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(MS) FHL Topics & Speakers REVEALED - Part 1 of 2

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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It's time! In 100 days, Funnel Hacking LIVE IX starts and we'll show you the strategies we're using to lead the industry! If you've wanted all the details on what we'll be talking about, step-by-step, plus the speakers who'll be presenting, you don't want to miss this reveal-all webinar I put on. Listen in and claim your tickets to Funnel Hacking LIVE IX by going to

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And so I learned this actually while I was in Mexico at Mastermind Paradise. One of my friends got on stage, we have a group called Atlas that people pay $250,000 to be part of, and he's a member of the Atlas group. And in passing he's like, "Oh, we changed our coaching program and we did this instead." And he explained it and I freaked out. You can ask my team. I was like, for the next three days I was just like, "Explain this again to me." He was like, "Dude, I already did." I'm like, "One more time." And right now I'm in the process of shifting four of our companies to this process because we can charge so much more.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell and hope you guys are doing awesome. We are in the middle of planning Funnel Hacking Live. As the day that I am recording this, we are officially 100 days away from this year's event, which is crazy. Every year when it gets done, we're like, "We have 365 days until next year's Funnel Hacking Live, we have so much time." And then next thing you know, it's almost here. So anyway, I'm excited and I want to make sure you guys are there at this year's event. And so a little while ago I did a private event here in my office where we stream live where I kind of announced who all the speakers were for this year. And I haven't announced all the speakers, so I got some secret weapons in my back pocket we'll bring it out as we get closer to the actual event.

Dan Kennedy came the first event and no one even knew he existed. Most people thought he had died and we brought him out on stage. So we always have some surprises up our sleeve. But I did want to let you guys know who's speaking and why. And this year's different than Funnel Hacking Lives in the past. This is our ninth one. And this one, the way we're choreographing the event is all based on one single framework. So every session builds on the next and the next to give you guys the full vision outline and understanding and best practices from this little thing that we keep calling the linchpin. You've heard me talk about it. So that's what's going to be happening this year. It's going to be fun. So anyway, I wanted to let you guys hear who's speaking this year and so I'm going to morph over into the actual live event where I introduced who the speakers were and kind of go through them and why they're speaking. Why it's so important and why I want you to be there for each one of them.

And so it's going to be awesome. Anyway, I want you to do those. As you're listening to this and getting excited about the event, make sure you go and get your tickets. We have sold out eight years in a row. We will sell out again this year. In fact, we're ahead this year by like 20% tickets we were last year this time. Seats are going to be gone soon. If you don't have a ticket, now is the time. By the time you hear this is probably like 98 days away from it all ending. So anyway, all you got to do is go to and get your tickets. Once again, that's All right, with that said, I'm going to do this episode, I’ll let you listen to half of the speaker reveal and then we'll do another one in a few days and reveal the rest of who is speaking this year's Funnel Hacking Live. So thanks again and hope you enjoy this episode.

What's up everybody? How are you guys all doing? I'm excited to hang out with you guys today. I'm excited because we are officially, how many days away are we from Funnel Hacking Live?


124 days away from Funnel Hacking Live. 124 you guys. I remember when it was 365 days until next year's Funnel Hacking Live and now we're at 124, which is insane. So how you guys are excited for this entire party to be starting and happening? I'm so excited. This is every year we do one huge show and everything we do the entire year leads up to this moment. And I'm excited we're going to announce who the speakers are for this year. This is not a complete picture of all the speakers. We're still waiting on speaker contracts back from two of the women that are speaking this year. And unfortunately I wasn't able to put them on this because they haven't signed the contracts yet.

So everybody else, so I'm going to be announcing as much as we can. Also, as you guys know, this week we ran a speaker contest because we have one other spot and a whole bunch of people, like way more than I thought, made videos asking to speak if this year's Funnel Hockey live. In fact, I see some of your faces back there on the big screen. How many of you guys submitted a video because you want to speak in Funnel of Hockey Live? Okay, I'm not going to lie, this was the most stressful probably three days of my entire life because I saw the videos, then you all tagged me and then your friends tagged me and your friends' friends tagged me and your mom tagged me and your grandpa tagged me and they started texting me and email me and calling me, sending me gifts to my office.

It was a little crazy. And way more if you guys submitted than we thought. So I'm not sure exactly what to do with that yet because there's so many good presentations, but we'll get to that towards the end of today because there are going to be at least one, and potentially more, from the speakers that submitted. There's some amazing stories. I was like, "Dang it." Anyway, so this is my entire team has been wrestling with this for the last few days and so we'll be talking about that today. And make sure you get your tickets to Funnel Hacking Live. This will be the biggest year ever. We are already ahead of tickets by a significant amount from where we were last year this time. Every year we sold out and this year will not be any different. We should have about 7,000 entrepreneurs and funnel hackers, small business owners, people like you who are going to be in Florida this year with us in September at Funnel Hacking Live.

I'm curious, how many of us have been in Funnel Hacking Live in the past? If have you're on Zoom, raise your hand if you're in the comments say, "I have, I have." If you haven't yet though, and you're like a Funnel Hacking Live newbie, you're like, "I don't even know what Funnel Hack Live means. I don't know what Russell's even talking about." Tell us if you're like a beginner. Like, "I haven't gone yet. This is going to be my first time." Let us know that as well. We got a bunch of first timers in the comments, another first timer, fifth timer. We have probably I think a dozen people that have been to every single one. This year's actually Funnel Hacking Live Nine. This is the ninth time we have done this show and some of the background behind this. Back in an earlier business, before we built ClickFunnels, we had done a lot of events, not a lot.

We'd done a dozen events, half dozen events or so. And I remember the last event I did. Actually, there were two events we did kind of back to back. I did one event, it was was in Salt Lake City. I think we had 300 or 400 people bought tickets to it. We got to the event, we set it all up, the room for all the number of people and then when they showed up, only 50 or 60 people actually showed up to the event. And it was the scariest thing for me. Walking out and you're like all these empty chairs. And I was like, "This is humiliated." I was so embarrassed. And after I was like, "I'll never do an event again." And one of my friends wrote me into one other event a little later and they had sold 1200 tickets to this event. I was like, "Okay, we'll do this event." And sure enough, we get the event and less than 200 people had showed up for the event.

And I remember being in this room. And before we opened the doors, we're pulling chairs out of there and the room was empty. And I was like, "I will never do an event again, ever." That was a sworn promise to myself. I'd never do an event, never do an event because I had such bad experiences with them. And then about 10 years ago, we launched this little company called ClickFunnels. And it changed the market, it changed the world. I don't think any of us who were starting this company knew what was going to happen from it. But we launched this company ClickFunnels, and it started growing and it started growing. And for those who first came in way back 10 years ago, I had a webinar called the Funnel Hacks Webinar. I taught people how to use funnel hacking. This is where the term funnel hacker came from.

I talked about funnel hacking, but then in our community, people started calling themselves Funnel Hackers. They're like, "Hey, funnel hackers, I have a question for you. Hey, funnel Hackers." And you guys made up that name and you started calling each other Funnel Hackers and kind of this name that stuck. And I was like, "That's kind of cool." And then all these funnel hackers started meeting up. They're like, "Hey, we're going to do Funnel Hacker meet up in Dallas, who wants to go?" And all of a sudden there'd be 20 or 30 funnel hackers in Dallas. "We're doing a funnel hacker meet up over here in New Jersey. And they're like..." And these things started hopping up all over the place. And our team was like, "We should probably help facilitate this process." And I was like, "No, I don't do events. I told you I like, we'll never do an event again."

And then after three or four weeks of fighting back and forth, we decided to do an event. And the first event was Funnel Hacking Live for our Funnel hackers. It was in Las Vegas and that was the very first one we ever did. We had sold about 600 tickets. The room only held 600 people. I remember the very first day hiding behind the curtains, waiting for people come in, peeking me out behind the curtains looking at, and the entire room was filled, not a single empty seat. And I was like, "Oh, they came. This is so exciting." And that's when the whole funnel hacking movement began from 600 people. The next year we had 1200 people. Then a year or two later we had 3,500 people. And then from that one to 4,000, then 5,000 then 6,000 and keeps growing every single year. This year, again, my goal is to have 7,000 people in Florida with us.

7,000 people who are going to be, your future partners, friends, peers. This year we have more people who've won Two Comma Club awards than ever before. So hundreds and hundreds of you guys have achieved that will be on stage getting awards for me and Todd, which is going to be exciting. And we have a whole other cool things. So I'm excited. Every year I get nervous as we get into it. Because I'm every year I'm like, "What if they don't show up? What if they don't show up?" And every year I remember looking out the curtain and just seeing everybody out there. This year was fun, or this last funnel Hacking Live was fun. You guys just saw the video of it. But my kids, so my kids came up this time. And so I told them, I was like, "When they open the doors, everyone runs in crazy people and they tram each other and it's nuts."

And so my kids and I sat on the stage and they opened the doors and they watched everybody running through. And they're like, "Dad, these people are crazy." And my kids are like, "Why do they want to hear you talk, dad? You're so boring." I'm like, "I have no idea." So I appreciate you guys who come from Funnel Hacking Live and I promise you we will put on a show. This year we are taking out all the stops. This will be the best year ever from a whole bunch of things, from the production side. This year we have a concert happening, which is going to be crazy. We have a whole bunch of other cool things that are going to make this year amazing. But mostly I'm just excited because of the speaker lineup that we've kind of curated for you guys this year. So how many you guys want me to get into some of the who's speaking this year?

This is always a big question. In fact, it's funny because about a third of the tickets get sold within a day of Funnel Hacking Live ending. A third of the tickets are sold. Everyone's like, "I don't care. I'm going to be there no matter what." The next third people are like, "I'm going to wait to see if Russell can actually get good speakers. Then maybe I'll come." And the last third, for some reason, you guys will only come when we are about to sell out. Like urgency and scarcity. So again, a third of you guys right by your tickets, third tickets after you do the reveal are going to come through. So this is my goal to show you guys who's going to be speaking and why they're speaking. And so this year's, again, this is Funnel Hacking Live Nine, this year's going to be different than any other year and there's a reason behind it.

Every single Funnel Hacking Live in the past, the market conditions and internet marketing, digital marketing, all kind of stuff, it was simpler if I'm completely honest. It was a lot easier. And so usually Funnel Hiking Live, we would have a bunch of different speakers talking about unconnected concepts. Like, "Oh, here's someone teaching about this kind of funnel and this kind of funnel, this kind of funnel. Here's a way to get traffic, another way to get traffic." And they were all really, really good presentations, but they weren't connected because it was just like anybody could come to the table and like, "Oh, I'm going to take that idea. I'm going to run with it. I'm going to take that idea. You can run with it." And it's been amazing. In fact, I'm so proud of what we've done the last eight Funnel Hacking Lives. But this year, as you guys know, it's different.

We're moving into a recession. Advertising costs are higher than they've ever been in the past. And I look at so many people in our community that have had businesses who are struggling. A lot of people who aren't in our community, who don't understand these principles that you guys know so well, who are really struggling, A lot of them lost their businesses and things have just shifted for them. And it's been interesting because in our company we've had to shift the way we do things as well. And the last two years has been fun for me because I love tinkering with funnels and playing with things and figuring out what's going to be the best way to do things. And this year as a company, one of the biggest initiatives that we had is number one is how do we go from good to great, right?

You guys probably heard this saying before. Good is the enemy to great, right? We have really good funnels, we have really good things. We have things that are really good. But how do we go from good to great, right? That was one big initiative we had. And number two is I'm actually working right now on a book with Dan Kennedy, which is so exciting to co-author a book with my mentor. And I don't know what the actual title of the book is going to be yet, but the working title, which is probably the longest title of any book ever, is Whoever Can Spend the Most Money to Acquire A Customer Wins. Is that too long of a book title or do you guys like that? If you could think of a shorter, like how to say that in two words? I was trying to funnel secrets or back... I don't know.

But the concept is whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. And Dan Kennedy and I in this book has been so fascinating going back and back with him because we're seeing it right now in the market. We're seeing advertising costs go up. But what's interesting is I talked to Dan, he's like, "This is the history of media and how it works." He says, "Initially back in the day, we are running newspaper ads, newspaper ads were cheap. We all made a ton of money. And then after all the advertisers got in there and there's more supply or more demand than supply, then advertising costs got so expensive the newspapers no longer worked. So then we all shifted to direct mail and it was really cheap and inexpensive. And over time when more people got in, supply and demand, it got more expensive and it got harder to make it work. And then we all shifted to TV."

And he's like, "We did late night infomercials. And back then," he was like, "you could buy a late night spot for $30. And so we were just killing it with the late infomercials. Media was cheap, it was inexpensive, they were killing it." And then what happens is over time, TV stations realized these guys are making money off our open hours. They raised the prices and the infomercials stopped working as well. In this book, he goes media source by media source, every single time the history is the same. And so I asked Dan as we're working on his book back and forth, I'm like, "Well, who are the people who win in the situation when advertising costs and any media, whether it be TV, radio, direct mail, when the advertising costs 3, 4, 10x in the price, who's the ones who win?"

He said, "The ones who win are the ones who have the deepest funnels." Whoever has the most money, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. And so right now we are entering a digital age where the advertising costs are going up dramatically. So many people, so many of your peers and friends are not going to be in business in a year from now. This is the pattern. It happens over and over and over and over again. We've had an easy, the last decade. Last decade has been amazing. Facebook ads are cheap, YouTube ads, everything was cheap. Now things are getting more expensive. So how do you win? Well, the person who understands funnels the best, the people who have the deepest funnels, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. And so you look at what we've done inside of ClickFunnels. Inside of ClickFunnels right now because of where we've restructured our funnels, taken them from good to great, we've learned so many amazing things on little tweaks and changes we need to do to make it amazing.

About a year and a half ago, my inner circle is the very first time I presented this principle. And this principal thing is we talk about called the linchpin. I showed my inner circle members and they're like, "Oh, my gosh." I was like, "Yeah, this is how we're able to spend more money than anybody." We're spending more money now to acquire customers than we ever have because of how we shifted our funnels around. Last year, Funnel Hacking Live, I hinted towards it. During one of my presentations, I shared, here's the linchpin that we're doing. And people kind of freaked out. And then over the last 12 months, or not 12 months, how long ago FHL? Six months ago, seven months ago? However many days, we took our entire Two Comma Club X coaching program, inner circle, category kings, alice, all our high-end coaching programs. And we transitioned people to this model of the Linchpin.

And so this year's Funnel Hacking Live is going to be focused not so much on just here's a bunch of random different cool funnels you can use, but here's an overarching game plan on how you could outspend everybody. That's one half of it. And the other half of it is if we can't outspend people, how do we get traffic for free? You're going to notice a lot of these themes happening this year is like, how do we get organic free traffic and how do we make paid ads work by making our funnels deeper and deeper and deeper using this concept of linchpin? So I'm excited. That's kind of the game plan. So there's Russell nerding out as I go through and I've been building out this event. And if you guys know anything about Funnel Hacking Live, it's not just like, "Here's a bunch of random speakers."

I choreograph all the speakers in the presentations in a certain way to give you guys a certain result at the end. This year, I'm really proud of what we created. So with that said, you guys want me to jump in and talk about who's speaking?

Who is?

All right. Everyone in Zoom line is excited. So here we go. Let's have some fun with this. So we did introduce our first keynote about a month ago. We announced Jocko is going to come and speak. And those who don't know Jocko, he wrote a book called Extreme Ownership, which is one of the most powerful books I've ever read in my entire life. And I've tried for four years now to get Jocko to speak on stage. And every single year it has not happened because he doesn't work in September. He takes the whole month off.

And so we finally figured things around. He's like, "There's only one day I can do it and it's day number one." I was like, "Done." So we signed the contract, sent him a whole bunch of money, and he's going to be on day number one to set the tone of the event. Now I'm bringing all my kids to Funnel Hacking Live this year, and one of the reasons why is because I want my kids to understand this principle of extreme ownership. I want them in the room while Jocko was explaining this to them. Because I want my kids to understand it. I want my team to understand it. I want our community to understand it. As soon as we shift away from this
blaming culture that is so prevalent in the world right now and shift to an extreme ownership, this is where we can take control of our lives, take control of our thoughts, take control of our businesses.

And this is going to be leading the event to get the frame correct. So as we're moving through the rest of the event, you guys will be prepared to take all the ownership, which when you do that is the only way you can actually cause change. So I'm excited for that. This is my business partner, co-founder of ClickFunnels, Todd Dickerson. And Todd, obviously he's going to be there as well. So those are the only two people we've announced so far. All the rest are just heads with question marks. So the very first speaker, someone once again is me. So there you go. Now I'm not going to give you a big reveal, but I do want to talk about my first presentation is going to be about, because I've been working on this. Some of you guys know I've been working on my very first personal development book now for almost two years. And it keeps shifting and changing and all sorts of stuff and I've shifted it again and I'm really excited though.

The premise of this presentation is you're called to adventure. If you look at any story, it starts with the call to adventure. The Hero hears the call and they start on this process. For a lot of you guys, Funnel Hacking Live is your call to adventure. You're literally leaving your ordinary world, leaving your home and you're coming to Funnel Hacking Live, hoping to find a guide and a tribe and a community to get you to some result. And so that's where it's going to begin. So I'm going to be starting the journey there, taking you guys on this call to adventure, showing you how to prepare both mentally, physically and to be able to have success inside of this framework. Entrepreneurship is not for the light heart. How many you guys know that? Entrepreneurship is not the easiest thing in the world.

Steve Larson said this one time. He said, "It's the best personal development event you could possibly go to. Because for you to start a business, you got to go through all sorts of stuff. You have to learn about yourself, other people, psychology, sales, marketing, analytics. You have to learn so much stuff to be successful in business and it's so much fun, but it's a lot. And so this is your call to adventure. Some of guys are coming to this event hoping for that. My job is to help give you guys the tools you need to be successful. So that's what I'm leading. That'd be the first thing I'm talking about. After that, as you know my co-founder and partner Todd Dickerson will be there. I'm excited. Todd has been killing himself. I don't know how many guys have transitioned over to ClickFunnels 2.0 yet. About a third of our customers right now have transitioned from 1.0 to 2.0, and 2.0 is getting more and more amazing every single day.

I'm obsessed with it, I love it. And they're working on some huge updates and behind the scenes stuff. A lot of AI things being weaved into every single thing. I don't want to ruin any surprises, but can you imagine if instead of having to build a funnel, you could just tell, you could just type what you want and then it'd just build the whole thing for you? There's some really cool things coming that they've been working on that Todd's decided to share with you guys between all the updates at ClickFunnel. Last year at Funnel Hacking Live, we showed a roadmap. Here's the thing. You guys remember this had a big picture? Here's the roadmap. Everything that's done right now, here's where we're trying to get done. And the majority of that roadmap is either done or mostly done. We're going to be showing a lot of you guys that at Funnel Hacking Live this year.
We'll be releasing a lot of new tools and features and things to you guys by then and it's just going to be cool.

So it'll be me and Todd hanging out for sure, no matter what. And then after that we got some other speakers. So I'm going to jump in and see if I can... I got my cheat sheet here. So our first speaker's on day number one. After I speak and after Todd speaks, I wanted to bring somebody who's been in our community. How many guys, you're new to the ClickFunnels Funnel Hacker community, where are our new people? You're kind of newer. Maybe you're here in the last year or so, but you haven't been here for a decade with the rest of us. So those are coming new. It can be overwhelming. You show up, it's like there's all these people and they're going crazy and there's people are tattooing ClickFunnels their arm. And they got ClickFunnels mohawks and suits and socks and everyone's dressing up to the nines, doing crazy stuff.

You show up, and you're like, "This is weird. What kind of cult am I in?" And so what I wanted to do, I wanted to bring some people to Funnel Hacking Live who literally were near a spot four or five years ago. And they came in and they were overwhelmed, they were confused, they had all sorts of problems. And they had a different type of business. How would this actually fit for my business? It doesn't make any sense. And they joined my inner circle and we worked them really close and for three or four years they struggled. They couldn't figure out how does this work for my specific business? Well, you guys, in fact one of the biggest questions I get all the time is how does ClickFunnels work for my own business? And that was what they had. And it took them a little while and all of a sudden they figured out, boom.

As soon as they figured it out, I watched their business go from struggling, struggling, struggling to they figured it out. Within months, it was a Two Comm Club award. And then within six months later, Two Comma Club X award. And kept going and going from there. And they were literally some of the people who came, and I think the greenest. And now have had some of the most success inside of ClickFunnel's ecosystem. And so as I teach you guys about this whole hero's journey and your call to adventure, I wanted to show you guys their... I wanted them to come and tell their story of their call to adventure and how they went through this process. So right here, the first two speakers coming on after will be boom, Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb. Again, these are some of my favorite people in the world and they're going to be coming and showing you guys their story.

They built the entire community of financial planners. Again, how did financial planning have to do with funnels? They did it. They built a community. They built a tribe and they're going to tell their story and they're going to show you guys the process of what they did. And so by the time they're done, for any of you guys like, "I don't know how this stuff's going to work for me." You'll be like, "Oh. My gosh. It worked for a business that literally should not work for funnels." And they built this thing into a multiple Two Comma Club X award winner over and over and over again by following these principles in the process. The same thing you guys are going to be learning out during Funnel Hacking Live. And so this will not only hopefully give you guys belief in this whole process, it's also going to give you a map.

You're going to see exactly what they did, how they did, and in the order it went, and it'll give you guys something to model as you're building out your businesses and your movements for your communities as well. So anyway, so that's the first set of speakers are Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee. So let's give them a round of applause. I'm going to call this cashflow tax. I could go and spend an hour just going through the stuff I'm excited from the talk about, but I don't want to ruin it. I just want to tease you guys enough that you stop what you're doing now and go get your tickets to Funnel Hacking Live. So that's starting it out. If it was just those guys speaking, it would still be worth $1,000 to get your ticket to Funnel Hacking Live because because those guys are powerhouses and they're amazing.

And after we get that foundational stuff, the next thing we need after we've got the foundation stuff set in place, is we need to go and get a whole bunch of traffic. So where's he at? Well, boom, the next person on stage is going to be Eric Thayne. Let's give Eric Thayne a round of applause. So Eric is someone who's been in our Two Comma Club X coaching program, our inner circle for a long time. And this year in Mexico we do a big mastermind in Paradise. And he was there in Mexico and I seen a whole bunch of stuff he was doing with shorts. You guys know YouTube Shorts and Reels. And what do they call in the other platforms? The short form videos. Right now they are taking over the world. It's one of the best forms of free marketing you can possibly do right now.

We've been investing tons of time and energy and money into it as well. And Eric came and actually spoke in Mexico and showed the process and showed what he was doing and how he was doing it. And it was awesome for a couples reasons. Number one, everybody the audience was freaking out, taking notes. Going that way and then when it ended, it was so actionable. He showed everybody, like that night everybody was doing shorts and reels from Mexico, in the hotel, in the restaurant. Doing it because they had a perfect process and a plan. I was in the back of the thing freaking out and he got him off stage. I grabbed him and I ended up hiring him. And actually I'm filming a whole bunch of Reels with Eric and his team next Friday. And so not only he's the person who's kind of pioneering this right now inside of our industry, inside of our community, I'm paying him to do it for me as well.

So he's going to be showing you guys how to create shorts and reels to get insane amounts of traffic, customers and leads coming into your funnels. And so this is one of the best ways to start getting free traffic quickly. And his process and his framework is magic. You guys going to love it. So how many of you guys are pumped for Eric Thayne coming. So if you want tons of free traffic, just make sure you're there for day number one. Do not miss day number one, it's going to be awesome. All right. So after Eric Thayne, next is Jocko. We talked about Jocko and extreme ownership. Again, that's how we're going to be ending night number one is Jocko coming back and just blowing our minds and we will leave that day with a frame of just knowing exactly what to do and how to do it and take extreme ownership.

Day number two, coming in, and I'm going to be sharing with you guys a process I think it's a mindset shift in your business. So many of us, me included, make our money one a time. How many of you guys sell high ticket stuff? Like you sell $10 or $50 or $25,000 odd things. You're like, "Oh, I have high ticket business." Which is good, but you make the money and then it's gone and you got to make it again. You got to make it. And I was in a business for a long time. I had a call center with 60 full-time salespeople selling high end coaching for me. And we were making a lot of money. Everything was happening and that. And then eventually we had to shut it down and it all dried up and all the money was gone.

It wasn't until I launched this little company you may have heard of called ClickFunnels and I started getting continuity income. Residual income where people pay me every single month that my mindset shifted. I was like, "Oh, my gosh. I would rather have somebody signing up for a free trial, pay me $97 a month, than someone signing a $25,000 contract because that person shows up month after month after month." And the first month we got however many. So we got 20 members in ClickFunnels. Month two got 40, then 100, then 200, then 500, then 1,000, then 10,000, then 30,000. And what was amazing was what we call inside our office compounding continuity. You guys probably heard of compounding interest before? I think it was Einstein said, 'Compounding interest is the eighth one of the world." I have a map that I put together like the revenue from compounding interest versus compounding continuity. And compounding continuity is infinity times better than compounding interest.

And so I'm going to teach you guys how do you have compounding continuity. Every single one of you guys should have some type of continuity program in your business. And then you have the continuity and you're doing compounding continuity that'll grow and it'll get bigger and bigger and bigger. Every single morning you guys should wake up and get your phone off your bed stand. And you look at your thing and Stripe notifies you with how much money you made the day before. The goal for you is every morning you wake up. First thing, you look at the thing and you have the notification from Stripe on your phone. It's like, "Oh, you made X amount of dollars." You're like, "Huh, I just woke up. I didn't even start working yet. I made that much because my continuity hit in." And next day I wake up and boom, that's in there again. Next day.

And every single day I want that happening if you guys work. That continuity's compounding and growing and growing and growing. So every morning you wake up before you even start of the day, you already have made enough money that you won't even have to work the rest of day if you don't want it. That's the goal of my presentation. And I think this mindset shift and how to look at your business a little bit differently is going to change everything for you guys. So compounding continuity. After that, I'm going to have some of my friends who are killing with continuity come out and share some things. So the first person who's going to be coming and sharing is Mr. Stu McLaren. So Stu is the king of membership sites. I love Stu. In fact, my entire family and my kids were going to Kenya in two months with Stu and his family to go build schools with money that you guys have helped donate to Village Impact.

You guys might not know this. Every time you build a funnel inside of ClickFunnels and that funnel goes live, we donate a dollar to Village Impact. And that money goes directly to the organization that Stu McLaren and his wife started and we build schools. We build dozens and dozens of schools over in Kenya for these kids. And so I'm taking my wife and kids and our entire family, we're flying out there this year so my kids can see what you guys are doing as a community and be able to help these kids build schools. And it's going to be amazing. So Stu's the king continuity though, and Stu's going to and come in to show you guys... After I've kind of showed you has the process with compounding continuity, he's going to show you guys a simple way to structure your membership sites that actually makes it easy for you.

I ran this trap a year and a half ago when I launched my first continuity program that wasn't software ClickFunnels. And I tried to do the mistake that most of us are going to try to do, which is I'm going to give these people everything. You give a million hours worth of all your time and training and content and then people don't stick. I told Stu, I'm like, "My membership site's not working. Why?' And he's like, "Well, you gave him too much stuff. You got to structure it differently." And he showed me the way to structure it and it was so simple, so much easier. So angry I didn't listen to him initially. And now I think we have four membership sites rolling out in the next four months in different markets, and all of them are following Stu's process. He's going to show you guys the simple way to structure it so it doesn't kill you as a creator if you decide to do a membership site.

And so that's going to be Mr. Stu McLaren. And then after Stu comes out, how many of you guys like... First off, how many you guys like the idea of continuity in your business, residual income? How many of guys like the idea of high ticket residual income even more? Because $100 a month is really good, but $1,000 is even better, or $5,000 a month is even better. I was like, "Well, how do we show people that continuity doesn't just mean a $30 a month membership or $100 a month membership?" You can have high ticket $1,000 a month, $2,000 a month or more, but you have to structure how you do things differently. Now you don't change the content. This is the big key. The way you structure content from Stu will not change, but the way you deliver the content can change the price from $100 a month to $1,000 a month or beyond by how you structure differently.

And so I learned this actually while I was in Mexico at Mastermind Paradise. One of my friends got on stage, we have a group called Atlas that people pay $250,000 to be part of, and he's a member of the Atlas group. And in passing he's like, "Oh, we changed our coaching program and we did this instead." And he explained it and I freaked out. You can ask my team. I was like, for the next three days I was just like, "Explain this again to me." He was like, "Dude, I already did." I'm like, "One more time." And right now I'm in the process of shifting four of our companies to this process because we can charge so much more. So the person who's going to be speaking, Mr. Garrett White coming in. He's going to do a shorter session. And don't worry, Garrett will be coming back at the end, so don't stress.

But he's going to be coming in and showing you guys how he shifted the content to a facilitated content process that it gives you the ability to charge way more for your continuity. So high ticket continuity is all about not making new stuff, but the way you deliver it. And he's going to show you guys this process called facilitated memberships that just change everything. In fact, you will see me between now and Funnel Hacking Live in at least one, maybe two businesses, that you guys will see publicly launched when we're shifting all the all of the content to this facilitated method, which you guys will love. So Garrett will be showing that secret, which again, the people paid $250,000 to be in the Atlas group. They're the only ones who understand it right now. And now you guys at Funnel Hacking Live will understand it as well.

He's going to go deep through the method, the process, the scripts, all that kind of stuff. It will blow your mind. It's so simple and so powerful. I think it will change everything for you guys. That's only the first seven. Holy cow. That's worth $1,000. You guys cool with that? We can just cancel the rest of Funnel Hacking Live and we just network in the hallways and we still got our money's worth. But we're just getting started and there's way more. So after we show that, then the next question is like, how do we get traffic? I told you guys this before Eric Thayne talking about reels, how do we get free traffic? But again, I'm a big believer right now, and hopefully he doesn't hear me, I don't like Mark Zuckerberg that much anymore.

Keep it on the down low. But I do not want to keep giving him money. I gave him so much money and then he's just a jerk to me and to you and my friends. So the question we had is how do we bypass Mark Zuckerberg and get money directly to the creators who are running on these platforms who can actually convert higher than Mark Zuckerberg can? And then he gets $0 from the whole process. And so I was like, "Who is the best in the world at this?" And so there's a company, there's a guy who runs a company right now and he does this for the biggest influencers in the world. He manages, I can't remember it, it's like it's $50 million a month in ad spend going to influencers. And we just signed a contract with him right now and we are having him go out and source influencers for our businesses and driving traffic.

So I get to bypass Mark Zuckerberg and go directly to his influencers. He is I think the biggest in the industry doing this. Really cool, really humble guy who I'm excited is going to be coming and speaking. And so he is right here. So Dan Fleischmann's going to be coming and showing us how he does what he does, which is really, really cool. Now, what's cool about this is two things. Number one, he's going to show you the process so you can learn it. So you can literally start going and bypassing Mark Zuckerberg and going directly to influencers, negotiate deals so you can get them to promote your products and services, which is really cool. You can pay them up front, you can do partnerships with them, a whole bunch of stuff. But literally there are companies being built now, $100 million and billion dollar companies.

They haven't paid a dollar or a penny in Facebook, YouTube, anything. They to go directly to the influencers and he's going to show you that process. And if some of you guys have bigger businesses, you can do what we're doing to hire him and his team to do the whole thing for you guys. So it's a powerful, powerful strategy that I think you guys are going to love. And I said Dan's doing it at a scale that nobody else on the internet is right now. He was showing me the stats and the numbers when we were hiring him to do this for us. And it's just crazy how many people. So I'm like, "He needs to be here." A lot of people in our community haven't heard him or heard him speak before, but we wanted Dan to come show you guys this process. So Dan Fleyshman up next.

So after Dan is going to show how you how to get traffic from all these influencers, then the next speaker is someone who... This is someone who I've been watching for a long time. She lives here in Boise and she has a different kind of business. She has a blog and she did most of business blogging for a long time. And then a little while ago she wrote a cookbook. And I was excited because the first time she'd ever actually used a funnel. She started doing blogging stuff and then she got a cookbook, built out a funnel, and they started driving traffic and they were doing well with this cookbook funnel. And then she decided of all the traffic strategies, she's like, "I want to learn how to use YouTube." And so she started geeking out of YouTube and she started focusing on it and started making YouTube videos for her cookbook.

I'm not going to tell you too much details, but it's a cookbook on how to do air fryer recipes. And started doing YouTube and she started kind of stumbling through it and learning it and figuring it out. And she does YouTube videos by herself holding her own camera at her home and it uploads them. And over the first couple months it didn't get much traffic and they started, excuse me, growing and growing and growing. To eventually now she posts videos and they'll get millions of views. Imagine a traffic source where the platform pays you six figures to post a video and then sends millions of people to your funnel for you. It doesn't make any logical sense. Literally doesn't. It's crazy. I wouldn't have believed she was in Mexico at our Mastermind in Paradise retreat. And she was on stage and she showed it. She showed screenshots.

Here's this, here's this, here's the video, here's what I did, here's how much I got paid for this video, how much got paid for this video, here's the traffic that went into my funnel. We were all flipping out. So much so that I'm like, "I am rebuilding my YouTube strategy and my entire channel and changing everything because of this." It's amazing. So her name is Kathy Yoder. So Kathy's going to be coming and speaking and showing you guys this process. And what's amazing about this is a lot of you guys have done YouTube ads in the past or different things, but her strategy, the way she's doing it is so simple, it's so powerful. You'll watch that, her presentation, you'll be like, "This is ridiculous. I want to do this all day long." Well I'll go deep, but we are relaunching a YouTube channel based on what I learned from Kathy showing this in Mexico.

And so I want you guys all having this tool. Because if you can be posting videos, getting paid up front to create the video and then you get traffic, it's the best of all the worlds. Once again, bypassing Zuckerberg because he gets none of our money anymore. So Kathy's going to be amazing. I'm so excited for her to share this stuff with you guys. She's awesome. So Kathy's coming. After Kathy, how many you guys were at last year's Funnel Hacking Live by the way? If you were at last year's raise your hand. Two hands if you have the greatest time of your entire life. Let's go. So at last year's Funnel Hacking Live, there was a presentation I did on stage that was probably the most fun I've ever had on stage in my entire career. And it was with Steve Larson.

We did this presentation called Dramatic Demonstrations. Do you guys remember this presentation? And we had so much fun with it. It was so much fun. And this year we're putting together a Funnel Hacking Live. Me and Steve have been geeking out. We're actually working on a book project together, making a book about dramatic demonstrations. We're talking back and forth about it. And there's one piece of the formula that most people missed. And it's the part that I think is the most important. And I talked to Steve, I was like, "I want to do a co-presentation again with you on this topic. But going deep on just this one piece of the dramatic demonstrations that is the key that will change everything for people." And he was like, "I don't know. Yes, I would love to." And so I was like, "Me, too."

So we got Steve Larson's going to be up next. Mr. Capitals pick himself, Steve Larson's going to be coming and we're going to go deep into dramatic demonstrations. Show you guys more ways to do this, which would be really, really fun. And then I wanted to show you guys, because a lot of times, last year we talked about dramatic demonstrations, and those who've gone through any of the linchpin training, I've talking about dramatic demonstrations. A lot of times I say it's like a challenge or webinar. How many you guys are like, "A dramatic demonstration is a challenger or webinar." Yes, it can be a challenge or webinar, but it doesn't have to be just a challenge or webinar. It can literally just be anything. This is a dramatic demonstration. How many of you guys remember my birthday party March 8th, we had a birthday party for me in this office?

My birthday was a dramatic demonstration. I was like, "It's my birthday, you guys. Come register for a webinar." And so people registered for a webinar to come have a birthday party with me. There was not even a good hook. It was just like, "It's my birthday, come hang out with me." And we ended up getting, I can't remember how many, 4,000 or 5,000 registered for my birthday party. From that 411 people joined ClickFunnels on the thank you page. And then we did a birthday party bash and that was it. So dramatic demonstration can be simple. It's my birthday today or it's my favorite UFC fighters fighting tonight we should do a dramatic demonstration, or it's the final foreign basketball this week. It can be simple and easy. And so our next two speakers, these guys are actually in my category kings group. And man, they are killing it in their business and they're so much fun to watch.

They model a lot of what we're doing in the ClickFunnels world, but doing it in the investment world. And they were at the last category kings meeting, which is here inside this room. And they started showing us all these dramatic demonstrations they were doing that were really quick ones based on just funny things were happening in the media or things they were passionate about. And they used that to sell over 2,500 tickets to their live event in the investing space. All doing these little fun, quick, dramatic demonstrations that took 15 minutes to plan. They launch it, get a ton of traffic sales leads. Then they go next one, next one, next one. And after they got done speaking here, showing the category king group, we're all freaking out. And I was like, "Dude, you guys want to show all that stuff at Funnel Hacking Live? People will melt down."

And they're like, "Yes, we would love to." So we've got Mason and Bridger are going to be speaking. Showing all of the dramatic demonstrations, these little mini short form dramatic demonstrations they're doing inside their business and just giving you guys ideas of so many cool things you guys can do. In fact, one of the promotions we did this week, I learned it from these guys during the category king thing. Just say that. I practiced what I preach. I learned the stuff that I implement it as fast as I can. So anyway, you guys will love them. They have so much energy, they're so fun. And they are in a market that's typically, how do I say this nicely? Actually it's similar. The marketing market before we came in, because it went to old marketing events, it was kind of an old person tired kind of thing. The events were that way. And we came in, I was so excited, I got everyone excited.

Now marketing events are fun again. It was kind of the same thing. Their market's older and just nothing wrong with that, but just tired. You have typical event and people there in suit and ties and they're like half asleep. You go to Bridger and Mason's event, it's Funnel Hacking Live in that market and it's just... You're going to love them. They're super cool. After that we've got someone who's been in funnel hacking community for a long, long time, been inner circle for a long time. One of the most charismatic people I've ever seen. I know I've wanted him to speak at Funnel Hacking Live for multiple years in a row, but there never was the right fit. And this is a common theme. I have a lot of people, "Why don't you let me speak Funnel Hacking Live?" I'm like, "It has to fit the process I'm trying to teach at the event."

And just in the past there weren't any times that really just was perfect and this year it was perfect. And so he was actually the first person I asked to speak this year at Funnel Hacking Live. Some of you guys know him. Boom, Mio. So this is Nehemiah Davis. Some of you guys know him. One of the best speakers, trainers. You guys are going to love him. So he's going to be coming up and he's going to be showing you guys unique ways to get traffic to your funnels. He's spoken at our inner circle event last month here in Boise. And it was really cool because I asked him, I was like, "I know that you get trafficked in a lot of different ways. Can you show these ways?" He's like, "Sure." Spur of the moment, gets on stage and drops nine different ways he gets traffic.

There were ways I hadn't even thought of before. And buying other people's Instagram channels and doing... He has one idea that he shared that... I don't want to ruin his presentation. It was crazy. You will see me doing it very, very soon. That's the hint. You guys will see me doing all this stuff because I have a head start on you all and then you're going to see it at Funnel Live. Like, "Oh, that's what Russell's doing." And then you're going to do it at the same time as me. And we're like, we'll all be partying together. Nobody else knows what's happening except for all of us. One thing about Funnel Hacking Live, don't tell people who aren't Funnel Hacking Live what we're doing. We're already three years ahead of all the other marketing events. So you get the cutting edge. If you don't tell anybody, we have another three years before they even figure out what in the world we're doing.

All of our competitors are sending their teams to our events and stuff and we're trying to kick them out and weed them out because anyway, it's reality. It's literally what happens. So yes, James said, "What happens at FHL stays at FHL." Neil's going to be speaking. You guys are going to love him. Just show up ready to take a lot of notes and just unique ways you never thought about. I would've never in a million years thought that that would work to get traffic, or that or that. It's something that's going to blow your mind. So I'm excited for him to come speaking. After him, then we got someone who is someone who I've been friends with for five or six years now. Ton of respect for him. We do an event for young kids called Unlock the Secrets, and he came to the last Unlock Secrets event and spoke and it was really cool because obviously half the reason why I do this is for my kids. And my kids are always like, "They're too cool. Dad's not cool," whatever.

So I did the Unlock the Secrets Family event so my kids can come and learn from people who aren't me. And so I had this guy come and speak and I remember... My kids are like me, they're all over the place. And I remember when this guy came out and started speaking. My daughter sat in front with a notepad and she was like zoned in, took notes, everything he said. I was watching how she connected with him and I was just like, "Oh. My gosh. My daughter's listening to this stuff that I have wanting her to understand and just say." And he's one of the best speakers I've ever seen. One of the most motivational people. He's someone who will give you a transformation. You guys come to Funnel Hacking Live, yes, to learn stuff, but you're also coming for transformation. How do we shift ourselves?

How do we make the changes we need in our life to become who we've been called to be? And so our next speaker, Satema McGali, which is right here, boom. He looks kind of like the Rock, but he's way cooler than the Rock and can beat up the Rock in a fight. So Satema is coming to speak. Like I said, he will transform you. The time you guys have to spend with Satema will be worth this weight in gold. Again, one of my favorite people on this planet with my favorite speakers. Someone who's transformed my kids, he's going to transform you if you have your young people with you there too. He is amazing. So I'm pumped to have Satema there this year, which would be awesome. After that, we have a late night session. It'll be a lot of fun. We decided to bring back, I don't know, one of my mentors, someone who I learned all this stuff from.
The last three years has been an honor. A lot of you guys know I had a chance to buy Dan Kennedy's company and the last three years I had a chance to have Dan Kennedy come and speak. I'm excited. This year we have Dan coming back as well. So Dan Kennedy's going to be speaking, coming back, and Jim Edwards is going to be interviewing on stage. If you guys watch Jim and Dan, they did an interview last year on stage and it was one of the funniest, most amazing things ever. And so this is the Dan and Jim duo. And it's fun because me and Jim have a really unique opportunity. Once a month, Jim and I get on a call with Dan and we get to pick his brain for two hours once a month. And anyway, I was just like, "I love watching Jim interview Dan." Because first off, it's hilarious. But man, he pulls out the best things.

And so they're going to be doing a really cool interview specifically on dramatic demonstrations. I want you guys to see more examples and case studies of people. Obviously me and Steve talk lot about PT Barnum area people and then people nowadays. But there's all these people in the middle that are doing cool stuff that Dan's going to be sharing and show you his case studies and examples and stuff for you as model as well in your dramatic demonstrations, which would be really cool. So boom, there's Dan Kennedy and Jim Edwards. We're only halfway through my friends. You guys still excited to be... If you haven't got your tickets now, this is the water break for us to get some water. During the water break, what I would recommend you do is open up a brand new tab and go to and go get your tickets right now.
And don't just get a ticket for yourself, get one for you and for your spouse, bring your kids, bring your coworkers, bring the entire team. Because one of the hardest things you can do, and I learned this the very first time I went to Tony Robbins event. How you guys been to Tony Robbins event? I went to Tony Robbins event. I walked on fire, I drank the Kool-Aid. I was like, "Whoa." I came home and I was so excited. I'm like, "This is amazing. My life has changed." I look around all my friends and my family members and they're all like, "What happened to you?" I'm like, "I don't know, but I feel amazing." They're like, "You're weird." I'm like, "But ugh." And I was trying to get them all excited and there's like, "I don't know, but you got to tone it down." I'm like, "But I can't tone it down. I'm changing the world."

And it was this whole fight for three or four months and finally I was like, "Colette, I love you. I need to take you somewhere." And I got all my other friends around and I took all my friends and my loved ones and my wife and her parents and her sister and everyone. I said, "We're going to Tony Robbin's event." And we all flew together and we walked on fire together. We freaked out together. And then guess what? We came back and then we were all on fire together. It wasn't just me trying to convince everybody else. So let your people bring the people who matter to you to the event. If you've got a spouse who's like, "I don't understand this." Bring your spouse. If you've got friends, family, coworkers, bring the people here because your catching on fire together.

This is where you're going to get 100% buy-on from your significant other, from things like that. Bring your teenagers. This is a thing for youth as well. Young entrepreneurs are huge. I think we've had five or six teenagers who have won Two Comma Club award. It's not just for me as the business owner. This is a family event outside of one speaker. So every year he promises me, but this guy might swear. Your kids don't have to come to Garrett's session, but all the rest of them will be family friendly. So it's going to be awesome.
We're still going. How long am I going for? Have I been going for an hour?


We went over an hour? Holy mo. It takes me over an hour just to announce the speaker? Can you imagine the value you can get from these speakers? This is crazy. Anyway, I'm getting a drink right now. While I get a drink of water, go to and go get your tickets for you and everyone you love.

There you are. There's the first couple days of Funnel Hacking Live. I didn't want to overwhelm you with the entire thing, so we'll save the last half of the speakers for our next episode. But if you don't have your tickets yet, go to and get your tickets. We are like 100 days away from the event going live. I want to make sure you guys are there. It's going to be a lot of fun. So once again, go get your tickets to With that said, I appreciate you listening and we'll see us on the next episode.


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