Marketing Secrets Podcast

9 - Entrepreneurial Scars

Why these things can and should move you forward as opposed to pulling you backwards. On this episode Russell talks about having entrepreneurial scars and why you should embrace them rather than be embarrassed of them.

8 - A Little Known Marketing Secret I Learned From Seinfeld... (And It Has Nothing To Do With Email)

Who was J. Peterman and why should you care? On this episode Russell talks about taking inspiration for writing good copy from the J. Peterman catalog (of Seinfeld fame).

7 - Cool Stuff We Learned During Our "7 Day Launch"

In this episode Russell shares a step-by-step guide to what he did for each of the 7 days in the launch. He also shares what mistakes were made and how Russell and his team were able to make tweaks on the fly to make it better. You'll hear what Russell learned from the experience and how it can help others with their own businesses

6 - How To Do SEO The Right Way By Using The Dream 100

The dream 100 isn’t just for JV partners… it’s the key to ALL traffic. On this episode Russell talks about how you can use Dream 100 strategies with people who write magazine articles to get more traffic. He also reveals how you can find out who is dominating each platform (i.e YouTube, Instagram) and use them to build your Dream 100. Plus, find out why Russell is looking at strategies he used 10 years ago to help gain traffic.

5 - You Gotta Have Faith... Marketing Faith

Without this, what's the point of even trying? On today's episode Russell talks about why you have to have faith in yourself first in order to be a true entrepreneur because nothing is guaranteed. You'll also discover why Russell won't give a friend the answers to why his product isn't selling and why Russell believes that you have to take a leap of faith with your business first, in order for it to be successful.

4 - Planting Seeds Of Doubt

A cool underground way to overcome your competitors. On today's episode Russell talks about planting seeds of doubt about his competitors in the minds of potential customers.He explains how he does it, and why it makes it not a matter of if they become Clickfunnels customers, but when

3 - The What And How

The secret from going from zero to a million dollars is all about identifying what it is you’re selling and how you’re selling it. On this episode Russell talks about being able to have the “What” you’re selling and “How” you’re selling it, to be able to go from $0 to $1 million. Here are some of the awesome things Russell talks about in today’s episode: Why you need to be doing a webinar weekly that you can tweak and change to be able to figure out what you should be selling and how you should be selling it. How to use your creativity as an entrepreneur to change things to what your customers want. And why once you have figured out the “what” and “how”, making a million dollars will be fast and easy. So listen below to find out why figuring out the “what” to sell and “how” to sell it can take you from 1 to 7 figures a year.

2 - How To Turn 3,000 Email Clicks Into 300,000 Visitors

I had a huge shift in my thinking about email marketing this weekend… On today's episode Russell talks about how he plans to use email as an amplifier in the future for Facebook Live videos in order to get more clicks.

1 - How To Outspend EVERYONE Profitably

Marketing Secret episode #1 will explain the concept of “whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins” and how you can do it quickly without raising money.