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(MS) The Inertia to Actually Get Into Momentum...

(MS) The Inertia to Actually Get Into Momentum...

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Behind the scenes glimpse of the nine month process it took us to get ClickFunnels 2.0 in orbit.

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

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Giving birth to a new thing is not easy. And it's crazy because it was two weeks before Funnel Hacking LIVE is when I made the decision to shift our entire coaching program as well. There was a lot of things happening at once.


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What's up, everybody? Good morning. This is Russell Brunson. I want to officially welcome you back to The Marketing Secrets podcast. I feel like this is old school marketing in your car though, because I'm literally in my car. I know we've been trying to do most of the episodes in studio and making videos and vlogs and stuff out of them, but I just miss hanging out when I have something I want to talk about, so here we go. I'm driving for the next 15 minutes, so we're going to go deep on some fun stuff. I hope you're okay with that. I want to talk about the change of the shift from momentum to actual domination.

All right, everybody. So, I'm having a good time hanging out with you guys in the car again, while I'm driving. Don't worry, I'm being safe. There's no way I can get in trouble. Plus I'm driving a Tesla, so it's driving itself. It doesn't even need me. I'm basically useless in the equation. So, nobody send me in questions or comments if you're nervous. But do please, by the way, send me your questions or comments. If you go to right now, there's this spot where you can actually go submit questions that will come to me and I'll be adding more sessions where I'm answering Q&As from you guys. Please go and drop a question in there and let me know and maybe it'll show up on an episode, which would kind of fun.

Okay. But I want to talk about this today. So, my last few episodes I talked about Funnel Hacking LIVE and what we did and all the chaos and the fun and the craziness that happened there. And as crazy as Funnel Hacking LIVE is, the next month of my life was even crazier. And I want to talk about that and hopefully pull a couple things you guys can, I don't know, get some ideas or learn something from. This is my hope. So, it's interesting. Last year when we started in January, it's when I'd officially taken over Dan Kennedy's company and I was writing the newsletter and I talked in January. And I'm not the kind of person that every year picks a word, but I think a lot of people do.

And for some reason in that newsletter, in the January issue, I'm like, "I feel like this year's the year of momentum." On the ClickFunnels side, it's been over two years now. And when we started ClickFunnels 2.0 we decided to make this shift and this pivot. And when we did it, Todd and I and Dave, when we made the decision like, "Hey, we're not going to sell ClickFunnels. We're going to instead build 2.0 and we're going to do all that goes into that," which means we needed to sacrifice a lot, which means we weren't going to take distributions and all these things for a period of time.

We didn't know how long that period of time was going to be. We thought it was going to be a year. Turned out it was two. That's a story for another day. But when we decided to make that thing, we knew there was going to be this time of just this building where we're going to feel stuck. And as entrepreneurs, we're momentum-based creatures, as Al Sharpton would say. And we knew that we were going to be building, but we were going to lack momentum in so many areas and it was going to be hard and frustrating. So, in January of last year, I was like, "Okay, this is the year 2.0's coming out and the word for me this year is momentum." And it was crazy because then I heard Todd on a call with our team and he's like, "My word for this year is momentum."

And I was like, "Dude, I literally said the same thing in the newsletter article this month." And he hadn't seen it yet, and it was just an interesting thing where we both felt the same thing. This is our year of momentum. And I think honestly, if I'm completely honest, we thought ClickFunnels 2.0 was going to launch in January or February or March or April, May, June, July, August or September. And it took us all the way till September to launch it. So, it was still more than half of the year of just trying to get this thing out the door and trying to give birth. And the birthing process was so much fun and so painful and so rewarding when it happens. And finally at Funnel Hacking LIVE is when we had a chance to launch ClickFunnels 2.0 to the world.

But it was just to the people at Funnel Hacking LIVE. And it's crazy because we had been using it and testing it, but one person testing a platform versus 1,000 versus 10,000 versus 100,000 is different. And so we did the best we could. And then it went to Funnel Hacking LIVE and we launched it and then people started using it and then we started seeing, "Okay, here's little hiccups here and there." And we started scrambling. And then from there it was making shifts and changes. And then we did the 2.0 launch and all these other things and then it was out into the world into momentum and it was so good. But I wanted to share with you guys what that looked like because, I don't know, there's the season where you're trying to get something into momentum and it is not easy.

Giving birth to a new thing is not easy. And it's crazy because it was two weeks before Funnel Hacking LIVE is when I made the decision to shift our entire coaching program as well. There was a lot of things happening at once. You guys have heard me talk a little bit about the Linchpin. I talked about it a lot at Funnel Hacking LIVE. But I knew that as a company, as what we're doing internally with all of our companies, what I wanted to do with our coaching, everything, it was going to sync to this new model of the Linchpin. And so two weeks before Funnel Hacking LIVE we decided to make that shift, which meant I had to go spend the two weeks before Funnel Hacking LIVE preparing for Funnel Hacking LIVE plus recording and training all the content for this new coaching program. We're inside Two Comma Club X. We're teaching the Linchpin. We're showing the Linchpin and stuff like that.

And so I was trying to do all stuff and the Funnel Hacking LIVE happened and we got home from Funnel Hacking LIVE and a normal human being would take a week or two off and relax and celebrate the wins. But it was the beginning of us trying to get into momentum. And so literally a week after Funnel Hacking LIVE, Sunday we flew home and Monday I got back in the office and started preparing for an event that was happened the next Monday at ClickFunnels HQ, which was the Linchpin event. And so I spent that whole week preparing for the Linchpin event as well as Funnel Hacking LIVE replays, which would happen the same week. And then a week later after Funnel Hacking LIVE, we had a whole bunch of entrepreneurs in our office, Inner Circle members, and I did a two day full event teaching the Linchpin where I was the only speaker for two days, speaking and teaching this whole new model. And it was amazing.

And then the next day on Wednesday we had a whole one day event. And luckily I didn't teach that one, but we helped facilitate it. It was the Understand Omni event, because we're trying to launch that company as well, and we needed to create the quick start as it is taught inside of the Linchpin. And so we did a whole one day event there. And then we had three or four days off for the weekend and then the next week is when we started the ClickFunnels 2.0 launch, which was Your First Funnel Challenge. And so you guys saw that. We did a whole week of promotions and everything, getting people into the challenge and getting affiliates and everyone to promote it. We ended up getting, man, over 200,000 people who registered for the Your First Funnel Challenge.

And after we had that, then we did the Five Day Challenge, which was every day going live and then having guest speakers and all the chaos that goes with that, and then the VIP room. So, it was, you're being live every single day for five days. And what no one knew is as soon as the lives got done, then we had some of the most amazing funnel experts in the office that we were filming afterwards. We had Jeff Walker and Trey Lewellen and all these amazing speakers who were also there that week. So, we were filming this stuff that'll be coming out this month that week as well. So, that was five full days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of doing this challenge to launch 2.0 to get it out in the world. And so it was planning in the morning, creating one-pagers, and then jumping on stage teaching for an hour and then having guest speaker, guest speaker.

Then coming back in and then doing a VIP for an hour and then breaks and then quickly getting everybody on filming the next sessions. And then I had to head out to wrestling practice because wrestling practice for middle school starts. So, I was racing out to wrestling practice. And I get home from wrestling practice and sometimes they'd still be filming at the office. I'd run back to the office to go make sure the filming was happening well. And then from there it's like I had to create the one-pagers and the training for the next day. And it was insane those five days. And you think when the five days was over it should be over, but it wasn't. Because then on Saturday we did a bonus day, which was literally a mini Funnel Hacking LIVE all day on Saturday, which was with tons of guest speakers.

Plus in the middle of that we had an affiliate Mastermind where we had 50 affiliates who came to Boise and spent two days here in the office during the challenge week, during the launch week, as a live studio audience. But then as soon as the event was over and then we were doing Masterminds all night. I wish you guys could have seen behind the scenes. It was nuts. But it was all the things required to create enough momentum to get ClickFunnels 2.0 out into the world. And I don't have all the stats here in front of me, but after we got that launched into the world, they gave me the Five Day Challenge. We had the sixth day bonus day. And then on Monday we had an Affiliate Day, which was amazing. We had two of our top affiliates come in and teach as well.

And then after all that stuff, then it was like we had put this thing into the atmosphere. We had got it into orbit. And you think about a rocket. A rocket is sitting there. It has to get out of the atmosphere into orbit and there's so much that goes into it, all the boosters and the jets and the stuff to push this thing into momentum. And I think it's beyond gravity. It's out into the solar. Then it can float and it can hang out there and it can change and it can grow. But my role as the entrepreneur in the business is to do the insane amount of effort and pressure that a rocket does to get a spaceship into the thing. And it was crazy. I'm still tired from that. I'm not going to lie.

And so we got that out into the ecosystem and out into the world and now it's in orbit, which is so nice. And now it's my team is working on the programming and onboarding and the tech side and the support side and the module, the training. And there's a million things happening now that don't involve me, but getting into orbit was very, very heavily dependent on that. And so I think for a lot of us is understanding, using entrepreneur, it's like you have to get things into orbit, which is for a finite period of time to get things into momentum, you have to go deep. Really, really deep.

I wish that you could say, "Oh, it's all about balance," and, "Oh, it's all about..." And yeah, after it's in orbit you can bring people and systems and teams in and it can be balanced. But that initial inertia needed to get into momentum. At least for me, maybe I'm doing it all wrong. But it is extreme amounts of work and effort and pressure to get something into the atmosphere. And so that's what it was for us. It was honestly a couple weeks before Funnel Hacking LIVE. It was Funnel Hacking LIVE. Post Funnel Hacking LIVE was all the Linchpin stuff for the event. And then it was boom 2.0 launch. And when the launch was over I had a couple day break and then we had Inner Circle meetings. We had two days with my Category Kings, which was insane. And then two days with the whole Inner Circle group. And then After Mind. Yeah. It was crazy.

And then after that... Hold on. Yeah. We did, I think it was eight or nine events. It was nine events we did in five weeks. So, just to put in perspective how chaotic it was. We did the Inner Circle events and then the night the Inner Circle ended, Justin Benton had set up a meeting with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. And so I got down with the Inner Circle and we jumped in a plane literally that same night Inner Circle ended and flew to Wise, Virginia to go meet Don Greening of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and see the archives and spent time with them and negotiate a big business deal we're trying to work on with them, which was crazy. And from there we flew back home just in time for Halloween. Went out trick or treating with my kids. And then wrestling season was full swing. And then all the chaos happens there.

And then last weekend finally, finally, finally my wife and I snuck away and we flew to California and spent three days in a hotel by ourselves, just literally sleeping in. I slept in three days in a row without an alarm clock. It was amazing. And they came back and now I'm back in the heat of it. But it was crazy to get things to the momentum. And after that was all done, I did a big call with my team. And honestly it's because, man, the effort again that it takes to get something into inertia, it's brutal. I mean, it was brutal on me, but it's not just me. It's brutal on our events team, our support team, our development team, all the teams. Advertising team. There's so many teams that made this all happen. And so we literally did a call to our entire team and I just literally wanted to just say thank you to everyone.

I'm sure if I feel like this, I'm sure everyone else feels beat up and tired and worn out. And I wanted to thank them all and let them know we spent the last two years building this amazing thing and the last six weeks was us killing ourselves to get this thing into momentum. The momentum we talked about in January. Momentum, that's the word of the year. To get into momentum, it was excruciating effort to get this thing into outer space, into momentum. And I'm like, "Now we're in momentum. Now we have the world at our fingertips." And I was like, "Now we're in momentum." The problem is that most people get into momentum and then they want to drift and they drift back to the state they started at. And I was like, "I don't want to drift back in the state.

Right now," I'm like, what's the saying, "the world is our oyster. It's just there for the taking. We need to go and do it." And I said, "Right now we have this unique opportunity. ClickFunnels 2.0 is the buzz. What we're doing, there's noise in the marketplace. People are talking and we can either rest and slow down or it's like we can transition out from momentum to actual domination." I was like, "That's my plan, is the shift for momentum to domination." And I was like, "And I'm going to show you guys, this is how I'm going to do it. This is the plan. This is what I'm going to do and why I'm going to do it." And I laid out the plan for the team. So, anyway. So, my word for next year, if there's a word, it's domination. Now that we're in momentum now it's like I want to capitalize on it, but I want to do it in a way that...

I mean, the energy expenditure to get something into momentum I can't keep doing long-term. I won't be able to handle it, and I can handle a lot, but I don't think my team can handle it. I can't handle it. So, it's like, now how do we strategically use this momentum and leverage it in a way where we can turn it into domination? And that's the next question, which I'm excited for. So, anyway, my plan and my thought is yeah, I'm going to end this episode right now on a cliffhanger. Because this is all about momentum to domination. And then I'm going to talk about some of my vision for actual domination in the next episode, which hopefully you guys will enjoy. So, yeah. So, there you go, you guys. I think the thing that I hope that you would get from this, if I have, what are the intentions I want somebody to get from this, is understanding that to put something amazing out in the world, it's not just balanced life. It's not what most people are trying to figure out.

It takes a period of extreme unbalance to get the rocket ship into orbit. It takes all that effort. I think the rocket ship's this perfect example. You look at NASA or whoever and they've got this ship and they've got to get it into orbit. It's huge boosters and rockets and all these things just to get it out of the atmosphere into the spot where can be in orbit. And that's your job. That's your role as the entrepreneur. You have a team that can build systems that can keep it in orbit and keep it getting it better and improving upon it. But for you to have something that people can improve upon, you got to get it into orbit. And it's understanding that you don't say, "Oh, I'm in momentum." Yeah, momentum. It takes the initial inertia to get it into momentum.

And so the question is for you is, where are you at in your process? Do you have momentum yet? Do you not? If not, it's like, okay, you got to buckle down and say, "Okay, I'm going to spend six weeks. I'm going to get this thing into momentum. How am I going to do it? I'm going to do it through a challenge. I'm going to do through this, a webinar. I'm going to do it through JVs. I'm going to do it through," whatever your thing is, right? "I'm going to do this live event." Figure out that thing and then go get it into momentum. And then after some momentum, make sure it's not just a one-off thing where you did all the work and it dies. That's the problem with the product launch model is we launch a product and then it dies. You do all the work and now you're in momentum. Now, how do we keep in it momentum? Keep it running. Keep it running.

And that's the hope you get from this episode, is the inertia that takes something to get into the momentum and then now it's there. Now it's like, "Okay, step back. Take your breath." And then getting the systems, the teams in place to keep it in momentum. And in the next episode I'm going to talk about the transition now from momentum to actual domination. How do you do it? And what's crazy is my big aha on how to do it is something I learned in the middle of the Five Day Challenge. Excuse me. It was actually on day five during my hour long interview with Daymond John. He said one little thing. I think most people missed it. In fact, I missed it during the live interview. I interviewed him live in studio and he said it and I didn't catch it. And then during day five when I was watching it he said it again, and I was like, "Oh I missed it. That was it. That was the nugget."

And so I'll share that with you guys next, because that's the transition from momentum to actual domination. And not only I learned it during day five of Daymond, but then I saw it in actual practical application when I flew out to Wise, Virginia to meet with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. So, between those two experiences is where I figured out this is the path, this is the process, this is the way. So, I'll share that with you guys in the next episode. I hope you enjoyed this one. I miss hanging out with you guys in the car. So, hopefully we'll rotate between probably some of these audio ones and video ones just to keep it fun. So, I appreciate you guys. Thank you for listening and we'll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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