re-packaging.

Ep 82 - Guess Who I Just Talked To!!! CRAZY!!!!

On today’s episode Russell recounts the crazy experience of trying to get ready for an interview with Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki and all the technical difficulties he had along the way.

Ep 81 - - Do You Want More!!

On today’s episode Russell talks about an idea he has for a reality TV show and he gets feedback from his Periscope audience on what they would like to see. He explains some of his own ideas about the behind the scenes process which would be really interesting for others to see.

Ep 80 - The SECRET To Change Your Funnel On The Fly

On today’s Marketing Quickies show Russell tells you how to get the Instant Survey Generator software to help you increase your conversion rates in your business.

Ep 79 - Funnel U Is LIVE - Come Get My New Book And Course For FREE!!!

On this episode Russell talks about the launch of Funnel University. He lets you know all the cool stuff you get for free when you sign up at today.

Ep 78 - Funnel Hacking LIVE Post Game Show And Cool Marcus Lemonis Story!

On this episode, Russell tells some cool stories of fun stuff that happened at Funnel Hacking Live. He also gets excited about the possibility of being on the TV show, The Profit.

Ep 77 - Late Night PPT Sessions Before The Event!!

In this episode Russell talks about what his books are about. He also answers questions from the listeners.

Ep 76 - What The HAIL In Boise!!

In this episode Russell talks about the new t-shirts for the Funnel Hacking Live event and he also mentions the launch of Funnel University and the cool stuff that comes with it.

Ep 74 - Guess What!! It Still Works! Perfect Webinar Worked Perfectly Again!

On this episode Russell talks about how he used The Perfect Webinar Script on a webinar and despite having a bunch of technical issues, closed 45% of people on the webinar.

Ep 73 - ClickFunnels Family Update!! Check Out Your Stats!!

In this episode Russell gives some cool Clickfunnels Stats. He also talks about some fun things the company has learned in the last 18 months.

Ep 72 - Crazy Simple Thing I Learned Today To DOUBLE (Or More) Your Webinar Close Rates...

On this episode talks about The Perfect Webinar Script and how you can get it for free. He also talks about what he learned during his latest webinar and how it produced more sales.

Ep 71 - Secret Hack If You Have No Product But Want - Need To Make Money Fast

On today’s episode Russell talks about the best solution to having a business when you don’t have a product. He also tells you how to start making money today in your desired market.

Ep 70 - Funnel Hacking LIVE!!!

On today’s episode Russell talks about the upcoming event, Funnel Hacking Live. He also talks about the focus of his new book, Expert Secrets.

Ep 69 - How To Get A Lot Of Crap Done... My Secret Formula

On this episode Russell talks about one of the ways he gets so much stuff done. He also talks about the concept of Lead or Gold.