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(MS) The Opportunity I’ve Missed For Two Decades…

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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How do you GET PAID to advertise your own product, before they even hit your funnel? Now I consume ferociously and I’ve seen trends come and go, and for two decades I’ve missed this ONE thing. But after hearing a friend re-frame this idea, I’m putting massive focus behind this one piece I’ve been missing.

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

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I've done YouTube before. I had five or six channels. In fact, one of my channels got quarter a million followers. We got the big play button, we've had videos get millions of views. With that said, I still missed it. I guarantee, there's people, some of you guys who are selling courses on YouTube and you still missed it.


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What's up everyone? This is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today episode's going to be a little different, and I'm nervous about even bringing this idea to you because I think most of you guys can hear this idea and be like, oh yeah, sure. Of course, Russell. Makes total sense. I'm like, no, no, no. If you respond that way, then you missed it. And so I'm trying to figure how to pre-frame this so you will freak out when you hear it the same way that I'm freaking out about it, because this is one of the biggest insights I've had this year for sure, and probably over the last, I don't know, outside of funnels, this might be the greatest, most exciting thing that I've stumbled upon in a long time. And it's not something new that's hard because I'm going to tell you and you're like, oh, yeah, of course. I'm like, no, but it's looking at it differently. And when I looked at this differently all sudden, I had the epiphany. I was like, oh my gosh, this is huge.

And so there's some of the caveat. I'm also nervous because, again, of all the people, I've studied everything. As the chief funnel hacker of the planet Earth, I've bought everyone's course in every market. Real estate, stocks, trading, weight loss. I buy them all because I want to see what people are doing. So I've gone through every product, every course, every training. I listen to podcasts in 50 different verticals, and so it's hard to get new things past me at this point. I consume voraciously. I don't think there's many people who have their hands on the pulse of this market like I do because I'm obsessed with, I love it. It's my art, it's my passion. It's everything.

And so that's why when I tell you this thing, I want you to understand, I've missed it for decades, two decades now I've missed this opportunity, and it wasn't until just recently the light bulb went off my head and I get it, and I'm investing insane amounts of time, energy, and money into it because I see the opportunity now. And so I'm going to tell you what it is. You're going to hear it and you're going to blow it off, and I'm going to try to explain to you, and I want you just to sit back and listen enough to be like, oh my gosh. As soon as you have that moment, then you got it. Until you have that moment, just keep relistening to this episode until you have it. So there you go.

Okay, so here is the big secret. It's this little website that will change everything for you, and it's called YouTube. I know Russell, I know what YouTube is. I already have YouTube channel, blah, blah, blah, blah. I went to the webinars, I spent the courses. No. So did I. Okay? And so let me tell you how I had the aha. A lot of you guys know that I spend, I don't know, million plus dollars a month, probably more than that at this point, driving traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, all of them. We're spending tons of money on every platform driving people into our funnels. That's how we grow our companies, all based on we spend money, they send traffic and we make money. So what's powerful about YouTube is if you do it correctly, it's the opposite. Instead of you spending money and them sending you traffic, instead they give you money and they give you traffic. Okay? So let me explain the aha when I had it.

So I was in Mexico, we do our Mastermind in Paradise with all of our two CCX Inner Circle members, and I always bring a couple people from the community to come up and speak. And this one I wanted to invite somebody who I just got to know over the last couple years name's Kathy Yoder and Kathy lives here in Boise where we do, and she has a couponing blog and she has a cookbook, and I knew that she had this funnel where she was selling cookbooks through and stuff like that, but I also knew her primary traffic source was YouTube. And so I asked her, I'm like, Hey, a lot of people in our audience love to use YouTube. Can you come and share what you're doing?

And I want to, again, this is my 500 caveats because I don't want you guys to miss this. I've done YouTube before. I had five or six channels. In fact, one of my channels got quarter a million followers. We got the big play button, we've had videos get millions of views. With that said, I still missed it. I guarantee, there's people, some of you guys who are selling courses on YouTube and you still missed it. So anyway, there's another caveat. So there's like 500 caveats on this one, just to make sure you don't miss it.

So Kathy got up, she gave her a presentation and she talked about how she had her YouTube channel and she was doing what most of us doing. We had a bunch of random videos, and then she decided to specialize in one thing. So she actually hid and got rid of a bunch of her videos except for ones that were tied around air fryers. Again, she's in the couponing, cooking, that market. And so she started doing air fryer recipes. And so she made a video and she share, here's five things you can make in an air fryer today. And then each week she made a new video and she also, she's smart. She didn't just throw random videos up there. She was being strategic, she was learning from different people. I know she went through Derral Eves coaching program who Derral's amazing. I'm going to talk about him towards the end here.

But she started making these videos and doing it correctly, and she started showing what was happening. And this was crazy. She'd be like, here's this video I posted and it got X amount of views, then this one and then this one. Then this was the video that went viral. It got on a hundred thousand views or 500,000, whatever it was. And here's the next one. And then here's how the channel started growing. She's showing this whole process, and again, this is her in her kitchen filming these things with her own camera. This is not high production studio, it's her just making these videos one a week, putting them out there and then showing how big each video, how big it was.

And then she started showing how much ad revenue she made from each these videos. It was crazy. She showed one video and was like, this video here made me $50,000 in ad revenue. This right here made me 85,000. This... And I'm like, wait, what? I was like, you posted the video and YouTube sent you like $50,000 or $80,000? And that's when the wheel started going off in my head. I'm like, oh my gosh. Instead of me spending money to get a million views, if you make a really good video the correct way, they will send you a check and they'll send you traffic.

So after Kathy's going through showing video by video how much money each of these videos are making her, then she showed her funnel stats. So in the description of her video, she's like, oh, go over here. Go get my cookbook. And she's selling thousands and thousands of copies of her cookbook through her funnel every single month. So not only is she getting paid to make these videos, she's getting all the traffic from YouTube to buy her cookbooks inside of her funnel. Plus, on top of that, she has other sponsors coming to her. Am I allowed to divulge into my business? But there's people writing her seven figure checks to sponsor inside of her videos. It's crazy.

And I was like, oh my gosh, I spent so much time me gambling, me, risking my money up front to get traffic, and then the traffic costs going up and up and up. And I've been doing that way. Well, I'm like, if I shift this around, what if I spent more time and did YouTube right? If instead of... And right now I've got two or three different channels, they're doing all sorts of stuff, what if I did it right? What if I learned from the best? How can I do it correctly the very first time?

And so I actually hired Derral. I paid him six figures. He came out for one day. And Russell, this is how you do it. And I obviously can't give you all the stuff he said. In fact, if you read his book, he's got a really good book. Go read the book. It's amazing. It'll give you 99% of what you need. But anyway, so Derral came out and spent a day with us, and the big aha I had was if you look at YouTube, not just like, here's a channel, I'm going to throw a bunch of videos on spam. Look at YouTube as if you're going to Netflix and you're pitching a show, what would your show be about? What's unique about it? What's interesting? Why people come and watch it. You're pitching to Netflix that idea, and as soon as you get a show that's good enough, people will pay you.

Then you go back and you start creating that. And you create it where it's just like a show. It's got to be consistent. The same thing, same format, same style, same thumbnail. Where it's a show not just like... if you're on my YouTube channel right now, it is great. We got 250,000 followers and there's a billion videos and they're all different, just random crap we're thrown up there and none of my videos get more than 15, 20,000 views. They all just kind of cap out there. And Derral's like, it's because you've got all these... They're all different topics. People can come YouTube, they're subscribing to a channel or a show and they want it to be the same. So he's like, you better if you have four different channels than just having one channel with all this different garbage on it.

And so we sat down and now we're building a show, and I'm going to be launching it here in the next couple months. I don't know. But the goal of this, again, it's going to take a while to build up and to grow, do it correctly. But imagine this. Imagine I create a video and instead of me spending who knows, a hundred thousand dollars in ads to promote a funnel, imagine I go and I just create a really, really good video. I post it on YouTube. So maybe I spend 10 grand making a really putting in the time and the effort to make a really good video, post it on YouTube. YouTube because the video was thought through and we follow the algorithm and all things they want, it goes out there and gets a million views. From that, I get a check for, I don't know how much, don't know, it all works. Let's say I get a check for 30 grand and I 3x my money. I made 30.

Instead of me spending 50 60 grand, I made 30 grand, which covered my ad cost. And then I got link in the description of my funnel and I go and sell 300 copies of my book from that video. So I got paid 20 grand net profit to get 300 book buyers and then get all the money from the book buyers. And then I do another video and another. And I keep doing that. And imagine, imagine how crazy it would be.

So what I've been doing over the last little bit with my kids is I want to see how these YouTubers are doing it. So I've been watching Mr. Beast, I've been watching Mark Rober, I've been watching all these things. And you look at Mr. Beast, he'll spend 10, 15, 20 million to make a video, but then that video gets 400 million views and he gets a check for, who knows, 10 million, I don't know what the numbers are, 10 million. So because he's spending a lot of money in production, he gets that money back plus profit on top of it, plus he gets all the traffic, plus he gets all the... It's just insane.

And so for you and for me, if I was anybody right now, in fact, I spent time with my nieces and nephews at our family reunion this week. I'm like, you guys need to start a YouTube channel. If you do this correctly, you do this for a year and a year from now, you'll be insanely rich as teenagers.

So anyway, this is the big aha I had. I'm spending so much money to get traffic. What if I just spent money creating really, really good videos, post them and I get paid from that and I get the traffic and you get the sponsorships and you get the branding and you get the... All the things that come from that.

Just a little flipping mindset. The key is, I believe, is learning how to do it correctly. Now, a couple cool things. Number one, Kathy Yoder's actually speaking at Funnel Hacking Live this year, I was like, you have to show this to everybody. I'm freaking out about, everyone else's going to freak out. So she's going to be at Funnel Hacking Live. So if you're not there yet, make sure you get your ticket and come to Funnel Hacking Live.
Again, if you go to, you get your tickets. But Kathy's going to show her whole process. And I don't even know what to say. You guys are going to freak out like I did so much so I'm figuring out how can I cut out five hours, or sorry, two hours a day, so 10 hours a week of my time to focus 100% on my YouTube channel. That's how valuable this is in my mind right now.

And then from that, you get paid plus you get traffic versus you pay and you get traffic now. So you get paid and you get the traffic. It's just this little shift in mindset that I think is huge.

It's funny because I've never done sponsorships on my podcast in the past before either, because I can make more money driving people in my funnels than other people should. But the reality is, what if I did start charging and I did start selling sponsorships on my podcast. Let's say I was making 10 grand a month or 50 grand a month, or a hundred grand a month, I don't know from sponsors in my podcast and I take that a hundred grand, I just dump it into more ads to keep growing the podcast.

I don't know, I've been so resistant to this forever that now, am I getting it now? A couple other YouTube hacks to know of. Number two is if you have a number, whichever number, I don't even know anymore. If you're running ads on YouTube channel, that's actually not a good thing. You will not get organic reach. That's one of the biggest problems I have with my channel of 250,000 followers is that we ran ads on there for a decade. So because of that, YouTube's like, oh, they're going to buy ads, therefore don't make these videos go viral or whatever it is. You get less reach because of that. And so we turned it off. It's hard to recover from that. So that was a big one.

So with this new thing, we're launching a brand new channel. We're never going to run ads on that channel. Again, it's a show. We're pitching it as if I was going to go to Netflix, what would that show look like? What would be interesting? How would I structure the videos? So it's watching a lot of videos. It's finding who's doing something that's similar? Who's getting millions of views? Who's got the big followers and subscribers? There's so many cool things that I want you guys to understand that again, I don't know it all yet, I'm still learning it. But again, we paid Derral six figures to come and train me for a day on how our me and my team are going to do it. So I'm excited to see the fruits of that. But for you guys, you should go get Derral's book on YouTube. If you go to Amazon, type in Derral Eves YouTube, his book will pop up and it's amazing. Go read it. It'll walk you through 90% of what we're doing right now with ours and give you guys just all the shortcuts.

But it's big. It's worth stopping and thinking about. It's worth funnel hacking a bunch of channels. It's worth figuring out how could you create something really good? Not that you have to put 10 grand into a video, but you can make videos for less. But as you make the money and it comes in, reinvest in good videos and reinvest, keep doing that because in five years from now, if I can turn all my ads, instead of me spending a million dollars a month in ads, instead if I'm getting a check for a million dollars a month from my content and I'm still getting the traffic, that's the aha. That's the shift in my head. It's why I think YouTube's better than all the other platforms.

I have tons of engagement and viewers on Instagram. They don't give me any money. Same thing on Facebook. Tons. I don't get any money. Podcast, right now. There's tons of you guys listen every single week for six years, whatever, seven, eight years, 10 years, man, over 10 years. I don't get paid for anything from that. If you go to my funnels to buy stuff, you do. But man, imagine if I got both. Imagine if I was getting a million dollars a month in ad revenue from YouTube and I got a million visitors a month.

Now, again, I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say or not, but there's one YouTuber who we follow, my kids and I follow, and they have a whole bunch of videos. And after two or three years of providing these really good videos, they did a product launch and I saw the product launch, it was really good and my son and I bought the product and we love it. And it's one of Derral's clients. I said, how did that do? And he laughed, it killed them, they killed it. How much did they make? And the product, it was a subscription, so it was like 30 bucks a month, but you had to pay $300 one time. And I'm not going to remember the number, but it was somewhere between 30 and 40 million they did from one video. Boom, that crazy. It wasn't a huge product launch campaign and emails and sequences and everything. He just had a really good YouTube channel, really good following. He made one video that pushed his new continuity program once. Boom, 30, 40, 50 million, whatever it was. Crazy numbers. Crazy numbers.

Because so much goodwill built up. So much value, so much excitement. And one offer came out and boom, it exploded, right? Made me think, man, he had to wait three or four years to get paid. No, no, no. In the interim, he's getting paid millions of dollars a month from YouTube for creating these good videos. And then when he finally drops his offer, boom, it blows up.

So yeah, anyway, it's crazy. So hopefully I've sold you on re-looking at YouTube, rethinking through it. Again, and I think for a lot of you guys, do what I'm doing. I'm literally starting over from scratch. I fought it forever. I've spent so much time, I've got 8 million videos over here. I've got 250,000 followers. No, I'm just correctly. Because if I do it correctly in a year from now, it'll eclipse everything I've dreamt of.

And so we're starting over, it'll come soon. You hear me talk about it when it's live, I'm sure. But anyway, I think it's one of the big opportunities. So yeah, revisit YouTube. Think about through that lens of, man, I'm going to dedicate a year, two years of my life doing this correctly, doing it the way that Derral teaches. Just following that process to a T and two or three years from now, you'll get more traffic from that channel than you are from all your other advertising combined and they're paying you. They're paying you to advertise. Is that crazy?

I remember one of the things I thought about before, I was like, don't put ads on my videos because my competitors don't put ads on my video. So I turned all the ads off. I don't know how many tens of millions dollars I would've made from all my YouTube views, but I turned ads off because I didn't want anyone to advertise on my face. No. Instead, let them advertise on my face. I get a check for a million dollars each month and I get a million visitors to my funnel? Come on, come on. It's insane.

Anyway, all right, there you go. That's 15, almost 16 minutes of me convincing you YouTube is the thing. It's worth reinvestigating rethinking through. I'm putting the time, the energy into it now because I think it's that valuable and that important. And I think you should as well. Thanks again for listening. I appreciate you all.
And if you don't have a ticket yet to Funnel Hacking Live, come and get them. Kathy's speaking, it's going to be amazing when you buy a ticket. Derral spoke last year. His presentation is in the members area. If you get it before the... We pull bonuses out every single week. So if you get your ticket before, we pull out Derral's presentations, his is in there, which shows how he built the TV show, The Chosen into this massive company. Almost a billion people view his videos, just like T-shirt sales… And he said at the event it was 50 million a year just in t-shirt sales from The Chosen. This is Derral talked about Funnel Hacking Live last year. So that's in the members there if you take it soon. But if you don't have a ticket yet, go to Get your ticket, Kathy speaking. We're weaving this into a big part of the linchpin and I hope you guys understand the value and the power of it. So thanks so much for listening and I'll see you guys all soon. Bye.


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