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(MS) Your PRIVATE Invitation to the ‘Napoleon Hill’ Groundbreaking Event (Part 2 of 3)

514 - Creating Your Lead Funnel (ClickFunnels) -5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 3 of 5

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Russell was turned down for a loan to build his library, so instead he made a “1 Million Dollar Offer” to a small group of people in Mexico to fund the vision. When the vision is clear, entrepreneurs are the ones who choose to find a way to make that vision a reality. This is how you can craft a million dollar offer.
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You go to a traditional bank here like, "Yo, I got an idea, I got a vision, it's going to change the world. I need $20 million." And they look at you and they say, "You're crazy." I'm like, "No, no, no. I know I'm crazy, but I've got a proven track record. In fact, you've seen, and here's my last business, ClickFunnels. There's numbers, the stats, here's how much money it makes. Here's how much is sitting in your bank right now. I need a $20 million loan to build my vision. I promise you this is going to change the world." And they're like, "No." I'm like, "Why not?" And they're like, "It makes no sense. I'm like, "Literally ClickFunnels doesn't make sense to you either, you wouldn't lend me money back then when I needed it. Just trust me, I have a good track record." But banks are not visionaries.


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What's up everybody? Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I'm still in the recording booth.
I want to tell you guys part two of this story.

Yesterday, as I told you all about some of the vision for this crazy thing I'm building, this library, this event center, this museum, all the things. And as you know, this week, and depending when you get this, maybe it's already over, maybe it's not. If it's already over, I'll try to put the replay on this page. But if not, go and register. I'm doing a live event. And if you go to, you can register for it. And during that event, I'm going to show you guys these manuscripts that are worth millions of dollars, I'm going to tell you guys a story about what I'm doing, why I'm doing it. I'm going to show video me inside of the actual library, recorded while I was in the green screen, which is so cool, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's going to be a lot of fun. So if you want to come hang out with that again, go to

And today I'm going to tell you guys the story. So the story is about the million-dollar offer. All right, so when you're a little eccentric like me, I guess, and you have this idea and you're like, "I'm going to build a 20,000 square foot museum/events center, and we're going to have old books in it and it's going to be a library, but it's not a public library, people can't come to it. Oh and I'm going to have statues, nine foot tall statues holding a six-foot globe of Atlas holding the weight of the world. And there's going to be three of them and they're going to be amazing and then..." And all these things. And in my head, the vision's amazing.

And then you go and you're like, okay, well how are we going to finance this? Right? I told you before, I've spent 12 million so far, that's just on the books. I got to pay seven figures for the statues. I got to pay seven figures just for the architecture of the building. Then we got to pay for the building and then the audiovisual for the events there. And just the building alone said pretty close to $20 million.

And so, you go to a traditional bank here like, "Yo, I got an idea, I got a vision, it's going to change the world. I need $20 million." And they look at you and they say, "You're crazy." I'm like, "No, no, no. I know I'm crazy, but I've got a proven track record. In fact, you've seen, and here's my last business, ClickFunnels. There's numbers, the stats, here's how much money it makes. Here's how much is sitting in your bank right now. I need a $20 million loan to build my vision. I promise you this is going to change the world." And they're like, "No." I'm like, "Why not?" They're like, "Because if it doesn't work, there's nobody else in the world that's going to want this building. Nobody's going to buy a building back from us with statues in it and an event center..." And they're like, "It makes no sense. What's the business model?" I'm like, "Here's the business model. I'm going to show it to you." And I show it to them and they're like, "It doesn't make any sense." I'm like, "Literally ClickFunnels doesn't make sense to you either, you wouldn't lend me money back then when I needed it. Just trust me, I have a good track record. I know what... Ah." But banks are not visionaries.

And anyway, so I couldn't get a bank to loan me any money.

And I tried different banks and someone like, "We'll loan you 4." I'm like, "4 million? It's costing me 20." And they're like, "Well, sorry." And so I'm like, oh my gosh, all right, well, I just got to earn this money myself. So I'm like, instead of getting a little bank loan, I'll just make an extra 20 million bucks real quick because that's the kind of thought process that should be going through entrepreneur's heads. How do I just do it? And so then I started thinking, how do I do it? And so I'm like, okay, well I need to take these books and launch something that's going to finance it. So we're working on a project now that launches in August that'll launch that the revenue from that will completely pay for the building within two years, which is awesome. So I have a plan there.

But then I'm like, crap, it's still, I can't start digging a hole if I'm financing this, I got to have the money in the banks for me to dig a hole. Otherwise, the builder's not going to be like, "Okay," every month, "I need another million dollars. Do you have it?" I got to have the money in the bank set aside earmarked just for this to be able to do that. Right? And so in fact, that's the main reason why I relaunched the inner circle. Those who were in the inner circle know that was the reason as I was raising money for that. The problem is most of the money from the inner circle started going to pay for these books. And so I didn't have $20 million sitting a bank account to build a building.

And this is not a ClickFunnels project, this is a Russell project. So it's not something I can just go and like, "Hey, ClickFunnels, buy this building for me. Hey Todd, you should..." This is 100% a Russell thing. And so I got to figure out how to do it. And so the first was like, "Hey, we'll make some stuff to pay for it." Right? And so I started creating assets and creating value in a way that'll pay for it. So that's number one. Number two though is Dan Kennedy always says, how can you send the bill to your herd? That may be offensive to some of you guys, but if you know Dan Kennedy, he's a horse guy and a cow guy and all that kind of stuff. And so he always talks about how you need to build a herd and a herd of people to follow you that you can sell stuff to. And so he says, every time you want to make money, you got to send the bill to the herd.

And he talks about stories when he went through his divorce that one of his clients called him like, "Well, when's the promotion coming out?" He's like, "What do you mean?" He's like, "Well, I know that this is not cheap for you, so I'm assuming you're going to be sending the bill to the herd. So we're waiting for whatever the promotion is you're going to be sending out." And anyway, it just kind of a funny thing.

And actually a really good story about John Lennon, I think it was John Lennon... When the Beatles, when they were younger band, they were trying to figure out and make money, and I think was John Lennon said, "Let's go write ourselves a swimming pool." Which means sit down, let's write a song, and the money from the song will pay for the swimming pool we want. And so that's the mindset entrepreneurs have, right? It's like, it's not like, "Oh, I can't afford it. Oh, I can't do this." We don't have these limiting beliefs. We're just like, "Yeah, how can I afford it? All right, I'm going to write myself a swimming pool, I'm going to write myself a museum. I'm going to go figure these things out." Right? So create offers.

And Dan Kennedy, sending the bill to the herd. What can I create that I can send to the herd to make them want to help fund it? Right? And so that was the question. And we went back and forth and I remember one day we had a meeting in the office and there were five or six of us in the room and we were trying to figure out how in the world do we... Like what could we create that would get people to want to give us a million dollars to be able to help fund this thing? And we kept thinking about it and going back and forth. And then Kevin on my team told me this story. He said that when Ram's stadium built their million dollar or their billion dollar stadium, whatever it was, that they had to raised a billion dollars. So what they did is they sold seat licenses.

And Kevin told me he spent 50 grand or 25 grand or something to buy a seat license, which basically meant he got to own the rights to that seat. Didn't mean he got free tickets to all the events, but he owned the rights that seats. So that means he had first right of refusal for anything to happen there. So if there was a football game, he got the first right of refusal in that seat. He could buy his seat before anyone else and then if he didn't buy it and went to the public market. Right? And if there was a concert coming town, so Britney Spears was coming or Taylor Swift, he had first right of refusal on the seat and he paid 25 grand per seat for the right to do that. And that's how they sold the entire stadium on a seat license and raised a billion dollars to build the stadium. Apparently that's how they build stadiums all around the world. And so he told me that, I was like, "That's the thing, we have this event center in the library and there's a 100 seats. Let's sell seat licenses."

So we had this idea, and right before I went to our mastermind in Mexico, I told Dan on my team who does the video stuff, I was like, "Hey, I want to film a video I could show people in Mexico and make them a million-dollar offer." And he was like, "What are you talking about?" And he's like, "Should we script this or what?" I'm like, "No, I think I know off the top of my head what it is. Let's just go and just see what happens." So we went in there in the Napoleon Hill room with clicked record, and I just went for 15, 20 minutes and I told the story. And after it got done, it was funny. I got done filming it, there was no cuts, no edits. And he was like, "Whoa." He's like, "I finally understand what you're trying to do here." And I'm like, "Oh, thank you about time. I'm not crazy."

And he was the he him in the room. But that's the first time I ever articulated what my vision was publicly to anybody. It's hard. How do you explain these visions, these dreams to people that don't make any logical sense? And it was the first time I did it and the end of it, he was like, "I get it. I finally see what you're doing." And so made that video, went to Mexico and I was going to show it in Mexico. In fact, I showed it to the Atlas group, I showed it and people were like, "Oh my gosh," it was cool.

And then two days later I showed to the entire everyone that was in Mexico. And it's funny because... I don't know if you guys, I got nervous. I'm like, "What if no one likes? What if they think I'm dumb. What if?" And all these things. And I wasn't planning on, I was going to show them the video as an example, but I wasn't going to actually ask them for money. And then if you guys know Eileen Wilder, one of my favorite people, she was in the back and she knew in 10 minutes I was going to be showing the video. And she's like, "So you going to make everybody an offer?" I'm like, "No." She's like, "You have to make them an offer." She's like, "This is what you do, Russ. You're teaching people. If you don't do it like this is a disservice to them. Make them an offer." I'm like, "Oh." It's like I didn't have an offer. So we start scrambling, putting things together and putting in order form together, all sorts of stuff and basically super unprepared.

I got on stage, I explained what's happening, clicked play on the video, ran backstage, and we setting an order for him and trying to get things all... It was crazy. It was chaos. And then the order form's mostly live, and then the video ends. I walk back on out there and I said, "Okay guys, those of you interested, this is how it works. There's a million dollar seat license and you for a million dollars, you get two seats. And then from that you can run events and here's ways you can..." And I had four or five ways that basically they donated the million dollars would actually be free for them because they could run an event there, they could sell access to, they got virtual seats to all these events they could sell. It becomes one of the greatest real estate deals in the history of all time. In fact, Bill Allen was the first person to actually wire and send the money, who's a big real estate guru in our world because he's like, understood it, like this is the greatest real estate play of all time. So anyway, it was pretty exciting.

So I shared it and put it out there. We had million dollar seats and we had $100,000 seats. And so if they wanted the million dollar seat, they had to send $10,000 in to lock in the seat. If they wanted the $100,000 seat, they'd put in $2,000. And based on me doing that presentation, we raised 14 million. That crazy? Now, not all of those have actually closed. Some people got scared feet later and backed out or whatever, but we're still over 10 million raised from sharing that offer, which is crazy. Right?

And so anyway, the seats now are more than halfway filled out. And so part of the evil motivation for this event that's happening on Thursday is to sell the rest of the seats. And so again, if you go to, again, the event's going to be fun. I'm going to show manuscripts and stuff, and I'm going to show the video of me inside the library. And then I think I'm even going to show the video that we showed in Mexico and just show everyone, be like, "This is what it is." And then make the offer and say, "Look, I think the million dollar seats, there's like four or five seat licenses left, $100,000 seats, there's like five or six." I mean they're almost sold out.

And after we sell them out, then I'll have all the cash I needed for the museum. And then the museum paid for itself before we even launched the business model behind it. Right? So take that, bankers. Of course, I know what I'm talking about. This is awesome.

So anyway, and now that we have the money and the financing and the cash in, they said in June we're doing a groundbreaking ceremony and everyone who bought a seat license is coming out to that and we're going to make an amazing thing. So anyway, that's happening this week. So if you want to be part of that or see it go down or just be part of history, because this is going to be something that I think is going to change the world. I'm really excited for it. And if you want to hear the rest of my vision, so you understand, "Oh, this is what Russell's actually doing with this, this is why it's so cool. This is why people are willing to pay a million dollars for a seat." Come and hang out with us again, is where the registration will be. And if it's past, I'll put the video replay of it here, which would be cool as well.

So anyway, come check it out. And if you're someone who would be interested in having a seat license where you can attend all these events with the greatest speakers and minds of all time coming to it, if you want a library card to the office where you come in and read books and study them, stuff like that. Yeah. Come let me know. It's going to be a lot of fun.

So with that said, thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. Yeah. I always appreciate you guys listening and hopefully you got some value and some ideas for yourself. Right? How can you create an offer? What can you do with this as well?

So that's it, thanks so much for listening and I will talk to you guys all hopefully at the live event when you guys show up at

Thanks everybody. I'll talk to you soon. Bye.


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