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(MS) How To Overcome Drifting So You Can Reach Your Goals


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Right now I’m working on the intro presentation for Funnel Hacking LIVE in less than a week, which is Phase 2 of last year’s opening presentation,”The Drifter VS The Driven.” So I decided that the best way to prepare you for what’s coming is for you to relisten to the presentation that people have called my best presentation ever. So listen into Part 1 from last year and I can’t wait to show you everything we’re preparing for you at Funnel Hacking LIVE!

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So ClickFunnels 2.0, what we do is we help you create funnels, get customers to you. Literally we are shifting in our vocabulary as a company from funnel being a noun to being a verb. We help you get people from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube all these places and we help funnel them to you. Okay? So that's like our mission moving forward.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Hope you're doing awesome. I am deep, neck-deep, probably deeper than neck-deep right now, in Funnel Hacking Live's slide presentation, getting all the things done. I always forget, two weeks leading to FHL is like... it's a lot, so I'm worn out, exhausted, and having the time of my life. I'm excited to be hanging out with some of you guys here soon, and hopefully my voice will hold up, my body and everything, as we're getting all the finishing touches done.

But right now I'm working on my intro presentation for next year's Funnel... Not next year, this year's, a week from now. Oh, crazy. For Funnel Hacking Live in a week from now, and I've been doing that. I've been going back through my old presentations and stuff, and last year I gave a presentation on day number one of Funnel Hacking Live called Drifter versus Driven. I've had a lot of people tell me that was my best presentation ever.

It was interesting, because I was nervous in it. You can probably hear my voice when you listen to it and stuff like that, and I've played it once on the podcast, so probably, I don't know, eight or nine months ago. You guys might have heard this already, but I think it's fitting for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's something that... a continual messaging to keep rehearing, number one, then number two is as I'm working on my presentation for this year's, my intro presentation's not Drifter versus Driven this time, but it's the next level, that's step two, phase two.

So those who are going to be at Funnel Hacking Live, I'm going to let you re-listen in on the Drifter versus Driven presentation, which will prepare you for the imminent amazingness that you'll hear at this year's Funnel Hacking Live. I hope I don't mess it up.

That's the game plan, so with that said, hope you enjoy this episode. It's called Drifter Versus Driven, and yeah, this is where my mind was at a year ago right now as I was preparing that presentation a year ago, and this year I'm working on the next one, so I hope you enjoy it, and those who are coming to FHL, I'll see you here in about a week. All right, thanks everybody.
I can't believe it's been a year since we were hanging out. Welcome back, you guys. How're you all feeling today?

This is crazy. So just so you guys know, this is the biggest Funnel Hacking Live we've ever had. Do you guys know that?

This is so crazy. Every year I'm like, "There's no way we can get more people. There's no way." And every year, you guys keep coming back and you're bringing your friends, you're bring more people.

I am so just honored and blessed to be here today, and for the next four days, to serve you guys. We've been working so hard on our side to get everything prepared and ready for you guys.

I know that there's going to be people in this room who are here. Some of you guys may be unsure. You're nervous, all the different things, but my hope and my prayer for the next couple days is that somebody has a chance to change your lives. And not so much just for you, but also because I believe, and I'm going to talk about this today, but I believe every single one of you guys have been called to change a group of people's lives as well. And so I want to change your life so you can change their life, and so we can keep the world an amazing place.

So that's just going to be happening over the next couple days. It's going to be so much fun. And I just wanted to just watch you guys. This is the cool thing in the world.
Thank you very much. So to begin with, I wanted to start with showing you guys, please throw slides up, the quote on the back of your guys' shirt.

When we built ClickFunnels, one of the biggest things we wanted to do is we wanted to create more than just a software product or something like that. We wanted to build a community of people. And so last two or three years, I had this quote on the back of your guys' shirts when we first come in because I want you guys feeling this way, that we're here, a community, we're a family.

The back of your shirts. It says, "Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers. But most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself."

How many times you guys ever been there where you're like, "Oh, I see it in him and her, and all these other people, but not myself."

You're in a group right now of peers of people just like you. We have over a 100,000 people inside of ClickFunnels. And you're the five or 6,000 who are the craziest who came here, who are the most excited, most passionate, who want to change the world the most.

And so, even though you may not be able to see it, I see it in all you guys. The people around you see it. And so remember that we're a community, we're a family here trying to help raise and elevate each other altogether, which is so cool.

So my presentation, I've been a really excited about this presentation and very nervous at the same time. The presentation that I wanted to give you today, the title of it is called The Drifter Versus The Driven.

If I can pull that up there. And before I get into this too deep, I wanted to tell you guys a story. You guys cool if we do some story time for a few minutes?

So I've got something really special here to show you guys. And this is something that I've been freaking out about. I didn't think it was going to be possible, and this morning it showed up here at the hotel, and it's something really, really cool.

How many of you guys know who my favorite author is?All right. Say it loud. I can't hear you.
Okay. So Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite authors of all time, and it's been crazy for the last year. So I've been working with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Don Green, a bunch of different things. Like two weeks ago. I believe Justin Benton, one of our inner circle members. Give Justin a round of applause. So Justin flew out there, had a chance to meet with all them and negotiated a deal with them where we could actually have here on the stage today, the actual typewriter that Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich on, do you guys want to see it? So check this out, this is the actual typewriter that he wrote that book on.

Is that crazy? Can you do the camera? See this? You guys show everybody. Okay. Now, Justin, we love you. And not only that, so Think and Grow Rich is an amazing book, but actually my favorite book by Napoleon Hills, is a book called Outwitting the Devil. How many guys have had a chance to read Outwitting the Devil? Yes. This right here is the original manuscript Outwitting the Devil that was typed on this typewriter. Is that the craziest thing in the world?

Can you imagine? Yes. Like Napoleon Hill sitting on this typewriter typing these words that became this book, that's changed my life and changed so many of your guys' life as well. And so this is just kind of a special thing that Justin was able to pull off before this whole event started, which is really cool, because like I said, the title of this presentation is called the drifting, The Drifter Versus the Driven, which is the whole thought that I got when I started reading that book.

When you read that book, it's really interesting. If you look at the timeline of events, it's really fun. So Napoleon Hill sat down in 19 37 and wrote, Think and Grow Rich on this typewriter right here, and then publishes to the world and then became one of the greatest selling books of all time. I think he sold over a hundred million copies at this point. And then the next year he sat there, he was inspired, he felt this call and he sat down, put a piece of paper and started typing the manuscript for Outwitting the Devil. And he wrote this book, which is again, one of my favorite books of all time. And when he got done writing it, he said, "If I publish this right now, people will destroy me. It's not ready for today. If I do this, it's going to be really, really bad."

And so he never published it during his lifetime. He passed away in 1970 and his wife ended up getting the manuscript and she looked at, she read it again. She's like, "I can't publish this either. It's too controversial it's too many things. The world's not ready for yet." And so she had it when she passed away, got passed on next person. The next person finally eventually got into the hands of the Napoleon Hill foundation and they decided it was time to actually publish it. And so they published this book and it was a book that was written, like I said, a hundred years ago that was written for today for all of us. And it's just such an amazing book. And in the book, it's interesting. I got to be careful, the stage is huge, I'm going to lose my clicker sometime if I leave it somewhere. In this book, the premise is he's having this conversation with the devil where the devil has to tell him anything he wants.

And so Napoleon Hill has his chance. I asked the devil anything I want, what should I ask him? This is what he asked him. He said, "Tell me all the tricks by which you enter into and you control the minds of men." You want to know, what do you do? I've seen this happening all over the place. What are the things you do to get inside of the minds of men to control them from not doing good, not living up to their missions, their purpose, to what their capable of doing, and the devil talked to him back and said, "The greatest weapon I have over human beings is I established the habit of drifting." And then in this book, he goes on, he talks about people who are drifters and people who are non drifters. And I started reading this and as he is going through people that are drifters and their tendencies and what they do, and why they do it and things like that, I'd not resonate with that.

And I didn't resonate honestly, with the word non drifting as well. And I was like, what's a word that I don't want to be a non drifter. I want to be something more powerful, something more amazing. And so the phrase I started using about a year ago is like, I'm not a drifter. I'm driven. I'm someone who's driven. And so that's what this title, this presentation is The Drifter Versus the Driven cause you guys are here in a room of a whole bunch of driven people. And I'm curious, how many guys before you came here, there are friends. People, you love people you care about. Who are like "Why are you going this event? You're going to Florida to go talk about marketing with a bunch of nerds in a room for four days? How much did you spend over here?" Right? Most of the people we love and we care about, they're not driven like we are. And they think that we're crazy. How many of you guys have somebody who love and thinks you're crazy for being here right now? Okay. But we are the driven. We understand that we're a little bit crazy. We're a little bit different. And so the first thing I want to talk about is this concept of drifting, because I want to make sure that we are careful that we don't become drifters and we don't fall back into those ways.

Let's see. So throughout this weekend, you're going to hear a lot about this principle of the hero's journey, How many of you guys have heard about the hero's journey before? Okay. I'm going to talk about it. Bill Allen's going to talk about a lot I think in two days from now, which is like, he's going to geek out with you guys have so much fun, but the basis premise for those of you who don't know is, throughout time, throughout history, throughout time through every generation, every cultural group around the world, when they went back, they started studying everybody's stories and things like that. Every story kind of followed the exact same story timeline. And Joseph Campbell was the first to kind of identify it. He wrote a book called The Hero with a Thousand Faces that kind of mapped out like every hero and every journey, every single story followed the same process. After that, a whole bunch of other amazing people taken it and figured out different ways to teach it.

I taught a lot about it in the Expert Secrets book. But if you look at that, it's interesting because in every single journey it starts with you, right? You are this person, you are the hero. You think of any book, any movie, any story, your story, the reason why he goes here today. We all start, and we start in this place called the ordinary world that says ordinary world. I have a horrible handwriting I apologize in advance, but now there's the legend. That means ordinary world. So we start in this thing and we're in this ordinary world and we all want to achieve something. We have some dream, some vision, something we want to go for. We have this thing over here, this target we're going for, there's a target. We want to achieve this thing. It's the journey of achievement. We want to achieve this thing.

And sometime in our life, we're sitting here and we're in our normal world. So for all of you guys, your normal world is wherever you live, you're in your home, you're doing something. So you're comfortable. Everything's fine. Nothing's bad. But you're just like, I'm comfortable. And all of a sudden you hear the call. He calls it in, they call it in The Heroes Journey "The call to adventure." And they hear this call to adventure.

The call happens. And all of a sudden you're like, "Wait, what is that?" And you feel it, it may not be an audible like call, but you feel it. How many have felt that before you felt that call of like, ah, I'm made for something more, right? I'm made for something great. And you feel that call. And you're like, God. And all of a sudden, if you look at the timeline of the hero's journey, what always happens is the hero hears the call to adventure and they get excited.

They want to move forward. And then something happens immediately every single time and every single story throughout time, throughout history, throughout every single culture around the world. After they hear the call of adventure. First thing happens is the hero refuses the call? No, no, no, no. I'm not ready for that. I'm not worthy for that. I look like I'm 11 years old, I'm scared to death. I talk too fast, I don't want to be on stage. I'm so introverted and scared. No, no, no. I'll do anything. But not that I want. I want to achieve that, but I'm not willing to do that. The first thing it hits every single time is refusal to call. And so this direction right here is faith. Like, oh, I'm going to do that thing. And also here, the refusal to call, which is fear.

And that fear hits us. And I'm like, Ugh, I'm not ready. I'm not worthy. I don't know if I can do this. I don't have the talents or the abilities. What am I going to do? We have the refusal of the call the difference between the driven and the drifters, the driven in spite of that, they have the same fear, but the refusal call happens. They say, "No, I'm going to do it. I feel it, I hear the calling so loud. It keeps happening, hearing, it's beating, it's pulsing. I got to follow that thing." And so we go, we pursue it. And those who decide to not follow fear, we follow faith. These are the driven, these are the ones who are going and trying to achieve something. These are you guys here in this room today. Okay? You give yourself a round of applause for that. So yes. So that's where this whole thing begins with.

Okay. Those who drift. It's not because they're bad people. It's because they hear the call and they get scared. And the fear overcomes them, they don't do anything they stop, and they hold back. Ryan Moran, who owns One of my friends, he says something so powerful one time. He was trying to define what an entrepreneur was. And he said, "An entrepreneur is somebody who decides to take personal responsibility for a problem. That's not their own." Is that powerful? Right? We hear this call. Why? I think about man 20 years ago, when I got started in this game, I was 20 years old. I didn't know anything about business or marketing. I shouldn't tell... I have three of my kids here in this room, kids cover your ears. I had a cumulative 2.1 GPA in college. I was not smart by any stretch in the imagination.

And all of a sudden, one day, for some reason, I get excited by this nerdy thing called marketing. And there's this old guy with the fu manchu talking about these things. I'm like what? I got so excited about direct mail and marketing and for some reason I was interested in it. It's that call to adventure.

Why is this so fascinating to me? I have no idea, but I started learning and studying started geeking out, started going deeper and deeper. And that's how it's for all of you guys. You hear that call and all of a sudden it doesn't make sense. A lot of times at first, you know what I mean? When I got started in this game, it didn't make any sense at all. I remember in fact, I was going to tell this a little later, but when I first got into the... Oh, I'm going to come back that because I don't want to miss it.

Don't let me forget. So I'll go back. So this is interesting. This is what the devil said back to Napoleon Hill. Because he asked him, "So what is the drifter? What does that mean?" The drifter is someone who accepts whatever life throws in his way. He doesn't know what he wants from life and spends most of his time getting just that. Okay. The opposite of that, the driven, we know what we want. We have definite of purpose. That's the thing I want. That's the goal I'm going for. That's what I'm moving towards. We know what that thing is. You guys aren't going to be in this room if you didn't know something like I want something different, I want something more. Maybe you don't know exactly what it is yet, man, whatever these people in this room have, I want that. I want to experience, I want to feel that right? And so you have a direction motion you're moving forward, which is unique, which is different than most people.

So faith versus fear, this is the next piece of the puzzle. So you have each of you guys here, you have the drifter, you have the driven. And then this is you as a person, like I said, every single day, you have this ability to choose to move forward in faith. And faith is a fascinating thing, with faith you don't know what the answer is. You don't know where you're going to go. How of you guys got in this business like, "Oh, I know exactly I'm going to do, I know exactly how I'm going to do it." None of us do. We just have a goal. We have a vision. We have a thing we want to accomplish. Now you start going.I hope we figure this out somewhere before I run out of money. Before I get tired before my spouse kicks me out. I'm trying to figure this thing out, you're moving forward in faith. Because we don't know what it is yet. We're moving as best we can. So the driven mood forward in faith, the drifters, they stop, they get paralyzed with fear, okay? Said in another way, those who are the driven are those who act. And those who are drifters are people who acted upon.

Okay? I want to be someone who is someone who acts. Now what's interesting, if you look at this, it doesn't matter which direction you go. As you start doing, either these things over and over again, if you start moving forward in faith consistently over and over and over again, you're going to develop a pattern of moving forward in faith. If you start choosing fear over and over and over again, you start building a pattern of fear, okay? Napoleon Hill called this hypnotic rhythm. He said, "If you're going here, you start building things like hypnotic rhythm." It's like almost like a whirlpool, you get stuck in this thing. It's like a tractor out in the field that's going around. It's in the mud with these big tires, that's building these ruts and ruts get deeper and deeper and deeper and eventually gets hard to get out of it.

But same these true. If you're over here, moving forward in faith, you start building these patterns that go over and over and over again. And you're able to move forward and to be someone who's driven. And so it doesn't matter which direction you're going. You're getting these rhythms, either positive rhythms or negative rhythms. It all comes off of what is the thing we're choosing? Which direction are we going? Okay? And so I want to talk about this because so many times in my life and your life, we have this opportunity. This is us every single day, we're here and an option comes to us. Do I show up? Do I not show up? Do I choose faith? Do I choose fear? This is not something you pick once. That's the pattern for your life. You pick it over and over and over again until it becomes hypnotic or until it becomes something that's part of you, right? That's not going away.

I started thinking about just different times in my life where I was scared. Where I heard the call and do this thing. And all of a sudden I got the refusal to call like, no, you're not good enough Russell. Oh no, I know but I feel like I needed to this thing yet you're not ready, you're not worthy. You're not like all the things. I know, I know, but I want that thing really, really bad. And so I decided to move forward in faith.

The first time in my life that I can say that this actually happened to me because I literally was a drifter my entire life until eighth grade. And my dad convinced me to go into wrestling. And I started wrestling in very quickly I found out that I loved it. I wanted to do it. And I remember after my first year I told all the guys on my team, I said, "I'm going to be a state champion." I'm going to be state champ. And they all started laughing at me like, "Dude, you're like the worst on the team. You're not going to be state champ." I'm like, "Yeah. I am." Like, "No, you're not."

And they made fun of me and they teased me and they mocked me and they beat me up over and over and over and over again. But I was like, that's the goal, that's where I'm going. So I kept moving forward in faith, moving forward in faith. And eventually the people were beating me up I got better, and I got better. Eventually I was able to get spot where I could beat them and I could beat the other people. And eventually I became a state champ.
Thank you. I say that, knowing that in a few minutes from now, you guys didn't have a chance to literally hear from the greatest wrestler of all time here on the stage, which I'm still flipping out, excited by it.

One of our guest speakers who anyway, we'll introduce him later, but it's going to be amazing. But I finally think about... Start thinking about other parts and times in my life where the same thing kind of happened. In fact, the very first time I came to a seminar like this Armand Moren's big seminar. And I know yesterday at dinner I saw three or four people were at that seminar with me. How many of you guys were at Armand's old big seminar with me? But the very first time I was there was like three of you guys here. So I go to this seminar, I'm an internet nerd. So I'm behind my computer, my laptop just doing my thing. And there's all these people coming in. They're excited and people are on stage talking and speaking and selling. And I remember seeing the very first person on stage, they did their presentation, they sold something.

And I watched people run to the back of the room with their credit cards, like throwing credit cards in the back and signing things up. And I was like, what just happened? And I was doing the math, counting the people in the back of the room. And I was like two, I think they sold the $2,000 package and I was doing the math 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. And when all was said and done it was like, they got 60 or $70,000, in 90 minutes. I was like, okay. That was really, really cool. But I'm an internet guy. I don't really care. Next guy I got on stage name is John Childers. He's a public speaking coach. And he sold the $5,000 package. And I watched people run to the back room to buy his and same thing. I was in 5,000, 10, 20, 30. And I was like, he made $150,000 in an hour and I was just blown away.

And all this is this call saying, Russell, that's going to be you some day. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don't do stages, I sit behind computers, but I don't see anybody I can hide from them. I'm really introverted, awkward. No, I don't do that. And it's like, no, this is going to be you. I'm like, no, no. I remember going back home. And I was like, I can't get a thought out of my head of dude some human being who was just like me who put on pants, just like I did and shirt just like I did, got on stage spoke for 90 minutes, it made 150,000.

It was such a big... In my head it would not go away. Kept going over and over. I said, "Okay, I'm going to do, I'm go speak on some seminar stages." But guess what? In my head I'm Russell, you're not good enough. You're not ready. You're not worthy. And guess what is interesting? That voice is actually right. I wasn't, nobody would invite me. And so I was like, well, no, one's going to invite me. I'm going to do I'm build my own stage. So what I decided to do back then is at my local Boise, Idaho I rented a Holiday Inn. We ran radio ads saying, come learn from internet marketing nerd, Russell Brunson, he's going to be doing this thing at holiday Inn. And we're going to teach you about how to build businesses. And I'm so excited. And I remember hearing the radio ads running. I'm like, I'm on the radio, this is the coolest thing in the world. And they had to call a phone number to reserve their seat. And we got a bunch of people who called and reserve their seat. And then the day the event was happening. And I think Brent was there a couple other people from our team were there way back in the day.

And we had, I think there was a hundred people had RSVP to be in the room. And so we were getting everything ready and I had my... Back then I would wear suit and tie. Because I thought that's what business people did.

And I was all prepared and ready, and we had the table in the rooms. I was going to sell something in the back, we had everything figured out. I do my little... I get all ready, and then people are showing up. And then finally I come out and it was before we had screens and backstage and I walk out to welcome everybody, and guess what? Two people were in the room, one was third row over here. One was in the 50th row back there. I was like, oh man. Okay. And all I wanted to do was to run away. Fear was yelling at me. Told you so, you're not good enough, you're not smart enough. Nobody wants to hear you. Nobody cares about funnels. No matter how excited you are, the world does not care. I was like, but I care. I said, you know what? I'm going to go. And I just do my best. I'm going to serve these two people.

And so these people had a personal seminar from me. One on one where I was just going crazy. I think he looked at me like this guy is crazy. He is so excited about this weird thing.
But that was the first time I think most people would've quit after that. But I was like, you know what? This is, this is not about them. This is my passion. I love this. I feel like if I keep talking and I keep talking, I keep talking, eventually more people will show up. And so we tried it again. Next time 10 people show up, we did it again, 50 people show up, eventually got to a hundred people showed up. Today, I'm looking in the room. There's like over 5,000 people here in the room. It's crazy right?

This is true in anything in life you guys. You've probably heard this before. It says that God doesn't call the qualified, he qualified the called. Your job is not to say, "Oh, I'm ready for this." You're not going to be ready for it. When we built ClickFunnels 1.0 Todd and I eight years ago, sitting in a room, neither of us were qualified to do it. Okay. Todd's a great programmer, but he'd never built a site that was going to ho house a hundred thousand plus people's websites. We're going to show you some stats here in a minute. It's insane. You see how much volume you guys put through this. He wasn't ready for that. In fact, it's crazy, after we launched ClickFunnels, first thing is that we set a launch date because I was like, if we don't pick a date, we're never going to launch this. We picked a launch date.

We got everyone involved, we did this big launch. And the night before the launch, Todd and Dylan at the time were in their coding. And they're like, "Hey, just so you know, software's not ready." I was like, "What?" Because the launch is tomorrow. They're like, "Yeah. It's totally not ready yet." It's like, well it's going live tomorrow. Everybody send emails, it has to be live. Okay. Well, I have an idea. Dylan had this idea. He's like, "What if instead of launching the entire software to everybody right now, what if we do a reverse launch?" I'm like, "What's a reverse launch? Tell me about this" He's like, "Well, instead we just give them day one, they get log into the software and they can look at it. And then we'll each day, finish a feature and give them that feature, next." I was like, "Do you think that'll work?" He's like, "I don't know.""Well, do we have any other options?" "No." I'm like, "Okay, here we go."

So we did the launch, everyone logs into ClickFunnels. So what is this? We were like, "Well, it's a shell right now, but eventually he's going to be this really cool software you can build funnels with." And Todd's back there coding like crazy. And all of sudden, the next night midnight's like feature one's done, it's in there. So we emailed a little list. Guess what feature one's open, log in, you can see the first thing and people logged in. They're like cool. But how do you build funnels? Well that's coming, it'll be here. Your name is literally ClickFunnels. I know we'll get there. Just go use the thing. And then poor, Todd's drinking Red Bulls and you can't go to sleep Todd, because we need another feature by tomorrow. And every day, him and Dylan will sit there and they get another feature. We launched the next one and the next one and they just cranked this thing out. And over a two week period of time, we had ClickFunnels. It was crazy to go through the experience.

But even then it wasn't perfect. Todd told me, he's like "This version of ClickFunnels will hold about 10,000 people. And then we'll probably have to change databases or structures." Something really smart. I was like, "Okay, I don't know what that means, but I'm going to go sell some." So I'm out there selling crazy and about, and how many of you guys have been here since year number one? Okay. So for year number one, as it got bigger and bigger, we got to point. We had almost 10,000 members. All of a sudden things started going weird. The software would go out and then different issues would happen. And then things were happening. And I was literally with my family, flying to London to go speak an event, to tell people in Europe how great ClickFunnels was. And as I'm in the air, ClickFunnels goes down. And when I land in London and I get hit and I hooked up my phone, my phone starts blowing up.

And it's crazy. All these people who like seven or eight hours earlier when I was in New York, flying away, they all love me, Russell, you're the greatest we're building funnels. You're the greatest person in the world. You changed our whole lives. This is so awesome. Those same people when I land in London had literal death threats in my messenger. I'm going to kill you, Russell. My ads have been running for four hours and the sites down. You owe me $10,000, not one or two, hundreds of people. I was like, oh, I call Todd. I'm like, "What's going on?" He's like, "Yeah, ClickFunnels is down. If we're able to get it back up." And all I heard was word, if, and I'm like, okay, what do we do? Fear starts freaking out. Like Russell run. You're in Europe.

Nobody will know never come back, start a new life with your family. It's going to be amazing.
And that's what I wanted to do. And I'm like, "Oh no, no." But we didn't have that option. So it's like, okay, do we act, or we acted upon? I'm going to act, what are we going to do? I don't know. I'm scared to death. These people are going to hate me. They do hate me. They're really mad at me right now. And so we went a quick live on Facebook and our ClickFunnels group back. And they said, "Hey guys, this is the deal we messed up and it's embarrassing and we're down and it's not okay. And I'm angry, Todd's angry. We're all angry. We're trying to fix it. We apologize. We're figuring a way to not make this happening again. But we are so sorry. We're trying to figure it out. I'm as mad as you are. And I understand you're as upset at me."

And instead of hiding, like I wanted to do, every part of me wanted to do, we just faced it. And was crazy the next day they had software back up, we changed databases and a disaster averted, but it was crazy because over that period of time, I thought, for sure, we'd lose half the customers. And didn't we lost very, very few customers. It was amazing. And I think most people told me later. It's like, because you didn't hide because you came out and told us we were going to stick with you through all of it. And it was amazing, but it comes back to that over and over and over again. And the one last story about this was faith and fear. Two years ago, we told you guys this story last year for those you guys who were here. Two years ago, Todd and I had the opportunity to be done. We got a really good offer. We could have washed our hands and sold ClickFunnels and been done. But as we looked at it, honestly, this was the reason that was driving the entire decision. It was fear, fear that maybe we couldn't do what we needed to-

It was fear. Fear that maybe we couldn't do what we needed to do for the next step. Maybe we couldn't figure out next things. Maybe, a million different ideas. And we had this amazing option where we could be done and retire, and just be done. But man, as we sat there in his lake house in Georgia, sitting there, like, "What do we do? What do we do?" This was the thing that kept halting, was this call. It was like, "Move forward with faith." Like, "No. You guys can do this." "But we don't know how. We're not ready." For us to do that, we literally can't pay ourselves or most executives on our team for two years, if we're going to do that. And we're like, "All right."

I'm not going to lie. We thought it was going to be a year. Ended up being two years. But we decided to move forward in faith and to create ClickFunnels 2.0, which by the way, all y'all who are in the room today and tomorrow are going to get access by tomorrow. Are you guys excited for that? As long as Todd tells me that's true. I think he will. When we bring him out in a minute, he'll tell me, but that's the game plan.

So Napoleon Hill, in Outwitting the Devil, he said something cool. He said, "You're entitled to know that two entities occupy your body. One of these entities is motivated in response to the impulse of fear, and the other one responds to the impulse of faith." And for us, every single day, it's a choice. They're both there, and the more you choose this over and over consistently, the more it creates this pattern, it gets easier, and easier, and easier. That's the difference between the driven and the drifters. The driven are those who choose faith. Okay. So the question again for you is, will you be guided towards faith or allow fear to overtake you?

Okay. So let's talk about the driven now. One of my favorite things about what we do, and it's funny, two minutes before I came on stage, we heard you guys going crazy. Todd's back there, this is insane. He's like, "I thought we were just building websites. I thought we were building software." He said, "I had no idea that this was what was going to happen." And what's fun for me is, I feel like that what we do here at ClickFunnels is that our calling is, we were called to serve the driven.

And I got a message here, and I hope Annie doesn't mind me reading this, but she Voxed this to me three or four days ago when there was so much chaos coming into this event, stress, anxiety, all the things that happened. And she Voxed me this, and it changed everything for me. But man, it also helped put in perspective why we do what we do. You guys cool if I read this real quick? So this is what Annie said, and those who don't know Annie Grace, by the way, she's right here. She's amazing. What Annie does, her whole mission, she helps people break the chains of alcohol addiction in families. She's an amazing person. What she does is so powerful. And so that gives you context of this message she sent me, which by the way, thank you for ... Timing was impeccable.

Okay. So she said, "Good morning. You were on my mind. When I first came to FHL 2017, I had no idea the cost of live events to the person who's on stage, especially the cost to people like us who were reluctant to be on stage in the first place. Ironically, most people in the audience actually think, 'Oh, that's lucky. That must be nice.' Anyway, I've hosted a few of my own, much smaller, and I now know the cost. You have to give so much. Push right against the edge of what you think you can give. So I just wanted to say that you were amazing. It was that single FHL 2017 event, I didn't even have a ClickFunnels account yet. I just felt God nudged me towards being there in Dallas. That changed everything."

"Your sacrifice of doing what is so hard, of pushing yourself beyond what is reasonable for a person or the world to ask of someone, has made all the difference for me, for us. We as a family are changed. There's real freedom in what your dedication to your mission helps me to do. Innumerable dads are now able to read bedtime stories to their kids instead of yelling them before passing out drunk. There are real people who are alive today who would not be. Thousands of them. Real families, where the curses of alcohol addiction, the devil, have now been broken for generations. Real women and children who are not getting hit or worse, real rapes that are not happening."

"Sorry to be so blunt, but what you help me do in the world is on the edge of the battle of good and evil. And Russell, as you go next week, please hear me when I tell you that you are amazing. You're doing his work at the highest level. He is so proud. And we will be in the audience every moment, grateful for you, glad your entire family allowed you to change the world in a beautiful and unique way that only you can."

That's one person in this room, you guys. I literally have no interest in any of you guys making money. I could not care less. That is not my goal. And hopefully you guys know that. We talk about money. We talk about awards, but I've been called to serve the driven, and the reason why is because I know what the driven can do. I know what entrepreneurs like you guys can do. One person, Annie Grace, who hears the call and who doesn't shrink in fear. She steps up in faith against an insurmountable foe to go out to battle every single day, and changes the world in her own way. The fact that we get to be a little piece in that and help her to magnify her message is more than I could have dreamt of in a million years.

And that's what I want for all of you guys as well. Every single one of you guys have something. There's some group of people you've been called to serve. Someone's life you've been called to change. And if we can be a little piece in that mission, to give you the tool, the idea, the technique, something to help get your mission and your message out to more people, then everything that we've done here at ClickFunnels, that's what matters. I guess that we're less interested in how much money you make, and more interested on how you're able to serve the people you've been called to serve.

The driven people, they feel something. And I know you guys feel that. That's why you're here, right? They feel something. In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs, that says, "Without a vision, the people perish." You guys are the ones with the vision. That's why you're here. You've seen something different. That's why you showed up here, okay? The people who haven't seen that, they're not here. They're waiting for people like you guys to step up and be the leaders.
At FHL Orlando, we made this little video, and we showed it on stage, and then we never showed it since then, and as I was preparing this presentation, I found it again. I was like, "I want to show this again." So those who were in Orlando like five years ago, sorry. I showed this once, but this is the video we created to show during that event, that really illustrates who you guys are as the driven. So with that said, check out this quick video.

Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them. Disagree with them. Glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some might see them as the crazy ones... we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world... are the ones who do.

All right. So this is an identity I want to give all of you guys today. I need everybody to stand up for me real quick. We're going to stand up, and I want you to touch your chest, and you repeat these words. Say, "I am driven."

I am driven.

Again, louder. I am driven.

I am driven.

One more time. I am driven.

I am driven.

One more time. I'm driven.

I'm driven.

All right, you guys. You're the driven. All right. Okay. You can sit back down. So the driven. I want to talk about this. A couple things you need to know on this journey. My whole goal is to show you guys where you're at, where you're going, and what to prepare for, because this mission is not slowing down for any of you guys, okay? The world's getting crazy, and we need you, we need the driven to step up, to change the world, and keep it from going to chaos.

The first thing I want to talk about, coming back to the hero's two journeys, and we talked about this a little earlier. So here is you. You are this hero. You are in this ordinary world, and you're going on this mission. You have this thing you want to achieve. You have this thing you want to accomplish. You may not know exactly what it is yet. So excuse me. Because of that, we've tried to make it easy.

That's one of the biggest reasons ... Excuse me. One of the biggest reasons why we do the Two Comma Club Award, and Too Hard Award, all the big awards, the Boost Chapter Award, all the awards we'll be giving out over the next two days, because some of you guys don't know exactly what that is yet. You're like, "I feel a pull. I feel a tug. I don't know what it is." So I'm going to make it tangible. There's an award, okay? If you start pursuit of that award, you start running towards that award, you're going to start learning all the things you need to learn, to be able to become who you're supposed to be.

So you're going to go on this journey, and here, this is the big award you want. This is the journey of achievement. There's a flag, and then there's going to be this huge long journey for you to go, right? You're going to go on this journey. And eventually, as you go through this path, you're going to achieve something amazing.

Now, like I said earlier, I don't really care if you guys make a ton of money or not. I don't care if you're in the Two Comma Club or not. That's great. There's a goal. There's something to work towards. When I was wrestling, I wanted to be the best in the world. I wanted to be national champ. I never actually achieved that. In high school, I took second in the nation, which is pretty good, I'm not going to lie, but I never actually my goals. But it doesn't matter. I mean, you ever seen Rocky part I? Rocky didn't beat Apollo Creed, right? With all his heart, he pursued this thing. He never actually achieved it.

But guess what did happen? On this journey, they call this the hero's two journeys, because there's actually two journeys. The journey that all of us are pursuing, that the audience is aware of, you watch any movie, you know that Lightning McQueen's trying to win the Piston Cup, you know what Shrek's trying to do, you know what Bilbo Baggins, and Frodo, and you see the outward journey. This is the thing that everybody's aware of, is this journey of achievement. But if the story is told correctly, the second journey is the journey of transformation. This is the who you become. This is a much more powerful and more important. This is the only journey I actually care about for you guys.

And hopefully you achieve your dreams, and your wants, and your goals. But if you become someone different, become someone better on the journey, that's all that really matters. To me, and to the rest of the ClickFunnels community. That is the key, okay? And I got a secret for you guys. You've actually already been on this journey. That's why you're actually here. Do you know that? Some of you guys are like, "I'm starting my Hero's Journey." No, no, no, no, no. The first journey, you already did. If you actually read the Hero's Journey, at the end of the journey, guess what the hero does? The hero accomplishes this thing, and then he returns back to the ordinary world with the elixir. There's an elixir. They accomplish the thing, and they come back to the ordinary world, and then they start the second journey.

The reason why you guys are in this room is because you've already accomplished something, right? You did something. I'm guessing most of you guys, I look at the funnel hackers off my head, like Kaelin Poulin, right? Kaelin went through her journey, lost a whole bunch of weight. She did the Hero's Journey. She achieved what she wanted to. She transformed. She became someone different, but then she didn't stop. She returned with the elixir. She came back to the ordinary world, and then she changed hundreds of thousands of women's lives with what she knew.

That's the second journey. This is the journey I care about. This first journey right here, this is the journey of growth. This is the first Hero's Journey. But I'm guessing most of you guys have gone on this. You've become someone already. That's why you're here. You know you got something inside of you, or you wouldn't have been here, right? You're like, "Man, I have this talent, this hobby, this thing I know I can change the lives of other people. I just have to get it out there. I'm going to Funnel Hacking Live, because that's what they do there. They take people who are driven, who have gifts, and they help them to magnify their callings." That's exactly what's happening here.

So my guess is you've already been on this thing. You've accomplished something. You've had some growth, and now you're here today because you're going on the second journey. And the second journey is the one that I care about. This is the journey of contribution. I think that's my next slide. There we go. The journey of contribution.

Now, the journey of contribution looks very similar, because you're all starting out here. You're smiling. You're still over here. You've got this result you want to get. This is the result. That's supposed to be a flag. And there's this huge journey, right? You're back in your ordinary world. The difference is, this time it's not just you. This time, you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, because you feel called. How many of you guys feel that? Right? It's heavy. The mantle is heavy. Just so you guys know, if you're like, "Oh, I'm going to make a whole bunch of money. Life's going to be easy." No, no, no, no. Not if you do it the way that we want to do it.

There's ways to make money easy. There's gambling. There's cheating. But the way where you're trying to pursue something and change somebody's life, it's heavy. I'm taking the entire responsibility. I literally, if you guys knew how much effort I put into serving you guys, and I don't have to. I love it, but I don't have to. But man, I feel this calling, and it's a constant and consistent. People around me don't understand, "Why don't you stop? Why don't you slow down?" I'm like, "Because these are my people." I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, because I want to get you your result.

And so I'm going to keep trying to figure out things. We're going to spend more time on software. I'm going to do better training, bigger Funnel Hacking Lives, more events, more products, more software... Whatever we can do to solve the problems and make your job easier so that you can go on this journey, that's the key. Because your second journey, you are carrying the market that you have been called to serve. You're taking them on this journey with you, and hopefully you got goals. Your goal right here might be a Two Comma Club award. It might be Two Comma Club X. Maybe it's a Too Hard award, where you want to give a million dollars to charity. I don't care, but you got something you're striving towards. And as you go on this journey the second time, you're going to transform again. This is amazing. So this is the hero's two journeys. This time's all about contribution. Take a picture of that so you don't miss it for your notes. Just kidding. That says contribution there. Okay?

And so that's the second journey I want to talk about. That's the one that we're here today, is to take you guys, because I know all of you guys are heavy. You have that calling. You have that answer. You're holding the entire weight of the world on your shoulders. The people you know you've been called to serve. So our job at ClickFunnels is to make that job easier for you, to give you the tools and the things you need to be more successful. Okay?

Okay. Now, a couple things is when you go on the second journey, as I was kind of preparing this, there were three core things that popped out at me. Things that make this hard, or that make it scary, or that make a shift a lot of times from faith back into fear. It's easier to step back, right? So you start going, "I'm going to do this." You start moving forward. You're like, "Oh, it's heavy. Oh, this is awesome." And you're like, "Can I do this?" And you're like, "Oh, that fear of being a drifter sounds real easy. I don't have to do this. What if I just set it down and then came back over here and drifted?" You've read Atlas Shrugged. That's the end of the book. All the producers who were holding the weight of the world on their shoulder, they shrug and they walk back, and they go back, and they're like, "I don't want that. I want to support you guys who are holding the weight of the world on your shoulder. That's my goal. That's my mission."

And so you have this thing, and so there were three things I wrote down there. There's three things that if people understood, I think it'll make this weight lighter for you guys, okay? So the first one I'll talk about is called stewardship. There you go. My writing gets worse and worse, and this is day one, hour one. Can you imagine by Friday, Saturday, what it's going to look like?

Okay. Number one is stewardship. I am a big, big believer that so many of you guys come into this world, and you're like, "All right. I'm going to win $10 million. I'm going to win this award. I'm going to do all this sort of things. I'm going to build my version of ClickFunnels." You come in with that. You have to understand that that fear of saying you're not ready, you're not worthy yet, is true to a point. You're not. That's why you have to step forward in faith and start learning things. And what's going to happen is you start pursuing, you start moving forward in faith, God's going to give you an idea. And the first idea is not going to be, "You should go build ClickFunnels. You should build eBay. You should build this thing called Amazon." That's not the first idea. The first idea is a little one. Because he's like, "I wonder if Russell's going to be a good steward of ideas. I'm going to give an idea."

And so I was sitting there in my college dorm, working on some stuff, and all of a sudden I had an idea for this thing. And my very first idea was this thing called Zip Brander. How many of you guys are my Zip Brander customers in here? Seriously? There's like three or four people that bought Zip Brander? Dude. That's amazing. I was in college. I was a sophomore in college. That was my, even pre-potato gun. My very first idea was called Zip Brander.
I created that thing. We launched it to the world. I sold like 30 of them. It was amazing, right?

Changed my life. It was like, "This actually works. People bought stuff from me on the internet. This is great." That was my first idea. And guess what? As good of an idea, as I thought it was at the time, it was not that good of an idea, but it was an idea. And so God gave me an idea and said, "I wonder if Russ will be a good steward of this idea." And he gave me that idea, and watched, and said, "Oh, he did something with it. He didn't shrink in fear. He stepped forward in faith and did something with it. Okay. I can trust him. I'm going to give him a little better idea." And he gave me the next idea. "Try this one out. I want to see what he's going to do with it." He's like, "Is he going to handle it or not?"

I start going forward, and I did it or I didn't, right? And then we did the next one, and the next one. And he gives us stewardship of these ideas to see what we're going to do with it. "Are you going to do something with it?" And if you keep doing that, keep doing that, eventually he gives you better and better ideas. Bigger and bigger opportunities. Okay?

And actually, if you understand, it's interesting if you read the parable in the Bible, the Parable of the Talents, is one of the most interesting, interesting stories in the Bible. So the master comes and he has three servants, and he gives one servant five talents. The second one, he gives two talents, and the third, he gives one talent, right? He says, "Go and do something with this. I'm going to see if you're a good steward of this stuff, and then come back and report back."

So they go out there, they do their things, and the guy who gets five talents, he goes and invests talent for money. He takes the money, invests it, comes back and makes ... I think he comes back with 10. And the next guy with two goes back, invests it, comes back with four. And the person that had one was like, "Oh, I don't want to lose this." So he went and buried it and hid it.

And so when the master comes back, he's like, "Hey, what did you guys do?" And the first guy's like, "Hey, I took the five, turned it into 10." He's like, "Oh, you're a good steward of ideas. Cool. You can have everything I have." Says, "Well done. My good and faithful servant now has been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things. You are a good steward of your ideas. I will give you more."

Then he goes back to one who hid the talent, and said, "What did you do with it?" He's like, "Well, I hid it. I didn't want to break it or lose it. I just kind of hid it over here." He literally says in the scripture, says, "I was afraid, and I went and I hid the talent in the earth." What did the master tell him? Wasn't very good for him. He said, "Take it from him and give it to the person who's a good steward."

Have you guys ever had an idea for something, like, "Oh, this is going to be cool. I'm going to do it," and then you didn't do it, and then later you saw someone else do it, like, "Oh, I had that idea"? Yeah. I bet you did. Fidget spinners? Fidget spinners were the one. It's interesting, right? Ideas come and go. We have a million ideas, but the question is, "Are you going to be a good steward of the ideas when they come?" Okay? Because on this journey, you're going to pick up the way of the world, because you're like, I'm going to change the world with what I got." And you're going to start moving this thing, and he's going to be like, "All right. We're going to see if Russell actually ... How much has he bought into this? Is he going to do it? He's saying he's driven. He stood up and said it. 'I'm driven.' Is he? Or is he going to a drifter? I'm going to test him. Here's an idea." And he sees what happens. "Wow." He gets through that one. "I'm going to give him another one. I'm going to give him another one. I'm going to give him another one."

Three years ago at FHL, I showed you guys ... Any of you guys remember this? I showed every funnel I'd built before ClickFunnels. 150 funnels. Not that I built in an account. 150 funnels I had created, designed, built a product for, wrote copy for, and launched into the internet. 150 funnels before we built ClickFunnels. Wasn't one. Wasn't two. People are like, "When's my ClickFunnels coming out?" Well, you got some work to do. Create a funnel, then another one.

"No, but I tried a funnel and it didn't work, Russell. You said it's one funnel away. That's a big scam." No. I didn't say it was the first funnel, right? Do it, and then do it again, and do it again, and do it again. And eventually, if you are consistent, then you'll get the idea, and God's like, "All right. He's a good steward of an idea. Here's another one. Here's another one. Oh my gosh. This is the one. It's called ClickFunnels." I was like, "What? ClickFunnels? Todd, we should make this thing called ClickFunnels." He's like, "That's a great idea. Russell, you're so smart." No, no, no, no, no, no, no. The ideas are placed in your mind. You have to understand that. Okay?

So all of you guys, we all want to have these big level 10 opportunities, but you don't get them right now. You don't get this right now. That shows up when you start moving forward in faith, and then you get the ideas, he's testing to see if you're a good steward. And if you keep pursuing that, and if you prove to be a good steward, you get better ideas and more ideas. It's pretty exciting.

The next thing is capacity, okay? That's the other thing. When we decide to go on this journey, how many of you guys are here right now, you're about to start, and you're like, "I don't know if I can do that. That is really far away, right? I'm not ready. I'm not worthy. I don't know if I can handle this. Why me? There's so many people that are better qualified. There's so many people that should be doing this besides me."

I can tell you in the Category Kings groups, we have different mastermind levels. The Category Kings group, they pay $150,000 a year to be in that group. And what's fascinating is, almost every single person in that group is like, "Man, why did I have to be the one to do this? I had this idea, I had this calling, but I wanted someone else to do. I kept trying to give it to other people, but then it kept coming back, saying, 'I know this is yours.' But fine." Right? "Fine. I'll take it." Okay. So what happens, we have to test our capacity.

Again, I shared this quote earlier, but it says, "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called." And so what's going to happen is, he's not just going to make it easy. If you come back to the Hero's Journey, there's this time in the middle we have all the trials and the problems, and things like that. In Hero With a Thousand Faces, he calls it crossing the abyss. The abyss is this time with all the trials and temptations. Every hero goes through it, right? And so again, you've got to be able to increase your capacity to actually be able to handle the thing you're doing, right?

If you would have handed me the problems that ClickFunnels has today seven years ago, it would have crushed me. I would have been like, "Ugh, boom," and I would have quit and died. I guess literally, if you just knew this morning alone how many fires Todd and I put out backstage while we're warming up to come out here, and we're like, "I can't believe ... This would have crushed us 10 years ago." And we're like, "Let's go." Right?

How does that happen? It doesn't happen overnight. It happens by you go through the abyss. You go through the problems, the struggles, the trials, and you get stronger. You increase your capacity, and then he gives you another trial. And you're like, "Why is he doing this to me? This is so hard. Why am I in London, and the entire world wants to kill me?" He said, "Because if we had 100,000 members now, you wouldn't be able to handle it. So I had to strengthen you up, Russell. So we're going to crash ClickFunnels for a little while, see how tough you guys are. You're going to build more infrastructure, more things in place. We're going to test yourself, and then it increases your capacity." Same thing we do in the weight room, right? We go in the weight room to tear down our muscles, to increase our capacity, so we can handle more.

So just know, as you start on this journey, I promise you, it is not going to be easy. I promise you. Anyone that tells you, "Oh, it's going to be easy. It's going to be fun." No, no, no, no. It's not going to be easy or fun. It's going to be hard. But that's part of it. Because right now, the things that you have, the dreams, the goals you have, I promise you, you don't have the capacity to actually handle it yet. So as you step out into this journey, and you move forward with faith, and you leave the ordinary world, and you're going on this journey, it's going to be hard, because you've got to be tested. You've got to increase your capacity. So prepare for it.

It's going to be okay. That's why you have a community like this of people that you can surround yourself around. So when you're like, "This is not working. My Facebook account got shut down. Nobody's buying my product. I did a webinar. I had 300 people signed up, and not a single person showed up. I tried to do an event and nobody showed up. There were two people in the room. I spent every penny I had, and two people showed up in this room. It was so embarrassing." Okay, yes. It's going to happen over and over and over again. Because you have to be able to increase your capacity, because the missions you've all been called for are heavier than you can handle right now.

Do you think that Annie Grace, when she got into this whole thing, when she was struggling with drinking herself, and all of a sudden, she figured out how to break the whole thing, and all of a sudden she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders, like, "Hey, go out there and you're going to be battling heaven and hell trying to save these people and their families," do you think she was ready for that? No. So she had to go on this journey, to increase her capacity over and over and over again. The mission's the same for all of you guys.

If it wasn't the story, it would be boring. Can you imagine a story or a movie where you go, and the hero leaves the ordinary world, and he strolls around for a little while, and he gets to the end? That movie would be so boring. Why would you expect your journey's going to be anything different? If you truly want to contribute and change the world, it's going to be heavy. But it's okay. He's not giving you anything you can't handle. He's going to give you just enough to increase your capacity, and sometimes it's going to feel like failure.

Before I met Todd 10 years ago, I thought I had everything figured out. I had the vision. I had the mission. I knew exactly where I was going. I was going on the thing. And maybe I took a wrong route. I don't know what happened, but I thought I was following everything I was supposed to be doing, and all of a sudden, one day I went from having 100 employees to me having to lay off 90-something employees, everything crashing down on me, and I was like, "I thought I was doing everything right. What's happening? Why is this happening to me?" I was so frustrated. It took almost five years for us to get from this crash, to losing our business, to shutting things down. It was a five-year cycle for us to get through that, and then come back through the other side of the abyss. And then on the backside of that, I met Todd. We launched ClickFunnels. All these things happened. I was like, "If I had not gone through that pain during that window of time, I never would have been able to handle any of this."

And so for all of you guys to understand now on this journey, do not give up. Do not switch from being driven to becoming a drifter when it gets hard. Because it will get hard, but I promise you it's worth it. Someday, you'll show up in a room after remembering being in a room with two people, and you'll walk into a room with 5,000 people, and you'll be like, "This is worth it. All this was worth it."

All right. And then the last thing, or not the last thing, the next thing I'm going to talk about, we had ... What was the first one? Who could read my handwriting here? Yeah. We got stewardship, capacity ... Stewardship, capacity, and number three, this is one that's going to be big, it's going to hit you all, is guilt. How many of you guys feel guilt sometimes when you start pursuing this. Yeah. Isn't that weird? You're like, "Well, I think I'm doing the right thing, but why do I feel so guilty about this?" Okay?

You have to understand, this is interesting. I had a really fascinating call with Dan Kennedy about a little while ago. And by the way, Dan's going to be back tonight. We had Dan Kennedy yesterday, for those who were there. It was amazing. He went for seven or eight hours. He's coming back tonight for a special session after the breakout rooms. But I had this really interesting conversation with him, and I was asking him, I was like, "It's weird. When you watch TV or you watch movies, have you ever noticed that the entrepreneurs like us are always the villain in the movie, every single time?" It's like, "Oh, it's the evil rich billionaire who's going to take over the world." And they're always the bad guys. Why are we the bad guys? I feel like we're doing good stuff, right?

And Dan said something really interesting. He said, "If you look at the money pyramid or..." He said, "There's 1% that are super wealthy. There's 4% up here, and then there's 15% that are the middle class, and then 80% is the drifters." In fact, it's funny. Napoleon Hill in the book over here said that 2% of percent of the population are driven, 98% are drifters. I don't know the exact number, but it's not high. And so what Dan Kennedy said, he said is interesting. He said that all of the media, these are the people they're selling to. This is the masses. This is who Disney's got to sell it to. And this is who all the masses are. So they create stuff that makes these people feel really, really good.

And the best way to do that is make these guys seem really, really evil. And so all of this produced Hollywood stuff makes us come out to be the bad guy, which is really interesting, but you have to understand in the reality, in the real world, you look at this, the heroes are these people right here. The heroes are the driven. The heroes are the ones who are creating, who are expiring, who are moving things. Those are the ones who are the heroes of the story. And so I want you guys understand that you, as the driven... You guys are actually the heroes of the story. I want you to understand that. Yeah, you're the heroes. That's a big deal. Give yourself a round of applause for that.

You think about that. Think about all the amazing things that we have in life. Think about your favorite things in life. It was created by somebody who was an entrepreneur. How many of you guys like your phones? Okay. There was this guy named Steve Jobs who was obsessed with trying to create a business to make a bunch of money, which created this huge wake of contribution that created the iPhone. Every business is based on that. It's interesting.

Another quote that Dan told me on that call, that was interesting and this is something, he's like, "You don't ever want to post this on Facebook because people think you're arrogant." But he said, "Andrew Carnegie once said, he said that no man achieves any great thing in life unless than his private thoughts, he believes he is superior to all other men."

So again, don't quote that on Facebook, but I want to think about that. I was in a room one time of entrepreneurs like this, and someone asked us... Nobody ever raised their hand. This isn't true for all of you guys, but I'm not going to have you raise your hands. But if you want to just smile, if you know I'm talking about you, how many of you guys in your secret thoughts feel this way? Okay, I'm going to say it again. No man achieves any great thing in life unless in his private thoughts, he believes that he has superior to all other men. Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men of all time. Okay. It's interesting for you to have the gumption to be like, "Hey, I'm going to be the person who takes responsibility for this and I'm going to be the one who's going to take this and I'm going to go on this journey. That takes a lot. Right? Okay. Maybe you don't believe it that hard, that strong. You have to understand you're the hero. You have to have confidence in that. I'm smart enough. I'm good. I'm going to do this thing. I'm capable of it. Right?

Another thing that's interesting that... I have so many cool notes here. I'm running out time already. Can we just go... How many you guys going to go until midnight tonight? Okay. All right. It's important for us as we are doing this to pursue that we are pursuing our self-interest like each of you guys, this is a hard thing to say out loud. And the world is not want us to say this, but if it wasn't for the fact that me and Todd pursued ourself in just like we want to build software where we can build funnels, we're going to make a crap ton of money. As much as I would say initially, "Oh yeah, I was going to do this. I wanted to build a whole bunch. I want to build funnels so people can make a bunch of money." That was not the initial pursuit.

Pedro said this best one time. He said, "God tricked me into building a business. He comes up here and says, I need to achieve something. He tricks you like, okay, you're going to achieve something. And also you're oh, I'm going to do that. Start trying to achieve this thing. And he tricks us sometimes. So he tricks us to go achieve this thing. And we go on this path. We go on this journey because he knows that by pursuit of our self-interest, we are going to become who we need to be." Weird. My phone is talking. I must have clicked some point. Who's talking out of my butt. That was so weird. I was thinking, is there somebody behind me? This is so awkward.

And so most of us as entrepreneurs feel guilty, I'm pursuing my self-interest. I want to build a business. I wanted to do Comma Club board. I want to make much money. Oh, I can't say that because I feel bad about it. My friends will think I'm one of those people. I don't want to be the villain. I don't be the bad guy. We're going to have that. We have to understand that. And Brooke Castillo, who's going to be up here next. She said something so powerful to me the other day on a call. She said that so many of us try to shrink because of that. Oh, I don't want to do that thing. And she said, "You have to understand those desires were not placed in your heart by you. Those desires to pursue something were placed there by somebody else.?

He said, "You didn't create yourself." We didn't create ourselves. God created us. And he put these desires in our heart for us to pursue something. Right? Because somebody tricks to pursue this thing right here. Because I know as you go on this journey, you're going to become someone different. Why did I go through a decade and a half of my life pursuing wrestling. I never became the greatest in the world. I never became what I wanted to. But the pursuit of it made me become who I became. I could have done any of this had I not pursued my wrestling goals and made this happen. Had I not pursued my ClickFunnels goals, I never would've figured out this whole thing. Right? There's going to be a transition point. As you are pursuing something in self-interest, I want to accomplish this thing that all of a sudden, all these things are going to happen. And this is when you have a chance to become, you have a chance to serve the people you've been called to serve. Okay? So don't feel guilty about it.

Dan Kennedy talked about this as well in one of our NOBS newsletters. It was so cool. He said that he had George Foreman at one of the info summits. And he said, "George Foreman talked about when you're boxing. He's like, if you pull your punches, you're going to lose." So many of us, we're going out there trying to change the world. Oh, we're going to pull our punches a little bit and kind of wait a little bit. He said that, "If you're boxing, you pull your punches, you're going to lose you. Can't go out there about to fight. So like, oh, well I've won a title before. He's never won to before man. Boom. Then you lose." Right.

You don't go out there, oh, well he is not a black guy. He's not, it's not going to be fair. I'm going to go a little lighter on him. You can't do that when you're pursuing something amazing. You can't pull your punches. Okay. And what's cool about entrepreneurship, it's even better is there's not like boxing where there's one winner, one loser. All of you guys can pursue your dreams. All of you guys can pursue your interest. All you guys can create something and nobody else loses. Right. Everybody grows together. That's what's so amazing about what we actually do. Right? I don't know about you guys. But sometimes it's hard when you're in this world around you and most again, 98% of people aren't driven. And sometimes I'm like, "Man, am I messed up? Is there something wrong with me?"

And it's like, I don't know how you guys have watched the documentary, the docu-series The Last Dance by Michael Jordan. Yeah. If you guys haven't watched that, it's amazing. But it's so cool to see him, the greatest basketball player of all time, go out there and you watch his team. He was crazy. And he worked hard. He was trying to pursue this thing and it's like, he would yell at us. He would beat us up. He would do all kind of stuff. Because he wanted this.

But by him pursuing his self-interest, what did he create? Okay. He created a team, a culture, a legacy, all these things. As you are pursuing your dreams, the wake of contribution that will go behind you, will change lives of tens of thousands or millions of people. So don't hide like, "Oh I'm not going to do this." You have to move forward. And the people are going to watch you move forward and then they're going to step up.

For my wrestlers in the room, there's an old wrestling movie called Vision Quest, which is kind of a cheesy movie. The guy from Stranger Things actually is the main character in it when he was a little kid, but he's a wrestler. He's getting ready for this wrestling tournament. And the night before or the day of his wrestling tournament, he goes over and he sees his buddy who works in the hotel. He's like the cook of the hotel and he's never taken a day off.

And he walks over to see his buddy and his buddy is there all dressed up in a suit and tie? He's like, "What are you doing?" He's like, "You're working. Why are you taking work off?" He's like, "You never take work off." He's like "I'm taking work off because I want to see you compete." He said, "Dude, you don't have to worry about it. It's just this match. It's not that big of a deal." And he says this quote that every time I see it, man I break down like crying.

But he said, "This guy, his friend, one time at night. He's like I was sitting there after working all day. I was sitting on TV, late nights, flipping through channels. And all of a sudden I saw this soccer game come up and I saw this guy, Pele, the greatest soccer player of all time. He said he jumped up and he did a back flip and he kicked the ball over his head and it went into the goal. And afterwards he flipped off his jersey, started running around, throwing around in the stadium, going crazy." He says, "I watched that. I started crying." And he said, "The reason why I was crying." Because this was the quote he said, "Because I had just seen another human being lift himself up and the rest of humanity up to a better place. Even if it was just for a minute."

Okay, that's what people need. They want to see you come on stage. They want to see you succeed. They see that it raises them. It raises their beliefs, their hopes. It gets them to stop drifting, gets them to stop moving in fear. And they say, "Man, if this person can move forward in faith, then I can, okay. If this person can do it, then I can do it." And all of a sudden you start bringing other people along with you. You bring more people, make more people driven and it helps us change the world. So I want you guys understand you are the hero. Do not feel guilty. This is so important for us to pursue the things we're going after. Because first off it's who we're going to become someone different along the way. And second off. That's how we change the world.

Again. Yeah. You guys getting this? Okay. A couple of other cool things. So next thing we understand is that desire you guys fill in your hearts is your calling. Desire is the calling. And so I don't want you guys to feel guilty for that. I'm probably going to go to the next ones a couple, a lot faster here because I'm way over time already. So the first thing we understand is that after you feel that calling there's two things you understand? Number one thing you have to understand is who... Who are the people you've been called to serve? Okay. This is the key of all of businesses. I get so crazy. When I go to internet marketing events, people are so geeky on like keywords and SEO and all this stuff. No, no. The key of business is this. Who are you called to serve? When you figure this out, this is when business becomes easy.

Okay? And here's the hint for most of you guys. The person that you were called to serve is probably you five years ago before you went on the heroes journey the first time, before you accomplish the first thing, there's the hint. So I guess the most of you are called to serve you five years ago. So that's the first question. Second question then after who are you called to serve, what is the problem that you can solve for them? And that's kind of it. That's business in a nutshell, who are you called to serve and what problems can you solve for them? In fact, it's interesting. We go forward a couple slides here. This right here. This is my Category King Group. So we did our first Category King meeting, last October, enormous year. These guys are amazing. We had so much fun.

But the day before our very first meeting, we had a special day where we had, we called it our Category King Day. And one of the authors of the book Play Bigger, play bigger is a book about how to become a Category King. But we had one of the authors coming into a one-day workshop with us and it was so cool. It's so fascinating. And he came out and the first thing he said, "Everything I've learned about how to become a Category King, I learned after I wrote the book. He's like, "We're not even going to talk about the book today because everything I learned that's actually really important is not that." And then what's crazy about it. He said, "The biggest thing I learned about becoming a Category King in your market is you have to figure out what is the problem that you solve for somebody else. That's it."

And he started talking about this concept, what is the problem? And he talked about how, if you... Oops too far, he said that, "If you look at how businesses are created, everything's based on a category. You go to the grocery store. You're like, I'm going to go to the cereal category and find all the cereals. I'm going to go to the pizza category and find a pizza. Things are broken down in categories. That's how people find things. Back in the day, you go to the Yellow Pages and you'd find the category for everything you were looking for." And so that was the key, breaking these down categories that you figure out... For you to create your own category the secret, the goal is you to figure out what is the problem you can solve that nobody else can solve. And when you figure out that problem, that's what changes everything.

And so he started sharing some businesses that had solved the problem. And one of the ones he shared, he said that the problem, so I'm going to tell you is the problem. And then what you see is to tell me if you can figure out what the company is. So the problem that this company saw, they said, "Hey, just because I'm tired, doesn't mean I'm thirsty." Okay. Yes. That's the problem I'm going to have. What business was it that solved that problem? Just because I'm really tired doesn't mean I'm actually thirsty." Five Hour Energy. I didn't want to go drink a Red Bull, but I'm tired, but I don't want to drink this huge thing. So I just wanted really quick shot. Okay. The problem was, ah, I just said I'm tired doesn't mean I'm thirsty. The solution Red Bull. Okay.

Here's another one. I want to surf cold water longer. There's the problem. I want to surf in cold water longer. Who's the Category King? O'Neil, boom, O'Neil wetsuits. Right? I hate taxis. They're the worst thing in the world. That's the problem? Who was the Category king. Uber. And then ClickFunnels. When we built ClickFunnels initially, the problem we tried to solve was that entrepreneurs, they aren't technical. That's a problem. So many entrepreneurs are not technical, but they want to try to change the world. How do we do it? Okay. ClickFunnels. That was the solution. So for you guys, the key is to figure out what the problem you have is, and that's the problem that you solve is the goal. So who is the person I'm called to serve? And if I can figure out the problem that I'm going to solve them, that's why I become the Category King of that. And I wish I could talk for three days just on this one principle.

It was funny because Dave Allen, the author of this book, he actually had us do a breakout afterwards for I think 30 minutes, 45 minutes. And the 15 people who were in that room, each of have made $150,000 to be in that room. Not one of us could figure out what problem we solved. Is that crazy? Why is this so hard? In fact, it was interesting because the first thing I did is I shared the problem, the ClickFunnels solved. And I was like, "Oh my gosh, that was the problem we solved eight years ago. But it's not the problem that was solved today. It shifted." It was just the most fascinating thing. In fact, I think that's my next thing here to talk about here. Oh no. Where did I leave the clicker? Oh thank heavens. I'm not going to be over there. I'm like, that's a long walk from where I am. Okay.

So yeah. I'm going to come back to it in a second. I'll talk about the thing, but the one biggest thing I want to try to simplify it, because we're going to go over next four days. We want to go deep in different funnel types and ways to get traffic, a whole bunch of amazing things. But I want to try to simplify this whole business for you guys really quick before we dive into it.

Okay. Because business is actually really, really simple when you understand what business you're in. You are literally in the two thing business. There's only two things. Number one is you are supposed to gather your people, gather the people you've been called to serve. Okay? So we're in the gathering. So how do you do that? Well, there's funnels that gather. Now you do webinar. People gather, you do webinars, you do live events, you do things like we're gathering people together.

So the goal is to gather a bunch of who's and when we have a whole bunch of who's, it turns into this thing called the list. How many of you guys have an email list of people? Okay, that's the goal in case you're curious, I don't know what I'm going to do the next four days. This is the biggest goal. The bigger list of people you have that you're able to serve, the more money you'll make. That's it, that's the key. That's the big secret. It's not like every competitor is better at ads or better at this or be like, those things are all good and they're all part of it. But the biggest key is whoever has the biggest email list will make the most amount of money.

So that becomes a focus. I need a huge list of people that I can serve. Okay. I've told this in other events before in the past. When we had a thousand people on our list, I was making a thousand bucks a month. When I had 10,000, I made 10,000 a month, a hundred thousand, a hundred thousand a month, million people on my list million people a month.

So the goal is how big can I get this list of the people I have been called to serve? And there's a whole bunch of ways. And so over this weekend, we're talking about different ways to get traffic to this. But as many ways you can to gather your people together so you can serve them. And the second side is, then you got to figure out what are the problems they have.

And then we create this thing called an offer and we sell the offers to the list. That's the business, that's it, you guys, it's not more complicated than that. I promise you're all going to try to overcomplicate it. You're all going to be stressed out. This funnel, it doesn't really matter. Pick one. They're all... The goal of the funnels are two things. One goal of a funnel is to build the list. And the other goal is to sell a product to the list you just gathered.

That's the goal of ClickFunnels. Okay? So this is the simplicity. And again, there's different funnels that'll build the list. There's three or four different ways you're going to learn about it. There's different ways to create offers. You're going to learn a bunch of different ways, but that's the business, the simplicity of what we're actually trying to do and accomplish with you guys here. Okay. So you think about what this business you're actually in, you are in the business of gathering the people you've been called to serve and then creating offers and selling to those people. That's it in a nutshell. Okay. So that's the business you're in.

Really quick, I'm going to go through this, the ClickFunnels business. Again, the people that we've been called to serve are who? Are entrepreneurs who are driven, that's the who, that's who we've been called to serve. And then the problem we solved. So with ClickFunnels 1.0, the problem that we solved was that entrepreneurs aren't technical. And so what we did is we built a website, funnel creation system, that made it easy for entrepreneurs to build stuff.

And so that's kind of where ClickFunnels 1.0 was. And what's interesting... And I wish I could go deeper on this, but a funnel in this situation was a noun. Here's the funnel. This is the thing you need. ClickFunnels 2.0, our problem has changed. And so everything we've done in the last two years, we're going to be sharing more behind the scenes with you is because things have changed. So ClickFunnels 2.0, the problem that we are trying to solve for the marketplace for you is not that entrepreneurs aren't technical. There's a hundred of web companies now that you can build websites and drag and drop, make things simple. That's not the problem anymore.

The problem is that you can go buy a Wix account for 20 bucks and build an amazing website. But guess what? You have no customers, okay? Funnels will bring you customers. So ClickFunnels 2.0, what we do is we help you create funnels, get customers to you. Literally we are shifting in our vocabulary as a company from funnel being a noun to being a verb. We help you get people from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube all these places and we help funnel them to you. Okay? So that's like our mission moving forward. Good. Going to be really cool.

So that was kind of what we wanted to share with you guys on this concept of the drifter versus the driven. I am so honored to be here with you guys as the driven, as the entrepreneurs who are here to change the world. I'm so excited for the next couple days to do that.​


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