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(MS) FHL Topics & Speakers REVEALED - Part 2 of 2

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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Funnel Hacking LIVE IX kicks off in less than 100 days. If you want the inside-track on who's speaking, plus the over-arching goal of this year's entire event, then listen to both Part 1 and Part 2 of this FHL Reveal series and claim your tickets to Funnel Hacking LIVE IX by going to

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Our budget this year is $5 million. So I'm spending $5 million to put on a party, I'm bringing the best speakers and trainers in the world to be out there. And all you got to do is get a ticket and show up, be in the room where it's all happening. And so this is your call to action. Go to and get your ticket and do not miss it. We're less than a hundred days away now and it's going to be amazing.


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What's up everyone? This is Russell again, welcome back to The Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope that you enjoyed the first half of the speaker reveal for who's speaking this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE. It's crazy, it's coming like a freight train.

So anyway, I hope you're excited, I hope you got your tickets. I think I told you guys in the last episode, we're at 20% more sold out tickets this year than last year. And so it's going crazy, which is amazing. But that just means that we're going to sell out earlier, probably a month or two earlier. So if you don't have your tickets yet, now is the time and you can go to to get your tickets.

Last episode I went through day one, talked about Jocko, we talked about a whole bunch of other really cool things. Some of the other speakers like Stu McLaren, Garrett White, Dan Fleyshman, Cathy Yoder, Steve Larsen, so many more. And so now I want to jump into the last half of the speaker reveal, where you can hear the rest of the speakers that are speaking this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE. If you missed the last episode, pause this one, go listen to that first. Because it gives you the setup and the why we're doing it different this year and why it's so exciting, why you need to be there. It's going to be awesome. So yeah, if you don't want me take yet, now's the time.

I told people at the end of the training, I was like, we spent ... like our budget this year is $5 million. So I'm spending $5 million to put on a party, I'm bringing the best speakers and trainers in the world to be out there. And all you got to do is get a ticket and show up, be in the room where it's all happening. And so this is your call to action. Go to and get your ticket and do not miss it. We're less than a hundred days away now and it's going to be amazing. So I appreciate you for listening. Hope you enjoy the conclusion of the speaker reveal here for Funnel Hacking LIVE.

We go to bed that night, wake up next morning and I was like, "Who do we give to wake us up in the morning and bring the fire?" I was really excited about this. And it's interesting because then my team ... most of my team here, especially the ones in the office, we're all kind of like, we geek out on this stuff. We're all in personal development and motivation and business and success and all kind of stuff. And there's one person that tons of people on my team we're like, "Hey, we should have this person speak. We should have this person speak. We have this person speak." And it's interesting because I actually hadn't heard this person prior to my entire team freaking out about him. And so I started watching him as well and I was just like, "Dang, this guy's amazing." And I found out later, he's actually a ClickFunnels user, which then I'm like, "All right, I love you for forever."

And so messaged him and we were just finished signing all the contracts and stuff in time to be able to share with you guys today. He's going to be speaking. So I'm excited, Mr. Eric Thomas is going to be speaking next. Let's go. So I'm excited. If you guys have not watched him yet, follow him on YouTube, watch his videos, his presentations. It'll get you so motivated, so pumped up, so excited. And that way when you show up at Funnel Hacking LIVE and he takes the stage, you will be bought in 100% and it's going to be amazing.
Again, these are the speakers that will shift you and change your life forever. So I'm excited to have Eric Thomas coming to Funnel Hacking LIVE the first time to be on stage, to share it with you guys, which would be awesome. So yeah, everyone in the comments like, "He's amazing." Yeah, Kat's like, "We owe you." Yeah, it was expensive, I'm not going to lie. So you guys will love him. He's a hip hop speaker preacher. Anyway, Eric's awesome, you guys will love him.

So Eric will be coming speaking. And then after Eric speaking, I was like, outside of me, most people don't speak twice. But I was like, duh, there's this guy who's speaking once and I want him to speak another time. So I'm bringing back one of our speakers to speak twice and that is Neo. So Neo's coming back. Neo is doing challenges, but in a different way. How many of you guys like to sell really, really high ticket stuff? Like 25, 50, 100 thousand dollars or more? So he took the free challenge model, he's tweaked it to do paid challenges. And he presented this in the inner circle and showed us exactly those doing paid challenges directly into high ticket, 25, 50 thousand dollar coaching packages. And his process was really unique, really interesting how he was doing it.

And so we do have a big focus this year on high ticket sales, and a lot of you guys love high ticket. Who doesn't? Like, it's great. I still rather have continuity. But after continuity, my next thing I want is high ticket. That's the next best thing. So he's going to be come and show us how to do paid challenges directly into high ticket. And his process is really, really cool. It's so simple. It's one of those things you're just like, it's almost too simple. Anyway, so it's going to be awesome. So, Neo's going back for that.

After Neo, the next speaker is someone who doesn't speak a lot. She actually is behind the scenes for us and for other people. So I'll tell you guys a story. So again, this is Funnel Hacking LIVE Nine, as you guys know. And the first four or five Funnel Hacking LIVE, we just kind of produced ourselves. We didn't know what we were doing, we'd show up, we did an event and we sell something. Sometimes we make money, sometimes we wouldn't make money, kind of went back and forth. And then I remember after one of my Funnel Hacking LIVEs, we did an event ... and Funnel Hacking LIVEs is expensive. Even back then, I think we spent about a million dollars on the event. And then we did the event and in the event, we have a coaching offer and we made less than a million back. So we lost money on the event. And I was just bummed out, I'm like, man, we spent so much time and energy and effort, we made no money at the event. But I was like, you know what? We serve people, it's good. I'm fine with that.

And then a little while later I was at an event and Jeff Walker was there. You guys know Jeff Walker? The product launch guy. So Jeff runs up to me, he's like, "Dude, how'd your last event go?" I'm like, "Oh, we did all right. We lost a little bit of money, but we served people and it was good." He's like, "You got to hire Bari Baumgardner." I'm like, "Who's that?" He's like, "You don't know Bari?" I'm like, "I don't think so." "You got to meet Bari." He's like, "She took my event and she changed everything." He's like, "Restructured stuff." I'm like, "Okay, yeah." And in my head I'm like, I know how to run events, I'm really good speaking on stage, like I'm fine. And he's like, "No, Russell, you have to understand, you have to hire." And he kept pitching me over and over.

And if you know Jeff, like me and Jeff are both kind of more shy, introverted people. And he's got me in the corner of this event pitching me on, why did you need to hire her. For 45 minutes. I'm like, I've never seen this passion about anything, even product launch funnels versus this. And he kept begging me, and you have to hire her. So finally I'm like, fine. So I called her up and I said, "Hey Bari, Jeff tells me I need to hire you and your team to help run Funnel Hacking LIVE. We already know what we're doing, but he keeps saying this, so we're going to hire you." And she told me how much it costs and I was like, "Oh my gosh. Whoa, that's not a cheap thing." And she's like, "I will make you way more than that, don't worry." And so I was like, ah, so let's gamble.

So we paid her, and then she came in and she helped me restructure our event. Interesting, it's like we had good events, but she's like, you got to change how the speakers work, you got to change how you do this. And she decided to restructure a few things. I was like, okay, this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE, do that way. So she restructured, helped us kind of facilitate the event. We did it. And that event was the first year we did in Orlando, how many of you guys were in Orlando the very first year? And if you remember when we did the offer at the end of the thing for a 25,000 offer, we had this huge stage rush. We ended up selling ... I think it was like $12 million in sales for the presentation. And that was cause of Bari. And I was like, I will pay her whatever she wants for the rest of her life to help me structure every one of my events. And she has every single Funnel Hacking LIVE since.

Now she doesn't do big events for people anymore. She's transitioning more into software and training other people how to do it. But she's behind stage, every single Funnel Hacking LIVE with her headphones on, running the whole event. And so I was like, "Hey Bari, you know that thing you did to me where you took my crappy event and turned it into an eight figure event? Can you come on the front of the stage and just tell everybody else how you told me to do it?" And she's like, "Sure." So, how many of you guys want her just to show you what she does for me in front of people just to do that? Yeah, it's insane. And so she's like, "Sure, I'd love to." So she'll be backstage running the entire event and then when she's up, she's going to throw her microphone on, run on stage and show you guys the secret to making events that will crush it like nobody else.

She's the best in the entire world. She runs Tony Robbins big events, if you see the UPW, a Date With Destiny, all those kind of things, she's the one that does it. If you saw when COVID hit and everything collapsed and all of a sudden Tony pops up with this big huge Studio 3D surround ... all the Zoom screens everywhere. It was like Bari's the mastermind behind all these things. And there's nobody better on this planet, and I'm excited. She's going to be there this year to show you guys the process, how to structure your events, how to do things for maximum sales. So Bari's amazing. That alone is more than worth your ticket price, I promise you that. So do not miss that. That's going to be awesome. So there's Bari.

I feel like we're over delivering, should we just stop now? Are you guys okay if we keep over delivering? Or do you want me to stop? Because I can stop anytime. I'm good. Okay, you guys want us to keep ... all right, fine. Fine, we'll give you a little bit more. If that's what you guys really want, we'll keep going.

Okay, next up. So this is someone I've been working with ... potentially working on a secret project, we've been going back and forth. I'm hoping this weekend we can finalize the deal, but we're working on a secret project together. I had him to come out to Mexico for Mastermind Paradise because I wanted him to share some really cool stuff with our audience. He's in multiple authors in a lot of books, but his news book just came out and some of you has probably saw or heard about it. The book is called 10x Is Easier Than 2x. The first time I saw a title, I was like, "Oh, I got Grant Cardone, 10x. Yeah, 10x I know what you're talking about." He's like, "No, no, no. This book is literally the opposite of what Grant Cardone teaches." I'm like, "What do you mean?" He's like, "Let me explain how it works."

And then he explained this principle 10x versus 2x. And about, I don't know, five or six minutes into his presentation, I was like, "Oh my gosh. Holy crap." That's the worst curse word you guys ever heard me say. Okay, so craps, that's as far as Russell goes. But I was like, "Holy crap." I'm like, "Dude, that's amazing." He's like, "Yeah, everyone misses, they don't understand it." And so again, I said, "Can you come to Mexico and teach our people this?" And so he came in for our two mastermind groups he taught this principal, 10x is easier than 2x, in these small breakout groups. And afterwards, everybody flipped out, like melted. It was one of those things, it was life changing.

My flight coming back home from Mexico, I made huge shifts and changes in my life because of that presentation. There's like those times in your life where there's like these big shifts in your life, you know what I mean? And they don't happen a lot. I'd say probably half a dozen times in my life where it's like, this is a shift. My life goes from this direction to this direction. Hearing Dr. Ben Hardy speak in Mexico was a shift for me, that will transform my life. And so I was like, man, if it had that big of an impact on me personally, I can't imagine what impact it would have on you. So our next speaker's coming is Dr. Ben Hardy. I'm excited, you guys. Show up prepared. It was amazing. So do not miss that presentation. It'll be one of those things that shifts it for you forever.

The next few speakers are going to be kind of tied together because this is important. How many you guys have read either DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets or Traffic Secrets? Or all two or all three? If you're one, two or three of them? Okay. All right. Those have three, you got bonus points for me. You're my favorite. Those are at one or two, like come on, read them all. I wrote a lot of books for you guys ... anyway. In all three books, there's one principle I talk about which is essential and that is the principle of an attractive character. Now what's interesting is that we get this yin yang a lot of times people are like, "I don't want to be an attractive character." Or people are like, "I do want to be one." So for those of you guys who are like, I am the attractive character to my business, the next three presentations are specifically for you.

For those that are like, I do not want to be the attractive character to my business, but I need one of my business. Or I work for somebody or I'm a partner with somebody. If you're Todd Dickerson and you're like, Russell's my attractive character, I'm going to go code. Or Russell does the dancing monkey stuff. You have to understand it either again, if you are the attractive character or if you are working with an attractive character, this is something you have to understand. Even agencies, if you're an agency, you need to understand these principles to coach your attractive characters through. I think three of the business that we're launching right now that I own, I'm not the attractive character for. So I'm training these attractive characters over and over on how to do it. So these next three are be very vital for you guys.

So the first speakers going to be coming up is someone who has been in this room for the last five or six years. They joined the, I think, second Funnel Hacking LIVE they showed up to, just starting their business and they ended up winning every one of our awards, doing all sorts of stuff. And then they sold their company. And then I actually bought the company from them recently. And her name is Kaelin Poulin. So let's throw Kaelin up here. Boom, there's Kaelin. And so Kaelin's becoming ... and if you know anything about, if you watch Kaelin when she ran LadyBoss, she was the ultimate attractive character. People always ask me, Russell, who should I study? Who's the best? Of all the people who have ever introduced this concept of the attractive character to, Kaelin was the best, by far.

She had a way of speaking to people where they had no idea that she's selling and persuading and moving them, but they were. And then she took a lot of the principles I shared and she innovated on them and changed. She had her own set ... and amazing stuff. So she's going to be coming and talking about how to be the attractive character. The things like to know how to set up your stories and all that kind of stuff. How those things all tie together. So that's going to be the first person to talk about, this was just going to be amazing. So Kaelin's going to be talking about that. Like I said, she's amazing. She came and did a three-day workshop for our inner circle members here in this office all on attractive character stuff. And it was insane. Anyway, it was so good. So I asked her if she's coming and share, and she is going to be coming and sharing with you guys, which is super cool.
After Kaelin speaks, then ... excuse me, our next speaker ... because a lot of people, you'll see someone like me on stage or someone Kaelin on stage like, well, that's awesome. But I can't do what Russell does, I can't do what Kaelin does. Or maybe you see me on stage and you try to do it like me. And all sudden you start talking really fast and slurring your words and doing weird stuff. You're like, I can't do like Russell, he just talks too fast. I think that's one of the biggest problems people have is they look at somebody else, I can't do like Tony Robbins, I can't do like Russell, I can't do like whoever.

And this person actually spoke at Funnel Hacking LIVE two years ago and shared a presentation that was one of my favorites. And she is innovated on this principle for a lot. But she has a framework that she created called Charisma Hacking, which is understanding that like Russell has a charisma type. And if you're a Russell, then you should do it Russell. But if you're not like Russell, don't do it like Russell. You have to figure out, what is your charisma type? Who are you? And learn how to step into that to become yourself. And it's powerful. So everyone's blowing the comments right now, McCall, McCall. So yes, McCall Jones will be the next speaker at Funnel Hacking LIVE. Boom. Talking about Charisma Hacking, and how to find your charisma type.

So when you are doing the attractive character stuff, you know how to do it the right way where it's you and not you trying to be me or trying to be somebody else. And McCall's probably the calmest, most chill person I know. Just kidding, she freaks out about everything, you're going to love her. She'd be running out on stage, getting excited. Two years ago she had high heels on and she was doing these kicks like stuff. It was crazy, and my twins were there and Dallin was like, "Dad, she's got a lot of energy. She was awesome." I'm like, "I know." And you guys are going to love McCall and she's going to help you guys to figure out how to be you. For most of us, that's the thing we struggle with because we're trying to be other people.

In fact, it's funny, I had some videos that we launched that weren't converting super well, and McCall message to me, she's like, "Hey, I don't know how the ads are doing, but you were out of your charisma type when you recorded those." I'm like, "What do you mean?" She's like, "Well, you're blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And over here you're doing blah, blah, blah." She's like, "Are they working, converting?" And I was like, "No, they're not." I was like, "That's so crazy." She's like, "It's because you weren't you. Like you have to be you." And so we deleted those ads and I came back and I started being more Russell, and then they worked again. So even at my level, I still fall for these traps where I'm trying to be other people or pitch things like other people do. So it's awesome.

Okay, so McCall's coming and after McCall speaks, then this is one I thought would be really fun. So there's a guy who's been doing video stuff for a long time. A while ago we launched a TV show called Funnel Hacker TV and we were doing three vlog episodes a week and he was one of those that was taking all these clips and editing them. And then after a while, I think we all got overwhelmed with that. And then he left and he started creating ads for people, specifically for people like us, for attractive characters. Like how do you create ads for attractive characters, where a lot of times the attractive character is not going to be in the ad or they're too tired or whatever's going to happen. And so he's been building ads for us for the last, man, three or four years now. And his ads crush it all the time.

And so I wanted him to come and teach you guys how to create attractive character ads. How do you create ads to get people to stop to scroll to connect? And sometimes the ads are super simple. One of our best-selling ads was like he got the DotCom Secrets book and he's up three fights of stairs and he dropped the book. And then he took it, he made it backwards, it looked like the book was flying up to the screen, and it's like Buy DotCom Secrets. And that ad crushed it for us, I sold thousands of copies of the book. And it's just simple, easy. Like, oh anybody could do that. Grab a product and drop it and then that's your ad. But that's the way his mind works, and so I think he's got nine different attracted character ad types, he's going to show you guys how you can create very, very quickly. He'll show you a bunch of fun examples. That'll be really cool.
So that is Kevin Anson. This is probably his first time ever being on stage, so I'm excited for him. But moreso excited for you guys because what he's going to be showing you guys is powerful, it's simple, it's unique. It's something all of you guys can do. And you guys will love Kevin, he's awesome.

If you don't have your tickets yet, I don't know what you're waiting for because now's the time to open up a new browser window, go to, get your tickets.

All right. Okay, next speaker. Remember last year, you guys, we had my hero, Jordan Burroughs come and spoke, seven time world champion wrestler. It was amazing. So I thought, man, Jordan killed it, we should always have wrestlers on stage. And luckily I'm a wrestler, so I got cauliflower ears, so you know that there's one wrestler on stage. But I wanted to bring another wrestler on stage, someone who I have watched ever since he was a little kid. He actually grew up with me in Utah wrestling and he had overcome a lot of adversity to become a successful wrestler, become successful in life. And he's someone who I just have so much respect for. And what's crazy is last month, some of you guys know that once a year I dust off my wrestling shoes and I try to lose some weight, so my love handles disappear. I put on a wrestling singlet and I go mix it up with some guys. There's a national tournament once a year for old guys.

And so, I've gone four years in a row, made sure I took third place in the country. So give me round of ... I mean, come on, please stop, please stop the applause. Please, please. Just kidding. So I took third in the country this year as an old man, which made me feel pretty good. And last year he was at Funnel Hacking LIVE, who I'm now announcing, he's in the audience and I kind of just talk some trash. I'm like, "Dude, Ben, you're a better wrestler than I ever was. Why aren't you wrestling at this tournament?" And so about two weeks before the tournament, he messaged me and was like, "All right, Brunson, I'm coming. I'm going to wrestle with you." I'm like, "Are you serious?" And Ben's smaller than me, so we weren't in the same weight class. But he showed up the tournament and we had so much fun. We're both wrestling and living up the glory years, like back when we used to be tough, and we were young and so awesome.

And Ben actually ... apparently he's better than me because he won both Greco and Freestyle his weight class. He got the big huge, stop sign trophies I'm trying to get still. He won both things and we talked a lot while we were sitting there. And it was fun because Ben was telling me stories about his life and things were happening to his family and his business and all this stuff and the trials and things he had to go through to be successful. And it was awesome. And I was sitting there, I was visualizing him like last year he was in the audience of Funnel Hacking LIVE as an attendee. And I want him to share what he's gone through and what he's done to be as successful as he has. Both in wrestling and in life. And so a lot of you guys probably don't know him yet, but you were going to fall in love with him and he is Ben Kjar. He's going to be talking about how you can step into your calling.

This is something, I promise you guys, it will not be a dry tear in the audience. This will be another one of those presentations that will shift you and change you forever. And I'm grateful for Ben coming and speaking as a favor to me. But moreso, it's going to be such a huge impactful thing for you guys. So I'm excited for that. So that's Ben Kjar, you guys are going to fall in love with him, as well.

Is that everybody? No, there's still one more person. Oh, there's two more people. Oh, okay.
So after Ben talks. Ben, of course we need some theatrics at Funnel Hacking LIVE, they're like, what's the point of doing Funnel Hacking LIVE? I didn't know when we did the first Funnel Hacking LIVE, they will ever be theatrics. But it just kept getting a little crazier. And by Funnel Hacking LIVE, Orlando, Garrett White came out with a Phantom of the Opera mask on and he's throwing chairs in the audience and going crazy. And I was like, "Wow, we have come a long way from a bunch of nerdy marketing guys in the room." And he gave a presentation that was amazing. And he's done that over and over. Garrett White is the only speaker who's spoken to every single Funnel Hacking LIVE besides myself. And he's got something really powerful prepared for you guys, as well, that he will be speaking about.

This year, obviously, we're going really, really deep into a very certain ... actually three frameworks. The attracted character flywheel, the linchpin, another one, I won't spoil it right now. But we're going deep into these frameworks. And so to end Funnel Hacking LIVE up, I want you to understand that the frameworks are there, but the power framework is not the framework. It's what you bring to the framework. I was talking to Garrett about this, he's like, "Yeah, Russell, you bring the framework. But I've got to bring the fire to that framework." He's like, "I take the perfect webinar script, I bring my personality, I bring who I am and that's what makes it work for me and my audience." And I was like, "This is what everyone needs." Because so many times people are trying to be me, they're trying to take the framework and they try to model it perfectly.
It's like, no, the framework's there, it's framing a house. Every house looks similar, frameworks are the same. But what makes the house a home is the art inside of it. It's you, it's bringing that energy, it's the fire inside the framework. And so Garrett is going to be talking about that and helping you guys to bring the fire, your own personal fire to these frameworks to amplify them, to get your people to hear your voice and to follow you. And so that'll be amazing, as always, I am sure. My guess is about 3% of you will be offended because no matter what he says, about 3% are offended. Some years it's because of this and some years it's because of that. So who knows. For the 3% of you, I apologize. For everyone else, it'll be an amazing presentation, I promise you that.

And then we got one last thing I'm excited for, for the end of the event. And this something that's cool. We've only done this once in the past. Traditionally, we have a big keynote that's the very end of Funnel hacking LIVE. But as I told you guys, Jocko could always speak on date number one. So Jocko's leading the event. So at the end I'm like, what do we do for the end of the event? How do we make this end perfectly? And usually we've had Tony Robbins or things like that have come and speak and it's always amazing. But I was like, I want something just unique.

One year we did something really cool. How many you guys remember the year that we had Lindsey Stirling come and perform? Lindsey Stirling came and she played the violin, she danced. It was an amazing thing. And I remember we left and it was just the energy when we left was so good. And we didn't get Lindsey, some of you guys were like, "Is Lindsay coming back?" No, not this time. She was amazing, though. But I was like, I want that energy. I want a concert, like a rock concert. We leave at a different level, on a different high.
So anyway, we were talking about that and then I called my buddy, Brian Underwood, some of you guys know Brian, he runs a company called Pruvit. And I was telling him, "I'm trying to find a speaker to do this or someone to present or something." And he's like, "Dude, I have the person." He's like, "This person will change your community." I'm like, "What do you mean?" He's like, I had this person in our community and he's an artist." He's like, "I heard a song on the radio, I loved it. So I got ahold of these people and I had him come." And he's like, "I wasn't even expecting this." He's like, "I just wanted him to come sing that song. But he ended up coming." He's like, "He did an entire concert for our people." But he's like, "What was crazy is that he told this story behind each song." And all of this person songs are based on personal development and motivation, stuff like that. He's like, "As soon as you hear the song. It's like, oh that's great. But when you know the story behind the song." He's like, "It changes you."

He's like, "So the guy would tell the story behind the song and then sing the song." He's like, "What it was crazy." He said that, "When the event was over." He's like, "This singer's songs became the playlist for our community for the next 12 months." And they're not funnel builders, but for us, while they're building funnels, they're listening to this person because it becomes the soundtrack for our lives for the next 12 months. And the way he said that, I was like, oh my gosh, like how cool would that be? For us as Funnel Hackers to have a soundtrack, to have a voice we can listen to as we're building funnels we're thinking… And someone who's an entrepreneur or creator like us, who's written songs that are powerful. And so I'm excited.

Now some of you guys, I assumed everyone knew this person's name. And as I've asked, about 50, 50 do. And then I play one of their songs and everybody's like, "Oh, I know exactly who that is." And so, if you don't know the name when I say it, Google it real quick, I would play the sound, but we're also streaming on Facebook and I think our best friend Zuckerberg just shut me down because like, oh, we're playing a song. So I can't do that because Zuckerberg. So I can't play the song. But the person who's going to be coming and presenting and doing a live concert for you guys, which is going to be insane, is Andy Grammar. So boom, Andy Grammar's going to be coming. How many of you guys know who Andy Grammar is? If you do say, I love Andy Grammar. And if you're like, I don't know who he is yet, Google, "Honey, I'm home." And you listen to that song for three seconds, you're like, I love Andy Graham too, because you're going to know exactly who he is at that point.

So it's going to be a fun way to end the event and just like it's going to be awesome. So that's going to be this year's Funnel Hacking LIVE. And again, this isn't all the speakers again, there's two women that are still in contract, we'll try to finalize and stuff like that. So when we get those signed, I will announce those, as well, which will be really, really cool and exciting.

But one thing I did tell you guys about is that we had one spot that was kind of this one spot that we weren't sure what to do with. Whew. And this has been like the hardest thing for me. And so before I announce what we're doing there, I'm going to give you one more call to action. If you don't have your tickets yet, now's the time to go to and go get your tickets. Get it for you, get it for your spouse, get for your business partners. Because Jocko's going to be there freaking you out if you're not showing up. Be like, dude, stream ownership. If you want to be successful, you got to show up.

You guys probably noticed that most of the speakers who speak at Funnel Hacking LIVE, they're people I know. The people who are in the coaching programs, I see them in Mexico, I see them in Inner Circle. And so seeing you guys' faces helps a lot. So I've seen you guys' faces, but the more proximity, more you're around, the more you're at Funnel Hacking LIVE, the more you're at places, the more I'm able to see and I see you speak on stage and present. The more you're doing challenges the funnel and you're using ClickFunnels, you're talking about the ... those are the things I see, I see people's faces over and over again. That's the best thing.

So anyway, with that said, you guys, I appreciate you guys all being here and hanging out with me and I'm excited for Funnel Hacking LIVE this year. This year's going to be insane. Again, this is Funnel Hacking LIVE nine, this is the ninth time we've done this. And I don't know how many times we're going to do this, to be honest. My wife's like, "So is this the last year? Is this the last year?" I'm like, "I'm having so much fun. I don't think so." So I have no idea how much longer Funnel Hacking LIVE will be a thing. Hopefully for a lot longer, but we never know. And so this is one of those things you do not want to miss it.

I remember back in the day, Michael Jackson was on concert and he came through Boise, Idaho and I was like, "Oh, I want to see Michael Jackson. That'd be so cool." And then we didn't go. And then the next year is when Michael Jackson passed away and I was like, "Man, I could've experienced Michael Jackson live." I remember later I went to Vegas and we did the Michael Jackson thing and saw the 3D thing, which was insane, you guys have seen that. If you're in Vegas like seeing Michael Jackson 3D, it was amazing. I had tears and chills and all ... it was really, really powerful. But I had an opportunity to see him live and I missed it.
And so again, the same thing, what you guys are experiencing here at Funnel Hacking LIVE. These are the greatest speakers and presenters in the history of all time. And they're here in one spot for you guys to come and to learn from and to participate and to sit at their feet. And I don't know, I would not miss that opportunity. That's why I'm bringing my kids, I want my kids to experience this, I want you guys to experience it. If you guys knew how much effort goes into Funnel Hacking LIVE, we spend ... where's Miles at? What's our budget for this year?

Five million.

Serious? Okay, I thought it was three million. So our budget this year is $5 million. So I'm throwing a party for you guys and it's costing me $5 million to put on this party. And that's not just in the ads to get you guys to show up, that's literally in the venue, the food, the experience, the signage, the speakers, all the things. And so if I had a friend who spent $5 million on a party, and he got all the best entrepreneurs and all my peers were around the world to fly there in one spot, and then he was going to get the best speakers ever assemble in one spot to teach and to train and to entertain me. And then, he's going to have a private concert with me and Andy Grammar, and then he's going to be out there with his kids learning. If I could go to a party like that, someone spend $5 million, I would do everything in my power to get there. Does that make sense?

For you guys, it's a thousand dollar ticket. I know that's a lot, and some airfare, and you got to take time off and you got to find out how to ... all those things, I understand it. It's a sacrifice for you guys to come. But I promise you, I promise you, it'll be worth it. This will be an experience that will change your life forever. And I'm not just saying that because I'm trying to sell you something. You can ask people who've been ... for those of you guys who've been in the past, you know. If you've been to Funnel Hacking LIVE in the past, type in ... let everyone know in the comments, how did this change your life? What was it? Let them know. Give back to the people who haven't taken this leap of faith yet. Because there was a time where you guys were the same way. You're like, oh, Russell talks too fast. Is it going to be fun? Is it going to be ... like, I'm introverted, I'm scared of people, everyone's jumping around. I don't want to jump around. All the fear.

Or like, oh, Russell seemed like the slick salesman, he's going to try to sell me something. Yeah, we're definitely going to sell you coaching. There'll be one time where I'd sell you coaching. You don't have to buy it though, which is really cool. But if you want to, that's cool because then you go to events all throughout the year with me, we keep serving you and that's really cool. But don't let those things freak you out. Just come and your future business partners are in this room. Your future joint venture partners are in this room. Your best friends are probably in this room.

I look at so many businesses have been built like when people came to Funnel Hacking LIVE, they met there and they started business, the partnership, your relations, and they travel. We've had a dozen marriages that happened to people meeting at Funnel Hacking LIVE. Like your tribe, your people, your family, your peers are here. And so all you got to do is just show up and be part of that and just show up and if you have a ClickFunnel shirt on, and you're at the airport coming to the party, guess what? They're all going to know who you are. They would hug you and love like, oh my gosh, you're a funnel hacker too. Come on, let's go. It'll change your life.

And so be in that room, I promise you that. And it might not be from something I said, it might be something ... sometimes it's like some random ... like you're in the room, but all of a sudden, like who knows? Stu dropped something, you're like, that was it. That Nugget was the thing that shifted it for me. Or maybe it's Dan or Kaelin or any of these speakers have the ability to change your life. But you got to be in the room where it happens. And if you're in that room participating, we have choreographed and created an environment to make change possible, to make change happen. And so I want you guys to be there.

I hope you're there. I'm going to be there. I'm bringing my kids there. There's no way ... like I literally pulling them out of school to be there because it's that important for my kids to be there. And same thing's true for you guys. So if you don't have your tickets yet, go to, get your tickets. And again, get tickets for you, get tickets for a spouse, get tickets for your business partners, bring your teenager. Don't bring little kids, but bring teenagers along, like bring the family, make this a family event. And we can help transform you guys together, as a whole. It'd be a lot of fun.

We are not selling virtual tickets this year, I want everyone in the room. In the room we can do things I can't do virtually. So I'll make sure you guys are coming in the room. And again, these are all our speakers. Thank you so much for all of our speakers who have confirmed and signed contracts that they're coming. Here they all are. Again, we'll have a couple more speaker reveals in the next couple weeks, we finalize the last few people and get them all in there. And with that said, time to go get your tickets, Thank you guys all for hanging out, appreciate you all. And we'll see you at Funnel Hacking LIVE. Thanks everybody.


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