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514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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Funnel Hacking LIVE has always followed a specific framework and cadence, but for FHL IX we are massively changing things up! We'll be revealing the full framework to help you stay profitable in your advertising, even with all of the fighting between Zuck and Tim and ad costs going up over & over on repeat for the last few years. This is going to be the most in-depth event on the framework we've used across every business to outspend our competition and scale easier and faster than ever. AKA - this is a game changer for everyone who'll be there, not to mention an AMAZING musical performance that is not to be missed! See who's speaking, who's singing and all the details at

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But my fear is that people who do not adopt this Linchpin framework, if they don't understand it and master it in the next 12 months, they're probably going to be out of business. That's just the reality of where things are. And I say this with a caveat, outside of you becoming a master at free advertising, content marketing, which is a big focus of mine moving forward and will also be a big focus of Funnel Hacking LIVE this year.


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What's up everybody? How are you guys all doing? I want to welcome you back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I'm pumped and excited to be hanging out with you guys today, and I'm here today because I've got some cool stuff to talk to you about. I'm a little behind on podcasts. Normally I try to get three or four weeks in advance, but I've been slammed working on some cool things for you, and so I haven't been able to. In fact, tomorrow something really cool's happening and this podcast is going to go out today. So because I am slacking, I give you guys real time updates, which hopefully will be really fun for you. So tomorrow, which is probably for most of you guys today that you're probably listening to this, and the bulk of our people listen within like 24 hours of an episode dropping, but I'm excited because tomorrow I'm going to be announcing Funnel Hacking LIVE and who are the speakers are this year, and why they're so exciting and who's coming and all that kind of stuff.

Because you guys are faithful podcast listeners, I'm going to give you some sneak peaks on what's going down, but if you want to see the actual who's speaking this year, by the time this is live, potentially the sales page will be up. And so if you go to, you can see all the speakers. But I'm excited for this year. This year's going to be different. This is Funnel Hacking LIVE IX, which I have some really cool ideas for funnel Hacking LIVE IX and preparing for FHL X. Next year will be 10, the big one. Maybe the last one. I don't know. I toyed that back and forth of I can't believe the 10th year doing it. Do we change it? Do we completely shift it? But 10's going to be a big one, but 9's going to be a different one. This one I'm really, really excited for.

Past Funnel Hacking LIVES, I've done a lot more of let's focus on different funnel types and marketing types. I'm kind of touching upon a lot of different things. But I feel like the landscape of marketing a lot has shifted so much in the last year, specifically... not specifically, completely tied to the cost of advertising. That's been the biggest, I think, change for most people. And I've seen so many business owners who were thriving over the last three or four years, and during COVID blew up, and had a lot of success, and now are struggling. I blame it all on the Apple-Facebook feud. So I'm annoyed by those two both. But that's been honestly the stem of a lot problems, the tracking stuff and everything that's shifted, which has made ad costs go up, and so because of that, so many businesses have gone under.

And I've looked, like, what have I been doing personally inside of ClickFunnels, number one? Number two, what have I been doing with our highest end students, which is my inner circle and our 2ccx-ers? And you guys probably heard me talking about this and hinting about this, but the reality is we've been shifting our models to this thing that I have so affectionately named the Linchpin. And really the goal of the Linchpin is how can we outspend everybody? I don't care if ad costs go up tenfold. Even if it goes to tenfold, I still win. And I started talking about this two years ago with Inner Circle members, and then more so 2ccx-ers. Funnel Hacking LIVE, I did a presentation talking about it, but I think for the majority of people they heard it and then they didn't think much about it.

But my fear is that people who do not adopt this Linchpin framework, if they don't understand it and master it in the next 12 months, they're probably going to be out of business. That's just the reality of where things are. And I say this with a caveat, outside of you becoming a master at free advertising, content marketing, which is a big focus of mine moving forward and will also be a big focus of Funnel Hacking LIVE this year.

But anyway, the reality is that the landscape's changed. And Dan Kennedy and I are working on a book right now. The working title is Whoever Can Spend the Most Money to Acquire Customer Wins. And it's about this whole concept. Every media source, radio, TV, newspapers, everything when it first starts is super inexpensive. We all make a ton of money, and then advertising costs go up. All of the amateur marketers fall out of the game and just the best are left standing. And in the digital marketing world, that's where we're at right now. Advertising costs are going up, and if we're not careful, we're not going to last. We're not going to survive. And so this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE is going to be about that, and we're going to be going deep on the Linchpin framework, helping us understand it, but then more importantly, how to master it, how to master all the pieces of it.

If you watch what I do, we've been executing on it flawlessly over and over and over since Funnel Hacking LIVE. We did it with the Voomly business. We used it with Challenge Secrets last week. We did it with Launch Click Funnels 2.0. We were doing it in the Lady Boss business. We're about to do it in Unfair Advantage, our supplement brand. We're about to do it in Understand Not Me, which is our personality profiling brand we're about to do it in. It's perfect. It's beautiful. It's flawless, and it gives you the ability to outspend everybody. So I'm excited because if you've heard me talk about it or dabble talking about Linchpin, and some people think, oh cool, that's a new marketing strategy from Russell. Say, "No, no, no, it's not a new marketing strategy."
And I joke about this with Inner Circle. I'm like, "If you've seen the Mandalorian, he puts the helmet on. He's like, 'This is the way.'" I tell them, "This is the way. If you guys are going to survive the next two or three years of digital marketing, this is the way. It's mastering the Linchpin because it makes your funnels go deeper, gives you the ability to outspend everybody." That's number one. And then number two, the number two is you have to become a master of organic marketing. Those are the two things. Keep doing paid marketing. Linchpin gives you the ability to actually pay for those ads and then you have to master organic.

And so FHL is going to be a lot about that. So a lot of the speakers you will see will be curated around people doing the Linchpin or doing parts of the Linchpin so you can understand, learn, master it and be able to execute on those, which is going to be so much fun. I'm so excited. So that's a big part of it. Also a big re-emphasis and focus on email newsletters and building a list and those kind of things. If you read the Traffic Seekers book, chapter number one I lead with, "There's a storm coming." That's literally chapter number one. And so there's a storm coming. And if you read the book, the whole goal of Traffic Secrets book was getting everybody to start owning their own traffic, changing it from traffic you control and traffic that you earn to turning into traffic that you own as quick as possible so that you can survive the upcoming things that'll be coming down the pipe.

So anyway, I'm excited for all that stuff. I'm excited for Funnel Hacking LIVE. You have to be there. Do not miss it. It's going to be the most powerful, most important thing you guys could possibly do in your business. I think there's going to be a lot of people who don't show up to it who will be out of business by the time Funnel Hacking LIVE 10 comes around. And I got some big plans for 10. But anyway, that's the story from the other day. This is all about FHL IX.

And again, this will be the first time where... In the past, it was kind of like, here's a smorgasboard of really cool marketing ideas and strategies. Here's some funnel types you can use and execute on. It was kind of just a come to FHL and pick one or two ideas and use that. This one's going to be much more. If I was going to be selling this as a $25,000 weekend, this is what I'd be executing on. And that's the difference. This one will be is a lot more heavily curated to give you a very specific result. It's also one where it's like, don't spend time in the hallways. This year's FHL is going to be one where it's like everything... presentation, presentation builds on each other. And so anyway, there's some of the hints and the teases.

So again, if you don't have your tickets yet, go to Hopefully there, by the time you're listening this, the page will be live. You'll see all the speakers. If not, just go watch the intro video. It's called an after movie. It's the video from last year's Funnel Hacking Live, so you can go watch that and get excited… But I'll give you guys a couple reveals, okay? So a couple things to note about this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE. We have announced our major keynote, and that is Jocko. So if you've read the book Extreme Ownership, Jocko's coming to speak, and I'm excited. The one negative side about Jocko coming and speaking is his contract. I'm not allowed to record the presentation. So the only way to hear Jocko speak is to be live at FHL. Even if we do replays, we can't show his presentation. And I've had a couple other speakers like Tony Robbins won't allow us to do that. Marcus Lemonis is the same thing. So it's kind of a bummer. But it's another reason for you... You have to be there in the room.

And I'm excited because he's speaking on day number one, which typically are big keynote on the last day, but he's coming on day number one because I want to set the tone initially for people understanding extreme ownership and a whole bunch of other really cool things he's going to be bringing to the table. But that's the key number one. And then you guys want the other big... So instead of having a big keynote at the end, I thought, what if we celebrate at the end? And one year we did this. We had Lindsey Stirling come and did a concert, and it was special. It was magical. It was awesome. And so this year I'm like, what if we did that again? I want to leave Funnel Hacking LIVE celebrating, having a party, having something really, really cool. And so I spent a lot of time talking about that and trying to figure out what would be the best thing we could give our people.

And one of my friends, Brian Underwood, he's the founder of Prove It, I was talking to him about his events. He's like, "Dude." He's like, "I have something that would change your community forever." I'm like, "What's that?" And he's like, "Have you ever heard of the singer Andy Grammer?" And I'm like, "Oh yeah, of course I have. He's one that sings Honey, I'm Good, right? That song and a whole bunch of other ones. And I remember seeing him on Dancing the Stars back in the day." I'm like, "Yeah, I know him." And he's like, "Do you like his music?" I'm like, "Yeah, his music's great." He's like, "Do you understand his music?" I'm like, "Apparently not because you're going deep on this thing." And he's like, "Dude, if you listen to the words, all these songs are very much... Andy wrote these songs based on personal development and... And they're not just songs are written."

And he's like, "We've had Andy two or three times at our event." And he's like, "He'll sing. But then he breaks down the songs and why he wrote them and what they are and how they're meaningful." And he's like, "What will happen is if you had Andy come and perform at your event," he's like, "not only will it be an amazing experience, Andy's one of the greatest performers ever, but his music will become the soundtrack for your entire movement, for your entire community."

He's like, "When they understand the songs and how they work, if they listen to them while they're building funnels, listen to while they're planning their events, it'll change them when they understand what the music actually is and why it's important and all this kind of stuff." And so of course I'm freaking out. So I'm calling Andy Grammer and trying to book this thing, and he's a legit famous singer and band and all sorts of stuff. And so it was not cheap. It was not easy. It was not inexpensive. But we got Andy Grammer coming, doing a private concert for you guys the last day at FHL, at the end in celebration, and hopefully to give you the soundtrack for the next 12 months of your life as you're building funnels, as you're going through the fight and the struggle and everything. And I'm really excited for that. I'm pumped.

In fact, I told my kids. My kids, they only knew that one song. So I played that song for them, and they got all excited. I'm like, "He's going to be at FHL, and you're going to meet him." And so at our house right now it's like an Andy Grammer soundtrack 24/7 playing in all the Alexas everywhere. In fact, here, turn your volume up. I'm going to yell. Alexa, play songs by Andy Grammer. Okay, now all your Alexas will be playing Andy Grammer soundtrack for the next four or five months till FHL comes around. So anyway, be prepared. Listen to songs, and as I said, it's going to be really, really cool and special.

All right, there's the hints. I give you the beginning and the end of the Funnel Hacking LIVE. But all this stuff in the middle, all the magic in the middle, I'm revealing tomorrow live on a webinar. I'm going to be going through it all with everybody. And so I don't even know where to register for that. But I'm sure if you go to, they'll be a link to it or something and then you'll be able to see all the speakers and why they're there and who they're there and all that kind of stuff. So that's the game plan, you guys. Hope that I can see you at this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE. I promise you, it will not disappoint. We're going to build out the framework you guys need to be successful. There's a storm coming in. Funnel Hacking LIVE IX is going to prepare you for the storm and give you the ability to outspend all your competitors no matter how much the ad costs go. And you'll be one of the few standing when the storm passes. And those who stand when the storm passes are the ones who win.

It's kind of like, you remember Forrest Gump where all the boats go out there and they're all out there fighting and going through all this stuff, and then everyone else brings the boats in during the storm. And Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan stay out there in the storm, and they're going crazy. And when everything dries up, all the other boats are destroyed, and theirs is the only one left standing. And they end up getting all the shrimp, and they start Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory and they become billionaires. And that's what I'm talking about. The storm's coming, and those who are at Funnel Hacking LIVE will be the ones who survive it. So that's that. Appreciate y'all. Thanks for hanging out, and I will see you guys all soon. Bye, everybody.


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