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I'm excited to share this presentation I created for a youth entrepreneur event called Unlock the Secrets. I wanted to start by teaching these kids how their brains actually work, but had to do it in an engaging, fun way. So I bought a bunch of big stuffed animals - an elephant, two monkeys, and a lizard. While not perfect, these props allowed me to create a metaphor for understanding the conscious mind, subconscious mind, fears, and how they interact.

This is the first and only time I've taught this concept so far. It was powerful for me in understanding how my own mind works, and I think it can help you too. While you're missing the visual of me holding the animals, use your imagination as I walk through this mental model. It provides a framework for things like why we fear, how to reprogram our subconscious, and more.

My goal was to help young entrepreneurs grasp how their brains work so they could be more successful. But these principles apply to anyone trying to achieve more in life. Someday I hope to expand this into a full book. For now, I'm proud to deliver this exclusive training on the metaphor of The Elephant, Two Monkeys and a Lizard.

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And we want you guys to be part of a group of people who are driven, right? That's why I wanted to do this event. We're gonna have, um, on two days now, we're gonna be a mastermind where you kids are gonna be masterminding together, hang out together. Cuz I want you guys to be building a tribe together, right? Cause when you go home from this event, there's gonna be a lot of people in your, in your life and your world who aren't gonna be like you. They're not gonna be excited, they're not gonna wanna be driven. And if you're not careful, you're gonna slip back into those patterns, right? But everyone, you guys here are capable of so much more. You gotta be protective of it.


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Russell Brunson:
What's up everybody? This is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. This week has been a little bit crazy. We started wrestling practice, which means I'm now a part time entrepreneur, full time wrestling coach, part time dad, full time, dad, part time. Anyway, it's a lot of things.

So basically, every day I leave the office at 2:30, race through the wrestling room and I go to practice, which is so much fun. Definitely my favorite part of the day, but also cuts my work day in half. So I've had less time to get all the things done. So I've been working late nights, early mornings trying to readjust my new schedule for the next four months. And so it's been a little crazy.

But anyway, because I haven't had time to sit down and actually record a full long podcast. I thought what if I give you as a really cool gift today?

So, a couple years ago, maybe last year or two years ago, we did a really cool entrepreneur for your event for young entrepreneur. It's called the Unlock Secrets Event. And one of my presentations, I'm most proud of was my intro presentation there where I taught kids about how their brains work with elephants and monkeys and lizards. And I had big stuffed animals and it was so much fun.

And so I thought, for you guys today, I'd love to share this episode and this is a great one for you if you've got kids, family members, you know, I catered this towards kids, but I got deep into like psychology about how our brains work and things like that. And, I wish you'd all see the visuals you could see, but it just imagine me a huge stuffed animal, elephant and lizard and monkeys and it should make it, make more sense.

So, anyway, that's it. I hope you guys enjoy this episode. It's teaching how to be successful from the Unlock the Secrets event. And again, one of my favorite presentations I've ever given. So I hope you guys enjoy it today on the Marketing Secrets Podcast.

Now, one thing to understand is the only thing keeping you guys from where you are today to where you want to be is your brain. That's it. The brain is the thing that's controlling everything. How many of you guys ever thought about your brain before?

That's good. I'd say probably 10% of you guys thought about your brain. My goal is to get you guys to think about your brain. Cuz most things you're doing in your life are happening subconsciously. And you don't even know they're happening. Okay? They're happening.

Sometimes it's really positive, sometimes it's really negative. Things are happening over and over and over again. So my goal is to help you understand what's happening, why it's happening. When you understand it and you can see it, then you can change it. And that's really the big powerful thing. Okay? So this is the diagram I wanna show you guys right here. This is your brain. Now, there's a lot of pieces of your brain. Um, I'm gonna talk about three parts of the brain, the three that in my mind are the most important for you guys to understand, to be successful in any area of your life.

If you're gonna be successful in sports, if it's, uh, it's music, if it's a hobby, it's art, it's whatever, it's business like. If you understand these three pieces of, of the mind, this is the key to understanding things. Okay? So the first is your conscious mind. This, and this is an oversimplification. There's gonna be some brain sciences, like, well, Russell Technically's, no, this is the simplification, this is how I understand it, and it's changed my life understanding this, okay? The front is your conscious mind. Okay? Everyone touch your head right here. This is your conscious mind. I can just ignore, nor even knows this really well. Conscious mind in the middle is gonna be your subconscious mind, okay? And the back is gonna be your instinctive mind. Okay? So I'm gonna help you guys to understand this and master. So I bought some friends along with me on this trip to help you guys to understand this. Some of you guys saw us carrying these things around when we were checking the hotel today or yeah, uh, yesterday. Okay? So these are my friends. This is my friend, the elephant. What if I get him to hang out here? There's the elephant. This is my friend, the lizard put him right here. And these are my friends, the monkeys.

Okay? We've got two monkeys here. Um, which one of these monkeys looks more emotional? Like he's got emotional problems. Is this the emotional monkey? Is this the emotional monkey? This is emotional. Okay, that's what I thought too. So, which monkeys is more logical? Like things make more like the logical monkey. This is the logical, yeah. Okay.

So inside of your mind, the conscious mind, there are these two monkeys. They're in charge. Okay? Buddha said that the conscious mind is like a monkey, okay? And what do monkeys do? They swing and they change and they talk and they chatter and do all sorts of crazy stuff, right? How many you guys ever feel like that in your brain when you're talking to yourself and you're like, you're doing this and this and bouncing around, you're like, oh, I'm all over the place. How many of guys ever felt that before? If you haven't, you're lying. I know how our brains work, right? So we have these conscious brains that're crazy and they're moving around. Um, in fact, I'm gonna come down here with you guys. Can I come down? Yes. Okay, cool. Down. Okay. Um, I'm gonna grab, okay. I need to find somebody who is like the most emotional person here. You're emotional, okay? You're gonna be the emotional monkey.

Is your mom emotional or is she more logical? She's more logical. Okay. You get a hold of the logical monkey. Okay? So we've got these two different monkeys. Um, actually, do you guys wanna stand up? So you everyone can see the monkeys? I wanna talk about what these things are. Okay? So if you look at the picture up here real quick. So the monkeys are our conscious mind, right? And we have these two monkeys that are, that we're ha we're always sitting here and we're having this conversation with, okay, all day long you guys have conversations with yourself and there's these two voices talking back and forth, okay? There's an emotional one right here. It's very emotional and there's a logical monkey. And we both have these. Now, typically as kids, we have our emotional ones a lot louder as adults, usually our logical ones a lot louder. In fact, check this out. I wonder, should I get something cool?

Hopefully this, hopefully this, uh, test will actually work. Okay? How many of you guys know what Twinkies are? Okay? I'm gonna show you guys the battle bet in your mind right now between the two monkeys, okay?

All right. And then little Le brownies. These are amazing too. Okay? When you see Twinkies or brownies, what do you think? Talking to the microphone there.

Speaker 3:
I would think Twinkies pull it this way. There go. I would do Twinkies.

You do Twinkies, right? Do you want, you wanna eat Twinie? Yes. Would you have a twine or a brownie?

Speaker 3:
I would do Twinkies. You Twinkies?

Why? What do you like about Twinkies?

Speaker 3:
Because, um, uh, <laugh>, they're good, right? Yeah, they're

Good. Yeah, they're so good. I love the frosting inside and they're so soft. And my favorite thing, this is this trick for all you guys, this is the, if you learn nothing else from vet other than this, this is the key. If you go camping instead of bringing, uh, hot dogs or s'mores, they're lame. Bring Twinkies, you put 'em on the thing and you roast them. It's literally the greatest thing in the world. The out think it's all crunchy. It's like it's all warm and aw. Anyway, okay, that's emotional. Russell's monkey be like, this is amazing. Okay. Alright, so yeah, I got a question for you. When you see, when you see these, what are your thoughts? Um, preservatives. Preservatives. What else are you thinking about? Uh, stay away. <laugh>. Yeah, stay away. You think about the calories, like 280 calories per twinie. That's insane.

If I eat three of these, I'm done for the week, right? Okay, so this is emotion versus logic happens every single day in our brains, right? We see the Twinkies and all of a sudden our emotional monkeys going like, oh my gosh, I wanna drink. That's so good. And a logical brain is like, wait, hold on. There's preservatives, there's calories, like, oh my gosh, the sugar water.

Like, and it starts freaking out. But then your, your emotional brain is like, but it looks so good. Like, we need that. So our emotional monkey starts going back and forth and we have this battle on head, back forth, back forth, back forth. And you guys ever had that battle before? Every day? Yes. Okay. These are the two monkeys that are there, okay? And this is our conscious mind. Every single day they're having these battle back and forth.

Now, what's interesting about the conscious mind, the way it works, it asks questions. Okay? So it says, oh, should I eat that? Oh, that looks really good. Oh, how many calories does I have though? Oh, but if I eat that I could work out later. Or, but, and then it starts asking these questions back and forth. And that's how our conscious brain works, the two monkeys in the front. Okay? So it's emotion versus logic. Well, I understand we have this constant debate between emotion, logic, emotional logic happening every single day. Okay? When you guys come here, you get an idea for a business, or you wanna lose weight, or you wanna do like whatever you're doing, you have an idea. Your conscious mind sees that thing. It's like, I wanna do this thing. And you get excited and emotionally you're like, this is amazing. And then all of a sudden your logic brain's like, ah, but what, what if I fail?

What if I do this? What? And all of a sudden it goes back and forth and back and forth, okay? And we had this debate happening in our head all the time between emotional logic, okay? That's the first thing you to understand. That's your conscious mind. Everyone touch your head and say your conscious, mind conscious that's happening in the front here, okay? This is what, this is the part of your brain you're actually familiar with. You hang out with the thing every single day. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it, but it's there all the time. Constantly going back and forth, back and forth, okay? So that's the, that's the conscious mind, the monkeys. Okay? Now what's interesting is the conscious mind only has five ways to get information and get data. Okay? The kids probably know this. You guys know what the five senses are?

Yes. Okay, what are the five senses? Name out one of them? Touch, taste, sight, sound, smell. Okay, so these are the five senses. So your b your conscious mind, those two monkeys can get information through those five different sources, okay? And it's pretty powerful, but that's all, that's the only thing they have at their, their disposals, those five senses. Okay? So if you wanna go and do something, right, you wanna be something great, you gotta think about it with your brain. These monkeys going back and forth and you, okay, I gotta find out how to do this. I wanna be good at business. I gotta think, okay, where am I gonna find the answers?

Okay, can I see it? If I see it, I gotta read a book or I'm gonna read to find it, or I'm gonna hear it, I'm gonna listen to a book or I'm gonna taste it, I'm gonna smell it. But our five senses are what is giving these two emotional monkeys all the information they need. Okay? Now, your conscious brain also gives you the ability to start thinking about what you wanna do. Okay? How many us have ever asked yourself this question? What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Okay, I'm glad that the adults say yes too. I literally had this conversation myself probably every 60 days. Like, what do I wanna be when I grow up? And for all I'm gonna, I wanna be a wrestler. So I was like, I wanna be a wrestler. Okay? If I'm gonna be a wrestler, what am I gonna do? And I start thinking, start figuring out how to do that, right? Consciously going after a thing. Um, after I got into wrestling, I was like, well, I want to, I wanna start a business.

And so I started thinking about that. I, I grow up and then I'm like, oh, I wanna write a book. Oh, I wanna do an event. Oh, I wanna, so I started thinking about things, right? But this something you should all be asking yourself every single day, even if you're a kid, if you're old, it doesn't matter. Like what do you wanna be when you grow up? Okay? My kids told me one time, I'm the least mature adult they've ever met, so I'm still working on it. I still know what I wanna be when I grow up. Um, but it keeps changing. But the first question you gotta think is like, what do you wanna be like, what is that thing you actually want to do? Who here knows they want to do?

Not that many s like, I'm not really sure I'm here trying to figure that out. I don't really know what I wanna do. Okay? Why you think about this? Um, this is Napoleon Hill again. He's my favorite author. And uh, he wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich. And in this book he talks about the concept of you can think and actually grow rich. How many guys like to just think and then grow rich? Good? It's not that hard if you start learning how to think. So we're talking more about that. But one thing he said, he said, there's a quality which one must possess to win. And that's the definiteness of purpose and the knowledge that what one wants and a burning desire to possess it. Okay? So for all of us, if we wanna be successful in life, the first thing we have to know is number one, what? Let's say first we have to know a knowledge of what we actually want. The question mark, what do you actually want?

You thought about that. If somebody asks like what do you actually want? Like what's your point? Like what do you here, what do you wanna do? Some people ask like, I don't know, I just, here I go to school, I hang out, I do something. Like, you have to know what you actually want, right? Otherwise you're just kind of drifting around, oh, there's, we're drifter. You're just drifting and drifting. Okay? If you wanna be driven, you have to be driven towards something. I have to have a goal, I have to have a direction. I'm going, right? Okay, so first thing is like, what do you actually want? And after you know what you actually want, the second thing is, then you gotta have desire to actually want it. Okay? I've had times in my life I'm like I wanna lose weight. That's what I wanna do.

But I didn't have any desire to do it. So guess what didn't happen? I didn't lose weight. <laugh>, right? I got in this like I got into drifting. I just hung back. I didn't do it. It wasn't until a year and a half ago I was like, I am tired of feeling tired all the time. I need to get in shape, I need to figure things out. And I figured out this is what, what I wanna do, what I'm gonna do it. This is the time. And I had a desire enough that I actually went and made the change in my life to go and have success. Okay? Business, same thing. Wrestling, the same thing.

Everything. I was doing the same thing for you guys. This question I want you guys to think about is what is it you actually want? And not just like, oh, that'd be nice.

Oh yeah, that's cool. Like no, you actually desire. Like I want that thing so bad, I need to have it. Okay? So that's what I want you guys to think about. In fact, we're gonna do a little assignment right now. I want you guys to fail. What is your definite purpose? What is your goal? What is the thing that you actually want in life? Okay? And it could be, I wanna start a business. It might be something else. It doesn't matter to me, okay? Uh, some of you guys, it could be one of these goals right here. This is the awards we have inside of ClickFunnels. You guys know the two comm club award, which means you make over a million dollars inside of a funnel. The gray ones a two comm, club X mean you made over 10 million in a funnel. We have two comic club C, which is a hundred million.

A bunch of people got that one. The one on the left hand side, there's the two hard award, which means you gave a million dollars to charity. And I think we've had three people who've won that so far. So maybe that's your goal. I'm gonna give a million dollars to charity. I'm honestly giving a million dollars to your favorite charity. Be like the coolest thing in the world.

Yeah, it's like one of the most fulfilling, exciting things when Matt was talking about income versus impact. Like making money is really cool because you can give a lot of it away. And like you do that, like it is insane how good you feel for something like that. Okay? Some of you guys goals, athletics. For me, for a decade and a half of my life, this was my only goal. I wanted to be a state champ.

I wanted to be a national champ. I wanted to be an all-American. Like I had these goals and that was the thing for me. So that was what I really wanted. So my question for you, I want you guys to think for a minute. Like what do you actually want? Okay? And I want you guys to dream a little bit cause maybe you're like, I dunno if I'm, if I'm ready for that, I dunno if I'm capable of that. I understand that. Like I get nervous too, but what is it you actually want? I want you guys to think about that. And then when you have you write it down. So I'm gonna give you guys three minutes, put some music on and think about in your life. And this is not what your parents want, I want somebody else. Like what do you actually want? Cause we can go and get it. Whatever that thing is you wanna get, we can get it, but you have to know what it actually is, okay? And we can tweak it or change it later. But for right now, what is it you actually want? What's the next thing? Your next goal, next thing?

Who wants to share with me what you actually want, over here?

Speaker 4:
Okay, so what I actually want, I wanna go to Johns Hopkins University, okay. And medical school. And I also wanna get a ragdoll cat cuz I love them so much.

Speaker 5:

Nice. Yeah. Okay. She's got two things she wants. Yes. Awesome. Thank you very much. Who else wanna share what they want? Give a round of applause by the way. She knows actually what she wants. Most people dunno what they want in life. Okay? Who else got something? Any other kids wanna share? Okay. Okay. What do you want?

Speaker 3:
I want to be an engineer. Ooh,

Let's the engineer give her outta applause. You an engineer. Awesome bud. Okay, over here. Yeah, she got it was your daughter. I knew she'd be fine.

Speaker 6:
A a dog that's small and it's all mine.

A dog that's small, it's all yours.

Speaker 6:
We already have a dog, but it's not mine.

What, what are you gonna name it? What are you gonna name it?

Speaker 3:
Um, fluffy.

Fluffy, cool. <laugh>. Okay, let me ask you another question. I'm gonna ask you follow-up questions can throw my slides back up again. So after we know what we want, then the second question is, why do you actually want it? What's your motive? Have you ever watched, um, TV and they have like murder mysteries where, uh, someone, someone dies and they're like, we have to, they find a suspect. Like, what's the motive? Why did they do this? We need to know why they did it. So for us, we know like, this is what we want. But the second question we'd ask is, well, why do we want it? So why do you want your own dog?

Speaker 6:
Because I really like dogs and I just think they're fun. It gives me

Speaker 3:
Something to do when I'm bored. Very cool. I can just play for my dog. <laugh>.

I love it. Okay, that's your why. I love it. Okay, thank you very much. All right, who else wanted to share what they got, what they, what they want? And then why do you want it? Okay,

Speaker 7:
I wrote a list of what I want and then I condensed it. I said create videos, photos, capture and share moments. And then I condense it to, I wanna do what will fuel my passions, make me feel inspired. Foster and foster connections with amazing people. Very

Cool. Do round applause. All right, so one more over here. You all right? So what do you want? And then why do you want it?

Speaker 3:
Um, I want to be the best soccer player on my team because I really like soccer and really knowing that and my family will play with me.

Oh, very cool. <laugh>, give her outta of applause.
My daughter's soccer player, Ellie will play with you. So we got some soccer players. <laugh>. Okay? So this is the key, you guys. If you don't know what you want, you can't get it. I promise you that isn't impossible. That's called drifting. Like, I don't know what I want. I'm gonna watch Netflix. I don't know what I want. I'm gonna go eat some food. I don't know what I want. Like that's the way 98% of the world is functioning right now. Do you understand that?

By you deciding this is what I actually want, guess what? You're ahead of 98% of the people in the world and the good news they can change, right? I wanted to be an Olympic wrestling, uh, Olympic wrestler for a while, and I didn't reach that goal and I changed it. It's fine. You can change your goals. Doesn't have to be the same thing, but you have to have something you're moving towards driven, not drifting, okay?

If you have something you're moving towards, that's how you can change your life. You can change other people's lives. It all comes off of a direction, okay? So you gotta think of that all the time. Like, what is it that I want? And then why do I want it? Why do I want it? Because if you don't know why you, you want it, it's gonna be hard to actually do it. Okay? You have to know why you actually want it. Okay? Now we're moving down to the next, the next step. So we've got these two monkeys. Now these monkeys think that they're in charge. They're, they're, they're, they, they assume they're the ones in charge, right? So for all the guys in your conscious minds, you're doing these things. You're like, oh my, my mind's in charge. I know what I'm doing and you think you're in charge.

But guess what? I'm gonna ruin it for you. You are not actually in charge. I want you guys to imagine really quick, these two monkeys. This is your conscious mind sitting on top of this huge elephant. And these two monkeys are riding the elephant. Okay? So here's our elephant. Look at this guy. So here's the elephant. And the elephant wants to go somewhere.

So he's walking down, can I borrow one of the monkeys? I'll give it back, I promise. Okay? So the monkey's here, and this monkey is riding this elephant, okay? And he's riding the elephant along. And what happens is the monkey's like, oh my gosh, I want to, and it said, I want something, I want to lose weight, I wanna make money, I wanna win a two comm club award. And he gets all excited. Cause it's emotional, right? It's like, ah, I'm gonna win an award.

This is gonna be so awesome, right? Signs up, buys a coach coaching program, whatever gets all excited and it's like, over there, I'm gonna go over this and we're gonna win award. And the, and the monkey's looking over here, I'm gonna go this way, I'm gonna go this way. But then the elephant's like, do, do, do. And it starts walking some other direction. The monkey's like, no, go over here, over here, over here. The elephant. I don't go over that way. This is the way I go. Okay? This right here is your subconscious mind. And this thing is actually what's in charge. As much as the monkey thinks he's in charge, he's not, the monkey cannot steer the elephant. He can't shift it and move it. Okay? So the monkey right here is your subconscious mind. All right? Who here wants to hold my monkey? I, my elephant. My elephant. Let's see, put back here. Okay, you hold the elephant for me, okay? So this elephant <laugh>, it's huge. Josh, should we get you, we should get a chair for the elephant. I'm still in somebody's chair.

There you go. Okay. So this is the elephant here. So you're in charge. So the elephant represents your subconscious mind. Okay? So check out the elephant. If the elephant lifts his leg a little bit, looks like a brain, right? Like there, boom. Just see that. So there it is, there's the elephant lifts his leg up. Boom. It's a brain. This is your subconscious mind. Okay? Now, if you look right here, first talked about the conscious mind, the monkey's in the front, and then the subconscious mind is the middle thing right here, okay? And I want you to understand how the subconscious mind works, okay? Subconscious mind works through patterns, okay? So if you think about this, when you were a little kid, some of you guys are little kids now, but I think all of you guys have mastered this. How many of you guys remember when you were a little kid and it was the very first time your parents gave you pants and they gave you pants?

Like you put your pants on and you're like, okay, like how do I do it? And the motional pump monkey's like, I want some pants. This is amazing. And then the, the logical one's like, well, what goes on first? So I put the left leg in the right leg in, like, I don't know, you start thinking through it and then the monkey's like, okay, put the right foot, leg, left foot. And you do it once. You're like, okay, now I put my, now, now I put my pants. Next day you wake up, right?
And you're like, Hey, I'm gonna put pants on again. How do I do it? And you're like, okay, well yesterday I put the right leg, left leg and right leg, left leg. And you're constantly thinking and you do it another day and another day and eventually you do it again and again and again. How many of you guys remember putting your pants on today?

Okay, like two people. Scott remembers nobody else, okay, <laugh>, okay. How many of you guys know that if you were to watch it, you put, when you put your pants on every single leg, you put the exact same leg in the first time every single time. Okay? The reason why is cuz these monkeys consciously decide, I wanna put on pants that it so many times over and over and over again. That is it, it created a pattern inside your subconscious mind where your subconscious mind is like, cool, I got this pants on and it plays a program and just goes and does the thing. Okay? And just happens magically. Same thing is true when you're in the shower, how many guys shower in the morning? You get out and you dry yourself off at the towel and you don't even think about it. Okay? Tomorrow when you shower, I want you to stop.

And when you get outta the shower, notice what you do with your towel, okay? You do the exact same thing every single time. You, you either dry an arm and a leg, there's some pattern you've developed over the last however many years you've been alive and you do the exact same thing every single time, time in and time out over and over and over again, okay?

For the first time. These monkeys are like, oh, I'm wet. How do I dry this thing off? Like, oh, well I'm gonna get a towel. I should, what should I do first? Like, we'll do your arm first and the next arm you keep doing this and eventually you do it. So many times it creates a pattern and just happens over and over again. Okay? Your parents know this by the way, when they drive. How many guys, um, you go on a long trip and you start driving and next you know you're home and you're like, I don't remember anything that just happened, right?

Cause you've driven home so many times, it's a pattern. Your subconscious mind has figured it out. Okay? So our subconscious mind creates these patterns and the patterns look kinda like this. Okay? This is a tractor. Now I'm in Idaho and we don't have farms like this close to me, but people always think we do. Somebody, we had an event in, in Boise and the one of our friends asked if there was gonna be a tractor that picked her up from the plane. Cause she assumed that's what Boise looked like. So this is not, we actually have like streets and buildings and stuff. It's very, it's very nice. Um, but you have a tractor, right? And a tractor goes out and they start, it starts like plowing the field, right? And does it over and over and over again. And the right hand side here. What are those things?

Who knows? Those are called ruts. Ruts, right? And the ruts get deeper and deeper and deeper. And after you do it 5, 10, 20, 30 times, eventually the ruts gets so deep that the dude who's driving the tractor could let Garrett go of the wheel and it would just drive. Cuz the wheels are stuck in the ruts, right? It gets you exactly where we need to go. Okay? Same thing is true for us inside of our minds is that there's these ruts that we get into that just, they snap back to 'em and we go back into these ruts. Now sometimes these ruts are really positive, sometimes they're really negative, okay? And so what we've gotta figure out is like what are the ruts? In fact, if you look at this, um, call this ruts or we call 'em habits as well, okay? There's two ways the habits are, are developed.

Number one is their environmental. That's how you spell environmental. That means it's like we didn't plan on it, it just happens, right? There's a whole bunch of things you guys do in, in your life right now that just happens. Sometimes they're positives, sometimes they're negative, but they're just happening because you've been doing it for so long in your life.

How many you guys have something in your life that drives you crazy? Like, God, why do I keep doing that? I don't wanna do that. I keep screwing up the same way. I keep doing the same mistake. I keep doing it over and over again. You're like, why do I keep making the same mistake? Cuz somewhere you have this pattern, right? And I draw this, Napoleon Hill calls it hypnotic rhythm. So it's like this pattern like, like a, these ruts that you get into and it's hard to get outta 'em once you get into 'em, right?

The second way you create habits, um, the second way you actually create them, right? You figure out what they actually want. So an example of this is, uh, in sports. How many you guys are athletes in this room and done done sports? Okay, so only sport I'm really good at is wrestling. So I'll use another wrestling analogy, but when I started wrestling, my coaches would go and they would teach me to move, right? And they would consciously teach my two monkeys, right? Okay, Russell, here's the movie you're gonna do. And they would teach me to move and my monkey's be, okay, how's it work? And I figure it out and it's in my conscious mind. And then we would practice it. Okay? So you go to practice, you drill things, right? You drill over and over and over and over and over again. Every day you go to practice, it's like same thing.

Get in our stance, it's inside control. We shoot the same leg, we get lower. Like we practice the same thing over and over and over again. And we do it as many times we can until it becomes a pattern. Okay? In fact, uh, how many, there's a, uh, it's one of Malcolm Gladwell's book. You talk about the, the 10,000 hour rule, right? Like, to become amazing at something you gotta do at 10,000 hours. I've done 10,000 hours to become so deep inside your mind that you're just perfect at it. Okay? So when wrestling, what would happen is we would practice the move over and over and over and over again, and then we get into wrestling. Map would start wrestling, and all sudden someone shoots on you. I don't have to think like, what am I gonna do, right? The patterns, my subconscious mind and I in my pattern knows like, okay, move your leg or snap 'em down, or you're gonna do this kind of thing, and it becomes part of who you are.

Okay? So our job is to train our subconscious mind, to train, to create the patterns, create the correct patterns we get into ruts to actually help us as opposed to the ones that hurt us. Does that make sense? Okay. So that's what our mind is. We gotta create these patterns and create these routines, um, over and over and over again. Now, a couple things that are interesting. Um, how many guys ever heard the, the saying that practice makes perfect? How many you guys believe that? Okay, you gotta be careful. So I see this all the time with my wrestlers. Well, we'll have a, a practice and we'll teach 'em a new move. Like, this is the mood. Now let's drill it. And we drill over and over and over again, and the kids will drill it wrong over and over. They drill it close, but they do.

They're in bad position. They do this wrong thing. They drill it 10, 20, 30, 50 times incorrectly after they, all these times wrong. They go to match and they try to do it, and they do it. They do the move, but they do it incorrectly and it doesn't actually work. Okay? So practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect, okay? So you have to figure out like what is the thing you want, and then practice it over and over and over and over again, okay? How do you guys think that I learned how to start a business? I didn't just go start a business. People were like, oh, you just built ClickFunnels. That's really cool. No. If you look at the history, okay, we had launched a hundred, I think it was 137 funnels that I had launched before we ever launched ClickFunnels 137, okay? Back in the day before we had ClickFunnels, it took two or three months to build one.

Like it was constantly for a decade, decade and a half of doing it over and over and over and over and over again, okay? Now, every funnel we create, like I like, we're, we understand how it works so well. Like we don't fail anymore. Like, I know exactly what funnels gonna work, what funnels aren't gonna work. We do the correct things, and it's just because it becomes such a pattern, such a habit, okay? So for you guys, that's the key is we have to understand that like our goal is these, these, uh, conscious mind is to start training our subconscious mind so we get better and better at whatever it's wanna be. Okay? So as you guys talked about your goal, right? I wanna talk about what are the habits you have to create if you're gonna be successful with that? Okay? So let's do this. We're gonna give you guys three minutes or so to write this again.

First thing I want you to look at is you have your goal, right? So let's say your goal is, let's say goal is you wanna be a state champion wrestler, okay? Right? So that's the goal. That's the thing you wanna do. And why do I wanna do that, right? We know the why, this is why I wanna do it. Now it's like what are the, what are the habits I gotta create? So I know if I'm gonna be a state champion, wrestler, there's a couple things, right? I have to start, I have to wrestle. So what's that gonna look like? I'm gonna wrestle five times a week for three hours, and that's the thing I'm gonna do over and over and over again until I get that as a pattern. Okay? I know I need to get my cardio, so I'm gonna do my cardio.

I'm gonna run in three times a week. I'm gonna do, uh, lifting weights, right? And these are the three or four things I'm gonna do to create a pattern and create a habit that's gonna stick. My kids are laughing at how good my handwriting is. It's amazing, right? <laugh>. So that's what you guys do, is look at what is your goal, and then what are the things you have to create? What are the habits you gotta do? Okay? If you're gonna be successful, it's not like, oh, I have an idea. I'm gonna be a, I'm gonna be a, a gymnast. Oh, I'm gonna be a, I start a business. You say, I'm gonna set a business, and then these are the habits I gotta do over and over and over and over and over again. Okay? So want you guys to do your best to think. You ask your parents if you need to, like what are the habits? Cause your parents probably know what habits you need to create to get the goal you actually want. Okay? So put some music on for five minutes or so, and I want you to think like, what are the habits I gotta create to be able to actually achieve my goal?

Okay, I wanna re-explain something real quick. Make sure you guys are getting this, cuz this, if you understand this principle, it literally can change your life forever. And I'm gonna show you as one other secret that is the coolest thing pretty much of all time. If you're cool with that, are you guys okay with that? Yeah. I don't have to share the last secret. I can keep it to myself. Okay? So again, this is how the brain works, right? We have these, we have emotional logic out here, and we have our five senses. We have our five senses that are gathering data for us, doing things. So we're going out there figuring out what do we want? We're we're studying, we're learning, we're reading, we're figuring things out in our head. And then we, from that, we have to go and start creating patterns. So then we practice over and over and over again.

We start creating these again, Napoleon Hill called the hypnotic rhythm. But these patterns inside of our mind that are gonna get us to what our goal is, okay? We practice over and over and over and over again. Now, a couple things. Um, I want you guys to understand like when you compete in sports, if you compete and you're competing with your conscious mind, this is where you lose. Have you ever heard of an athlete who's like, when they're playing, like, we're in the zone. I'm in the zone, right? You have so much success when you're heading in the zone is when you're not consciously thinking about it. When it's all happening subconsciously. Okay? Now, I had a chance last month to wrestle at a tournament and it was really, really cool. And my son Bowen came with me. And, um, this is actually a negative story that's teaching positive principles.

This is why I went through it. So I go out there, um, I'm wrestling this guy, and, uh, first period I go out there, I'm excited. I'm like, I've been practicing, I've been training like everything subconsciously is figured out. I walk out there to wrestle, I shake his hand and I start going, I'm wrestling and wrestling, wrestling. I'm beating him. Do you remember what it was like nine to two? And in, in, uh, freestyle 10 points is tech fall. It's nine to two about to beat the guy. And all of a sudden some flurry happens. I get hit in the face, boom, and my eye splits open, blood's pouring down my face all over the mat. It was amazing, right? And I was like, this is awesome. So they go and they clean it up, and then they can't get my blood thing to stop bleeding.

It took like five or six minutes and they, it ended up like wrapping tape around my entire head to get my eye to stop bleeding and everything. And, uh, I went out there after I got wrestling and we shook hands again. And guess what happened in that little five minute thing? My mind went from being subconscious, all of a sudden unconscious. Like, okay, I gotta win. What am I gonna do? I started thinking through all the things I needed to do to, to actually wrestle him. And then what happened? Bowen, I lost because I was thinking, I was thinking when times of competition happened, you can't be thinking, right? How many you guys watched Top Gun in the movie? Did you notice a top gun like 500 times? Like stop thinking, stop thinking. Rely on what you know, right? Because you practice, you put the time over and over and over again.

You step out there, you have to stop thinking and let your subconscious mind take over. Cause your subconscious mind is powerful. It's the thing that will make you win in sports and business and anything. If you're consciously doing it, you're gonna struggle. Okay? So practice, we consciously say, okay, I'm gonna practice and I'm gonna learn this thing. I'm gonna do it. And you practice it over and over and over and over again. Perfect practice makes perfect tell, becomes a pattern. After it's a pattern, then you have that thing, right? The reason I'm able to come out on stage and start talking, I don't have to consciously think about this stuff. Like I have some slides in the outline, but I just start talking because I've been talking about this so many times, like so many for so many years. Like, these things start appearing and showing up when I need 'em.

Okay? So the same thing's true for you guys. These things, I have five senses come in here, but this is where you win. This is where you become the best in the world or whatever it's you wanna be is by, is by training your subconscious mind and making these things patterns. Okay? Now here's the real cool secret. This is like one of the most amazing things I told you guys before that the monkeys have these five senses right? Now what's cool about this is you can go with these five senses, you can figure out most things, right? With sight, I can read things, so I can read books, I can read stuff, I can learn a lot with sound. I can hear things, listen to audio books. I can learn a lot, taste, smell, touch, like with have these cool things. But sometimes I can't find the answer with my five senses, right?

And as you guys get older, you're gonna have to learn this more and more and more. And so what's amazing is your subconscious mind has this thing, and I'm gonna do dotted line, and it's called the Sixth Sense. Have you guys seen the movie The Sixth Sense? This is not what I'm talking about. This is not what you talk to dead people. This is not the sixth sense. Um, so Napoleon Hill calls, um, calls the the sixth sense, um, tapping into, uh, what does he call it? Unlimited con or uh, yeah, infinite. The infinite mind. Infinite, uh, infinite Intelligence.
Intelligence, infinite intelligence. So six sense is literally God, okay? There are times when you cannot, with your 5 cents is find the answer to something. And the only way to get the answers is through your sixth sense. Okay? How do we tap in the sixth sense?

There's different ways. Some people do through meditation, some people do through praying, but if you wanna find answers, you can't physically find it, your senses, the only way to get that is externally. Okay? And one of the most powerful things you get is if you can learn this, it's so cool. When you're stuck on a problem or you're stuck on something, you can't figure it out. If you will say a prayer or you'll meditate, you start thinking about it and then forget about it and step away for a minute. That's when the su the sixth sense can speak to your subconscious mind and give you ideas. How many guys have ever like been stuck on a problem? You can't figure out? You can't figure out. And then you get in the shower and you're showering, and all of sudden you're like, oh my gosh, I figured it out.

How many guys never felt out before? Okay? This is the reason before you're sitting here with the, with your conscious mind, trying to figure out, trying to figure out. And it's not available. It's not to like your five senses cannot find the answer. So we're trying, we're trying, we're trying. We can't find the answer. And so we break away, we get in the shower, and these monkeys, we like stop talking. Ah, and you like go out of your mind and all of a sudden, boom, God, six sense, whatever you wanna call it. This gives you the intuition. We call it sometimes like gives you the idea, okay? And so this is the key to understand that, right? It's one of the most powerful things you do before you go to bed at night, ask questions like, what are the questions? What are the things you're stuck on, you can't find the answers to.

And nine times I'll tell you, wake up in the morning and the idea will show up. Okay? It talks down, the scripture says, knock in, you shall receive, asking you, shall, shall begin onto you. He's not talking about like, like ask for a car and God's gonna give you a car. He's saying ask questions and we'll give it to you through your sixth sense into your mind, right? That's what these ideas will come to you, but it's keep to start understanding that. Okay? All right. So we talked about two parts of the brain. We talked about the conscious mind, the subconscious mind. No one talked about this was the one. This is the one that messes most of us up. This is the one that makes so many people become drifters. And it's back here in the back about this area right here. Have you guys, can y'all touch back here?

Okay. It's called your instinctive mind called, uh, the limbic system. This is the instinctive mine. Now instinctive mind right here is where fear comes from, okay? And that's why I have my little friend. The lizard just shows. Now what's interesting about this, this part of our brain, it was actually developed to help us with a lot of things, right? Like when you were born, you know, you were born with two fears. You're born two fears. So this is your, this is your body.

And inside your body, you're born with two fears. Who knows what the two fears are. You have, you're born falling, falling. One of 'em is falling. So even when you're a brand new baby, the fear of falling, what's the other one? Baby? Loud noise. Loud noises. Loud noises. Okay? So when you're born, those are the only two fears you have.

That's it. Okay? And this, those fears are here inside this lizard back here. And they're back there like some, something like you start falling, like be scared. You're go, I'm scared. We here louder. I was like, oh, be scared. Be scared. But then something happens is like, you're, you're six months old, a year old, and then your mom sees a spider and she starts freaking out screaming, ah. And all of a sudden your brain's like, I'm scared of spiders, I'm scared of spiders. And all of a sudden adds this next thing like, oh, we are also scared of spiders. And then like something else happens, right? Oh, I'm scared of, I'm scared of a bear coming and eating me. Oh, I'm scared of we start adding these fears, but we start with just two. Okay?

Now, these fears are actually, for the most part, good for us because they're keeping us alive, right? Okay. Now, there's two parts of this. The other side, we have our body that this, this lizard trying to protect us. If we don't die, we have this other thing inside of us called our ego.
Ego, okay? And this lizard also is there to protect your ego. It does not want you to feel bad.

Now, what's crazy about this lizard, this lizard is evil, okay? This lizard speaks in absolutes. You know what that means? He's, remember Star Wars and Darth Vader fighting at the end. And he goes, SIS, only sis Dylan in absolutes. Okay? And absolutes in absolute thing. So how many you guys have ever been trying to do something in his back of head? Drake, you're not smart enough. Absolute, you're dumb, you're gonna be embarrassed. Don't do it. This is very hard for you. This is gonna be scary, right? This is this lizard back here not trying to protect your body from dying. He's trying to protect your ego from dying. So he's gonna keep talking to you and talking to you and pecking at you. And he tells you things about yourself, not because he cares about you.

Okay? This thing is amazing. It doesn't tell you what happened. It tells you how to feel about what happened, okay? And it's back there in your mind. And all of us have this thing, okay? And this thing causes more people to slip into drifting and fear and scared than anything else, right? I can tell you before you walk on the stage, I was backstage with my wife, my kids were back there and you hear noises, everyone's cheering and Brent's back there. And my kids are like, I don't go up there. I'm like, I don't either. Like, I'm scared too. Like I still to this day get so scared every single time, like in my head's, like, Russell, you're not ready. You're not worthy. It's not okay. What if they don't like you? What if they, what if you talk too fast? What if they can't understand you?

What if, what if, what if? What if? Okay, this thing mocks me as much as mocks all of us, and we all have this, okay? But we have to understand this is the thing that's there to protect us, our body. It's good to help us run from bears and from spiders, right? But we have to be able to turn it off when it's talking about our ego, okay? Our ego's the thing it's trying to protect.

So lemme come over here. I have too many things in my pockets. Okay? So our body, when we had falling and loud noises and eventually started adding spiders and things like that, and their ego, Tony Robbins says, the two things that all humans fear, number one is that we're not enough. Number two, if we're not enough, we're not gonna feel loved, okay? And so that's the things. This thing right here is yelling at us and talking about us over and over and over again, okay?

And it's protecting the egos, protecting our status. Do you wanna be Yes, my lizard friend? Okay? He's kind of mean, but you can tame him. That's the goal. Okay? You can tame him. All right? So these are the three parts of the brain. You just have to understand they're happening every single day. When you start understanding how they work and how they work together, it becomes really, really powerful. Okay? Um, I think I had a couple things, uh, other things I wanna talk about. Lizard, let me look at my notes real quick. Um, I told you, yeah. So fear speaks in absolutes, um, and fear's. Number one goal is to pull you from driving. It does not want you to be driven. It's scared to death. What if I try this thing and I fail? What if I try this thing and I mess up?

What if I try this thing? I get embarrassed. What if I try? So it's trying to pull you away from being driven and make you become a drifter, okay? And it is very, very, very efficient. This thing as 98% of people in the world are drifters, right? So we have to understand that. So we talked about earlier talking about there's faith in the fear, right? Here's the picture. We're here on the elephant and we've got a choice every single day. Faith or fear? Faith or fear, okay?

And the lizard's like, don't do it. You're gonna fail. It's gonna be hard. You've tried three diets this year, don't try another one. You're gonna fail again. You've tried a business, you've done three funnels. Russell said one funnel away. You've done three. Don't even try it. Like, why would you try again? So embarrassing. You look like an idiot, right?

Like, don't go step on the wrestling mat like you're wearing a single. It's embarrassing. You lost last time you lost this guy. Like all the fears, like this thing's trying to protect your ego over and over and over again. But by protecting your ego, it's destroying your life. You have to understand that. So we have to learn, how do we turn this thing off? Because I do not wanna move forward in fear. Nothing good comes to you, to your family, to your life, to your legacy, to anything. If you're moving forward in fear. And that's what this lizard wants to do, wants you to be in fear. So you have to come back and say, okay, stop. Stop talking to me. I need to move forward in faith, the monkeys on the front, they are faith. They want you to move forward. They set a goal.

I wanna win two comma Club award, but you're dumb. But I Stephen, on stage, I wanna win one. Yeah, you're not smart enough though. But like all these people, I say kids winning, other people winning it. Yeah, but you're just not that good looking. You're not good on camera. You're gonna be, you're gonna be, you talk too slow. You talk too fast, like a million things. It's gonna try everything you can to keep you from being successful because it wants to protect your ego. There's a really good book called Ego is the Enemy. The ego is gonna think that's gonna destroy all of us if we're not careful. It's the thing that keeps us complacent. It keeps us as drifters, okay? And as a drifter, you can't change people's lives. You can't change your own life, right? So how do we step and say, I wanna be driven.

I need to turn off this voice in the back and follow the thing I want. Okay? So these are three voices in your head, you guys, and they're happening every single day, right? And see, you have to become conscious of that, right? How many you guys are sitting there and you're having these conversations in your head and you're so nervous, you hear all sorts of things.

You're like, where's this coming from? Okay? This is how you know, the monkeys right here. They always ask questions. Okay, should I do that? Should I not do that? Like, what does that look like? Okay? If the, if it's a question that you're hearing in your head, it's the monkeys. They're wanna trying to figure things out. They're searching through things, they're reading books, they're studying, they're learning, they're, they're here right now paying attention to everything I'm saying listening stuff, okay?

The elephant is hearing through the sixth sense, right? The sixth sense is quiet. It's not loud, it's not yelling at you. The sixth sense is like, Hey, you should go help that person. Hey, here's an idea. Hey, here's something really cool you could do, right? It's quiet. You just talks once or twice and that's it. Then the back here, that voice is absolutes. It's bad. It's trying to protect your ego. It's telling you why you're not enough. Why you're not okay. Why? If you screw up, you're not gonna be loved. It's trying to protect you in a way that's messing you up. Okay? He does not want you to be successful. He just wants you to be safe, right? If you're safe all the time, you can't stretch, you can't grow, you can't change. Okay? So number four, uh, is faith. What voice do you need to learn how to ignore?

You have to learn how to ignore this. Okay? So I want you guys to, again, we'll take two or three minutes. I want you guys to write down the voice that you hear. Like when you have an idea, like you wanna accomplish a goal, what are the words you hear? The negative words that you hear in the back of your head, okay? They're different for everyone. Could be. You're not, you're not, you're not ready, you're not worthy, you're not smart enough, you're not old enough, you're not, you're too old, you're too young, you're too fat, you're too skinny. Like it could be a million things, right? I want you to write down two or three of the things. Every time you say, I'm gonna accomplish this goal, what are the things you hear in the back of your head that keep you from doing it? And I want you to actually write out the phrase, you are not enough. You are not like, whatever that thing is that you're hearing, I want you to write that down real quick. Okay?

Okay, who wants to share with me? One of the fears you hear in the back of your head that drives you nuts all the time. You wanna tell us

Speaker 8:
It's gonna take so much time?

Ooh. Okay, say it again one more time. Say it again. It's

Speaker 8:
Gonna take so much time.

It's gonna take so much time. How many of you guys have ever heard that in the back of your head? Oh, guess what? It's not just you. Does that make you feel a little better? Everybody's got the same thing going through our heads. Okay? What's interesting about this voice is not very creative. It's telling most of us the same thing. You don't have time, you're not ready, you're not worthy. Good. Thank you. All right. Who else got one they wanna share? I hear my name.

Speaker 3:
You can't do it.

You can't do it. Oh, who hears? Ever heard that one before? Who hears that one a lot? Yeah. Thank you for sharing that. Who else wants to share with something right

Speaker 5:
Here? Yeah.

Speaker 3:
I am too small.

I'm too small. Thank you. Who's ever heard that one before? Too small. Too tall, too short, too fat, too slow, too fast. All of them, right? It's over here too much. Yeah,

Speaker 3:
The other people are gonna do better.

Ooh, the other people are gonna do better. Good. Okay, I wanted to share that. Cause I want you guys to understand that all of us are hearing the same voices, right? And they're loud. I'm gonna be embarrassed or I'm scared. I see my kids a lot time say, oh, I don't wanna do this, dad, I'll be embarrassed. I dunno if I wanna do that, right? It can be scary. Okay? So for all of us just, you know, we all have that. Like even me, like Russell, people always like, you don't still get scared to go on stage, do you? I'm like, I get scared to death. I get scared. There's five people, I get scared. There's 5,000 people. I get scared as me as much now as as ever. Like those voices don't go away. We just have to learn how to turn 'em off and start, stop paying attention to them.

Okay? So if you look at like the goal of this whole thing with your brain, this is the goal. Number one is you have to calm this lizard down. You have to learn how to say no, I'm not listening to you. I am good enough. I am smart enough, I'm tall enough, I'm short enough.

Like whatever it is, right? It's calling the lizard. Number two, you have to learn how to guide the elephant. And number three, that'll get the monkeys where they want to go. That's the goal with our brain. If we can figure those things out, like, okay, the monkeys say, I want this goal. I'm gonna go accomplish, I'm gonna make money, I'm gonna lose weight. I'm gonna set, I'm gonna be an engineer. I'm gonna like you figure out what, what you actually wanna do. And you start pursuing it, right? Then you gotta start learning these things and create patterns to make it so it becomes easier.

And you practice and you practice and you practice and you practice 10,000 hours practice to this thing. You got such a good pattern, you can snap and anytime you want, right? And then we take silence this lizard, cuz every level doesn't matter where you at. It's gonna be talking to you and talking to you down why you're not good enough, why you're not smart enough, why you're not strong enough, okay? If you can do that, then you can start being successful, okay? Cause now you have control of your mind and your brain and how things work. Okay?

So this is how we win. We're on this elephant, right? The monkeys are taking us this way saying Come over here, come over here. Fall of faith. Take faith. Hey faith in this thing. And the s just like, no, come over here. I want you to be a drifter.

Want you to hang out. Now this is something I want you guys to understand. Most of the people in your life and the amazing great people, I'm sure, but most people in your life from school, from friends, that they are not driven. Most of the society are drifters. Okay? So what happens? You're gonna come an event like this and we're gonna have so much fun and we talk about things, you're get fired up. Like, I'm gonna take over the world and then guess what's gonna happen? You're gonna get home and your friends are gonna see you and like, man, you're so excited. This is awesome. That's what you're gonna think. They're gonna say. Instead they be like, why are you doing that? Like, that's not cool. Like, come on. Like at least shouldn't work that hard. You're gonna be fine. Let's watch Netflix, let's go chill, let's go hang out, let's go do whatever you're like, but I was like so excited.

But guess what happens? They don't always want you to be excited. One of the weirdest things to me, when I started having success, I thought that when I had success, everyone else was gonna celebrate with me. I was like, oh, they're gonna be so excited, they're gonna see what I'm doing. But guess what didn't happen? They weren't excited. Like, Russell, why are you, why are you doing this? You're changing. Like, yeah, I'm like, I'm trying to figure things out. No, no. Like let's go hang out, let's go out to eat. Let's go do these things, right?

The people around you don't want you to change because they want you to be like them. And so you're gonna notice as you start going out there trying to be successful and trying to go out there, right? Your friends aren't gonna want you. And so there's this us versus them, right?

And we want you guys to be part of a group of people who are driven, right? That's why I wanted to do this event. We're gonna have, um, on two days now, we're gonna be a mastermind where you kids are gonna be masterminding together, hang out together. Cuz I want you guys to be building a tribe together, right? Cause when you go home from this event, there's gonna be a lot of people in your, in your life and your world who aren't gonna be like you. They're not gonna be excited, they're not gonna wanna be driven. And if you're not careful, you're gonna slip back into those patterns, right? But everyone, you guys here are capable of so much more. You gotta be protective of it.


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