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Need a launch idea? Hear how we took a friend’s product and turned it into an epic offer that I think will win a 2CC-X award this year. Plus, we follow the strategy I keep bringing up - “The Linchpin” - which has become the doctrine for every business we work with. This is the secret to growing and scaling your business without having to build ANY new products using the Linchpin!

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Every time we have a new Dan Kennedy campaign, I open up the Google Drive. It has his entire archive and start searching. I'm like, oh, there's this. Oh, there's this. And we start finding all these amazing things. And so it's just exciting. So anyway, there's a lot of things. There's like 500 little tips that we used on the PLR Funnels launch that hopefully give you some ideas on ways that you can grow your business as well.


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What's up everyone? I am so excited to be hanging out with you guys today. I've got so much stuff to talk about. I don't even know where exactly to start. As you know, I introduced a new framework to you guys over the last year. It's a framework we used to launch ClickFunnels, so I've nicknamed it the Linchpin. Because it all relies on this one thing that ties all of your funnels and your offers and everything together. It's amazing. And we have a new book coming out soon, probably next week or two, about the Linchpin, that you can buy, and you can read. Funnel Hacking Live this year is all going deep on Linchpin. Our two comma club X coaching program's deep on Linchpin. Inner Circle, all we're focusing on is Linchpin. I keep telling you Linchpin is the way. And to prove it, I have been launching business after business after business using the Linchpin framework over the last six months.

If you're on my list, you've probably seen a lot of them. Some of them you probably haven't seen, because some of them don't have anything to do with me. There are other brands we own, other companies. But man, now that we've got the process figured out, it is insane how fast we are growing each of these individual companies. I don't know, it's exciting. In fact, last week, we had three dramatic demonstrations happening. So if you know about the dramatic demonstrations, it's part of the Linchpin, but it's basically some type of an event. So two of the dramatic demonstrations were for our new supplement company called Unfair Advantage. And one of them was for... it was basically to get people in ClickFunnels. But the offer was called PLR Funnels, and some of you guys saw that campaign as well. And all three of those happened last week at the same time.

So not only were we doing them all, different businesses are doing on the same days and back and forth. And it's insane. It's just growing at an exponential number. And so I'm going to be walking behind the scenes of just each of these different campaigns in future episodes as I go through them. But I just wanted to give you as a framework, this stuff I'm talking about... A lot of people came up with a system or an idea, and they'll promote it to everybody, but they don't actually do it. I don't know. I feel like if you want your business to survive in the future, it's the understanding and the mastery of this framework. I keep talking about it. I keep talking about it and people are like, "Oh, I think I get it. I think I get it." And it's funny, because last week we were re-explaining to Dan Henry, because we're trying to work on this dramatic demonstration with him. And he was like, "Oh, yeah, yeah." And then all of a sudden he got it, and he sent this message back completely freaking out. Because he's like, "Oh. Oh." In fact, I wonder if I can find that for you guys in the next five seconds.

Oh, wow. Okay. That is a distinct difference. That's like a SLO Harry Belcher's premiums. They had a baby, and the baby came out backwards. Dude, that's cool. Okay, so you're like, "Hey, VIP is 300 bucks, but if you sign up to our membership site, you get it for free. And we'll give you this cool bonus premium gift that you get." I see. You just want to go the MRR. You don't care about... Oh, wow. That's genius. That's freaking genius. That's really genius. You're doing it backwards, because you're like... Wow. Huh, that's pretty cool.

Okay, so there was Dan Henry having the aha. Like, "Oh my gosh. I finally understand it." And my goal is I'm going to keep talking about this, keep talking about it until eventually you'll have the aha as well. Maybe you already have. And you're all in, you're drinking the Kool-Aid. But if not yet, I need you guys to have the aha. It's that big. It's that important. It's something that will transform your business. And by doing that, it'll probably transform your life. So there you go. There's the pre-setup. And again, if you're not at Funnel Hacking Live this year, that's all we're going deep into. Make sure you're there at And what's cool is that we're using this not just for info product companies, but we're using it for software companies. And then this week we did it for an actual supplement company.

So it works in any business. It's just understanding some of the shifts. So anyway, I digress. This episode is not about the Linchpin at all other than it works, and we're doing it. But I want to talk about some of these different campaigns. So the campaign I'm going to talk about is the one that I think a lot of you guys probably saw. I'm guessing you heard me talk about it. And it was our Private Label Rights, was the campaign. We launched it, and it did amazing. In fact, I somebody who messaged like oh, PLR's dead, Russell. Didn't you know? I was like, apparently not. Because the campaign crushed it. And now the campaign is over. Now we're evergreening it. And in about two weeks from now, we'll be back live again. And we'll keep driving traffic. And I think this will be an offer that does over $10 million this year alone.

And that's exciting, right? I don't know about you, but if you look at how we do things as part of this Linchpin, we do dramatic demonstrations. So dramatic demonstration is just something to get people's attention. And it could be as simple as when it was my birthday, I did the Russell Brunson's birthday dramatic demonstration. And we told people it was my birthday, and they registered. And then the thank you page of the registration, we gave them a trial to ClickFunnels. And from my birthday party, we got like 400 something people to join ClickFunnels. 400 plus people to join ClickFunnels. And so that's the goal, is we do these dramatic demonstrations. So it could be like at my birthday party, it could be a challenge, it could be a webinar, it could be... It doesn't really matter. Just something that gets people to register for some kind of event, some kind of promotion, some kind of dramatic demonstration you may want to call it.

They consume the dramatic demonstration. The end of the dramatic demonstration, you make some kind of offer. But the key is that on the thank you page, them registering is where you're putting people into your continuity program. This is where your MRR. And so for me, I'm always looking for what's something that I can promote on the backend that's going to be exciting to ClickFunnels members. And so that's what PLR funnels was. It was this really good offer we put together. We get like 250 pre-done products for you. The sales letter, the actual e-book written for you. I think 52 of them had done funnels. The funnels were finished. It was an insanely good offer, plus training, plus a bunch of other things. And so that was the offer was this PLR funnels. It was $787. You got access to and rights to all of these different books, and that was what the offer was.

And so for me, when people register at, thank you page like thank you so much for registering. Hey, we're going to give you two PLR products right now for free when you get a ClickFunnels account. So we promoted that. And from this one little campaign we got over... It was over a thousand. I think it was close to like 1200 people. We had 1100 and something, between 1100 and 1200 people who actually joined ClickFunnels from my list. This is a big deal, because people on my list have heard about ClickFunnels once or twice or 8 billion times. Yet from this one little tiny campaign, we were able to get over almost 1200 people, over 1100 people to join ClickFunnels and get a trial. So that happened before the webinar even started. So we got that. Then we did the webinar. At the end of the webinar, we sold a $797 product that converted like crazy.

We had a partner in it. So they get half the money, we get half the money. And it was cool for us. And then we take that $797, we take all the sales we got, we take our profit from that. And this is the key to Linchpin that people will keep missing is like, that money's not my money. That money is now Mark Zuckerberg's money. Okay. So I take all the money. So for us it was just shy of a million dollar launch. So half of that goes to our partner. So we ended up with... I don't know math. 3, $400,000 in cash that we collected from the thing we sold at the back. So we got almost 1200 members to join ClickFunnels. We got whatever, 300, $400,000, whatever cash collected. Now what we do is take the funnel, we evergreen it. So we put it in. We evergreen it.

The way we evergreen it now is we're using either Webinar Fuel, if it's like a webinar. Or we're using Challenge Fuel, if it's a challenge. Both are Anthony Morrison's products. Anthony's the man. It's still a ClickFunnels funnel, but we plug in the actual thing that plays the presentations. Indeed, the Webinar Fuel, if it's a one time presentation. Challenge Fuel, if it's a multi-day. And then we relaunch it. We take all that money that Zuckerberg just earned, everything we sold on the back. And we take 100% of that money, we dump into ads. We drive more people in, they register for PLR Funnels. A whole bunch of them start joining ClickFunnels, which is the only real goal of this campaign. Then we do the webinar, we sell more PLR funnels. We take that money, we dump it back into ads. And that's how we're growing ClickFunnels.

Is this making sense? Okay. This is this little tweak that to everyone's understanding... I'm trying to get people to understand that is the key. And so I just want to share a little bit of that campaign to understand, holy cow, this is working. And so the keys are always looking, okay, who is your dream customer? What is it something your dream customer... What do they want? Not what do they need. Okay. I know everyone in my world, they need ClickFunnels. What do they want? They want something, right? I remember my dad. My dad was in... worked for State Farm when I was a kid. He worked for State Farm, and he used to always tell me, he's like, "It's easier to sell a cure than prevention." You sell people what they want, not what they need. So people need ClickFunnels. But what they want, they want it all done for them.

So I'm always thinking, what's something that my people want the most? And so for this month's dramatic demonstration, the thing they want the most is have somebody create the product for them. That's the hardest thing people have. So we created an offer. We actually created the product for them. In fact, it's 250 plus e-books that we wrote. We had writers write the e-books. We had people write the sales letters, and we gave them both. Here's the e-book that's done. Here's the sales letter. You can put your name on it. You can rechange the title of it. You can do whatever you want. You get Private Label Rights to this book, and here's a sales letter. And some of them, we built a whole funnel for them, and we gave it to people on a silver platter. So it's exactly what they want. Now they have this like, oh, I've got all these different products.

What do they need? Well they need ClickFunnels to actually sell it. So now they're more likely to buy the thing I want them to buy. And that's the key. And so this is this mindset shift I want you guys to understand when you're creating your funnels and your campaigns and things like that. Does that make sense? I know I'm kind of going on the deep end of the swimming pool here, but I think we're in episode 600 or something. So I feel like we're getting the spot where we can start getting a little deeper. If not, if I'm confusing to you, go back to episode 1 and start binge listening. We've been doing this for a long time, and I want to get into some of these fun marketing campaigns. All right, so there's a high level. Just for those who are understanding Linchpin, how PLR funnels fit into it. Now I'm going to step back and just look at this from an actual business.

So first off, PLR, private label rights. My question for you is have any of you guys thought about that? Creating Private Label Rights for your audience? Your dream customer, what is the biggest pain point they have? If you're in the marketing world, like I am, one of the biggest pain points is that they don't have a product yet. And so I'm going to just give them the product. I see this in the e-commerce world all the time where people will come into the e-commerce world like, "I don't have a product. What am I going to do?" And so the best offers that crush are the ones who they basically say, "Well here's the done-for-you product." And they hook them up with a wholesaler and a drop shipper, and they give them the product. So the lesson for you guys is like, do you have something where you could do a done-for-you version for your audience?

It could be a product if you're in my world, or it could be whatever in your world. What's the done-for-you version in your world? So that's the first... or not the first, but one of the things to think about. Number two is we found partners in this project. So a lot of times you go in, and you want to create new offer. It's like, I got to go do all the work on this. What's nice is I found partners for this. People who had already created a lot of PLR in the past. They already had a bunch of products, and so we went, and we partnered with them. So don't always think every time you create a new offer, you have to do the whole thing. Find somebody else who has a good offer. These guys who we partnered with on PLR Funnels... It was interesting, because they'd been selling Private Label Rights forever.

Some of you guys know Paul Counts. Paul is someone who I've known for more than a decade, and he was really famous for selling Private Label Rights all the time. And then for some reason he stopped selling them a couple years ago and it kind of fell off. And I kept telling him like, "Man, whoever does Private Label Rights Funnels is going to be rich. This is a big deal." And he's like, "Hey, I want to do that." But he's like, "Do you want to do it with me?" I was like, "Yes." And so he did the work to create all the offers and the products and stuff like that. Then I was able to go and partner with him and share the revenue. We brought the traffic, he brought the product. Okay. So how many times do you guys have that? Find people in your market who have a really, really good product. Maybe they're not good at selling, maybe they are good at selling.

I look at the partnership with the Funnel Scripts. Jim Edwards already had software that did scripts in different markets. So I came to him, and he came to me. And we said, "Let's partner together. Let's make a new version that's just for ClickFunnels member. We'll call it Funnel Scripts. We'll take some of your custom scripts, and put them in here." And so we found partners like that where I didn't have to go create funnel scripts or maintain it or anything. Jim did that. Right? But we were able to co-brand this thing together, and we both won. So the second question I'm going to ask you guys is do you have something like that in your market? You probably don't have time to keep creating new offers all the time, but there's somebody else who already has a really good offer. You can partner with them. They bring the product, you bring your marketing or your brand or whatever. And you partner together, and it gets done really, really quickly.

We used something similar a little while ago with the Challenge Secrets launch. Some of you guys were part of that. I can't remember if I talked about that, recapped that in the podcast, but the same model. But we went with Pedro. And Pedro had a course called Challenge Secrets. I'm like, "Hey, let's make a version for us, and we'll sell it. We'll split the money 50/50 on the back." Because my whole goal is to get somebody to go and register for the event for the dramatic demonstration and get a ClickFunnels account. And so we gave people a Challenge Funnel. They registered, they got a Challenge Funnel on the thank you page, which meant they joined ClickFunnels. Then we did the five-day challenge. We sold Pedro's course. He got his half the money, we took our half. We then evergreened the Funnel. We took our half, and then dumped into ads.

And now it's this viral loop where it's growing and it's growing and it's growing. If you look at any of the Russell Brunson brands and businesses... Right now, each business is doing one dramatic demonstration per month. It could be something big like a five-day challenge. It could be something smaller like a webinar. It could be something dumb like it's my birthday, or it could be a book review, it could be a teleseminar, it could be a webinar. We're doing Dan Kennedy's business, same kind of thing. I can't get Dan to do a webinar. So we'll do a teleseminar. Dan will jump on for an hour and talk. And we get people to register for that. And then guess what? On thank you page, we can promote continuity, his... the no BS letter, which gets people in the membership.

So anyway, these are just different ideas to start thinking about it. For me, if I create a new offer every single month to sell them out, I couldn't do it. So instead what we do is we go, and we find a partner a lot of times. Then we partner with them, and then they bring the product. And I know in my world, I'm like, okay, I know that somebody who buys this product is going to need ClickFunnels. They're going to want this thing, they're going to need ClickFunnels. They're going to want to do challenges, they're going to need ClickFunnels. They're going to want to do PLR, they're going to need ClickFunnels. Right? So I'm looking at the wants and the needs. That make sense? Okay. I know this one's in the deeper end of the pool, but I hope that some of you guys are having the light bulb moments here. Like seeing holy cow, that's how Russell's growing ClickFunnel's so big right now.

That's how it's growing, despite the fact that ad costs are 4, 5, 6 times what they used to be just two years ago. He's still growing because of this model. So I keep preaching it from the mountaintops, yelling out, "You guys, you have to understand this. This is the way to do it." And so those are the core things. A couple other, sorry, other pieces. When you're creating your offer, it's always looking like what are other things you can do that you can increase the value? So when we first did this PLR Funnels, the product was 52 PLR Funnels. Which meant my partners, they've gone and created 52 PLR products. They had funnels. They had everything done. And that was going to be the product. And I remember the back... Man, 15, 20 years ago. I had a membership site called Self-Improvement Millionaires. And I had a whole bunch of pre-done products I created back then. There were done books and sales letters.

And so I was able to go and find those, and I added that to the offer. So it gave another 60 self-improvement products to this offer. So now that made the offer more valuable. And then we went back to And we called the founder of that, and we said, "Hey, you've shut the site down. Back in the day, you had the site with a lot of PLR stuff. Can we license it from you?" And he literally just gave it to us. He said, "Yeah, go for it. You can have it." And he gave us 147 more products. And so this offer got sexier and sexier. So we kept going on. Same thing as you're creating products, you got to start thinking, what are the things I can do? Can I partner? Can I license? Can I buy? What are other things I can plug in here to make this offer even more sexy? Even more exciting.

And so I think a lot of times what a lot of marketers do is they spend so much time. They'll create their course, and they're like, "Oh, I need a bonus." And so they'll create another course, and then they'll need another bonus. They'll create another course, and then it's like eight different courses. It's like, don't just create more courses. What are other ways you can increase the value of this offer? Who are other people that sold stuff similar in the past who no longer sells those things? For example, we did Funnel Flex a couple years ago. I was trying to get people to let me put their content in the membership site. And it was crazy how many people literally like, "Oh, I used to sell this course for $2,000. It's not in the market now. Sure, you can plug it in. You can have it."

And they just gave us these courses that were amazing that they just stopped using. And there's so many examples of that where there's just these amazing assets and things that people would give you just for asking. Or they can license them maybe paying 500 bucks or a 1,000 bucks to license it and give it to your members or things like that. You don't always think you have to create everything from scratch. What's crazy about this whole campaign is I didn't create anything. Right? Partners created the backend product. We licensed content. We licensed products. I was able to find stuff that I had sold years ago that was sitting in my hard drive and hadn't been sold in for a long time. Going back in my old archives, looking back in your Google Drive... What else do you have in there?

Every time we have a new Dan Kennedy campaign, I open up the Google Drive. It has his entire archive and start searching. I'm like, oh, there's this. Oh, there's this. And we start finding all these amazing things. And so it's just exciting. So anyway, there's a lot of things. There's like 500 little tips that we used on the PLR Funnels launch that hopefully give you some ideas on ways that you can grow your business as well. All right. I'm going to end. This episode got a little long, but I got excited. I don't know, it's always hard to me. I have so many things I want to share with everybody, and it's always hard to... Because someone just jumps into the podcast, and it's the first episode they've listened to. They're like, "What is Russell talking about?"

But if you've been on this journey with me for a little while, I keep laying down these ideas. And hopefully now that you're able to pick up a lot of stuff I'm laying down a lot quicker. So with that, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Next episode, I'm going to tell you guys behind the scenes of the other launches that were happening during the same time for our supplement brand called Unfair Advantage. So I'll talk about that during the next episode. And I hope you guys enjoy that one as well, because we've done three dramatic demonstrations for that business. It's growing really, really quickly. And so weird. The Linchpin model even works for supplement companies. So there you go. Appreciate y'all. Thanks for listening, and we'll talk to y'all soon.​


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