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Navigating Growth and Culture with the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort

In another “blast-from-the-past” episode, I visit Jordan Belfort (yes the Wolf of Wall Street) on his “Wolf’s Den” podcast! Hear the story of how ClickFunnels was built and scaled, and how we focused on growing through partnerships, reinvesting in ads, and surging user engagement even during Covid-19. And since this occurred during the pandemic, we also discuss the crucial role of entrepreneurship in solving problems and driving change.

The Art of Instagram Reels Storytelling with Heather Parady

In this episode, I sit down with the incredibly talented Heather Parady, a master Instagram storyteller who has captivated me with her unique approach to creating engaging content with Instagram Reels. Heather shares her creative process, revealing how she weaves together compelling narratives in short formats. Heather's dedication to mastering the art of storytelling is truly inspiring, and she shares valuable insights on how to make content more relatable and engaging. Whether you're a marketer, content creator, or simply someone looking to improve your storytelling skills, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiration.

The Calling of Entrepreneurship: Serving Others and Achieving Success with Tom Bilyeu

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Tom Bilyeu on his podcast "Impact Theory." While it's a few years old, Tom and I delved into a lot of topics essential for those who feel called to entrepreneurship today. From utilizing economic downturns to disruption marketing and influencer strategies. Plus hear a particular 'emotional resilience technique' I use to stay motivated during tough times. Let’s live into our calling and find both meaning and impact as we build lasting success.

Tiny Challenges for Every Size Business with Richmond Dinh

Whether you’ve done zero or 100’s of challenges, pivoting your business to using a ‘Tiny Challenge(TM)’ will not only give you momentum, but unlock your ability to charge more for the same amount of effort. This is how Richmond Dinh is leveraging tiny challenges - plus how Russell’s going to use it at his own level of the value ladder!

Perseverance and Innovation Strategies for Business Growth with Cody Sperber

Recently I visited Cody Sperber on his podcast “The Clever Investor Show” and I shared my journey from early business struggles to the success of ClickFunnels. Listen in as we focus on the importance of perseverance and innovation.

What Do You Really Want?

Let’s have a conversation - we haven’t done one of those in a while! But while I’m in my wrestling room, let me share a few of the pieces you need to live into what you really want in life. What is the core of what drives each of us? I challenge you to be brutally honest with yourself about why you’re pursuing your current path.

The Key to Consistent Online Success with Omar Eltakrori

I recently did an interview on Omar Eltakrori’s show where we both dive deep into the intricacies of selling your expertise online and making more money in 2024. These are the secrets behind embracing failure, the importance of self-leadership, and the power of continuous learning. Plus I get to share how pivotal moments in my journey shaped my entrepreneurial mindset.

Overcoming Challenges and Staying Resilient with Andy Elliott

In this episode, I join Andy and Jacqueline Elliott on the “1%er Podcast” to share how my journey in self-development transformed my life and business, taking me from humble beginnings to building a nine-figure enterprise. Discover the secrets behind embracing failure, the importance of self-leadership, and the power of continuous learning. Plus I get to share how pivotal moments in my journey shaped my entrepreneurial mindset. Don't miss this deep, engaging conversation filled with actionable takeaways to help you become the best version of yourself.

Correctly Crafting Offers, Cultivating Traffic & Writing Your Own Ticket with Myron Golden

Myron and I set the frame for this episode as a perspective of helping a beginner, what they’d actually do to succeed, but we went in an entirely different direction than I was expecting. Myron shares the foundation of crafting your offer to reach your goals, while utilizing your resources to grow and cultivate an audience fast and quick.

Building ClickFunnels to $200M a Year & The Future of Marketing with Ryan Pineda

In my first ever podcast guest experience in over three years, I visited with Ryan Pineda on his “Wealthy Way” podcast! We delve into my personal journey, dropping some serious truth bombs on how to conquer marketing fatigue and revealing those coveted insider tips on effectively marketing any business.

The Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship with Trey Lewellen

Trey Lewellen created the first 2 Comma Club funnel that made over 1 million dollars with an e-commerce offer. What turned into a ‘maserati bomb’ of cash that led to unprecedented growth problems and success. This is the thrilling story of scaling a real business and how you treat both the successes and the failures to reach your business goals. But you’ll also discover the path Trey recommends for your ecommerce funnel development and sales.

How To Change Your Business with Funny, Inexpensive Ads, with Kristine Mirelle

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Kristine Mirelle, whose journey from selling CDs door-to-door to mastering the art of creating uproariously funny ads will blow your mind. Kristine's knack for turning everyday items and her smartphone into viral ad gold is nothing short of genius. We dive into her inspiring story, from those early days of door-to-door sales to her game-changing approach to advertising.

Correctly Leverage Facebook Groups with Christina Rowe

How do you use Facebook Groups to help grow your business? Inside my Inner Circle mastermind, the members voted twice that Christina Rowe had the secrets. So I finally sat down with her to get all of the details about how she leverages Facebook Groups and the possibilities are suddenly endless! Whether you’re looking to leverage a small or large group, the ideas and strategies in this episode will get your mind reeling and the wheels churning!

Unleashing Free Instagram Traffic with Edward Collins

After months trying to craft a perfect daily publishing strategy, Edward Collins hit gold by accident! Now his current business is almost entirely fueled by free Instagram traffic. This is the perfect process to craft a ‘free content’’ strategy that makes your online sales & funnels take off!

Unlocking Steve J Larsen’s “Dramatic Demonstrations” Event

Steve Larsen and I have hit the stage together many times to unpack the power of Dramatic Demonstrations. And as we gear up for our upcoming book, Steve is orchestrating an extraordinary event just for you! Hear how Dramatic Demonstrations may just be the answer to skyrocketing ad costs, helping you retake control of your lead generation and sales online. Get your ticket before they’re gone! Register For The Event At:

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