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(MS) Secrets of Success - Part 3: The 6 Keys to Building Faith

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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This is it! Part 3 of 3 of my private mastermind on my frameworks for Secrets of Success! While there are a lot of ‘frameworks’ out there, this is the culmination where we bring other strategies in to support your goals and give you the confidence to keep moving forward! If you do enjoy this episode, please follow the full journey by following my new instagram profile for Secrets of Success at

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Some of us get so caught up in this part of it, we never have a chance to get to the part where it gets good, where life gets exciting, where we can actually do what we want to do... how do we now get the planks out of this rut, get you out of it, and start creating addictions that are positive that move you towards your goal as opposed to way from your goal.


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What's up, everyone? This is Russell again. Welcome back to Part 3 of my Secrets of Success VIP Training. I hope you've had a chance to listen to episode one and two. If not, I'd pause this and listen to those. That way you have the full context of where I'm going, what I'm talking about. If you just listen to one randomly, it might be kind of confusing. So if you haven't yet, go back two episodes. Listen to episode one, then episode number two, that way you what's happening. And then in this episode, I'm going to be talking about the six keys to building your faith, which is key because as you are in your own hero's journey, there are tons of little mini trials that are going to test your courage and your faith, and this is how you can stay strong to your calling. So that said, I hope you enjoy this third and final episode of the Secrets of Success VIP Training.

And so the framework I want to teach you guys, this is something that I learned from Tony Robbins, and it's probably, of all the things I learned from Tony, the thing that's had the biggest impact on my life. And it's so simple, but when you understand it, it is so powerful. And I'm sure some of you guys have heard him, if you've followed him and at all and heard him teach about this, but I'm going to talk about it and maybe it'll be in a little different way and maybe it'll give you different insight. So the concept that Tony teaches is called the 6 human needs, okay? And if you look at this, there are 4 needs of the body, what he calls it, the personality, all right? And then there's 2 needs over here of the spirit. Okay. So I'm going to talk about the 2 needs of the spirit first. So the 2 needs of the spirit, the first one is growth and second one is contribution. Okay, now, these are important for a couple of reasons. So growth and contribution.

Let me step back. So I'll talk about these needs here, the body needs first, but these needs get met by everybody. Everyone will get these needs met in one way or another, positive or negative. Usually, most people it's a negative hypnotic rhythm, but it can be positive as well, but everyone's getting these needs met. Most people don't get their needs over here, needs of the spirit met. Because you have to have these needs met before you can move over to these ones. So growth and contribution are the needs of the spirit. Now, it's interesting, if you go back and you guys look at your Hall of Fame goal and your Super Bowl goal, my guess, I would bet with 99.9% accuracy, is whatever you set of your goal, these are goals of either growth for you or of contribution for you, all right? I wanted to win two Comma Club awards. That is, first off, it's a whole bunch of growth you're going to have to learn to get there, but then, by the nature of the business, you're helping other people, it's also contribution, okay?

All of Fame goal, if you want to be able to, at your funeral, people reading your eulogy and they have all these different things, you start looking at those things, all the things you want people talking about, you are either based on growth or contribution. Man, he did this for his family, he did this. Growth and contribution are the things that we're driving towards, but most people actually never get there because they get stuck here in the needs of the body. This is the habits, this is the hypnotic rhythm that we get caught into. So I'm going to explain how this works because if you can get these things figured out and a spot where they're working, then you can transition to growth and contribution, okay? A lot of you guys who have set goals in the past where you wanted to grow, you wanted to contribute, but you weren't able to hit those goals, it's because you didn't know how to control your body and your personality. This kept you in a rut that kept you from actually achieving your goals.

So we've got to figure this piece out first and get this under control. After that's in control, then we can transition over here. It's similar to... You guys remember in high school learning about Maslow's hierarchy of needs? I don't know how it works perfectly, but conceptually, here's Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Down here, it's the lowest need is, oh, you need to have water and food and sleep. And then the next tier is after you figure out how to have water, food, and sleep, then you move up the next tier. But the next thing is now you need, I don't know what is, warmth and shelter. And after you've warmth in the shelter, then moves up, oh, now I actually need love and I need to talk to someone. And then there's the next thing. And so these different tiers. And what's interesting is that it moves this direction, so until you have water, food, and ability to sleep, you can't move to the next tier of Maslow hierarchy of needs.

And then after you have all of these needs are met, then it's like, oh, now you're able to move to the next tier. When these needs are met, you're able to move to the next tier. But what's interesting is up here, let's say, you're on this tier where you're focusing on getting love and connection, all these amazing things, but all of a sudden the water supply dries up and you're sitting and there's nothing to drink, you instantly drop back down because you have to have this need met or else you can't even think about anything above it. That's how Maslow's hierarchy of needs means. It's really fascinating because throughout your life you get these needs met and then you move up and you move up and eventually, hopefully you get to the top of the ladder. But if one of these things down lower disappears, you shoot back down and you're stuck in this rut until that thing gets fixed before you can move back up, okay?

The same thing is true here with the 6 human needs. We have to get these things met first before we can transition over here. So just because you set a goal of, "I want get Comma Club for my own work things," but this is in it was all messed up and not working right, you'll never be able to get to that goal because your time, your energy, your attention all gets bumped back to these needs. These needs have to be met first before you can transition to the goals of the spirit. That's why it's so important to master these, okay? And these are all tied back to this right here, the habits that you're in, what Napoleon Hill call this hypnotic rhythm. This is the key. It's how we get you out of the bad ruts and into the good ruts, okay? All right. So what are these, the 6 human needs? How many of you guys are Tony students? You already know what these are ahead of time. How many you guys are like, "I have no idea what Russell's talking about"? I'd say, what, 50/50. Cool.

Okay, so the 6 human needs, and these are fascinating. So the first human need is the need that we all have for certainty, okay? So we need to be certain about things, like I know that I wake up in the morning, I'm going to have a bed, there's going to be something there. I know that when I get in my car, that it's going to start. I know that I have a job. I know that we have certainty, we need certainty in our life, okay? The second human need is called variety. Sorry, my handwriting's so bad. Variety or uncertainty. And so this is we need excitement, we need new things happening, we want to feel passion and excitement. That's the other one. Now, what's fascinating about these two needs, certainty and uncertainty, they are opposites, okay? They're fighting against each other. We want to be absolutely certain all the time, but if you're absolutely certain about every single thing that's going to happen, you know exactly where you're going to eat, when you're going to eat it, how it's going to work, what happens to us? We get bored out of our mind.

So while we need certainty, it drives us nuts, so we need variety, we need excitement, we need uncertainty. So we need both these things and then they fight back and forth. But both those needs have to happen or else we go crazy, okay? So that's the first need, certainty and uncertainty. The next one is we want to feel significant. You guys know what significance feels like? With you standing here, right now I feel significant. There's 500 of you guys here listening that I'm not going to lie, I feel significant, I feel really good right now, okay? There's people who paid to be here listening to me. We got 20,000 people registered for this event, I feel tons of significance. Significance is about, "I feel good about myself." Ah, this is awesome. Okay? And the last human need is love and connection. I'll draw a heart, that's what it is.

So love and connection, funny enough, is actually the opposite of significance, okay? Significance is, "Look how great I am." Love and connection is, "Look how great you are. I love you." But we need both of those things, okay? So we need significance and we need love and connection. Okay, this is when it gets fascinating. Anytime something in our life happens that meets at least three of these four needs, it creates an addiction, a physical addiction. It puts us into hypnotic rhythm, where we're in these tracks. And this can be very positive or it can be very negative, okay? So think about this. For the very first time, the very first time you met your significant other. You found her, for me, it was my wife, Colette, and I'm like, "Oh my gosh, she's beautiful." And I'm nervous and awkward. And I go and I ask her on a date, and guess what? She says yes. What just happened? Boom, significance. She said yes to me, she thinks I'm awesome. I'm like, "Okay, we're going on a date."

So we go on a date. I take her out to eat somewhere. Our first day was ice skating, so we when ice skating. So we're ice skating, so we're getting variety and uncertainty. We're ice skating and we're going out and we're having fun. We eat dinner and I'm asking her questions and she's asking me questions about myself. And I feel very significant. We're having uncertainty because it's this new relationship, so much fun. And then guess what? That night I give her a hug or a kiss and then I get love, and connection and boom, boom, boom. Three of my four needs are met. And what's it do? It creates a physical addiction inside of our body. Oh, more of that, that was amazing. And so we go on a second date and then a third date and a fourth date. Now, what happens, one or two things can happen, okay?

After dating a little while, either she's going to stop feeling it, if the relationship breaks up, it's because these needs are no longer getting met. She doesn't like me that much, I don't feel significant, we're not hugging and kissing, we're getting bored, whatever the thing happens. And if the needs go from three needs down to two needs down to one need, that's when we start, that's when we break up because my needs are no longer being met by her. So now we got to fight and then get those needs met by somebody else or some other way, okay? Or the needs continue to get met over time. And the longer Colette and I kept dating, we loved each other more and more and these needs were getting met, it was amazing. I was like, "Man, imagine if we got married then we have absolute certainty. I wake up every morning, you're going to be there. It's going to be so cool. I'm going to have my wife, it's going to be awesome."

And so in a pursuit for me to get all my needs met by my amazing wife, we get married and for a while all of our needs are met. But then guess what happens to almost every single marriage, okay? Now you got absolute certainty, you got significance, you got love and connection, but then you're like, oh, we stopped going on dates. When people stop going on dates then all of a sudden they lose the variety. And then, after a while, your significant other's heard all of your stories, they've heard all of your things, then they stop thinking you're as cool as you were because, "Yeah, I've heard that story 12 times, don't tell them to me again." And maybe you lose significance or maybe you lose the love and connection. And all of a sudden, you're in this marriage, now you only got one of your meets and needs met or maybe two. And all of a sudden you lose this thing and it falls apart. And then what happens to some people? They meet somebody new and that person gives them variety, gives them significance, they get love and connection.

That's when divorces happen and marriages break up and things like that, okay? So this is something that happens in all of our lives, is that we are trying to figure out how to get these needs met and these needs in our life have to met. If we don't get met in one way or the other, then we look for them other ways. So in the marriage, if in your marriage if you're not getting your needs met, then guess what happens? You start looking for to get the needs met in other ways. Sometimes people get needs met by going to work and become workaholics, sometimes they do it by watching sports, sometimes they do it by other ways, sometimes they do it by eating. But everyone's going to get these needs met. And until your needs are met, you can't move over here, okay?

Now, we can get our needs met in either positive or negative ways, okay? And just as a side note, it's interesting, if you want an amazing marriage, if you just focus on, Tony Robbins said, he's like, "There's never been a marriage in the history of time where all four of the partner's needs are being met and then they left. It doesn't happen." So if your needs are being met inside the marriage, you're going to stay forever. So if you know this, when I became conscious of this, I've told people before that Tony Robbins saved my marriage. Seven years in, we were struggling with all sorts of stuff and all of a sudden I get aware of this, I'm like, "Oh my gosh, am I making my wife feel significant? Probably not. Am I giving her variety? Probably not. Man, maybe this is why we're struggling." And I'm being conscious, "Okay, I need to figure out how to make my wife feel significant. How do I give her more love and connection? How do I create more variety?"

We had certainty, but man, everything else was falling apart. I started focusing on those things, boom, marriage got stronger. Now we are here almost 20 years, I think this year's our 20-year anniversary, which is crazy because we were to become aware of these things and start doing it, okay? Now, this happens on a very positive or negative. If you look at hypnotic rhythm, a happy marriage can be something very positive that you move forward in faith, you've been positive, this is a good thing. But what about drugs? Do drugs get people's needs met? Yeah, for sure. I'm not into drugs, but man, I assume that drugs, you take whatever the drug is and you get the certainty of the feeling every single time. Plus you get the variety of what's going to be new and how you're going to experience. You feel significant, you get love and connection to with people you're with. People who overeat a lot of times overeat because they are getting their needs met.

The absolute certainty to eat the food, they get the feeling of, "Oh, I feel so good." But they also get the variety of new food, new things they get to try, okay? If they eat with their friends, they get significance or they love and connection being with their friends, going to have to eat all the time. And they also maybe get significance because it's like, "Man, I get to talk about the food. I'm a foodie. And I understand these things." And so food becomes this addiction, which can be positive or negative, but for a lot of people it becomes very negative and they get into this routine, this habit, and gets deeper and deeper and deeper because all their needs are being met through food or through drugs or through sports or through religion, or whatever it is for you. We all have something that we're doing that with. So the thing is becoming aware of that and start looking at, "How am I getting my needs met right now?" Okay?

If you have got kids at home, if your kids are getting their needs met at home, they're not going to be looking for things in other places. But if their needs aren't being met, that's when they start looking for drugs or for sports or for other different places to get their needs met. We have to get our needs met. Human beings will give up everything, including their values, their beliefs, their everything to get their needs met, okay? You have to understand that. So if your needs are not being met here, you're going to not be able to move over here because you're going to be looking for this over here, this over here. And you're going to be trying to get these needs met in a million different ways, your mind's going to be distracted, and you never will be able to focus on this. Just like Maslow hierarchy of needs, if you have no water, you're not going to be focusing on love because you need water to survive. Sitting here, you need these needs met or you can't survive.

So the question comes to you, it's like, "Okay, how are my needs being met right now? In my personal life, in my business, am my needs being met?" And if they're not, man, you got to start figuring those things out. Or they're being met, but they're being met in a very negative way. Something I'm not happy with, something that's not making me the person I want, someone that's not moving me towards my Hall of Fame goal. My needs are getting met, but if I look at here's where I'm trying to get to, my needs are taking me this direction, you're never going to get that direction. You got to come back and become very conscious of this and okay, what are the things driving? What is it that's giving me certainty and what's giving me variety? What's giving me significance? What's giving me love and connection? Okay?

If you guys noticed, when we started designing the ClickFunnels movement and Funnel Hacker movement and all of these kind of things, I said, "Look, if I'm going to get people to move with us and we're going to change life, I got to create an addiction within our community." So we're going to give people certainty. You create a business, you get traffic coming, you get certainty, money's coming in. We need to give you variety, that's why we do events like this, fun things like this. We do trips with our mastermind groups, we do all sorts of things. We give variety, connection, Funnel Hacking LIVE. We do all of these things, create variety and uncertainty and excitement, okay? Significance. People come off stage, they get two Comma Club awards, they get significance, okay? Our top affiliates get significance. Then there's a community, there's Funnel Hackers, you get love and connection.

I've tried strategically to build something that creates a positive addiction for you guys. So when you are in our community, when you're in our mastermind, when you're in our coaching groups, you have these positive addictions that are on the right side of faith that are keeping you going deeper and deeper and deeper, okay? And that's why a lot of you guys have been drawn to this, that's why a lot of you guys have stuck with us for so long. We're almost eight years into ClickFunnels right now, and a lot of you guys have been here since year number one because you came in and we created an addiction, okay? We try to create a positive addiction. So I would really start looking at your life. What are the things right now that are keeping you from actually getting the goals you want? If you want to grow, you want to contribute, these are the goals that you're shooting for, these Super Bowl goals.

But man, if this isn't in order, you will never get to that because you're always be looking for, man, I'm not feeling in love and connection, I got to find it somewhere else. You're searching for it, you're searching for it, you're trying to figure that out. You can't think about growth when you have no love and connection. So where do I plug in to get love and connection? Okay? And maybe it's a spouse, maybe it's not. Maybe it's work. Maybe it's your family, maybe it's church. But you need to get that need met and you got to do it in a way it's positive. Because I can get my need met for loving connection through a marriage, I can get it met at church, I can get it met on the street, I get it met in really bad places. How are you getting that need met, okay?

We need to get these needs met so that we can focus and then we can like, "Okay, now I'm good. I'm getting these needs met in a very positive way that's leading me towards my goal, not away. Now, I can focus on the needs of the spirit, growth and contribution." And you'll start moving towards your goals. And then what'll happen, and I see this all the, inside of our community, people are like, they got the gold, they're moving forward, they're having success, everything's on track, and then something in their life happens where the certainty disappears. Spouses, the job, somebody gets sick, certainty disappears and gets interrupted. And all of a sudden, you have to stop progress on this right here to figure out how to get your certainty back so you can focus over here. And that sucks, it's life though, it happens. But you got to be aware of it when you're like, "Oh my gosh, this horrible thing just happened, I lost certainty. I got to figure out how to get certainty back or I can't continue to progress towards my goal."

What was it? How did it work? What did I need to change my life? But as soon as now we're aware of it, it's not like we're just an spiral, we're like, "I don't know what's happening Russell, I can't get motivated. I get depressed all the time. I can't move forward." It's like, "Of course you can't. Your needs aren't being met, that's why you're struggling. Get these needs met so we can get back to work, okay? Which one? Lots. Okay, "I'm not feeling significance." Okay, if you're not, how do we get that? Okay? We got to figure that out. How do we craft that? How do we create it? What's the thing we need to do to make you feel significance so you can get back to work? What's the thing you need to do to get love and connection is you can get back to work, okay?

In a positive way, not a negative way, because you can get love and connection doing a whole bunch of really bad things. You can get significance doing a whole bunch of really bad things, okay? You can get variety, you can get uncertainty doing bad things that are not serving you, okay? What are the things you can do to get those things back? And so it's becoming aware of these things and understanding how it works, because until the needs of your body and your personality are met, you cannot move on to the needs of your spirit. And all of your goals are tied to the needs of the spirit. You're doing it because of growth or contribution, okay? So many of you guys, you going growth, gas, foot on the pedal, you're going fast as you can, but then your need aren't being met, slam on the brake and you're spinning out and you're like, "I don't know why this doesn't work. Everyone else, it works for. They're all coming on stage. They have the same tools, the same books, the same training. Why am I not moving forward?"

Your foot's on the brake and the gas. Get this here, take your foot off the gas or take your foot off the brake, and now we can start moving forward, okay? Most of this game, just so you guys are fully aware, is not the tactics and techniques. They're not difficult, okay? Getting a funnel is not that hard, okay? Finding a product's not the hard, also I'm going to be walking us through all the tactics and techniques over the next day and a half. They're not that difficult to figure out, okay? Most of the entrepreneur mindset game is all up here. We don't want to believe that, because it's like, "Oh, it's not in my head. I'm mentally strong and I'm really, really awesome." No, no, no, it is. Most of it's because of these things right here. These are things that are keeping you back, okay? And that's the thing I want you guys to really understand even because if you can do that, it takes your foot off the brake, you can move forward on the gas, and we can get things done faster, okay?

Because at the end of our lives, when we die and our funeral's happening, I'm hoping, I'm hoping that God gives us the gift to let us sit there at our funeral and see the people's lives we impacted. And then hopefully if someone's reading our eulogy and you got to have this experience they tell you, the things they're going to be talking about is the growth that you had as a human being and the contribution you made. These are the things, okay? But if I can never get past this part of it, I'd never have a chance to really change people's lives, I'd never have a chance to hit the goals, to hit the dreams, to accomplish the stuff I wanted to. We're all born with all these visions and dreams, what we want to do, who we want to become.

But some of us get so caught up in this part of it, we never have a chance to get to the part where it gets good, where life gets exciting, where we can actually do what we want to do, change people's lives when we want. We want, serve people at a level that we've only dreamt of, okay? So it's mastery of these things, getting out of the negative hypnotic rhythm that you may be stuck in, becoming very aware of it, and how do we now get the planks out of this rut, get you out of it, and start creating addictions that are positive that move you towards your goal as opposed to way from your goal. So that way we can shift and transition to growth and to contribution. All right guys, that's it. How did you like the series? Hope you enjoyed all three parts of the Secrets of Success Framework.

Again, I know it's a lot, and I was talking really fast because I do that when I'm excited. And again, as you know, I'm working on this book right now and there's so many cool things I want to share, and it's the hardest things. How do you take an encyclopedia and boil it down to a book? But these are some of the key principles that had the biggest impact on my life, and I wanted to share those. There's a bunch of other really cool things I'm going to be sharing in the book as well. But if you want to follow me on this journey, again, if you go to Instagram and go to, or if you just go to Instagram and search secretsofsuccess, one word, it should pop up, you should see my face on there and me with a whole bunch of old books. Go and follow that account. And I'm sharing books that I'm collecting from the secrets, old, rare first-edition books on personal development and success, and things like that, which are cool.

And then also, if you want to get on the new email newsletter, which is coming soon, all you got to do is go to And again, if anything resonated with you here that we talked about in these three episodes and you enjoy it, please take a screenshot on your phone, post on your socials, tell people to go listen to these episodes, share with your friends, your family members, anyone else you think could benefit from it. And then in the comments, tag me so I see it and then let me know what the number one secret to your success is. I'd love to hear it. And maybe your case study will pop up in my book. Thanks again for everything, and we'll talk to y'all soon.


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