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(MS) How To Break 9 Figures a Year Using this Linchpin - Part 2

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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Hey, welcome to part 2 of the Linchpin framework, where I'm revealing the one forgotten tweak that made ClickFunnels a 100M+/year business, that we're doing in ALL of our businesses right now.

I'm actually in Mexico revealing each funnel and how we're doing each piece of this with our Coaching and Mastermind students (and it's so fun!!!).

So, if you haven't listened to part 1, do that because it covers the first 2 steps you NEED in order to make this work in your business. With that said, let's jump in!

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I haven't been this excited about what we were doing inside of our business and our coaching program for five or six years. It's just been fun. It's reignited me. I think I was getting tired because everything was so similar and ad costs kept going up. Our profitability was going down. I'm like we're doing the same things and making less money and that's never a fun place to build from and now, we're profitable up upfront again and we're able to apply this now to our supplement business, our software businesses just over and over and over again and it's exciting.


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What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. We've been getting messages and notifications from everybody freaking out like, "Give me part two. Russell, I understand, but I need the rest." Don't stress. Today, I'm still in Mexico, still hanging out with the Inner Circle. We've been geeking out. Inner Circle, Two Comma Club X, everyone has been geeking out deep on the linchpin framework, which you were introduced to last week's podcast. This episode, we're going to give you the conclusion of my presentation for Funnel Hacking Live. I want you to remember that this was the first time I'd ever taught it publicly. It goes through the whole framework, but man, this is evolving and growing so rapidly. Since this presentation, we did it to launch ClickFunnels 2.0, which was a smashing success. We then Evergreened it, and right now, every two weeks we roll out an Evergreen version of the linchpin formula on ClickFunnels 2.0 and it is crushing it.

We're 1.5 times ROAS in the first seven days, which is crazy. We're just jamming people in the continuity like we never have before. Voomly, which is the software company we bought from Brad Callen this year. It's a video hosting platform, which if you haven't seen it yet, go to It's insane. But we started doing this exact same framework there and we crushed it. We added 2000 people to continuity in less than seven days, which is crazy. 2000 people to join a continuity program in seven days. Yeah, it's crazy. And then at the end of it, as you'll learn during this next session, we did the bulk continuity offer and we made enough money to buy ads to fill another 2000 people. It's crazy. It's a self-perpetuating, growing thing. We ended it on a webinar with Brooke Castillo to her life coaching audience, which crushed it.

We did it for my birthday party. We did it there. We just keep applying these principles and everything is just growing. Everything we're touching. It's like the Midas touch. You take the linchpin, you touch a business with it, it's turning it to gold instantly. Anyway, I digress. I'm going to let you guys listen to the second half of it so you guys can keep learning about it and geeking out. As you listen to this, again, if you want to jump into the deep end the pool with all of us who are eating, drinking, breathing, living the linchpin right now, like I said, we're doing it in the Two Comma Club X coaching program, Inner Circle, Category Kings, and Atlas, my four coaching slash mastermind groups. This is all we're thinking about, talking about, and doing. If you want to jump in with us, I'd recommend go to

This is spelled out That's the first coaching program where we take people from startup to a million dollars in sales using the linchpin. Like I said, we've been going deep into it. We got Joy Anderson. Some guys know Joy on our team, who's building out these deep workbooks on each session. MIFGE specifically has a 120-page workbook showing examples, case studies, the five to seven different types of MIFGEs depending on where they are in the funnel and how they fit and how they match. It's crazy. It's so much fun. We're having so much fun. I haven't been this excited about what we were doing inside of our business and our coaching program for five or six years. It's just been fun. It's reignited me. I think I was getting tired because everything was so similar and ad costs kept going up.

Our profitability was going down. I'm like we're doing the same things and making less money and that's never a fun place to build from and now, we're profitable up upfront again and we're able to apply this now to our supplement business, our software businesses just over and over and over again and it's exciting. Anyway, I hope you guys are as much fun in this game as I am. If not, come hang out with us. Cool kids are all having fun over here doing it. Again, go to With that said, I hope we enjoy the exciting conclusion of my linchpin presentation from Funnel Hacking Live.

Now that's all happened. Now it's going to go to the next level tonight and now we're going to start adding things on top of that. Step number three now is we create a dramatic demonstration. That's why Steve Larsen and I spent so much time yesterday talking about dramatic demonstrations. This is where it fits into this model. A dramatic demonstration is all about finding a hook that's a really sexy hook, bringing it out and doing an event, something crazy to get people's attention. Typically, a dramatic demonstration at the front end here is either a challenge funnel or a webinar funnel. These are the two funnel types that work the best for this. Now, this is where I'm going to explain this and I think that some of you guys, you might miss this and I want to you understand this. I'm going to actually draw it so you can see it as I go through this.

The warning to make sure we don't miss this. What I'm talking about here is not an SLO. Do you guys know what an SLO is? SLO sounds for self-liquidating offer. I've seen people teach for the last decade or so is like, oh, do a webinar. Here's a webinar, and someone comes, they register for the webinar, and then on the thank-you page, you put an offer. Maybe you put an offer for a $27 ebook. What happens is a whole bunch of people register for the webinar, 10% of them buy the ebook and hopefully you make enough money from this right here that it covers the ad cost. The ads become free. It's a self-liquidating offer. The thing you sell on the thank-you page liquidates the ad cost. That's a great marketing strategy. It's amazing, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

The MIFGE is not a self-liquidating offer and I'll explain what it is here in a second. But the way that this model works, in fact, I'll map it out the way we did it with ClickFunnels. When we launched ClickFunnels initially, some of you guys know the story. We'd launched the funnel five different times. None of them had worked. The sixth one was the one that finally started working and it was basically did a webinar. We did a webinar presentation. What would happen is someone would see a landing page for the webinar. They would go to the register for the webinar, put their name, email address in, and then they'd come over here. We'd have a thank-you page with the dates and the times, and then from there, we'd push people and they'd come on the webinar. On this webinar, I would do my presentation and at the end of it, I'd sell them something.

That was the model. Now, it's interesting because I want to make sure I explain this correctly. If you look at what it was the first five launches, what the first five launches were was we just were launching the continuity program. We had and it was a free trial and we drove traffic to it. What was interesting is we drove traffic to it, they got a free trial, it didn't convert super high, and we're frustrated. We got some people in there, but it was just hard to get people in there and get them to stick. It was expensive. It was 150, $200 to get somebody to take a free trial. We had affiliates promote it and affiliates would promote it, but they'd get frustrated because they someone would sign up and then 30 days later, they get billed, they make money, and for the affiliates was too long.

For affiliates, it was expensive because if we were spending $150, if we didn't make that money back for a month or two months or three months, which as a startup company, we couldn't afford that. This was really hard. Todd and I had these arguments back and forth because Todd was like, "I don't want a product launch business. It's not the business I want to be in." He's like, "I want to be in a SaaS recurring continuity business." That's what we focus on. Launch one, launch two, launch 3, 4, 5. It didn't work. Then we switched to this where I did a webinar, a thank-you page. I did the webinar here, and at the end of it I sold for $997 a version of ClickFunnels and it worked. We started selling people on the webinars. It was amazing. We started making money and we'd do a webinar, we make 10 grand, another webinar, 30 grand, another webinar, a hundred grand, whatever it was.

It was awesome. We making money coming back in. But then Todd came back and said, "I don't like this business. We're back in the product launch business." He said, "We didn't build to be in a product launch business. We have to do webinars, make a bunch of money and it dies." He's like, "I want to have the power of this." I was like, "Well, I want the power of this because we can make money up front. I can buy ads and we can make the money back quickly. We can have affiliates promote and they get commissioned from this," and all of a sudden one day, as we're testing different funnels, Todd had this idea. Again, this is the linchpin. This is the difference between us making $10 million a year and $200 million a year was this one little piece.

It was so small, it was so simple. He said, "On this thank-you page right here, you're going to be talking about ClickFunnels over here anyway. What if we encourage them to go get a free trial? What if we tell them to get the MIFGE?" So simple, so dumb, so insignificant. I didn't know what that was going to turn into. What happened, people registered webinar, they land right here, a percentage would go get the free trial. Then they would jump on the webinar. The webinar would happen. At the end of the webinar, I'd sell a year's access for 997. A bunch of people would buy that. If 10, 15% of the people bought it, that means 85% of people didn't buy this going through here. We didn't know what the business was going to look like. But I want to show you guys what happened over a year.

In fact, hopefully, I'll show it to you. There was the original registration page. There was the thank-you page. This is where we added just again, it's one button. That button is a $100 million a year button right there. Create your free ClickFunnels account now. That was it. From there, push them down to our MIFGE, which got them into continuity. And then if you come back here, this part of the lynchpin, at the end of the webinar or the challenge funnel or whatever, we'd usually sell bulk access, bulk subscription to the offer. At the end of the webinar, I made an offer for six months of ClickFunnels, which was the continuity program, plus a bunch of other bonuses and things like that. That's what it looked like there. That make sense? Now, let me show you guys what happened after year number one.

This is crazy. After year number one, we had 2,500 members who had paid us $997. Do the math on that. It's $2.5 million. That's amazing, right? I would've got two and a half Two Comma Club awards, I would've celebrated, it would've been amazing. But what's fascinating is this is the linchpin. This is the secret. 7,500 people actually stayed on continuity after the trial at 97 bucks a month. You do the math on that. It's $750,000 a month in recurring revenue. Times that by 12, $9 million a year from that. We almost missed that. We almost went for the $2.5 million business we thought was going to be the greatest thing in the world and we missed out on the $9 million that came through because of this one little piece, because of the MIFGE, because of us putting in. That was the linchpin. That was the difference between everything. Does that make sense?

Okay. Thank you, John. Yeah. I want to stress what most people do in their business is they think the MIFGE is the SLO. The MIFGE is not the self-liquidating offer. If you do this correctly, the SLO is the thousand dollars thing you're selling. For most of you guys, that's your business. For me, that's the SLO. This event is an SLO. You guys getting this? Thinking a little bit differently. I want to share something. I'm going to pick on Brooke for a minute. Brooke is brilliant. First time I had a conversation with her, it was after Funnel Hacking Live Orlando. She told me, I think you had a book funnel and you had your membership site. One of the things that she heard was like is that you needed a breakeven funnel, so her book was this breakeven funnel. It wasn't breaking even. HAP

PY Then she had this idea, she said, "What if my $300 month membership site became the breakeven funnel?" But mostly, she she's like no, that that's my business. My entire business is a $300 a month thing. No, no, no. What if that became the breakeven funnel? And then she sells the certification on the back. All of a sudden, her business went from here to one of the biggest info product businesses I've ever seen in my entire life. Because her $300 month thing became the SLO. In my business, the thousand dollar a month thing is the SLO, not the thing on the thank-you page. The thing on the thank-you page is the actual business. You guys getting this? Okay. That's the thing I want to make sure nobody missed. Because if you think, oh yeah, Russell is talking about an SLO. No, no, that's not the linchpin.

This is the key. Because the continuity is the business. It's not the thousand dollar thing you're selling. It's not like everything comes back to this is the business. Because what does Dave Fry say? If you don't have continuity, then you don't have a business. This is the only thing we actually care about. I believe the best dramatic demonstrations in the world are webinars and challenges. You'll notice that in my businesses, we rotate between these. I'm a webinar guy, so I love webinars. Pedro has converted me into also a challenge guy, so we're launching ClickFunnels 2.0 with a challenge funnel. Now, by the way, as we launch this, I want you guys to watch the process. We're all funnel hackers in the room, so when you start getting emails from me and every single influencer on the planet who's going to be from promoting ClickFunnels 2.0, watch the process.

Because guess what I'm doing? People are coming in, they're registering for the challenge. On the thank-you page, I'm going to bribe them like crazy to get the most irresistible offer, which gives them a ClickFunnels 2.0 account. We're going to do this huge challenge. We're going to sell them a really expensive thing at the end. My goal is to optimize it, to break it. All this money is going to get dumped back into ads and keep going and keep going. We're going to go from a hundred thousand customers to a million customers by using this MIFGE and tripling down on it. Does that make sense? You guys are twitching in your chairs. I need continuity. I need a MIFGE. I need a dramatic demonstration. I'm good. I got to go. But wait, there's more. Because I still love high ticket. I don't want to be like, oh, I'm not doing high ticket.

Joe and Eileen, I haven't talked about high ticket. All of these pieces fit together. They're very important. They're all strategic. Step number four then is the dramatic demonstration. Number two. This is on the backside of this. If you look at the way that I'm structuring this, we're focusing on one continuity, one MIFGE. Once a month, I'm doing a dramatic demonstration. For me, I'm picking a different hook, doing a dramatic demonstration. Pick a different hook, do a dramatic demonstration. Each month, I'm picking a new hook, doing a dramatic demonstration, bringing people into this whole process, and then once a quarter, I'm doing a virtual event or live event that gets people now into the high ticket thing. If you look at the high ticket thing as an SLO as well, you guys are going to be able to grow continuity at levels that are insane.

Typically, the best way to do the second dramatic demonstration is either a live or a virtual event. You guys have seen, obviously Funnel Hacking Live. You guys are here, you're experiencing it. We're inside of it right now. During COVID, we did the Two Comma Club live virtual event, same kind of thing. It brings people up and it sends them into your high ticket programs. But that's how the process works, having that in there as well. That, you guys, is the linchpin. If you want to take pictures, that's the business mall right there. You guys see it? Okay. You guys feeling good about that? You guys ready? Now, a couple other things I want to go through because this is important. My other favorite thing about the linchpin, we started developing this and like I said, we plugged it into the magnet marketing business, and then in ClickFunnels and the other businesses that we're acquiring and that we're building out.

The thing that I realized is so powerful because I spent the last six months making a whole bunch of mistakes for you guys to be able to simplify this in a way that's going to be really powerful for you guys. Couple things we notice is to run a little engine, to run a linchpin business like this, there are two personality types that are needed. Number one is you have to have somebody who is the attractive character. This is the person who's the content person. They're doing the content in the members area, they're doing the content in the MIFGE, they're doing the challenges, they're doing the things. It's me. This is me in the business. I always joke, I'm the dancing monkey on stage talking about ClickFunnels. That is the attractive character and that is the role that they got to have.

The second thing is you have someone who's an integrator and operator who's actually building the structure behind it. Right now, each these companies we are purchasing or acquiring or we are building, there's two personalities. There's an attractive character for every single one that we're plugging in. Number two, there is an integrator operator. Those are the two. Literally most of our business units now are running with two core people. And then the integrator operator person either hires funnel builders or they have a funnel builder on the team or they are outsourcing agency, whatever. But for the most part, most of these businesses now are being run by just two and two only people, which is powerful because it's not costing me a ton of money to build huge… Outside the ClickFunnels team, all the other things are happening with two people running this system.

This is literally becoming the playbook for all of our companies. You will notice if you've been watching us for the last six months, it's happening on ClickFunnels. You'll notice this quadrupling down over the next 12 months, starting with the 2.0 launch in two weeks. This is the model. We're doing the same thing with magnetic marketing. We've only got two of the four steps done in magnetic marketing and I think it was 379% increase in sales. Next, I think a month or two months now, we're doing in the first dramatic demonstration. It's going to scale from there. We acquired Lady Boss a few days earlier. This is plugging into the same model. Voomly is the video hosting platform we bought. It plugs into the same model. Zuma Juice, our supplement. Au Bon Broth, Phoenix, Biohacking Secrets, All these companies, we're doing same thing. This is the playbook over and over and over again.

We're training an attractive character for each company. We're training an integrator for each company and then they're running the entire theme. That's what's happening there. I want to show you guys, for example, here's ClickFunnels. As you see, boom, continuity. Boom, MIFGE. Boom, dramatic demonstration. This one is happening two weeks from now. And then from there, we have virtual events, live events happening for the high ticket. The model is simple. It's easy. It's replicatable. Magnetic marketing. Boom. We got the continuity and newsletter, the MIFGE. We are plugging in challenges right now. They'll be happening. And then high ticket events as well. That's that business there. Lady Boss. They've got the greatest protein shake on the planet. There's the continuity program. We have MIFGE that we're creating to get people into it. And then after that, we'll be doing live challenges to get people into the MIFGE.

And then from there, we'll do live events as well. Same model, same business. It fits exactly the same way. Voomly is our new video hosting platform. The video hosting platform is the actual continuity. From there we have MIFGE offers plugging people in, and then when those two pieces are finalized and done and launched, we'll start driving traffic to it. And then eventually after that we'll launch our first dramatic demonstrations and our second dramatic demonstrations. Zuma Juice, the same thing. We've got our continuity, which is the supplement. We have a MIFGE going in. Now we're driving traffic with that MIFGE. Eventually, we're going to find a green juice guru, and if someone here is and wants to be that, we're taking applications now to find the attractive character for Zuma Juice, who will plug in and they'll be doing challenges once a month to bring people into Zuma Juice to build the continuity.

They'll be doing live events as well. Same thing with our bone broth company. Boom. Continuity, MIFGE, challenges. Can you imagine a how to biohack with bone broth challenge? How to lose weight with bone broth challenge? How to build muscle with bone broth challenge? There's a thousand different hooks we can use for dramatic demonstrations to bring people into this business as well, and eventually with the live events as well. Phoenix is an energy and this is a sleep product. We've got a MIFGE coming out. Eventually, we'll have challenges back in things as well. Biohacking Secrets. This is the project I'm working with Anthony DiClementi. This is a company me and him started a couple of years ago. He went off and ran it and after we figure out this linchpin model, I was like, "Anthony, I want back in." He's like, "What does that mean?"

I'm like, "Come to Boise. I got the model. It's so simple. All you got to do is be an attractive character. You don't have to worry about funnels or traffic or anything. You're just going to show up and talk about all the cool stuff I'm talking about." He's like, "Done." We're bringing it back in. Building a membership site, we'll have a MIFGE. Boom. He'll start doing challenges like the biohacking for energy challenge, the biohacking for whatever challenge. We'll have biohacking challenges happening once a month, and then we'll do once a quarter a live event. is our new personality software we're coming out with. Continuity, and then we'll build MIFGEs as well. Same process. And then this has been one of my big secret projects. I've been collecting all these old, old books from some of the greatest minds of all time. We're building a membership site around that.

We're going to have MIFGE offers. Literally, one of the MIFGE offers, check this out. I've been acquiring, as you guys know, all of Napoleon Hill's works, as much as I can. One of my acquisitions, I bought an entire estate from somebody who had all this Napoleon Hill stuff he'd been collecting for 20 years. In the collection, there were 250 pages of hand-typed stuff from Napoleon Hill that I didn't know what it was. I was just excited because I'm like, this is so cool. Literally on the paper, his hand edits are all over it. And then when he didn't like his headline, he would go type it again and he'd literally cut it and then glue it down, cut and paste back in the 1900s, cut and paste in different headlines. Anyway, we went and scanned the entire thing because we were interested.

And then Julie, who's our editor on all of our book projects, she messaged me and she kept calling the scans The Hand of Destiny. I'm like, "What are you talking about? This is a Napoleon Hill manuscript." She's like, "Well, the title page says is this is a book called The Hand of Destiny." I'm like, "That's a book called The Hand of Destiny?" I was like, first off, that's a cool name. Second off, I didn't know it was a book. Nobody knows it's a book. It's an unpublished work for Napoleon Hill that nobody has ever seen on this planet other than me. How's that for MIFGE? How many of you guys would've given me some sign up for the MIFGE to get that book in your hand? The way we're editing that book is really cool. You open it up. On the left-hand side, you see the actual picture of the scanned page and Napoleon Hill's edits, and the right-hand page is typed out so you can see the original manuscripts like it is. Anyway, but there's a MIFGE. That's the most irresistible MIFGE of all time.

I want to give myself money for it. That's how good it is. And then we'll do challenges and bring people back in. But you guys, this model is simple. It's consistent. It's replicatable. It's powerful. It's something that all of us can and should be doing. Literally so much so that two or three weeks ago, we came back and said, we're doing this in our company? We're doing training. We're training our attractive characters, we're training our funnel builders, we're training our management team. We're training all the people in this model over and over and over again.

I was like, what if we transition the way we do our coaching programs where instead of us coaching on something over here and then we're doing something over here where they blend together? I'm coaching the attractive characters for all my companies and then all the attractive characters for your companies can plug right into that. As I'm training all of our integrator operators and funnel builders into our companies, you guys could plug that same training as well. How many you guys would be interested in something like that. Okay. Well, that's what this whole linchpin thing is about.

All right, everybody, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed the linchpin. Again, I'm sure this is something that you kind of understand it, but there's like the nuances and the things that are just like, I don't quite get it. I would recommend listen to this two or three times. We have a linchpin book coming out in the very near future. You can go get the linchpin book and you can read that. We'll help you. And then like I said, if you want to get coached and mentored through this process, go to, go apply, and you can jump into the coaching program with us and start building out your continuity, and then your MIFGE, and then your first dramatic demonstration, and then driving traffic and all the other things. All right. With that said, appreciate you all. Thanks for listening, and we'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye, everybody.


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