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514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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Every morning for some reason, like Facebook algorithm makes me love him for some reason. He's always the first post I ever see. So I always see it and he usually just saying something nice about us, our community or something, I always like it. And I told him that yesterday, I was like, "Hey man, just so you know, every time I open Facebook, you're the first thing." He's like, "So is that really you liking the comments?" I'm like, "Every time." He's like, "Really?" I was like, "Yeah, the people I follow are the people in my Inner Circle, I'm watching whatever he's doing. I'm watching them publish, I'm watching the things."


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Russell Brunson: What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I'm excited to be hanging out with you here today and I've got some special guests here in the house that I will announce here in a minute. But I'm excited because we just got done with Inner Circle Week and so the last four days, I've been sitting in Mastermind meeting after Mastermind meeting after Mastermind meeting, and I'm loving it. And so many good ideas. And today's Friday and I'm just relaxing today, trying to get my mind back. And I thought before it's all over, it'll be fun to do a podcast talking about Inner Circle.

But at the same time I was like, "I don't know what to talk about." There's so many things that happened and I don't even know the right way to do it. And so I brought two friends and guests to come in here and have them ... they were both at Inner Circle, behind the scenes, running things around. And I wanted them to come and ask me questions and figure out some behind the scenes for you guys to hear, which is the game plan for today. And both of them, also, are recently, in the last three days, launched a TV show for ClickFunnels, which is really exciting. And so I will introduce them here first. So the two guests are here today. Number one is Ben Moote, who's been here at ClickFunnels forever-

Ben Moote: Forever.

Russell: Basically, since day two, maybe day three.

Ben: The minute you announced it, you were like, "We're trying this in beta." I'm like, "I'm in." Breaking everyone, I loved it.

Russell: And Ben helped us when we first launched the very first certification program ever, was there. And then he went on his own for a while. And then we brought him back. Anyway, he's been around forever. One of our diehard funnel hackers. If you cut him, he will bleed funnels, which is really, really cool. At least we've assuming, we may try that before the episode's over, just so you're fully aware.

And then our second guest, I've just gotten to know really well over the last couple of weeks. But I've been watching her for a long time, Susan Leonardson. And she's someone who actually lives here in Boise, as well. She's a funnel builder, she runs an agency and does a whole bunch other cool stuff. And someone who I just had so much fun watching her and what she's been doing in the ClickFunnels community.

And so, recently I asked both Ben and Susan if they would be willing to launch a behind the scenes TV show of all the chaos and the crazy things that are happening consistently and constantly in the ClickFunnels community. And so we kicked it off during Inner Circle.

Ben: That's cool.

Russell: And it was fun. So the show's called Funnel Hacker TV, and if anyone wants to watch the episodes during it ... because literally in the middle of Inner Circle, they went on stage when everyone was done and they started talking about the big ahas and the takeaways they got. Which was really cool. And then they did that both days and what's the view count on both those?

Ben: The view count, so the first one has over 100,000 views. The second one has-

Russell: Are you serious?

Ben: Fifty.

Russell: Wait, I thought it was like 25,000.

Ben: No, no, it's over 100,000 views for the first one.

Russell: Holy moly, that's amazing.

Ben: And the second one has over 50 now.

Russell: Okay, so the shows a hit. It's officially-

Ben: So it's taken off.

Russell: Most TV shows on TV don't get that many. And you guys the first few episodes, which is crazy. So if you guys want to watch the past episodes, if you go to FunnelHacker.TV, you can go in and you can register, get on the list, you can see the past episodes. But they were there behind the scenes doing that. And so actually maybe I'll interview you guys for this part. Okay, let's do this first off. So that was the first time either of you had been to a Inner Circle meeting, right?

Ben: Yeah.

Susan Leonardson: Yeah.

Russell: So Susan, I'll ask you first. What did you think about it? Do you have a takeaway or something that was just ... I don't know. You've been obviously Funnel Hacking Live and other things, but…

Susan: Well, the format is totally different than any of the other things. Because it's the Inner Circle community sharing, like the gives and the asks was so awesome. Because normally we go to Funnel Hacking Live, we hear from you, we hear from the people that you've selected to speak to us, go to 2 CCX, same deal. It's like a mini FHL ... or not two ... the Mastermind in Paradise.

But Inner Circle, the two days, it was a little bit you. But it was mostly hearing from everyone else and breakout rooms and all. It was really awesome to hear what everyone else is doing. And one thing that stood out to me though was, I think it was in Mexico, you said you love seeing people take your framework and then just make it better, like expand on it. And that's what I feel like I was hearing from people as they were sharing was, oh, they took ... I forgot who it was. Someone shared the value elevator and I was like, "Oh, that's Russell's framework. But they took a little bit of a spin on it." It was really awesome to see how everyone just takes it and runs with it.

Russell: Yeah, I was in the bathroom and I overheard somebody talking, so I'm trying not make a noise. And they asked, Mastermind in Paradise versus this, what was the difference? And they said the Mastermind in Paradise, they felt like was very strategic. Here's the strategy, but here he's like, I was expecting that. But instead, we're in these rooms and everyone's sharing the very specific tactics of how they're doing things and the tweaks and the changes. And he was like, it was not what I was expecting, but he's like, it's such a cool ying-yang of Russell’s laying strategy. Here's all the individual tactics. And I never thought about it that way before, but that's exactly what it is. Of all the events, this one is the easiest for me because it's not me. It's like here's the community, all you guys, go, have fun. And it's awesome.

Susan: Yeah.

Russell: How about you, Ben? What was your biggest ... how'd you feel about it all?

Ben: First off, as the person who's been buying absolutely everything for the last, however, oh, he just came out with this.

Russell: That's the only thing you haven't bought yet, right?

Ben: No, I had not bought the Inner Circle. I had not joined the Inner Circle. I was like, crap. So I was like, I'm going to get there, I'm going to get there. And somebody asked, I was like, "Who wants to see behind the scenes in the Inner Circle?" And they're like, "Ben, you got in?" I'm like, "I got up behind the scenes, but it's really cool." And so I still want to buy it.

Russell: I'll accept your money anytime you want to give it to me, don't worry.

Ben: There we go. So the cool thing was being able ... I've seen snippets of it in different courses. And at one point you're like, "This is the behind the scenes in the last four years when we actually did it." The mastermind launch. And it was being in the room, being able to see things. The number one thing that shocked me was how open you were about everything that we're trying. There's like, oh, there's some things that may not work, but we're trying this, we're doing this. And you're like, "You guys want to see this?" And you just listed out the seven things that we're going with. And I was like, "Holy."

And now that you're inside ClickFunnels, you're like, this stuff we're actually doing, Russell is actually sharing this.

Ben: He's actually saying, like we don't realize-

Russell: We have no idea if this is going to work or not.

Ben: He's not letting ... you don't keep secrets. You don't. It's like you're just letting all the good stuff out. And I'm like, holy cow, he's letting everything go. Just the ideas, you're like, "I just had this idea last week. This is how we're going to do it." And then you present in front of everybody. I'm like, I didn't think he was going to share that.

But you're on the stage and it's the group of people that you've always wanted to be around. I've heard that multiple times, but I've never been able to feel the energy of the room when it's just that group. So that was cool.

We mentioned it, but it's like it's the movers and the shakers. It's the people who are driving and making a difference. And when they start to share those things, sometimes I was not expecting the amount of times people would say, "You know what? This is going to get spiritual, but this is how I keep balanced." And they talked about how they keep balanced. Or psychology stuff, just to be able to not go crazy as they do everything that they do.

Then there were the other ones where it was like the elevator and it was, this is how we do shorts and this is the cool TikTok twist. And by the way, you should be putting this into all your programs because it's free money. It's like, what the?

Russell: Oh yeah, I was the same way. There's so many little nuggets that I'm like, "I would've paid to be here." Yeah, it's so cool.

Ben: Just to bounce it back, do you ever watch those? Do you go back and watch them again?

Russell: Well, it's funny. That's the reason why we instituted the whole best set. So the way it works for those who don't know, is we come to a big ... so about a hundred people in the Inner Circle. So everyone comes together and usually I'll give a presentation, like Ben said, this is not formal presentations with Russell with a bunch of slides. It's more like, "All right, here's what I'm thinking about today."

It's funny because typically most people, the first meeting of our mastermind, they're confused and they don't like it. Because they've always come from core space workers, module and module two, module three. And they show up and there's no modules, there's no nothing. It's just like blah. And the first time everyone gets overwhelmed and there are a whole bunch of ideas and they don't know what to do and they leave. And every single time and then the second time they come back, they'll prepared for it and they're like, "Oh, I'm not coming to learn step one, step two, step three. If I'm at this level, I already have the foundation things in the business. I'm just looking for little things I can take to amplify what I'm doing." And so the second time, they get it and they're like, "Oh my gosh, this is so much better." But usually the first time it's overwhelming. Which is interesting. But I can't remember the question you asked, this is how tired-

Ben: How do you collect all the ideas from that?

Russell: Oh, yeah. So what we do ... so, yeah, thank you. I start in the beginning, I share a bunch of ideas and then the group breaks into four or five breakout groups.

Ben: Yep.

Russell: Five breakout groups that are facilitated by facilitators who are actually some of my Category Kings. So they're people who ... the meetings I actually facilitate, they're in those so they know how it works. And so then they facilitate a little group and then, the way it works, everyone gets up and the first thing they do is they share something cool that's working their business. And everyone's trying to one up each other. So everyone's like, "Here's my idea." Which just causes some competition, but it gives you the best ideas, all rise to the top.

And then the second one half of it is then they ask, I'm stuck with this, or I'm frustrated here. My kid's driving me nuts, what do I do over here? And they get feedback from the group. And so I used to bounce room to room trying to get ... because I don't want to miss anything. So we started doing was the best stuffs where when each session's over, they go through and if there's one or two, like the best ones, we bring them on the main stage and have them share with everybody.

And this year's best stuffs were amazing for me because I've been stuck on the strategy for our Facebook ... not the paid side, the organic side I've been struggling with. And one lady got up and she's like, "This is how we're using fan pages and groups." I was freaking out, I'm like-

Ben: This is it.

Russell: Yeah, she runs like ... I can't remember how many groups that she runs.

Ben: And the amount of people in the groups was ridiculous.

Russell: Oh yeah, like hundreds of thousands-

Ben: Hundreds of thousands.

Russell: Across multiple groups.

Near millions.

So I was freaking about that. And then I can't remember all the things, thing after thing. And so that's my job, my best way to get that. And the moderators work for me in this process, and so they all, at the end of the day, shoot me over, oh, make sure talk to so-and-so and this and someone did this thing. So it's like they're grabbing best ideas and filtering it back to me and it's amazing. So yeah.

Yeah, I thought that was really cool how it was set up that way. Because we stayed in the main room and I was like, "Oh, I wonder what we're missing in the other rooms." And being able to see what was the best ... I mean, I'm sure they were all awesome. But those golden nugget ones-

The ones like you can't miss that one.

Like I could really take ... yeah. Yeah, it was awesome.

My brain was so exhausted after all the days. It's like, "Oh my gosh. So much information." That was something else.

Okay, so let's turn the tables then. So now you guys understand what Inner Circle looks like and what it was. Any questions that either of you guys want to ask me? Because again, I was trying to think, what can I talk about on podcast? And I was just brain dead from the week and I was like, I'm going to put it on you guys to be the host of this. So any questions you guys have about either what you experienced or questions specifically about things that we're taught or anything, you guys ... you are the voice of the community today for anything that you think people would want to know.

I think this is true, but I'm not always sure. In the mastermind group, everybody gets together, we all get started, you kick it off. So you set the pace of this is the give. And because you give so much, everyone has that reciprocity where they're willing to give their best. And they know it's not going to be stolen or taken, there's goodwill in that room. But do you always have a speaker on day one? Like somebody that you bring in from the outside, like you guys are going to love this. Or was this something unique?

Like with Michael Hague this time?


Yeah. With the Inner Circle, I always trying to bring in something unique that's probably not going to be happen at Funnel Hacking Live. Like Michael Hague is amazing, teaches story, worked with Will Smith and all these crazy things. He's the longer form teacher, he's not probably like, you got 20 minutes, FHL you got to light the room up of 5,000 people. He's not going to fit there. But he's amazing in that thing. So we had him. Last Funnel Hacking Live, it was Sean Whelan, who literally flew in 30 minutes before in a helicopter because that's how he does things. And so he flew in and came and that was amazing. We had Rachel Hollis one year.
I pick people who ... they're probably not going to have access to in a typical thing. People that aren't really speaking at a lot of events. But they're unique or their brains fascinate me or people I want to learn from. But we always have somebody that comes to each one, just because I want to give people that experience when they ... they come to network. But it's like I got to hear someone, there's something about that.

I remember when I went to Kennedy's events the very first time, I think the very first one I went to Kathy Ireland was the speaker. And I just remember telling my friends, "I met Kathy Ireland." It was such a dorky thing, but I was so excited. And then Joan Rivers, I met her one time. Like these different things. There's just something magical about that, that is unique. And I think so many people are now able to say, "I met the guy who worked on Hitch and he worked on the story on this." That's just the cool thing that I want to give people because it's just a different thing that they don't get anywhere else.

Ben: Myron Golden at one point said, they were like, "Why did you buy X, Y, Z?" And he's like, "I bought it because I want the story. It's like I paid this much for two seats. No one has a story like that." To be able to create those stories for everybody, that's really cool.

Russell: Yeah, for sure. I mean, you think about it. I remember when I was getting in this business, like all those things were little things I still remember. I may not remember all the presentations, all the events or all the stuff. But it's like, oh, I do remember meeting Kathy Ireland. I do remember getting my picture of Dan Kennedy the first time. I do remember ... like those things are ... call them event horizons that you never forget them.

Ben: That's cool.

So what was it like having Michael Hague back? Was it 10 years ago-


Was the last time that he spoke to your audience, right?

Yeah. And that was pre ClickFunnels, so audience was like 30 people. It wasn't like we had a lot of people. In fact, that's where I met Myron. Myron came to that event. I met Myron at it. So Daegan Smith, he wrestled the Duke. And so we met the first time at some seminar and he's like, "I'm a wrestler, too." So we connected. And Daegan loves story stuff. And I remember I was actually at a low point my business where I was just over the cycles that we all go through cycles. And so if you're bored or worn out sometime, it's okay.

But I was at the bottom where I was just burned out, hated the business, I just wanted to run away. And Daegan called me, started telling me all this story stuff he was learning and re-inspired me. If I could read the dedication expert secrets is to Daegan and it's because of that. He's the one that got brought that to my mind. So I remember he told me, he said, "You have to listen to this audio." And it was the Hero's Two Journeys that Michael Hague and Chris Vogler did. He's like, "You have to listen to this." And so I listened to it and it's a six hour long audio program and that got me into it. I was like, "Oh my gosh."

And then at the time, Daegan was playing this idea he made up called The Invisible Funnel. And so he's like, "We should do an event together and bring people out." And he's like, "We should get either Christopher Vogler or Michael Hague to come speak at it." And I'm like, "They're legit Hollywood people. There's no way we're going to get them to come to an event." And so he made some phone calls and he got through to Michael Hague, and invited him. And so that was 10 years ago he came to that event in Baltimore with like 30 people in the room. And he taught then.

That was my first introduction to like ... other than listening to an audio. And it was interesting because he didn't even know how it related to our world. So he did this whole story thing and then people even asked, how's this work for marketers? He's like, I don't really know. So I was kind of stuck there. But that became the premise for Expert Secret Slaters, like me trying to figure this out. Okay, I had Michael's outlines and I had Christopher Vogler's outlines and I'm like, "How do I tell a story based on these?" And most things didn't work for a while. And then eventually, after trying a million Parascopes and Facebook Lives and whatever, and then eventually it's like I figured out my version of it, which became The Stories and Expert Secrets.

So that was the first time we met him. And then this time it was cool having him come back because in the last 10 years, he learned about our world and he got excited. And so he wrote a book even like how marketers can use story. And so this time was the first time I've seen him teach his framework based on how we could actually use it. Which was really cool. So that was fun. And then the second half, though, when he went into the hero's inner journey. Did you like that part?

Yeah. So I was going to ask you, because you came back up on stage and you're like, "Oh my gosh, I forgot how much deeper this goes." And he made the comment of, "Well I didn't have this when you were learning from me." He made something to that effect. So I'm actually wondering, did you get any ideas? Or what were your thoughts when you were watching him talk about the inner journey?

Yeah. Well it's fascinating because right now I'm trying to work on this book ... or I don't know, I think it's a book. It's this project I'm trying to work on where it's personal development, but through the lens of the hero's journeys. I'm really fascinated by how all the things sync up with what I'm trying to do. But I'd forgotten about most the inner journey stuff. And even how he described because I can't remember right now, but it's the core wound. And then from that wound grows ... was the belief the next thing?


But then he said something, he's like, "The belief that comes from the wound is always incorrect, but it seems." Oh, how did he say it? Oh, it's logical. "It's logical, but it's always incorrect." And I was like, oh my gosh, that was so fascinating. From there, that's what creates your identity. And he's like, "Not the way identity that you guys think of it. Identity is like a shield, how we protect ourself. And identity is actually the thing that keeps us from your goal. And you have to shed the identity to get to the essence."

And he's going through the whole thing. And I'm like ... someone told me, they came more afterwards and they were like, "I watched you watching Michael Hague, you were freaking out." He's like, "I was so excited to watch how excited you were." But I was just looking this whole thing because I'm like, that's like the journey we all go on. Anyway, so that was just fun for me to rehear again. And now I'm excited to go back to the film and just go rewatch that to understand it deeper. Because at 10 o'clock at night, you're trying to catch it all but you're like, I don't understand it all, but I can feel something here that's different, that's really exciting.

Yeah, yeah. It was awesome because, I mean, obviously Hero's Two Journeys includes a bit of that. But it was like he took it three levels deeper. And I can't wait to see what you come up with of how do you come and present that.

Yeah, go turn it into something amazing. Yeah. That was fascinating. That's what these statements for, is that inner journey that most people talk about. But man, it's the key. And it's fascinating, too, he talked about how Hitch was the movie that Will Smith wrote based on his teachings. And he started referencing how the inner journey was happening with Hitch and all that stuff. Anyway, yeah, it's so fascinating.

And it's funny because the way that he did it, he built his entire presentation as a movie. The very ending had to match the beginning. He had to come back and fill the open loop. And then he had to have an inner journey part of it. He's like, "If you dare to ever look at this in your own life through this lens, let me just give you a couple of guiding principles." It was so brilliant. It was so much fun.

So after Inner Circle, what happens next for you? What is your ... we obviously we're going to ... the team grabs all the information, they put it somewhere so that way you can grab it, you've got all these insights. It takes a couple days to drill that down and decide what that is. How do you distill that into tasks that you send out to everybody?

So I got two answers for that. One is probably the better one, which is, I remember Inner Circle, Brandon and Kaelin Poulin, again, probably the best implementers I've ever seen in our community. But Brandon, I remember he'd sitting in Inner Circle with his laptop open, he had a huge Trello board with all of his people, everything. And as he get ideas, he'd open up that Trello card and task it to the person, boom. And in real time, as all the ideas are flowing from the stage, he's tasking them all out. And by the time it was done ... I remember first I was annoyed because I'm like, "Dude, pay attention to what people were saying."

And he told me, he's like, "No, this is my entire company. Every idea that comes in, it goes to somebody and has notes in there." And I’ll tell him, follow up with me if you need more clarity, but blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here's a link to where to find this. And he did all that. And so by the time Inner Circle was done, he closed his laptop and he's like, "I'm done." And he just go home. So I wish I could do that, I don't do that. But that was the best ... that was amazing.

So my version, which isn't quite as amazing. So I used to do this because I remember the first three or four events I went to back in the day, I would go and same thing, you're like, "Whoa, so much stuff." And you come home and you're like, "I don't know what to start on." And you sit there for three or four days, trying to figure out what to start on. And then eventually it gets fuzzier in your head and you start forgetting and you can't remember. And then the next first fire comes up in your business, the next thing, next thing. And then three months later or six months later, you go to the next event and you're like, "I didn't implement a single thing." And I remember getting frustrated by that.

So one thing I started doing is the flights home, I started using the flight home as my sacred time. Because no one's sitting next to me and no one can talk to me. And I open my notebook and I would go through all my notes and I would start circling the ones that were not just a good idea, but an actual, do this because it'll turn into money fast. I would circle them, circle them. And then I would look at the next things that were just like, these are cool ideas, or this could be part of a book or this could be whatever. And I'd highlight those differently and I'd just go through my notes that way. And that would help me to review stuff, which helps you retain it, obviously, longer too.

And then at the end, I would take a page and just be like, if I only do one thing from this whole experience, what's the one nugget that actually is going to do something? And I would write that down. I was like, that's the first thing, Monday morning, that's all I'm attacking. And then it's like, if I get that done, what would be the second thing? I'd go back through and I'm like, that's probably the second-best thing. I would just make a list of the hierarchy of what I actually want to implement from the thing. And then when I go home, I just start on the first one.

And that was the thing for me that made events. And honestly, events,, courses, everything powerful. Because I've had people who come to ... like they'll come to Funnel Hacking Live and they'll go, "Oh, it was a waste of my time." I'm like, "Are you kidding me?" They're like, "Well, it was just so much stuff, I didn't know what to do." Well now I go and I'll go sit for this four-day event. And I'm like I'm just looking for one nugget. One nugget is all I really need for this to be worthwhile. It's like that one thing, like that was it. Boom, like I'm good to go.

No one's seen you backstage. You're taking notes, you're listening, you're interested just as much as everybody else. Like during this event, you were even in the back and you had a private screen and you were taking notes.

Watching all the stuff, yeah. Even I remember at Mastermind in Paradise, Eric Payan was on stage and I was looking the whole thing. And he get off stage and I was like, "All right, so when do we start? I'm hiring you. We're going to do this." This is great. And a hundred percent, I'm the biggest geek in the room by far. So, yeah.

Some of the people who showed up for the Category King won and then were put into this one. Some of the people who showed up for the Mastermind in Paradise also became people who talk. Is this the process by which you find certain speakers for Funnel Hacking Live? Because some people who are in Category Kings and even Mastermind in Paradise with Eric, they delivered. And they deliver so much value that everyone just starts to lean in and you realize you're leaning in, too. And it's like, yep, that's definitely going to Funnel Hacking Live.

Well, it's definitely interesting because people always ask me, "How do you speak in Funnel Hacking Live?" Or "Hey, you want to speak in Funnel Hacking Life, all these things. I was like, "I've never seen you speak before." I have no idea if you're like ... how do you pick your speakers? I'm like, "Dude, Funnel Hacking Live is 90% ... it's our people, the people having success." And then people get frustrated, "Oh, I'm having success, why don't you follow me?" I'm like, "I only see certain people. So most of the speakers are people who are either in Atlas, Category Kings or Inner Circle. Because that's where I have a chance to see them, see them interact, see them to present, see them speak, all that kind of stuff.

And a hundred percent, I think if you look at past FHL's, you notice that almost every speaker's from those groups. Even if they don't speak on stage at a Mastermind in Paradise, like when I'm going from room to room or everyone's like ... I get when the rooms come back in and people are like, "Oh my gosh, you see so-and-so thing?" I'm like, "No." But like, that's what I'm looking for is the ones like everyone's freaking out about.
Because it's like, okay, that's the kind of thing that you want at FHL. It gives me the ability to curate the speeches that are going to be the ones that when someone does come to FHL, you have an experience where you're like, "How do they do it every single year? It's better than last year." It's like I have a whole year where I'm testing out everybody's presentation, seeing who's good, see who's not." And I watch our community very, very close. People always laugh, are you actually on social media? Are you watching ... in fact, Preston, can't remember his last name right now, but-



Okay. Trying to help.

Anyway. Yeah, but every morning for some reason, like Facebook algorithm makes me love him for some reason. He's always the first post I ever see. So I always see it and he usually just saying something nice about us, our community or something, I always like it. And I told him that yesterday, I was like, "Hey man, just so you know, every time I open Facebook, you're the first thing." He's like, "So is that really you liking the comments?" I'm like, "Every time." He's like, "Really?" I was like, "Yeah, the people I follow are the people in my Inner Circle, I'm watching whatever he's doing. I'm watching them publish, I'm watching the things."

That's why if you look at my social follow and you're like, "Why are you following this coupon? Or why are you following this so-and-so?" I'm like, "Because they're in my groups, I'm watching what people are doing." Because I'm trying to find, for me, what are the things I can start figuring out that are like, "Oh, that's how they're doing that. Have them speak of things so I can see how they're actually doing it." Or whatever. But that's definitely the process. So anyone wants to learn to speak at FHL, there it is. Go to 2CCX, win a two comma club award, get into Inner Circle and then share, like, create, and give. And when everyone's talking about you, like everyone on our staff will know who you are because ... anyway. So that's typically the process.

That's awesome. Yeah, I mean I look at people that I know personally that have spoken at FHL and it's fun to watch their journey and how that happened.

I remember with Catherine Jones, when she actually ... well it's funny because I knew on my side what happened, then on her side, at FHL, she told the story and she's like, "This is the day that Russell realized who I was. This day he followed me on Instagram. And then here, he was the first person to watch every story within a minute of me posting." Or whatever and explain that. And then here's what he asked me ... yeah, because I was aware of her, I started following her. I was fascinated about what she was doing, I was watching and stuff and paying attention. And it's like, "Oh, she'd be amazing to have it." So anyway, if I'm stalking you, there's a chance.

Kind of feel that way a little bit. Not that I'm at all on the radar for that, but that's how it felt like-

A hundred percent.

For me in the last two weeks. I'm like, "Oh, this is the day that he friend requested me. Oh, this is the day that he liked my post."

And now you're here.

And now I'm here.

A hundred percent-

It was fun.

You went through it, so welcome to the tables.

How did you discover ... so I remember after I had gone and was building my own funnels, doing Facebook Live, because you said do a Facebook Live every day. So I was publishing somewhere every single day. And I did one where I said Russell Brunson fixed my webinar. It was the webinar that Ben Janke and I were doing to try to sell Click Start. And you were watching it, and I was like, "Oh my gosh. Hi Russell." I didn't even think… and you're like, "Of course I remember you." I was like, "What?"

How often are you watching the community? The community sometimes feels distant. They're like, we don't get to see what's going on with Russell every day. I don't think anyone realizes how often you watch because you knew about Susan same time I knew about Susan. I saw Susan going live all the time and I was like, "This is awesome." You did the same thing. And why is Funnel Hacker TV a thing now?

Yeah, it's a good question. I think if you look at how we built ClickFunnels, obviously there's software but a big ... I'm not a coder, so I can't participate in that. So for me it was like, I want to build the best training and stuff like that. But then about the time we launched ClickFunnels is when we launched Inner Circle and every three months people come here. And me hearing everybody's stories is what shaped Inner Circle. Because I hear from so-and-so say they're frustrated or they like this or they want to try this. And so I go back to Todd and okay ... this is like me having my pulses on the community. You just need to change or tweak or things like that. And so that's how it started.

And then I started trying to ... obviously I get to meet people here all the time, but it's next level out. And so for me it was following and just watching people so I can see what's happening. So I have the pulse on the community so I can help try to dictate. I might've asked you three times, what would you do if you were to change this part of the app? What would you do over here? What would you do over here? And it's hard because the community's so big there's a million people who want to complain or fight about stuff. But it's like I want to listen to people who actually have construction feedback and want to make it better, and like those kind of things, I'm doing those things.

But I think the other ... and this comes back to why we're trying to do this Funnel Hacker TV now. Why I'm so excited by it, is I feel like a couple years ago when things were smaller, I was like broadcasting everything. I was going live a million times a day and this and that. So I think people saw what was happening in the communities and it was great. But a decade of that's exhausting. I've been doing ClickFunnels now, I think this is our 10 year.

I think this is.

Anyway, nine year, nine or 10. It's been a long, long time. And so it's just harder for me to get excited to be, "Hey." But the stuff's still happening. There's amazing things happening. I mean, holy cow, since Funnel Hacking Live till now, there's been 20 events. Things and things are happening. And so I feel like a lot of our communities ... while I'm watching the community, the community's not always seeing all the cool stuff that's happening.

So Ben, I told you this, my favorite thing back in the day. We put on Funnel Hacking Live and it's this crazy huge show and all these things are happening. And at night when I go back to my room, I sit back and I'm just like, "Oh." Trying to like relax. And so I open up social, I'm like, "I want to see people if they enjoyed it or they didn't." And most people are partying and drinking or I don't know, they're not posting on social. But a few people are. In fact, if you want to get on Russell's good side, during Funnel Hacking Live post things and tag me about how great you thought things were. Because I'm watching it all in my room at night. That's why I like at the end of an event, how I decompress is just trying to just feel like, was it good? Was it not good? What people were saying?

And so I would watch all the comments and my favorite things every year you'd be like, "Day number one, this is what happened. Did you know Russell's doing this and this?" And all these things. And I joke with you, but this year was the first year that you were on staff behind the scenes. And every night like he never published. And I was like, "Crap, this event sucks. No one's talking about it. Ben's not even excited."

And then it's funny because Mastermind in Paradise was the same thing. We'd do all these things and at night I'd go home and I'm looking and looking, and you kept posting your takeaway. So I watched every one of your videos and it was so much fun to like, okay, we're doing a good job. And so for me, it was that. And I was like, how do we bring that to the entire community? Because if everyone knew the exciting things were happening, again, Inner Circle just happened, a hundred people in the room, 999,900 people are sitting home wondering what's happening. They have no idea what's happening in this room. The world is changing in this room and I can see it and I can feel it. And people in the room feel it. No one else who knows about it. Or Funnel Hacking Live, the 5,000 people who know and no one else knows.

So that was where we started. I approached both you guys independently, we need to have something where everyone else can feel the energy of what's happening. And I was like, there's so many things, there's events, like we're flying here, we're doing this here, we're in Mexico, we're doing all these things. How do we bring that energy to everybody else? And so that was the rebirth of this Funnel Hacker TV, which we did the first two episodes this week, as you guys know.

And I had no idea a hundred ... okay, so I think about a hundred people were in Boise in Inner Circle experiencing it. And then because you guys came on live, a hundred thousand people now were aware of it. Which does a couple things. For those who have a business and you're trying to send somebody up the value ladder, makes them aware of the top of the value ladder, which is cool. But number two, now it's the energy of, oh Russell... sometimes people are like, Oh, Russell doesn't care about us. Russell's being silent, he's not talking enough." I'm not talking enough because I am working my butt off for all the people. I've run, literally, I think 12 events since FHL. Like I'm not being quiet.


It's just I'm working with the people who are coming to ... they're swimming towards us. Those are the ones I'm working with as fast as I can and this gives people a glimpse of it. And so, my goal with this is, as you guys know, is all the events that are happening is one of you or both of you or someone's at each of the events, sharing behind the scene, this is what's happening. Bringing the best nuggets back in so the community's aware and they can get pieces of the gold that's being dropped everywhere, and help them implement it.

So anyone who's listening to this who hasn't yet, or if you're watching this on YouTube or whatever. If you go to FunnelHacker.TV, you can register. And what's cool, I think all the past ones are archived there, as well, right?

Oh, yeah.

So you can go see the two Inner Circle behind the scenes, which was cool because you guys literally ... you watched all the stuff and you came back, here's the best things we saw. Here's the best things. People get a free sneak peek behind the scenes. So how are you guys enjoying it so far, by the way?

It's been fun so far. Yeah.

It's come more natural than we thought it would.

Yeah, I-

We just get to geek out.

It came together so fast. It's like Russell reaches out to me and he's like, "Why don't you do this thing?" And then the next day I think Ben and I were meeting about, "Okay, what is this going to look like?" And then it's like, "Okay, we're doing the first one next week." I'm like, "Okay."

There's another one tomorrow because the first one was great. And now it's the next day, we're just going to voice and let's talk about it. Or come to the office, talk about it on our podcast.

Yeah, then we got three things in a row.

Welcome to my world, hopefully I don't burn you out too fast.

That's awesome. No, but it's been so fun. And I think that it's going to be ... the thing that I agree with you, I think it's been in the community as a whole, what's been missing a little bit is that link, that connection. Because you can't do all the things. You can't be there every day like you used to. And so we'll just step in and make sure that the community has a pulse on you and ClickFunnels and the other marketing businesses in the circle. And yeah, I think it'd be awesome.

They'll be streaming on the Russell Brunson page and then also inside the ClickFunnels group. So that's the places that are happening live for you guys to make sure you're watching them. But again, if you go to FunnelHacker.TV, you can register that. It gives you a text or an email before they start. And you see the replays. And then do you want to talk about your other group, as well? Because you guys have a really cool group, for anyone who wants to geek out on ClickFunnels 2.0. Here's your blatant pitch time to tell him about it because this group's amazing. I think everybody should be part of it.

Well, let me start with the story. So Funnel Hacking 2021, Funnel Hacking Live 2.0 is announced. And my partner, Andrea Pier and I, and Dan was like on ... he wasn't there live in person, but he was on the phone with us and we were relaying all the ... because he was watching it virtually that year. And we're like, "We have to do something." We wanted to be in on all of it. We wanted to know what was happening. And so we started publishing every week from that point. And it hadn't even been released, it was a whole nother year. And we're like, "Okay, well let's just talk about what we hope it to be and our predictions." And oh, this is what it's like in classic, but here's what we hope to see in 2.0." And it was just really fun.

And then it gets released beta, just beta. And so, a couple of us get our hands on it and we're like, "Okay." We start playing with it. And then, actually it's launched last October. And so then our content shifted into like, "Okay, let's just help everyone learn how to use it." And now that it's out and it's been out and people are using it now we've shifted a little bit more into like, okay, let's help everyone be able to take linchpin and get that into the tech. It's like there's a bit of this gap. So our group is called CF 2.0, Geek Out. And we probably spend way more time than we should giving a lot of content in the group and it's just a lot of fun. Yeah.

I love the group because it's been good for us too, because as ClickFunnels 2.0 launched, there's things that are working amazing, some things that are… they aren’t where we want to be yet. And it's been fun, too, because seeing you guys, because you're building everybody's businesses out and coming back and like, "Oh, this isn't right yet. We're hoping for this and we're taking that." Like, hey, how do we keep up with everything you guys are doing over there and trying to make it perfect? My goal is someday you'll be like, "Everything in here is flawless. We only use ClickFunnels for everything." So that's my number one goal in life now.

That's amazing. Because that's our number one hope. We're like, we just want to be able ... because we have this thing, we call it the Geek Stack. Because we were like, okay ... because I mean, when it was beta and then when it was first released, we only had funnel hubs. We couldn't even build funnels in it at first. And so we were like, "Okay, well we have to obviously still continue using classic." And so we're like, "Well, let's just tell everybody what we do use. What is our tech stack?" Our other intentions of that is like everyone always is talking about like, "Oh, I want an all-in-one platform. I want an all-in-one." And they go and use other ones thinking it's all in one and it really isn't. And so we're like, "Well, what would all-in-one look like?"
So yeah, our goal, our hope and dreams is that stack shrinks and we get down to just-

Just ClickFunnels.

Hopefully just one.

That is the goal. You got to send me your tech stack so I can see that and I'll make sure I take it. We're flying out to Atlanta in a week or two to go work with Todd and all this stuff. So-


That'd be cool to see.

For sure.

That's awesome. Well, thanks, you guys, for ... first off, saying yes to my idea of doing a TV show as often as possible into the group. I'm excited to see how it keeps growing. I still can't believe it got a hundred thousand views on the first one.

And it's organic. It just took off.

It's crazy because even my own shows don't ... like when I go live, it doesn't do that well. So I'm pumped. Which is great for me, I'd rather you guys do infinity times better than me. That's even better. So thank you guys for doing that.

And then, also jump on the podcast and hopefully this gives everyone who's listening just a behind the scenes peek of what's happening. If you guys want to make sure you are on the notification list, go to FunnelHacker.TV. You get signed up through email or through text message and every time they go live, you get a message right before and you can jump on and see all this stuff. Or you can watch past episodes, but it'll give you guys a good glimpse of all the chaos that's happening behind the scenes.

We're moving fast here at ClickFunnels, there's a lot of things happening. There's an event in this room that we're filming this in almost every single week. Was it last week we filmed the Lady Boss, we had the-

Ben: Yes.

Russell: Kaelin Poulin came back in, spent a week in here, we relaunched Lady Boss with new front end challenges she built. It is insane. It's going to be literally be the greatest front end funnel ever in network marketing history. I think that company will grow ... I think it will be the fastest growing network marketing company ever because of the funnel that Caitlin created and built and designed and we filmed here. And that was like, oh, just last week we did that and then we had Inner Circle week and the next week ... it's just like there's so much stuff happening. And so yeah, this will be your guys glimpse to the chaos, but it's fun. So grateful for you guys being on board for all this. And everyone who listens to make sure you go to FunnelHacker.TV, get on the list to see all those things. And anything else we should-

Ben: I can't think of anything else. Just go pay attention. If you want the text reminders, all you have to do is text FHTV to 208 231 3797. That's FHTV to 208.

Russell: He's got it memorized. You got to finish the-

Ben: 208 231 3797.

Susan: There we go.

Russell: That's amazing. There you go.

Ben: I've been practicing all week. I want to get this.

Russell: And if any of you guys are listening and want to be in the Inner Circle, we only open it typically at Funnel Hacking Live. But we do have, if you go to, there's a page where you see a video and there's like a waiting list that can get on. And then, if and when we reopen the Inner Circle, yeah, that's the only way to get in. So either at FHL or through there.

So I think that's it then. So thanks, you guys, for being here. Thanks everyone for listening. If you enjoyed this episode of the podcast, let us know. We don't do too many interview style things on the Marketing Secrets podcast. This is fun. It was way easier for me, maybe we should do this more often. As soon as we get Ben move to Boise, this will be a weekly thing. So until then. Anyway, thanks everybody for listening, we'll see you guys all soon. Bye everybody.


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