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(MS) Linchpin - The Three Simple Keys To Building Your Linchpin - (Part 2 of 2)

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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In our last episode, I showed how we used Webinar Funnels to grow ClickFunnels into the Category King of funnel softwares. But there's ONE STEP that we didn't realize we had done that made ALL of the difference, and we're doubling down on it across all of our businesses. Here's how to take any webinar, challenge or event to the next level using my newest framework 'The Linchpin'!

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In the last 18 months, we have launched more of these than anybody else on the planet. It just works over and over and over and over and over again. In fact, as the day I'm recording this, we are about to do the PLR webinar. We have a PLR funnels webinar that's going live and we use this model and so far 11% of the people who registered for webinar are signed up for Click Funnels trials. It's crazy. That's coming up to my list, who has heard me talk about Click Funnels once or twice over the last decade. Still converting at 11%, which is insane, insanity.


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All right everybody. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. This is Russell, and this is the exciting conclusion of the Linchpin Training. I'm excited for you guys to hear this stuff.

As you know, Funnel Hacking Live this year is coming soon and this year's theme is the Linchpin. We're going deep into it, and I want you guys to understand these principles because when you understand them, you can start applying them into your business. So if you don't have your tickets yet to Funnel Hacking Live, go and get them because you're going to want to go deep with us on the Linchpin.

But anyway, this is step two of the process. Last presentation we talked about the whole principle, the foundational things you have to know and understand for the Linchpin to work. Now we're going to be going through all the actual mechanics of it. We're going to go into three of the key elements that are essential. It's going to be awesome.

So with that said, I hope you enjoy the exciting conclusion of this Linchpin Training.

Now I want to walk you guys through what this actual Linchpin model is. Again, if we can zoom out again I'll show you. This is what the whole thing looks like. And today we're not going to have a chance to go through all of it because this is, for me and our business, is all the pieces. But I'm going to go through the core things that are associated with you guys doing actual webinars. I want to caveat this as well, saying that a lot of you guys know I bought a lot of companies. We have a lot of companies. For me, if a business does not fit into this model, it's not worth doing. We just won't do it. We flat out will not do it. Everything we do fits into this model or we don't do it. Everyone we coach, their businesses fit in this model or else we help them get there.
It's tough because a lot of people, they have a live event and are like, "Oh, I'm killing it. I'm making a million dollars a year, 10 million in live events." Cool, that's a piece of this. The goal of live events is to also get people in the compounding continuity. I have a webinar. I have a challenge. Cool, it's all about getting people continuity. Understand that ahead of time. I'm so deep on this. I tell all our students, "You need to tattoo this to your forearm and look at every single day because it's that important. This is the way. This is the business model." Again, I'm not going to have a chance to go into all of it. I want to go into the parts that are central for you guys to master, for you to be able to do this with webinars.

Again, the first step down here, this piece right here, is continuity. Okay, we talked to that already. If you don't have continuity, you don't have a business. I would look at all of your guys' businesses and try to figure that. Question one is how to make my business continuity. I have a highend match, my group people pay $250,000 a year to be part of it.

One of our students is Pedro Adeo. A lot of you guys know Pedro. He's the challenge guy. Pedro is sitting in the room, and again, it's funny hearing him explain this. I wish he was here so he could tell it to his own words. He was sitting in the room. I said, "If you don't have continuity, you don't have a business." He raised his hand and he's like, "Well, I do challenges and I don't have continuity." But he's like, "But I've made a lot of money and I have a lot of houses and I have lot of nice cars. I have a lot of stuff that feels like it's real. That feels like a real business." And I was like, "Dude, just trust me. I promise you."

He said that day he went home. He jumped in the plane. He was flying home and he started thinking, "What if Russell's right? I paid him. He's my mentor. What if he's actually right?" He started thinking through that. So he shifted from, no I don't need continuity. Russell's crazy. I'm making tons of money. To, what if Russell's right? So by the time he was doing his next challenge, he went back and he shifted the offer to include continuity and weaved it in there, does the same challenge he was going to do anyway. When this challenge ended, he ended with, I can't remember exact numbers, it was over a million dollars, a seven figure a year worth of continuity at the end of this challenge. He's like, "It's crazy." He's like, "My old challenges made the million dollars. This one, I made the money, plus I ended up with continuity of seven figures a year just going, recurring." He's like, "Now I can start adding that and growing it." He's like, "It changed everything for me."
It all came back to that premise of, what if Russell's right? What if it actually had continuity? So the first thing is understanding that. For a lot of you guys to get it, it's going to be shifting the way you think. Because right now you're selling a course, where someone buys it, they get the course and it's done.

So the shifting from a course to continuity, it's just shifting how you fulfill on it. I had one of my friends and mentors talk about how the thing you're selling is always the same, but it's how you get there. A good example, if you've read in my books, my book is the same thing I teach in our course. It's the same thing I teach in our live events. It's the same thing I teach at our $250,000 Masterminds. It's the same thing. It's just how do you want to get to the result? You can go and you can walk to the result or you can get on a bike and ride a bike to the result. Or you can get in a car and drive there. Or you can get in a plane and you can fly there. Or you can get a plane ride first class and get there. Or you can book a private plane and get there.
But the result's the same. So the thing you're selling, the result's the same. It's just how are you getting somebody there. With a course, it's usually like, "Hey, you're going to walk. Good luck. Hope you figure it out." With the continuity, it's not that. It's saying, "Hey, let's ride together. Jump in a plane." It's something different. It's a different level of how you fulfill on something. Taking what you already have and looking at, how do I create deliverables monthly so someone sticks, so they're not just here buying a course and I never see them again. It incorporates something in there to make it something that's living, breathing, that exists. There's a reason why people continue to pay you month after month.

That's the first thing to shift.

All right, I'll get off my continuity soapbox, but I promise you guys, the quality of life will dramatically change when you start focusing on continuity.

All right, number two. Of all the things that we sell in our business, continuity is the second hardest thing to sell. The first hardest thing is live events. How many guys do live events? We do an event called Funnel Hacking Live. We get 5,000 people who come every single a year. Of all the things I sell, that's the hardest. Because someone's got to buy the ticket, plus they got to buy flights, hotels, time off, babysitters. There's like 500 yeses. So that's the hardest thing to sell. The second hardest thing to sell is continuity. A couple years ago now, wow, it's crazy. It's two years ago. I had the chance to buy my mentor's company. My mentor's Dan Kennedy. How many of you guys know Dan Kennedy? I bought his company and it was one of the coolest things in the world to be able to meet my mentor and buy this company. I was like, this is the coolest thing in the world.

After I bought the company, I have all these assets. I have 40 books he's written, all these courses, all this stuff. The core backbone of his company is he has a print newsletter called the No BS newsletter. At the peak, they had 10,000 subscribers who had paid a hundred bucks a month for this thing. That was the peak of the business. When we bought it, it had shrunk down to, I think there was about 900 people or so still on continuity. But that was still the core of the business. The reason why Dan Kennedy's still relevant is because the continuity had lived for almost 20 something years.

So I bought the company. I'm like, okay, my number one goal is, we have continuity. This business is a continuity business, so we will buy it because it's a continuity business. So the next question, I was like, "Well Dan, how did you get 10,000 people to pay you 97 bucks a month to get a newsletter in the mail? What was the process? How did it work?" I asked him. I asked his team. And everybody told me the exact same thing. They're like, "It's the MIFGE." I was like, "Excuse me. Did you sneeze? What did you just say?" They're like, "The MIFGE." I'm like, "The MIFGE?" It was the weirdest word. I'm like, "What are you talking about?" They came back and said, "The MIFGE." One of the guys on the team wrote it out on the board. He said, "The MIFGE stands for the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever, the MIFGE." And I was like, "Oh, I remember the way I got into Dan Kennedy's world 20 years ago when I first signed up was, they had this thing, it was the most incredible free gift ever. When you sign up, you get this thing for free when you join the newsletter."

He created an irresistible offer to get somebody to join continuity. So I looked at that and I remember, as we're going through his stuff, I was looking at a bunch of case studies. One of the most fascinating ones was the Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated is a continuity program. In the eighties it was dying. It was almost to the point where it was about to go bankrupt and just shut the doors. Then some brilliant marketing person had an idea. They said, "We should create a MIFGE." Now they didn't call the MIFGE back then. They were like, "We need a really irresistible offer to get people to sign up for our continuity program." So the offer they created, and those who have been around since the eighties or nineties, you remember this. They created an offer where it's like, "Hey, when you subscribe to Sports Illustrated, we are going to send you a football phone and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue." That was the offer. You get those for free when you join continuity.

So I came back to Dan and I'm like, "Well, how did you guys do the continuity?" He had bunch of versions. I found, in the Google Drive, all their old sales letters. I found 20 different versions of the way they sold the continuity, different ways they made their MIFGE.

So we created a MIFGE with Kennedy. This is what it turned out to be. We created this box and it's a physical... We call this a physical MIFGE. There's digital MIFGE's as well, but we made a physical MIFGE. Inside there we have a bunch of stuff. We have put Dan Kennedy's magnet marketing book. We put a book for me. We have a bunch of stuff. We just made a really, really irresistible offer. If you guys want to see the way we structure this... I'm not pitching this though. But if you want to see it, if you go to, you can see, that's the MIFGE page.

We created the MIFGE page and basically was like, "Hey, here you get all this cool stuff from Dan Kennedy for free when you join Continuity." Then we launched this to Dan Kennedy's existing list and we went from 800 people on subscription to 5,000 plus people on subscription in seven days.

How does that change the metrics of the business? It changes them dramatically. We created a MIFGE. So we started driving traffic to this MIFGE. That was the first piece on that. I started telling every one of my coaching programs, "You guys need to make MIFGE's for your thing," and everyone got confused, because they're like, "What is MIFGE?" Don't stress about the word.

A lot of people were like, "Well, I don't have anything for free to give away anyway." Anyway, you can do paid MIFGE's. It doesn't have to be free. This is basically just an irresistible offer, an irresistible offer they get when they join continuity. Typically our MIFGE's are useful but incomplete, they are amazing. They're like the greatest thing in the world, but they're not the course. It's not teaching all this stuff, but it's like, "Here's a book and a report and some contracts, some cool things," where it's like, "Ah, I must have that thing."
So create a MIFGE which gets people in continuity.

We did that for Kennedy's business. We blew it up. I started telling everybody MIFGE's and then one day I'm sitting there. If you guys have ever done this before where you're telling somebody to do something and all sudden you're like, "I wonder if I were to hire myself, what I would tell myself to do?" I was like, we own this company called Click Funnels. It's got a big continuity program. What if you made a MIFGE for Click Funnels? I was like, huh. I should do what I'm telling anyone else to do.

So then we came back and so we made a MIFGE for Click Funnels. The MIFGE for Click Funnels is called, Your First Funnel. It's a box with a bunch of stuff. Again, this is the physical MIFGE. You can do digital. I don't want people thinking, "I don't want to ship a box of stuff." You don't have to, but we do. There's a book. There's a tee shirt. There's a whole bunch of stuff. This is our MIFGE for Click Funnels. We put this out there. We launched this MIFGE. Again, I wish I could have three days to go deep in this, but we launched this MIFGE and it either upsells or down sells. What's crazy is right now, if we drive traffic directly to, it costs about $200 to get a free trial. I drive it the same traffic to, which is our MIFGE, our cost to acquire is less. It's like somewhere between a hundred, a 120 dollars to get somebody to get the free MIFGE kit because it's an irresistible offer.

Then we also have upsells and downs sells through a traditional funnel. So we actually make back like $200. Now I can drive people to our Click Funnels MIFGE and it's completely profitable upfront before people get continuity. Again, whoever can spend the most money to acquire customer wins. MIFGE gives us the ability to outspend everybody else as well.

So that's step one, step two. Number one, you get continuity if you've got a MIFGE. Okay? So that's the first step.

Now you're saying, "Russell, what does that have to do with the webinar? This makes no sense. I thought we were here to learn about webinars?" I want to show you how the webinar with the MIFGE, with the continuity, this little three piece play right here is how we grew Click Funnels from, instead of being a $20 million company, a $200 million company, because how these three things play together.

The next step right here, if you come back to this core thing. Right here, this step right here is called Dramatic Demonstration. So for me, a dramatic demonstration is like, I'm doing something out in the marketplace to get attention. Dramatic demonstrations can be anything. My favorite dramatic demonstrations are either challenges or webinars. For me personally, it's webinars. I am a webinar guy. I love it. But a lot of people like group challenges more so it doesn't really matter. It's something we're putting out there to get people excited, to get people to register. In fact, my birthday was like a month ago and I was like, "We should do a dramatic demonstration and have a birthday party for me." People were like, "You want a birthday party?" I'm like, "No, I want people to register for my birthday party because when they register for my birthday party, then what I can do is, on the thank you page, I can say, "Thank you for registering for my birthday party. It's going to be amazing. Hey, before you go on the webinar, I've got an irresistible offer for you," and I offer them the MIFGE.
For my birthday party, we put 450 people into Click Funnels. 450 people times that level of $147 a month. Who's my mathematicians? Get a calculator. What's the math? 450 people times $150 a month, let's say, is... Ben's pulling that up for me right now.


$67,000 a month of new recurring income. Times that by 12. What's that times by 12? Obviously all these people aren't sticking and all that kind of stuff, so I fully understand that. But let's just say they were to.

800, S0 $810,000 was my birthday present to myself because I said, "Let's do a birthday party."

My goal with the dramatic demonstration is to do something just to get them to register. If they register, they come here. I talk about something cool happening. My birthday party, they register, thank you page, I can make them the MIFGE offer. Then I do my birthday party and the end of it, I can sell a bulk version of that.
Anyway, so that's what the next step is, the dramatic demonstration. For our intents and purposes, the best dramatic demonstration that we do is a webinar. We go right here. We create a webinar. We drive traffic to the webinar. Some register for the webinar. Whatever your hook is for the webinar, they register for the webinar. Then this is the key. On the thank you page, instead of just saying, "Thank you for registering for the webinar. Here's the date and time. Thank you for registering for the webinar. Here's my SLO 37 ebook."

What we're doing is coming back and saying, "Thank you so much for registering for the webinar. It's going to be amazing. We're starting in three days and before you jump on though, I wanted to give you a leg up. I wanted to give you something irresistible. Now during this webinar, I'm going to be talking about Click Funnels, my continuity program. I'm going to be talking about the No BS letter, which is Dan Kennedy's print newsletter. I'm going to be talking about All Bomb Broth, which is our supplements that you're going to love. I'm going to be talking about whatever it is your thing is, right? These are some of my brands. I'm going to talk about LadyBoss where it's the supplements that we use to help people lose weight." So you talk about that.

"Now on the webinar I'm going to show you this stuff, but I want you guys to have access. I want you to play with it before you get on. I want you guys use Click Funnels before you... I want you to order this stuff. I want you to order a sample of supplements so that when I'm telling you guys about the benefits of bone broth, you can actually try it and you can taste it ahead of time. So because of that I made an irresistible offer, what we're going to do is, when you sign up right now, I'm going to give you blah, blah, blah, blah, blah for free, and then I'm going to give you 30 days access to my continuity program."

"Now I'm doing that because I want you to have access to everything. I want you to see everything. That way before the webinar, you can log in. You can play with it. You can see all this stuff. Then during the webinar, I'm going to show you how you can use this to get the result you're here for. So that's kind of the game plan. Then if you don't like it, you can cancel when the webinar is done, but I want to make sure you have access to this before the webinar starts. That way we can speak intelligently. You'll know what I'm talking about. You can play with it and I can show you how to actually use this. That sound good? Cool, then the free offer is down below."

That is the secret. That is the key. They registered for a webinar. Thank you page of the webinar, I don't do an SLO. I don't just tell them date and time. I get them to sign up for continuity. I make them an irresistible offer. Get them to sign up for continuity. The reason why, because everything in marketing comes back to the reason why. The reason why is because during the webinar right here, I'm going to be showing you guys the power of my membership. I'm going to be showing you guys the power of Dan Kennedy's print news. I'm going to be showing you guys the power of bone broth. I'm going to be showing you guys the power of green drinks. I'm going to be showing you guys the power of personality profiles. These are all my companies. I'm just rolling off the big benefit, right? I'm going to be showing you that during the webinar, so get the trial right now. We're going to give you this stuff.

Again, it doesn't have to be a box you ship out to them. For a lot of our companies, we do ship stuff out. For our supplement companies, we ship things out. But we have digital MIFGE's as well. So you can get a digital MIFGE as well. It can be completely digital. Before we show the webinar, I want to make sure you have access to our membership site so you can see what's happening. You can go meet the community and go say hi to a bunch of people in there. I'll give you free access for 30 days and then if, after the webinar, if you're like, "This isn't for me. Just let us know. We'll cancel. It won't cost you anything. But that way you have access to that. Plus you can keep all these other bonuses, just for test driving, and just for trying it out."

Okay? That is the big secret. It's so simple. It's so easy and it's just shifting the SLO from there to over here.
Then on the end of the webinar, when I do sell the thing, and this is the last thing, and then I'm almost out of time here. When I do sell the thing at the end of the webinar, what I'm actually selling is not some one off course. This is the mistake people make. What I'm selling is bulk access to the same continuity. I'm selling bulk access. If you look at any of my webinars, the MIFGE, you get a 30 day trial to the continuity. If you watch my webinar or my challenge, at the end of it, I'm saying, "Hey, I'm going to give you six months of continuity for free. I'm going to give you 12 months of my continuity for free," whatever that is.

Then I'm going to make a special offer. I'm like, "If you buy today, I'm going to give you my course and my this and my this." You make the traditional webinar offer. But the key thing, the big secret, is the bulk continuity. I'm just selling bulk access to this. Everything I'm doing is getting, my entire business is structured to get people in continuity. MIFGE is continuity. Webinar is continuity. Everything I'm doing is getting people to get them into continuity. So that's how we structure this.

In my last 30 seconds before my presentation's got to be up, if you look at the way I do my presentation, you'll notice that when I make my offer, when I make my stack, the thing people want the most is the continuity. They want Click Funnels. They want the supplements. They want the whatever the thing is. When I do this presentation, "I'm going to give you six months of this for free when you invest in my offer."

That little shift in how you structure your offer is the difference between $20 million a year and $200 million a year. Does that make sense? A little tiny shift in how you structure it. You're going to get this, the thing they want the most, which is your continuity, the thing you're doing, you get that for free when you invest in this. You get this for free for six months or 12 months, whatever it is, when you invest in the offer.

That you guys, is how we've used webinars to grow and scale and take Click Funnels to where it is today. I can't believe I got done with five seconds to go.

With that, thank you guys so much for letting me be here today. I hope you enjoyed this presentation and with that said, I'm going to pass it back to Anik. Thank you guys so much for having me and we'll talk to y'all soon. Bye everybody.

All right, hopefully that was helpful. Hopefully you guys are seeing the vision of the Linchpin and why it's so exciting. Again, we're using this right now to launch a supplement company, to launch LadyBoss, this network marketing company. We're using it to launch every business, everything. If it doesn't fit in the Linchpin formula, we're not using it.

In the last 18 months, we have launched more of these than anybody else on the planet. It just works over and over and over and over and over again. In fact, as the day I'm recording this, we are about to do the PLR webinar. We have a PLR funnels webinar that's going live and we use this model and so far 11% of the people who registered for webinar are signed up for Click Funnels trials. It's crazy. That's coming up to my list, who has heard me talk about Click Funnels once or twice over the last decade. Still converting at 11%, which is insane, insanity.

Anyway, I want to make sure you guys don't miss this. It's time to start looking at the Linchpin and the framework for your business. If you want to go deep on this with us again, go to That's where we're spending four days this September, going deep into the Linchpin formula with all five or 6,000 funnel hackers. I want to make sure you are there. So go get your tickets at Bring your spouse, your business partners. It is essential for you to understand this if you want your business to thrive in the future. With ad costs going up and all the other chaos, the Linchpin is the way that you can outspend all your competitors. It's the way you can make the most amount of money. It's the way you can scale your business. It's the way you can get continuity in your business, all the things you want. We're going to go deep on it at this year's Funnel Hacking Live. So go get your tickets if you don't yet.

With that said, thank you guys so much for everything and we'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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