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Funnel Hacking LIVE is officially over! And so I decided that what I really wanted to do today was record the audiobook of a 1.5 Million Dollar book I purchased! But before that, I’ve got some lessons to share from this year’s Funnel Hacking LIVE. From the structure of the event to the presentation prep, I learned a lot personally. I actually tested my most recent ‘Secrets of Success’ presentation (it was actually the last podcast episode), and it did not land the way I wanted it to. Hear the lesson I’ve learned & become a part of the Secrets of Success JV army at

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As soon as you commit to something, then it's like everything, resistance hits. I don't want to do a thing. You're laying in bed, the alarm goes off, "I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to work out, I don't want to do this thing." Your draw to your phone, social media, to Facebook, Instagram, to this, to that, to check your emails, to listen to your podcast. The resistance is pulling in every direction except for the thing that is your calling. Its entire goal is to detract you and derail you from that. And Napoleon Hill talks about how the devil wants you to drift. And I explained that's the whole point. The resistance is trying to get you to drift, to become a drifter as opposed to someone who's pursuing something, chasing a dream.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to the Marketing Secrets podcast, but I also want to welcome you back from Funnel Hacking Live. Some of you guys just got home, maybe you're traveling home right now. Well, by the time you're listening to this, you're probably home. But anyway, we got home yesterday. We normally stay for a couple of days afterwards but our kids came this year and they had school, so we jumped in a plane the next day, flew home. And now it's Monday, post-FHL and Colette asked me, "What do you want to do today?" I was like, "Well, I don't know. I just want to go do what I normally want to." Normally I can't do the stuff I want to do because working on a presentation or an event or something, and I was like, "I want to go read, I want to go record a podcast. I want to go talk, I want to go just think."

And so that's what I'm doing today and it's just been really nice. A lot slower pace and just kind of doing the things. I spent half the day thinking about, "What are the big dominoes I've got to knock over in the next 90 days in my core companies to be able to hit the goals I have for the rest of the year? What are the big dominoes I've got to do with my family, with my wife? What are my big dominoes with my kids?" And so it was kind of fun to sit down and just map those things out and start thinking about that today. And then I wanted to actually come in the studio. I have a little... It's like a three-by-three room, it's a little podcast studio, where I record this podcast sometimes, but also recording audiobooks.

And during Funnel Hacking Live, I talked a lot about the Secrets of Success project and one of the bonuses I'm giving is going to be audios to a book that I spent $1.5 million for. And so I wanted to record one of the books today, so I'm going to go grab that here in a minute and read it, and I'm so excited for that. Anyway, just a lot of really fun, exciting, cool things. Anyway, I just wanted to give a recap of FHL. In the past I've done a day-by-day recap, every speaker and stuff like that and honestly, I don't feel like doing that this year. Whenever I do that every year, usually part of me, I'm like, "I feel like I'm gypping people out." Those who didn't show up, do I give them all this stuff?

But also it's like I'm not giving you enough without the feeling of the experience, without the emotion, without the network, the environment, the atmosphere, you don't get the same thing. Even last year we did an encore after FHL and I actually just today kind of said, "Let's don't do the encore." I don't know, there's something about being in the room and you watch it secondhand and you don't get it. And then people are like, "Oh, well, I don't have to come in person because it's going to be shown later." Just today I canceled. I'm like, "No, we're not doing Encore. Those who were there got experience and those who didn't, they missed it."

Yeah, so I didn't want to go speaker by speaker because even if I tell you, "Here's my big takeaway," you're not going to get the takeaway without the experience and the energy and the pre-frame, the post and all the things based on it. But I did want to share some stuff that I thought would be hopefully helpful for you, whether you were there or not. If you were there, maybe it'll be insightful as well. But preparing for an event like this is always hard. It's fun for me because I could ask people in our community to speak and a lot of them, they get a 28 minute presentation and they'll spend three or four months perfecting it, which is what's so cool. Because then you hear these guys speak, their presentations are flawless because they've prepared for it. They know this is a big shot on a big stage, they want to be perfect.

So they practice and they prepare and they hire people to help them coach through who've spoken in the past and so their presentations nail it. For me it's hard because I had 11 presentations this FHL, and so I can't practice and perfect 11 presentations. I got to do my best and go out there and give them... And for a lot of it, it's stuff that I've thought about or talked about a lot, some are easy, but there's a couple that that I really care about and I really put a lot of time and effort into. One of them is actually at the end of this presentation where I offer people the two Comma Club ex coaching programs. But leading up to it, I gave a presentation showing how I have a goal to try to do $100 million in recurring revenue in the Secret Success business in the next two years.

And so I kind of mapped, walked, "Here's the step-by-step process, step one, I'm doing this, step two." I walked through the whole thing and it was one of the presentations I was most proud of. People were blown away by it, just kind of see the whole thing broken down. But what was kind of cool is you look at the way we structured Funnel Hacking Live this year. In fact, I got so many people that told me this was their favorite event ever and the reason why is because of this one thing that we did. Now, Funnel Hacking Live in the past, we have a lot of speakers talking about different things, different avenues that are cool. But this year everything was wrapped around this concept and the principle of the linchpin. And so it's like based on that, you have to build an email list and then you got to have traffic, and then you've got to have a continuity program and then a MIFGE and then more traffic and then dramatic demonstrations, and then more traffic and then live events and then more traffic.

And so what I did is one of my first presentations I explained the whole in pens, people saw it. And then the next two days we had people teaching just on email list, just on continuity, just on MIFGEs, just on dramatic demonstrations, just on traffic, going through each of the pieces. And I had a video in between each one re-syncing it back to the framework. Devon, who would typically intro the speaker, he would intro the video. And then I had the video and it was me saying, "Inside the linchpin there's this piece, and this is why I had so-and-so come speak here, we're going to show you exactly how to do this." And it would show the framework and show this is the piece. And so every presentation that was tied to the linchpin would sync back to that so it got people back focused on, "Oh, this is where this fits in. Oh, this is the context of where this fits in the grand scheme of things."

And that was really cool. So again, I taught the linchpin and then we had everybody teach pieces of it. And then that presentation was me saying that, "Let me show you the whole thing as a whole as I'm executing, how I'm doing it step by step." It was so cool. That's one of my favorite presentations that I did give. There's another presentation I was excited to give and man, I just ran out of time. It was my intro presentation. Last year's intro presentation was called The Drifters Versus Driven and it was really good. I feel like I was nervous and awkward a little bit. In fact, I replayed it a couple episodes back ago, so you may have heard it.

I was nervous back then because I'm always nervous, especially first presentation at Funnel.
You walk out and there's 5,000 people and you're like, "Ugh," it's always a little nerve wracking. But I was proud of that one but this year I have a bigger vision. I've been working on this Secrets of Success book for way too long and I'm finally getting the point where I'm feeling I have the frameworks and stuff figured out and I'm just really excited to share with it.

The problem is partially around time and partially I just kept changing and tweaking and changing and tweaking it. Even on Monday we got there, my family went to Disney. I spent all day Monday rewriting it. And then Tuesday, I woke up Tuesday morning and I didn't love it so I redid the whole thing again. And then that night we took everybody out to Universal Studios, we rented it out. We had a huge party with all the Inner Circle and 2CCXers, had a huge party there which was awesome.

And then came back that night and I didn't like it and I worked on it until midnight. I was going to wake up at 6:00 in the morning, keep working on it, but I couldn't fall asleep. And I got up at 1:00 and from 1:00 until 3:30, I worked on it again and then I fell asleep. I only got three and a half hours of sleep that night. I woke up and then I was working on it, and then I had to go down and get my pictures and everything happening and the doors open and I didn't finish it. I had the thoughts in my head. I know what I wanted to share but I didn't get it done, it wasn't done in time. And then I didn't try to practice it, it was just all the things. And so when the presentation started at the beginning, I felt it was really strong.

I was really proud of it, actually, for probably the first third of it or so. And I started getting to a spot where I could feel it, we're not quite hitting, not quite landing. And so anyway, not super proud of it. I mean, it was great. People were like, "It was amazing." I'm like, "No, it was good, it wasn't great. I didn't explain things I wanted to correctly." In fact, it was funny because everyone is like, "It's great, it was fine. Don't worry about it." But I just had this uneasy feeling so I came back to my next session afterwards and I told everyone, I was like, "Hopefully this will give you guys permission for you to go publish and put things out there." But I told the story of Dean Graziosi. We were at this mastermind group and we were sitting around a campfire.

And Dean talked about... I shared the story in Expert Secrets, or sorry, in Traffic Secrets, but I talked about how a good comedian, you'll see him on stage on the Tonight Show or something and do his 10 jokes and they all land and like, "Hey, he's the funniest guy in the world." But what you don't see is behind the scenes where he's going out and he's giving a presentation, he's going to a bar, he writes 10 jokes, he gives them all, only one lands and the other nine are bombs. So he goes back home, keeps the one joke, writes nine new jokes, goes to another dive bar, does it again. This time he lands two jokes, eight flop. Comes back, deletes the eight, writes eight new ones and he's got 10 jokes, goes to the next place, this time four land. The two landed before plus two new ones.

He deletes the next six and he does it back and forth until he's got this killer presentation, then he hits the big leagues. And for me, I've been giving presentations on the success stuff I've been trying to share for the last two or three years and I just haven't nailed it yet. I'm getting closer and closer. There are parts have been amazing, times in Mexico when we had the inner circle that were super powerful and different places, but I just haven't been able to get it to land yet. And this was another test of me trying and it partially landed but not fully landed. And ah, it was just frustrating. But I shared with everybody. I said, "Do you guys realize... How many of you guys remember the very first time I taught Traffic Secrets from stage of Funnel Hacking Live?" I can't remember what year it was, but I was like, "Who has ever seen that presentation?"

A bunch of people's hands went up. I said, "You're all lying because I was so embarrassed after it came out, I literally deleted that video from all the archives." We don't even have copy of it anymore, I was so un-proud of it. And that year Derrick's had an event, so he invited me to it. So that was my next time teaching Traffic Secrets and I kind of bombed there as well. And then I did a two day event for the 2CCXers on Traffic Secrets, which was better but it helped me think through a lot of the things and get things organized in my thoughts. Oh, then I started writing and I wrote the book and the next FHL, I gave a presentation and it landed on Traffic Secrets. And for me, that's how I developed it. Anyway, I'm kind of in the same spot with this stuff. It's like it's in my head, it's there, I just haven't figured out how to perfectly organize it. I'm excited to.

But this year the title of it was so cool, it's called The Calling Versus Resistance. And that it's like the calling that we hear, we have to go out there and we want to go and try to take over the world. And I think most people in our community have felt that before. There's these desires, these things that make us want to go and pursue something. We may not see the finish line or understand what it is, but we have this desire to move forward. But as soon as you have this desire to move forward and you decide, "I'm going to make a commitment, I'm going to go do this thing," then instantly comes resistance. And resistance, the book, War of Art by Steve Pressfield, such a good book. Fast read too, by the way, but it talks about the hardest thing a writer has is not writing a book, it's sitting down to write the book. It's the resistance that keeps you from just doing the thing, and that's the resistance that's holding us all back.

And so it's interesting because I talked about that in the thing, just the resistance. As soon as you commit to something, then it's like everything, resistance hits. I don't want to do a thing. You're laying in bed, the alarm goes off, "I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to work out, I don't want to do this thing." Your draw to your phone, social media, to Facebook, Instagram, to this, to that, to check your emails, to listen to your podcast. The resistance is pulling in every direction except for the thing that is your calling. Its entire goal is to detract you and derail you from that. And Napoleon Hill talks about how the devil wants you to drift. And I explained that's the whole point. The resistance is trying to get you to drift, to become a drifter as opposed to someone who's pursuing something, chasing a dream.

Our theme this year at Funnel Hack Live was being a dreamer of the day, someone who's pursuing their dreams and chasing, someone who's actually driven. It's these two things. It's similar to the Driven Versus Drifter presentation but it's a bigger thing where it's like the calling you feel versus resistance is holding you back and that battle back and forth and how to combat that. So that was the theme I was trying to deliver and I kind of got there. I didn't want to talk a lot about your conscious versus your subconscious mind, how you have to use your conscious mind to train your subconscious mind to do the things you want. And then how fear comes in and how you have to protect yourself from fear and block that stuff. And then from there, we have to build out the habits and routines consciously so that we can train our subconscious mind.

That's the next piece in the puzzle. And then from there, it's coming back and we have these beliefs that keep us from it. And I wanted to start teaching about self-image psychology. Our self-image is the thing that causes the things. How do we change our self-image? And using Maxwell Maltz's theory of the mind. Anyway, all this stuff I wanted to share and I just got clunky and I couldn't quite get it. And then I wanted a title at the end to the hero's journey and it didn't land. I could feel it once I'm giving it, I was just messing up in places and not explaining things the right way. I was trying to explain how your conscious mind has to choose the thing you want. It chooses your definite purpose and then it's got to train your subconscious mind to do it. So it does that by creating habits and routines to train the subconscious mind.

And so you do things over and over and over again. I talked about wrestling, how the training of it is how you turn something instinctual, it becomes instinctive. Then that's how you win is through instincts, not through consciously thinking about a move. If I'm wrestling someone, if I'm consciously like, "Oh, I should shoot right here," as soon as I think that it's already too late, I missed it. The goal is to train so many times that your subconscious minds knows the second you feel this, boom, it hits it. And that's true in all aspects of life and business, in all of your reactions and things that happen and how do you train that? Anyway, someday I'm going to get this thing in a way that I can explain it to you guys.

Yeah, I just got to put it in a book. I've written this book and read it probably four or five times now but I feel like I'm finally getting to the precipice, the spot where I'm about ready to deliver this and share with you guys. Anyway, that was my intro presentation that I was trying to nail. Didn't feel like I nailed it, but it got me excited. I was kind bummed out because I was so tired anyway and that kind of bombs, the first day was harder for me. It was hard to be excited, I was so tired. Jaco came that night and presented, which was awesome, but man, again, I was on three and a half hours of sleep, plus me not feeling like I nailed my first presentation, I was so tired.

But then that night I passed out and got, I think seven and a half hours of sleep. Woke up next morning, was on fire. Day two, three and four was just flawless. One of the best events we've ever done. Anyway, for those who were there, that's a little behind the scenes of what happened. And those who weren't there, again, if I had a friend who's spending $4 million or $5 million to put on a party for me and spending weeks of his life trying to craft messages in a way that'll transform everything, he curated an event... We had Andy Grammer come, private concert to make it so fun. It's worth your time, energy and effort to really figure out how to get there. I promise you it's worth it.

This year's Funnel Hacking Live's going to be a little different coming up. Right now Funnel Hacking Live is in September and it used to always be the first quarter of the year, which I liked better because new Year's resolutions were all at the beginning of the year, we're kicking it off. That's how we used to do it. And then when COVID came and kind of threw everything off, we got bumped down to September and I'm trying to bump it back. This was Funnel Hacking Live 9, Funnel Hacking Live 10 is going to be moving to the next February. So it's, I think 17 or 18 months away. So it's a ways away. Because of that, we decided in between there to do a smaller virtual one. So we're going to be doing Funnel Hacking Live nine and a half next September, and then 10 will be in February of that year.

Anyway, depending on when you're listening to this, we are selling tickets. We have event sale pricing. We could get nine and a half and 10 for the nine, or sorry, for the price of just 10 plus the $200 discount. So basically for I think $797, you get tickets to both of them. If you want to be part of that, go to If it's still there, then there's an opportunity there to get tickets to both events for the price of one, plus the $200 discount, so this is the cheapest they'll ever be. We'll be selling just the tickets to virtual loan for $500 and so again, you guys can get them $297, which is insane. Go and grab them, But that's kind of it, you guys. Anyway, I hope you're doing awesome. Hope you enjoyed this podcast episode and those who were there hopefully served you and gave you an experience that will literally change your life forever.

We spend so much effort trying to curate something that'll give you literally that life-changing experience. I feel like we did it, I feel like it was such an amazing experience. Hopefully it was for you as well. That said, thank you guys so much for being part of our community, for being a funnel hacker, for believing in us, for being around now nine years in a row amongst the ups and the downs. It's been a brutal road. There's positive times and negative. In the beginning when you're succeeding, everyone's cheering for you. After you're at the top, everyone's trying to tear you down. And we've felt that both directions. I'm just grateful for those who are hardcore. Not our fair weather fans, but the ones who have been here from the beginning, those who are still here, those who are cheering us along during the battles we're going through, as opposed to turning their backs and doing what some people do.

Grateful for you guys, it means the world to me. In football and any sport, there's the fans that when you're winning, they're on your side and they love you. And then when the team's struggling or whatever, then people quickly forget you and shift over. And just grateful for the people that aren't fair weather fans, who are here for it all. We are giving literal blood, sweat and tears, putting in all of our money, investing into this thing that we are creating for you, that we believe in, that we think is going to change your life. And so anyway, just grateful for you guys who were there and appreciate you all.

With that said, I'm going to go grab a book. I'm recording a book for the Secrets of Success membership site, which is launching here in about two weeks or so. In fact, if you're interested in helping us promote it, we have a two tier affiliate program coming out. You basically give away some unpublished Napoleon Hill books for free to your list. And from that, build a ton of recurring income. It's literally the greatest opportunity ever. If you go to, go that page, you can become an affiliate there. Like I said, it's a two tier affiliate program so you can invite your friends and people who can promote as well, and you can get paid really well first tier and second tier and help us with launch coming up, it'll be a lot of fun. That said, thank you guys so much. Appreciate you being part of this and we'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.


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