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(MS) Linchpin - The Three Simple Keys To Building Your Linchpin - (Part 2 of 2)

In our last episode, I showed how we used Webinar Funnels to grow ClickFunnels into the Category King of funnel softwares. But there's ONE STEP that we didn't realize we had done that made ALL of the difference, and we're doubling down on it across all of our businesses. Here's how to take any webinar, challenge or event to the next level using my newest framework 'The Linchpin'!

(MS) Linchpin: Two Beliefs Required to Make This Work For YOU - (Part 1 of 2)

About a month ago, I did a special presentation for a friend that, for the first time, explained my newest framework called 'The Linchpin' in possibly the simplest way yet, starting with the key strategy to ClickFunnels' drastic growth in the past. I've cut it into 2-parts, and in this episode I'll break down how we turned ClickFunnels into the success story it is today, and in part 2 we'll show you how to take your strategy to the next level using 'The Linchpin'!

(MS) The Strangest Secret, Have You Heard This Story?

If you’ve heard the audio recording from Earl Nightingale called “The Strangest Secret”, this is the story behind it; and how it can help you to change the world.

(MS) FHL Topics & Speakers REVEALED - Part 2 of 2

Funnel Hacking LIVE IX kicks off in less than 100 days. If you want the inside-track on who's speaking, plus the over-arching goal of this year's entire event, then listen to both Part 1 and Part 2 of this FHL Reveal series and claim your tickets to Funnel Hacking LIVE IX by going to

(MS) FHL Topics & Speakers REVEALED - Part 1 of 2

It's time! In 100 days, Funnel Hacking LIVE IX starts and we'll show you the strategies we're using to lead the industry! If you've wanted all the details on what we'll be talking about, step-by-step, plus the speakers who'll be presenting, you don't want to miss this reveal-all webinar I put on. Listen in and claim your tickets to Funnel Hacking LIVE IX by going to

(MS) You're One Funnel Away - Part 2 (Revisited)

This is part two of my Funnel Hacking LIVE presentation from 2017. I wanted to toss-up this replay to remind you that when everything goes wrong, funnels have been the answer for me over and over and over, and I know they will be for you. So listen in to part two where funnels not only saved me from near bankruptcy and prison, they led to building ClickFunnels with my partner, Todd Dickerson.

(MS) You're One Funnel Away - Part 1 (Revisited)

In 2017, I recorded this podcast with a recap of my (then) most recent Funnel Hacking LIVE presentation entitled, “You’re One Funnel Away”. As we’ve been developing the funnel strategies further and further, I wanted to take a moment and touch base again on this concept, because it’s core to everything we’re doing. And while you listen to this 2-part episode, listen and relate your business to my story, specifically in this episode - how I saved Christmas with a funnel.

(VRE) Supplement Secrets: What Should Entrepreneurs Actually Take?

This week I’m sharing with you guys some of my top supplement secrets.

(MS) The Million Dollar Offer... (Part 3 of 3)

At this point, the event has launched where Russell shows the full library, the books that have been collected and more. However, Russell wanted to give you an inside look at the first time he introduced the Million Dollar Offer in Mexico. If you’re interested in getting a seat license, you can put down your deposit at And if nothing else, let this inspire you to take the leap when you’re uncertain, just as you’ll hear Russell do as he made his Million Dollar Offer.

(MS) Your PRIVATE Invitation to the ‘Napoleon Hill’ Groundbreaking Event (Part 2 of 3)

Russell was turned down for a loan to build his library, so instead he made a “1 Million Dollar Offer” to a small group of people in Mexico to fund the vision. When the vision is clear, entrepreneurs are the ones who choose to find a way to make that vision a reality. This is how you can craft a million dollar offer.Make sure to watch the full webinar announcement at

(MS) Russell's CrAzY Vision, and Why You Should Care (Part 1 of 3)

Russell’s been working on a secret all-consuming project, with box-after-box being delivered to his office. And with each box, the staff began to wonder if Russell needed an intervention. But Russell’s about to reveal everything, the full vision including how he’s about to raise the banner higher for entrepreneurs with “Secrets of Success”…

(MS) Announcing Speakers at Funnel Hacking LIVE IX

Funnel Hacking LIVE has always followed a specific framework and cadence, but for FHL IX we are massively changing things up! We'll be revealing the full framework to help you stay profitable in your advertising, even with all of the fighting between Zuck and Tim and ad costs going up over & over on repeat for the last few years. This is going to be the most in-depth event on the framework we've used across every business to outspend our competition and scale easier and faster than ever. AKA - this is a game changer for everyone who'll be there, not to mention an AMAZING musical performance that is not to be missed! See who's speaking, who's singing and all the details at

(MS) Inner Circle - What We’re Building Into The NEW Value Ladder for ClickFunnels 2.0

If you’ve been listening for a while, you’ll remember our discussions about the Linchpin strategy and our launch of ClickFunnels 2.0. Since our launch, we’ve put many of our old funnels on ClickFunnels Classic on pause and have been rebuilding our Value Ladder.

(MS) Pirates Cove - 2 Moves To Prepare For A Recession

Here's a quick snippet of the conversation I had with my elite Inner Circle members about 2 moves I'd recommend taking to profit from upcoming recessions. Once a year my Atlas Group meets with me at a private getaway called Pirates Cove. That's where we share not only our big-wins with each other, but the strategies we're taking for the future. During my most recent trip, I spoke to everyone about how we did during the last recession, and the steps we're taking to prepare for and maximize our returns during the next recession.

(MS) The Return of FunnelHacker TV!

Two steps to profit from a recession (your bible for the next year).

(MS) Secrets of Success - Part 3: The 6 Keys to Building Faith

This is it! Part 3 of 3 of my private mastermind on my frameworks for Secrets of Success! While there are a lot of ‘frameworks’ out there, this is the culmination where we bring other strategies in to support your goals and give you the confidence to keep moving forward! If you do enjoy this episode, please follow the full journey by following my new instagram profile for Secrets of Success at