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I ran home from school, bursting through the door. I was 13 or 14 years old at the time, and saw the package sitting there on the kitchen counter. I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach when I saw that cassette tape sitting on top of a pile of junk mail. I grabbed it, ran to my room, and tore it open.

A combination of fear and excitement and nervousness set in. It’s the same feeling you get at the top of a roller coaster when you peek over the edge just before a giant drop. It was exhilarating and frightening all at the same time.

Unlike most teens, I had this strange habit of collecting junk mail for business opportunities. It started after I found a magazine and called every 1-800 number I could find. I wanted their “free information.” Within weeks, I was getting 10 to 20 letters a day from people offering me the latest get-rich-quick schemes. It was awesome, but this cassette tape was different.


It wasn’t like the others. It was special. I plugged the tape into my Walkman and started listening. The voice on the other end was a man talking about a product that he knew would change the world. He spoke with so much passion and conviction, it made me believe every word he said.

After talking about the product for almost an hour, he mentioned a new opportunity. He explained how it worked, and how I could make money by sharing this message with others. Unfortunately for me, as a 14 year old, I didn’t have a credit card, and I couldn’t convince my parents to listen to the tape.

And so my first journey into network marketing ended before it even started.

But still, I remember that feeling.

Over the next 23 years of my life, I had all sorts of network marketing experiences. I built companies as a distributor, I was a top money earner, and I cofounded a highly successful network marketing company.

I’ve watched as companies have come and gone.

I’ve seen new entrepreneurs get started and succeed at mind-boggling levels while others go out of business without making a dime.

I’ve also watched people who were extremely successful at growing their companies offline fail horribly when they tried to make the transition into the online world.

As one of the founders of the software company ClickFunnels, the #1 question I get almost every day is…

“Can I use sales funnels to grow my network marketing team?”

I always smile at this question, because literally 99% of ALL networking companies were built using the SAME 3 FUNNELS... (offline funnels).

Yet for some crazy reason when people come online, they completely forget how these 3 funnels have worked for them and all of the leaders in their companies.

Instead they jump online and try out whatever fad is new and exciting at the time, and completely forget the CORE STRATEGY, the core FUNNELS that have made them successful up to that point.

This article will take you behind the scenes of the three funnels that have built 99% of ALL successful network marketing companies, and show you how to replicate them online with simple sales funnels. You’ll be able to plug your network marketing opportunity into these funnels within just a few minutes.

I’ll also tell you the one step that everyone forgets. Miss this step and your funnels will never gain the momentum you need to be a top earner.

Ready? Good, me too!!!


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Section One:

The Three Lost Funnels

Secret #1

The Evolution Of The Network Marketing Funnel

Before I explain the three lost funnels and how they work, I first want to walk you through the journey that most new distributors go through when they join any new network marketing opportunity. My guess is that as you read through these steps, you’ll probably identify phases you’ve already been in, or ones you are in now.

It’s interesting, because almost everyone who has asked me, “Can I use sales funnels to grow my network marketing company?” is stuck in one of these phases, yet those who use the three funnels (both offline and online) actually bypass all of them.

The goal ISN’T to get through the phases, it’s to step outside the phases and build your empire on a completely different foundation (which I’ll show you in the next chapter).

So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and let’s go on this quick journey together.

No Friends Left

Phase #1 - The NFL Club (No Friends Left)

After joining your first network marketing company, the first thing you are told is to talk to your friends and family about the products and the opportunity you have. The problem is that if your family members—the people you respect the most—don’t sign up, or if they talk negatively about the opportunity you’re offering them, it can be devastating. In fact, a huge percentage of people drop out almost immediately after talking to loved ones first.

Even if you make it past this first round and your family supports you, eventually the exhaustion factor kicks in. You run out of people and friends to sell to. And if you try to sell to the same group of people again and again, they get exhausted by you and your message. Eventually, they avoid you completely. When this happens, you get inducted into a group we like to call the NFL (No Friends Left) Club.

Social media has made our networks a bit larger, but it’s still a finite pool of people. After posting a few selfies with your new product or asking them to message you if they are ready to quit their jobs or lose weight, you’ll quickly find that you’re fishing in a pond that usually isn’t too interested in what you’re selling.

And that is why growing through friends and family is so hard. Because instead of going OUTSIDE their network to scale, a lot of people just beat down the same doors again and again as they watch their response rates get lower and lower with each post. And well... it’s because they don’t know what else to do.

Phase #2 - The Anti-Sales Department

The second phase usually starts as soon as the first phase is ending. With the few interested family and friend responses you have, when they are ready to buy, you send them to what we call the “anti-sales department,” or your company’s corporate website.

Most of the websites look beautiful, but they are not set up to get people to actually buy something. They are bad at converting your visitors into customers. Scratch that... they just suck.


Most good network marketers can sell any product really well. Even if you can get your mom or your aunt or uncle to fall in love with the product, and even if you’ve set up the sale perfectly, you have to send them to the company to actually buy, and the shopping cart often confuses them with a horrible and outdated buying experience.

The site may have too many options, an outdated shopping cart, and no understanding of cart value or conversion rates. These company websites aren’t able to keep the emotional connection to the buyer that you started. And on and on it continues.

Imagine you’re out at a party and there’s a woman you REALLY want to ask out to dinner. You go up to her and you’re so smooth and it’s awesome and you’re ready to take down her number. But right at that moment, you have to stop and say,

“Okay - before I take down your number, I’m going to hand you off to my Grandpa who doesn’t know how to use a cell phone, loves to tell you all kinds of stories with completely unimportant details, and has really bad breath, but it’s okay. He’ll get your information.”

Even if she wanted to go out with you, she probably won’t because you handed her off to Grandpa.

Buzzkill. Lost date. Better luck next time.

That’s what it’s like to send interested buyers to corporate company websites. These sites are built by lawyers, not marketers, so they do the OPPOSITE of what you want. They actually repel people and push them away instead of hooking them in.

Phase #3 - The Clone Wars

The third phase sneaks up on you, usually about the time when you’re ready to go outside of your network and look for some new people to sell to. You’re squarely in the NFL club and you know if you don’t go after people who don’t know you, this opportunity is over.

That’s when you enter... The Clone Wars.

At this stage, you’re diving into Internet Marketing to find your leads, drive traffic, and make sales. But then... a realization.

Your 30,000 member company (ironically the owners are bragging about their huge numbers) is giving every person the exact same template and products and instructions for how to sell.

They are creating MASSIVE competition for you.

Statistics show that 98% businesses fail and that’s when they are selling unique products and in a space without thousands of identical competitors... imagine the statistics if everyone were selling the same thing in the same way as a million other people.

When you send 30,000 team members the SAME template with NO variation whatsoever, and those 30,000 people all try to run the same ad and social media campaigns, what happens? People get used to it and start to tune you out. Instead of it grabbing someone’s attention, it just becomes an expected pattern to ignore.

In order to succeed online, you need to always keep the concept of Pattern Interrupt in your mind. This means doing things differently, keeping your audience excited, building and customizing your own funnels that interrupt their daily patterns.

People who escape Phase 3 realize that funnels and Internet Marketing strategies are so important, and implementing the company’s massive cookie cutter plan is not that effective.

Phase #4 - The Homeless Man With A Ferrari

Not everyone gets to the fourth phase. In fact, most network marketers can’t get out of the earlier phases to even experience this one. So I’ll tell you what happens.

Phase #4 is when you make enough money selling the product that you start to think this actually might be a profitable venture. But then you’re hit with the “homeless man with a Ferrari” problem.


After a bunch of failed tries in multilevel marketing, I took another opportunity and used everything I was learning about funnels and internet marketing, and it seemed I had finally cracked the code. Within just 90 days, I had sold enough product to win a Ferrari through the network marketing company I was promoting!

There was just one problem. Within a year, my commission checks had gone down to almost zero. Can you believe it? I had become the homeless man, with no money but a really sweet car.

Okay, okay, I wasn’t actually homeless. But if this had been my only stream of income, I would have been!

Why Did This Happen...?

Russell Brunson Ferrari

I failed to understand one of the core foundations to network marketing: Duplication. My leads didn’t know how to create and sell to their own leads as well.

I had won a sales contest and a car, but hadn’t built any long-term plan for residual income with a downline.

I began to really study this concept, along with funnels, because I could tell these two parts were the key to it all.

Escape The Phases With Funnels!

Going back to the roots of how network marketers grow, there is a reason some people are SO successful at network marketing and bypassing all these phases I just talked about.

They aren’t selling to friends and family every day. They aren’t spamming social media. They don’t rely on cookie-cutter cloned templates and the anti-sales department to finish the sale. They don’t forget about the important of Duplication and residual income through a downline.

The ones who are growing use three core funnels, and that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Secret #2

The Three Lost Funnels...

network marketing funnels

Funnels are not hard (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), and they are not magic.

In fact, all the top earners were using funnels in their business… in real life. They simply took what works so well offline and then replicated it online!

Funnels are not new, they are not magic, and we’re not re-inventing the wheel.

We’re not going to deviate from what already works and is proven in the real world. We’re simply taking the process and making an online version of it. You see so many people trying all these crazy fancy tactics and spammy offers and this is not that.

The 3 funnels online repeat the same proven concepts that have worked in Network Marketing for years.

The online funnels mimic the effectiveness of real life selling. They create an automated system where we can get leads to come to us, we can sell to them, and most importantly, we can duplicate!

In order to build these funnels quickly, let's identify the selling process that happens in real life so we can see how to make it work inside a funnel.

Lost Funnel #1 - Three-way Meetings

networking meeting

When you study those who have built great teams, you see they understand that when they first bring someone onto their team, that is when they are most vulnerable.

They know the least about the product and they have fears about the prospects they are going to present the opportunity to, because they don’t have any credibility or their own story yet.

So what they will often do is have the upline get on a three-way call with you, their newest team member, and your potential customer. The upline leader will then take the stress and fear away from you, and discuss the product and opportunity with your friend. You introduce the leader, and they tell the story and then ask for the sale.

They create a “bridge” between you and the product / opportunity you are offering your friend.

After you work with your upline leader a few times, you are able to see the process, have your own experiences with the product, and feel more comfortable telling your stories about why you believe in the product / company. At this point, you can create your own bridge between your prospect and the product / opportunity you are offering them.

Those who grow big teams understand that, by having someone else help them to create the bridge initially, the new network marketer can learn the ropes and feel comfortable with selling, before they have a lot of experience. They get on three-way calls with their new members, help them to close sales, and guide them to understand the process.

That is how Duplication happens offline by using three-way calls. It works today, it worked yesterday, and it will continue to work forever.

When we come online, this process does not change. For some reason, when people come online, they go crazy trying the exciting new shiny way to get leads, but if you want those leads to sign up AND be able to get others to sign up, you need to follow the fundamentals.

As you will see in Section Three, we replicate this same process online with a funnel we call the Bridge Funnel.

Lost Funnel #2 - Home Party Selling

I still remember the first time my wife told me she was going to an essential oils home party. As a marketing guy, I was so excited, I begged her to take me along.

She was so embarrassed that I wanted to go with her, but I wanted to see the home party in action and see what I could learn from the process. So we got a babysitter for the kids, and off we went.

I was the only guy in the room, so I kind of hid in the back and kept quiet so I wouldn’t raise any extra attention that would embarrass my wife.

home party

I carefully watched how the demo unfolded and how the party host transitioned to the sales pitch. There was a powerful atmosphere in the room because the guests were watching the demos, hanging out with other people who were interested. You could feel the excitement growing.

This particular host was really nervous and didn’t even sell all that well, and even though the pitch wasn’t perfect, the host telling her stories about the essential oils and demonstrating the products— these actions did most of the selling already.

Home parties work because people are able to experience the product in a non-pressurized sale setting. There’s also the added benefit of “FOMO”—the fear of missing out. When people see others buying, it helps them to buy more as well.

Now the power behind home parties isn’t just the products that are sold there. The real power comes when the host explains how she got a bunch of free products for hosting the party and asks if anyone else would like to host one! They can either do it as a favor for free products, or they can join the opportunity by hosting themselves, and the host would help them run their first party.

This is how one party turns into four or five other ones. This is how Duplication happens with home parties.

Once again, for some reason when people go online, they forget the tried and true principles they’ve used to grow their company offline. In fact, the first time I ever saw true Duplication online was when I created a Home Party Funnel. (I’ll explain how it works in Section Three, but I want to share the results we got from it here.)

I used the Home Party Funnel to help generate over 1.5 million leads in a new company in just six weeks…and grew my own personal leg to the third largest in the company during that time!

Unlike real-life home parties, the Home Party Funnel can actually keep the party going, even after the live event ends. We’ll dig more into this in a bit.

Lost Funnel #2 - The Hotel Meeting

hotel meeting

The very first hotel meeting I went to, I got invited by a friend. My friend basically said to me,

“Hey I went to this meeting the other day. The guy was incredible. He gave a great presentation and is doing some really cool stuff and making money as well. I want you to come!”

I don’t know about you, but for me, the answer to that question is always YES!

When I arrived, there were about 40–50 people in the room. My friend told me that the previous week there had only been about 10 people, but since each person had brought a few friends, the group was growing quickly.

Sure enough, the presenter did a great job on stage. He sold the product and he sold the opportunity. But then he did something special, which was the reason he ended up building the largest team inside his company, eventually making millions.

He told those who signed up at the end of the presentation that he was going to be back the following week giving this same presentation, and if they wanted him to close their friends for them, they needed to bring them to that meeting.

So simple, so powerful. That last step is how he created the Duplication that grew his team.

The next week, there were 75 people in the room. Then 150. Within a very short time period, he was hosting weekly meetings with 400–500 people.

The point of the hotel meeting funnel is designed to:

- Show Prospects the Product
- Create the opportunity to make Money
- Explain the power of team building and duplication

This triple punch is powerful because the presentation is usually done by someone who has experienced some level of success in the company, you can relate to the story, and you want it to be your story, too.

This type of selling is designed to recruit NEW LEADERS, not just product lovers.

When we pull this model onto the internet and into funnel world, we call this the Hotel Meeting Funnel.

Who Are You Talking To?

With each of these scenarios, you’re talking to someone(s). A person who may be interested in the product, or a person who’s interested in the business opportunity. How do you figure out who to talk to and in what funnel?

People ask me all the time, “Do I make a funnel to sell more or my products or to build my downline?”

You can do both.

Here’s what I discovered works best.

Secret #3

Your 2 Dream Clients

dream clients

Unlike most businesses who sell to one specific type of customer, when you join a network marketing opportunity, you actually have TWO.

Yes, you have two completely different types of customers. This doesn’t mean they can’t be the same person, or start as one type and become the second type. But here’s a quick picture of your two dream client types. (And in a minute, I’ll explain why understanding this is so important to not messing up your funnel.)

The “I love this product” people VS the “I love selling stuff” people...


Suzy + John

The “I love this product” people…these people are all about the product.

They come to the party. They see the product. They get excited. They want to lose more weight or have more energy, and get so excited about the product. They want the results and transformation the product brings to their lives.


Karen + Steve

The “I love selling stuff” people…these people are the business builder types that want to sell.

These people don’t really care as much about the product. They just love to sell stuff. They want to make sure the product is good, but it’s more important that the product sells well because they just want to sell, sell, sell.

In marketing, we call this an ideal customer avatar. Two different customers with two different motivations. Suzy and John are motivated by the results the products give. They don’t really want to be entrepreneurs. Karen and Steve on the other hand are probably not as interested in the product results, but will jump at the chance to make more money!

I know what you’re thinking:

“Well I actually know people like Suzy and John and they buy the product and love it so much, they start telling friends about it and then they start selling it!”

I know! It’s awesome right? And this is really possible too. You can absolutely leverage this reality, but you have to do it strategically.

What to Lead With In Your Funnel

When you create one of the three lost funnels—a Bridge Funnel, a Home Party Funnel, or a Hotel Meeting Funnel—you must always be speaking to just ONE of your dream clients, not both at the same time.

We can’t confuse TWO sales messages in our campaigns because they get diluted. We can hint at it (and I’ll show you how), but a confused buyer doesn’t buy.


Your funnel either needs to lead with the product, and then during your presentation you introduce the opportunity (use this model if you are more like Suzy and John above), or your funnel leads with the opportunity, and then during your presentation you introduce the products (use this model if you are more like Karen and Steve).

This way, you ascend someone from the product to the opportunity, or from the opportunity to the product.

The real power of the internet comes when you build a funnel to attract each of your dream clients.

You have one funnel to bring in people who will become passionate about the product, and then you have another one to bring in builders and leaders to grow your team.

But to begin with, just create one. Master one, learn how to drive traffic to one.

The THING You Must Master For Effective Online Funnels...

Now that you can see the three core real-life selling scenarios that match up to the lost funnels, we’re going to dig in and go step-by-step to show you how to build them online…within minutes.

But here’s a warning: There is ONE thing you must master in order to ensure that every funnel you set up is profitable. It doesn’t matter which funnel you choose first, but all three of them must have this dialed in, or this system doesn’t work.

This is where most people mess up. They follow up to this point, they understand the real-life selling and how it should be replicated online, but then they fail to complete this next part. So don’t skip it!

It’s called the Viral Loop.

The Viral Loop is a selling sequence that occurs in each of the three lost funnels, and guarantees you’re hitting all the points you need to hit in order to make a sale. The Viral Loop has four key components.

- The Epiphany Bridge
- The Demo
- The Call to Action
- Duplication

Let's examine each of these in detail.


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Section Two:

The Viral Loop

Secret #4

The Epiphany Bridge... How to sell without selling...


The Viral Loop is the key to not only selling someone on your network marketing opportunity, but also to getting those you recruit to create Duplication that will grow your downline.

Inside this section, we will walk through the four phases of the Viral Loop. The first phase is a concept we call the Epiphany Bridge Script.

The first time I shared this concept with anyone, I was speaking to the top leadership team at an annual event for a well-known network marketing company.

But before I went in to the event, I stood in the lobby watching some of the distributors who were waiting for the meeting to start. They were trying to prospect people in the lobby. You could tell they were die-hard fans of their respective network marketing companies, because they were covered in swag and carrying samples of their products, and had their sales pitches memorized.

I watched them try to talk to these new people, and many of them were committing the #1 sin of selling… without even realizing it. The victims…er…prospects looked scared and unsure, and some of them were even running away!

So what were these distributors doing?

They were logically trying to convince these prospects that their network marketing opportunity was the best. They shared the science behind why their products were better than their competitors. They talked about the research, the science, the ingredients, and more.

Although they thought they were selling, all they were really doing was spewing onto unsuspecting prospects what we call “technobabble.”

My good friend Kim Klaver wrote a book called "If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?" She has a chapter in there all about technobabble and how it is the #1 killer of sales for network marketers.

As I walked into the room, ready to give my presentation, I stopped and looked out over the crowd. In this room were the top 120 distributors, the top network marketers in the company. Yet many of them were the same people I had seen in the lobby spewing out technobabble.

the viral loop

I knew they needed something completely different from what I had prepared. They needed to understand that people do not buy based on logic. They buy based on emotion. And to get that emotion, they needed to understand a concept I call the Epiphany Bridge.

I asked the group, “Why did you join this network marketing opportunity?”

Hands instantly shot up.

Some told me about the science, others said they joined because of the new technology that had created their products.

After listening to them for a few minutes, I stopped them, and told them they had all lied to me. As they sat, shocked and silenced, I then explained that none of them had joined this opportunity for any of those reasons.

However, each of them had a story, something that had caused them to join their company. They’d had an emotional experience. Then after they had that emotional experience, after they were emotionally sold, then they had started to geek out on their product. They studied the science behind it, they found out why their ingredients were better, and they tried to figure out how to logically justify their sales.

And then, the worst thing happened. They took all of that logic (which had NOT convinced them to join this network marketing opportunity) and used it to try to convince other people to join them.

People do not buy things based on logic; they buy based on emotion, then try to justify their purchase logically. If you then take that logic and try to use it as your sales tool, you will struggle as a network marketer.

When you tell your story about how you emotionally fell in love with the product or the opportunity, they will connect with that, and then they will logically convince themselves later. But the key is explaining your epiphany about why you fell in love with the product.

I then asked the distributors about the real reasons they had joined this network marketing opportunity. One by one, they started telling these incredible stories. Stories with emotion, meaning, and aha moments. I drew a little picture of the Epiphany Bridge on the whiteboard, and I started to explain what this script is and why it’s so effective.


The Epiphany Bridge Script...

So many people FORGET what it felt like before they got ahold of the information that changed their lives. But you can’t forget that, because it was that journey that led you to the product you’re selling. The Epiphany Bridge Script helps your prospect go down that journey too so they can feel that moment of “Aha!”

This concept is SO important, I dedicated an ENTIRE chapter to it in my book, Expert Secrets.

You can pick up a free copy of Expert Secrets here >>

The key to your sales success isn’t about becoming an amazing salesperson, it’s about telling your story in a way so people have the same epiphany you had. When they do have that same epiphany you had, they will sign up, just like you did.

Some people struggle at telling stories, so inside Expert Secrets, I actually show you the script we use to tell our Epiphany Bridge stories. I go into a lot more detail in the book, but I wanted to give it to you now, so you have it as a tool to use every day.

This is what the script looks like:


To walk you through the steps of this script, all you need to do is answer the questions below, and you’ll tell your story in the correct sequence. To practice, have someone ask you the questions, then you give them the answers. Eventually you can take away the questions and just tell the answers, and this will create the perfect Epiphany Bridge Story.

Here Are The Questions:

#1: Backstory: What is your backstory that gives us a vested interest in your journey?
#2: Desire: What did you want to accomplish?
             - External: What external struggle were you dealing with?
             - Internal: What internal struggle were you dealing with?
#3: Wall: What wall or problem did you hit within your current opportunity to start you on this new journey?
#4: Epiphany: What was the epiphany you experienced and the new opportunity you discovered?
#5: Plan: What plan did you create to achieve your desire?
#6: Conflict: What conflict did you experience along the way?
#7: Achievement: What was the end result you achieved?
#8: Transformation: What transformation did you experience?

It may seem complicated, but it’s really not. Again, if you want to learn about this in more detail, please get a free copy of my book Expert Secrets here. And you can use it for little or big epiphanies. In fact, inside this report, I’ve told you multiple Epiphany Bridge stories already!

You’ll be using the Epiphany Bridge Script to explain to people why you are involved in your network marketing opportunity in every single funnel and marketing effort you put out, that’s just how important it is. It’s the easiest way to sell without actually selling. It’s the first step in the Viral Loop.

Secret #5

The Demo...

The second step of the Viral Loop is the demo.

In this stage, you’re showing the prospect the product you sell inside your network marketing company. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a live demo is worth 10,000 or more! There’s nothing quite like seeing and experiencing the product, and being able to ask questions of the seller.

Billy M

In traditional offline marketing, you can let them sample the product, feel it, use it. Online it’s harder, but you still need to do a demo of the product. The goal of the demo is to crush any objections the customer may have after hearing your Epiphany Bridge Story.

I learned what to say during a product demo from Billy Mays, one of the great infomercial kings of our time. He made hundreds of brands famous. I watched his commercials over and over to learn from him, and noticed some patterns that are really important to follow during the demo.

Here are a few of the powerful things you should include in your product demo.

Billy Mays Product Demo Cycle

After introducing the product, the first thing you should do during a demo is something I call Faster and Easier. You’ll want to find competing products or alternatives to what you’re selling, and show how YOUR product is the faster or the easier choice.

Next, you want to make sure that during the Faster and Easier discussion, you’ve eliminated all the alternatives as options. If you haven’t, try to figure out the unique selling point of your product that makes none of the competing products look appealing anymore. I call this Eliminating Alternatives in the demo.

Remember, you can just talk about this as you’re demo-ing the product (making the shake, using the oil, cutting food with the knife, etc.).

Next, at some point in the demo, you want to Introduce the Price of the product. For example, if your oils are $25 a bottle, you could say something like:

“So these oils are $25 a bottle, but remember that one visit to the doctor and pharmacist can cost you $500 or more! With that kind of money, you could get 20 bottles and they would last you 5 years…for just the cost of one doctor’s visit.”

When your pricing is introduced, find something to compare or anchor it to.

Next, work in Urgency and Scarcity. Do you have any limited inventory or limited offers? If you’re doing a party or a meeting, you can end the offer at the close of the meeting. Give people a reason to act NOW rather than later.

Then it’s time for Risk Reversal. Explain your guarantee. Can they try it for 30 days and get a refund if they don’t like it? I know people are scared of refunds, but they actually HELP people buy, because it takes the risk off of them and puts it on you. So during your demo, make sure to mention a guarantee that reverses the risk for the buyer.

There is one part we haven’t discussed yet, the big circle in the middle: the Call to Action (CTA). That’s the third critical piece of the Viral Loop, which we’ll discuss next.

Secret #6

The Call To Action (CTA)

Call to Action

The Call to Action is the part that can make people nervous, but it is really easy when you do it right. It’s where you ask for money in exchange for the product they are buying and close the sale. It’s the step-by-step instructions that get interested buyers to the “finish line”.

The funny thing is that the CTA for any network marketer is where most people get nervous. The first home party I attended, the woman who was selling did an AMAZING job with the demo, but when it came time for the pitch, she just froze. It was so awkward and uncomfortable. Don’t do that!

One of the easiest ways to transition into a Call to Action is to transition by asking for permission. Yes, I actually ask them whether it’s okay for me to sell them something. When they say yes (and they always do), all nerves and awkwardness instantly disappear.

“So you’ve heard and seen how this product has helped me (Epiphany Bridge), and I’ve just shown you here how it can help you (the demo), so I’ve put together a very special offer for you so you can have the same benefits I’ve had, and I’d like to go over them for a few minutes. Is that okay?”

When you tie back in your story and the demo and then ask a question, most people (if not all), will happily say yes (either out loud or in their heads). And they’ve just given you permission to give them an offer and a direct Call to Action.

The CTA should be clear and direct. Tell people what to do. Even things that seem completely obvious to you, say them anyway. You need to be VERY clear and direct about exactly what they need to do. “To get this very special offer, contact the person who referred you to this webinar today. Tell them you want to get the __________ offer, and they will get you signed up right away.”

As you will see in Secret Seven, there will be others sending people into your funnels, so you can’t just send them directly to your signup link, or you will lose out on the Duplication. You will be sending people back to talk to the person who referred them to see the demo.

The Call to Action should be given multiple times. As seen in the diagram above, you alternate between your demo script and a CTA. This way, they hear the instructions multiple times and in multiple different ways.

Secret #7

The Ultimate Network Marketing Secret: Duplication

Network Marketing Secrets Duplication

Lastly, we come to Duplication. Just a bit ago, I mentioned the importance of using the Epiphany Bridge stories to build trust, doing a product demo, and then giving them a clear CTA to close the sale. But there’s one more step, and it’s how to avoid becoming the homeless man with a Ferrari.

The key to making real money in your network marketing opportunity is Duplication.

Duplication happens when the people you get signed up for your network marketing opportunity start to refer others. This is the key to success.

The commissions for most network marketing companies on straight product sales isn’t very high, so it’s essential you help those who you recruit so they are able to recruit as well.

The reason I LOVE network marketing so much is because you aren’t just paid by being the best at closing sales. You get paid by being the best at helping OTHERS to close sales. Developing others is how you get paid the big bucks. It’s the most pure form of entrepreneurship I know of.

So how do you do that?

The key is understanding what people who mastered the three lost funnels offline do.

In the Bridge Funnel we shared in Secret Two, the person who recruits you doesn’t just leave you alone. He or she then gets on the phone with you and does the next dozen sales with you, then trains you on how to do that with those you bring in!

In the Home Party Funnel, when the party’s over, the host invites people to have parties at their homes, and she’ll come and facilitate the party for you to teach you how to do it, so you can then start hosting parties for yourself (and for those who you recruit)!

In the Hotel Meeting Funnel, when the presentation is over, the presenter invites those who signed up to bring their friends to the following week’s meeting so he can help get them signed up as well. The Hotel Meeting Funnel, we see this Duplication system working because the presenter does the work FOR the new distributors. All they have to do is bring some friends and their team builds effortlessly.

They’ve created a system for Duplication.

If we list it out as levels, it looks like this: Level #1 is where you sign people up directly, Level #2 is where you ask them to bring people into your funnel and you presell for them, and then Level #3 is where you show them how to replicate what you’ve done with others.

When you are running any of the three funnels we’ll be breaking down in the next section, the process to achieve Duplication is simple.

Network Marketing Level 1

Level #1 > Sign the person up!

We’ve already gone through this in Secrets Four, Five, and Six. Use your Epiphany Bridge, Demo, and Call to Action to get them signed up for your product or opportunity.

Network Marketing Level 2

Level #2 (first level of Duplication) > Have your people send others into your funnel.

If you are using the Bridge Funnel, after you sign up a new recruit, simply tell them, “Bring people into this funnel. It will convert them for you, and you’ll get paid!”

If you are using the Home Party Funnel, after you sign up a new recruit, simply tell them,“Bring people into this funnel. It will convert them for you, and you’ll get paid!”

If you are using the Hotel Meeting Funnel, after you sign up a new recruit, simply tell them, “Bring people into this funnel. It will convert them for you, and you’ll get paid!”

Network Marketing Level 3

Level #3 (second level of Duplication) > Share your funnel, and let them tell their own Epiphany Bridge Story.

After they have had success sending people into your funnels, often times people will want to set up their own funnels and tell their own Epiphany Bridge stories.

Normally this process is pretty complicated, but if you are using ClickFunnels for your funnels, you can literally just send them what we call a “share funnel” link. When they click on that link, it will copy your funnel into their account! Then they can just go into the funnel and replace your videos with theirs. It’s very simple.

In fact, at the end of this article, I will give you links for my three share funnels! You can click a button and within seconds you will be inside your ClickFunnels account. Then you just need to edit the pages and plug in your videos.

ClickFunnels makes all of this tons easier than any other tool, but more on that in a bit.

Okay, so now we’re going to go into the mechanics of each type of funnel and EXACTLY how to set it all up, but first make sure you’ve mastered the Viral Loop.

1. Use Epiphany Bridge Scripts to sell without actually selling.

2. Use the Billy Mays Script during your Demo to crush objections about the price and product.

3. Transition to a Call to Action with a question that gives you permission to sell.

4. Leverage the three levels of Duplication to find those first people on your team to do the job of building out your downline. Show them how to invite their friends so replication happens quickly and, when they are ready, let them tell their own Epiphany Bridge stories in their own funnels!


What To Do Next...

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Section Three:

Digging In: The Three Lost Funnels

Secret #8

Digging Into the Mechanics of the Three Lost Funnels

Mechanics of the 3 Lost Funnels

Okay just to recap, here’s where we’re at.

- In Secret #1, we talked about the four phases of the average network marketer and why you must get OUT of that process and into a system that mimics what the top earners do instead.
- In Secret #2, we looked closer at the 3 lost funnels and the selling scenario that happens in real life with each one that we will replicate online with our funnels.
- In Secret #3, we covered how important it is to have funnels for the two types of dream clients you want to come into your business. We also talked about how to ascend them through your funnels in a logical fashion so they first buy the product, and then get into your new business opportunity.
- In Secret #4, we looked at the first step of the Viral Loop Sequence, the epiphany bridge script. We learned that we must KILL techno-babble and use stories to help our prospects have aha! moments that will inspire action.
- In Secret #5, we went to the second step of the Viral Loop, the demo. During the demo, it’s important to crush objections while showing the product at the same time.
- In Secret #6, we transitioned to the third step of the Viral Loop, the call to action. This is the step where you take the prospects hand, tell them exactly what to do, and walk them step by step through the checkout process.
- In Secret #7, we looked at the last step of the Viral Loop, the power of duplication. Duplication is learning how to use bait and automation to build more leaders who can create leaders, rather than just buyers.

The next three secrets will focus on the mechanics of the three lost funnels, how to build them, and plug ANY opportunity into them within just a few minutes.

One last thing—I want to make sure we’re on the same page about what a sales funnel actually is

What is a sales funnel really?

It’s not cake or a kitchen tool. It’s a term online marketers use to describe a series of webpages and emails. Yep, that’s it. web pages and emails. What makes a funnel different from a website is that the emails and web pages are ordered in such a way that they make a path for your customer so they are more likely to do WHAT YOU WANT. So rather than building a website where you land on a page and have 8,500,000 choices, a funnel orders the pages in steps.

Step One > Go here and click this.
Step Two > Go here and click this.
Step Three > Go here and buy this.

The emails in a sales funnel are messages sent to keep people on track, because guess what—even when you give people step-by-step instructions, some will still veer off course and need to be reminded and encouraged to get back on the path. That’s what the emails do!

Now if sales funnels are simply a series of interconnected web pages and emails, what about all that talk you hear about webinars and one time offers (OTO’s) and squeeze pages and carts? They are just fancy names for the TYPE of webpage it is. It’s like knives. You have the chef’s knife, bread knife, steak knife, etc. They are all sharp objects that could get the job done right? But we label them to describe what they are best used for. It’s the same with a funnel.

-  The Squeeze Page is the first page where you SQUEEZE out an email address from someone by using curiosity.
-  An OTO Page is a one-time-only offer you show your customer after they’ve purchased something.
-  A Webinar Page is a page that either shows a live or pre-recorded class that builds trust and sells your product.

In the next few chapters, we’re going to go into detail about how to easily create each of these funnels, without needing to know code, graphic design, or anything complicated.

We’re going to do this with a tool called ClickFunnels, which achieves in 30 minutes what used to take me 3 months, a whole team, and thousands of dollars.

I remember when I would get a great idea for a new marketing campaign. I would get so excited and then, just as quickly, so depressed. Why? Because I knew it would take a huge team of people to pull it off. I’d need designers and coders and, like, three months.

Who has time for that? Not me!

That’s why I created ClickFunnels. (More on that later.) We’re going to tackle all of those problems in one fell swoop—easily and without a lot of pain, I promise.

Secret #9

Digging Into The Bridge Funnel

Digging into the Bridge Funnel


The Bridge Funnel is a way for you to act as the bridge between the prospect and the company you represent. The Bridge Funnel mimics the three-way meeting and ensures that your prospect will walk through the process all the way to the sale, and not get lost or confused along the way.

The most important part of this entire funnel is you telling your Epiphany Bridge Story when you go through the Viral Loop. Be sure to review the Viral Loop so you make sure you cover all the important points. It’s what really drives the emotion in the prospect and highlights the results they want to get from the product.

The only thing left to do in this funnel is to offer the product and walk them through how to actually get it. This way, they won’t be confused by the checkout system or cart that the company uses.

So now that you know the purpose of the Bridge Funnel, it’s time to build it!

The Step-by-Step

The Bridge Funnel has two pages you create, and then one page you direct them to (the company product page).

The Bridge Funnel Network Marketing

Page One: Hook'em With Curiosity

The first page takes about three minutes to set up. (Or just one minute if you grab my free funnel template at the end of this article!) This page is all about curiosity. There are only two things you need to know about your prospect:

- What they desire most
- What pain they want to avoid

Then you simply create a headline using this format: “How to [what they desire most] without [the pain they want to avoid].”

In our example, the headline might read…

How to ace all your exams at school without losing focus or getting distracted during study time

Add that to the page along with a tagline that reads “This works even if you hate __________ [something else they may dread doing when trying to get the result they desire most].”

You’re then going to create a form for them to input their email. From there, they will click a button to access page two of your funnel.

You might be wondering why this page is necessary. Remember the job of the emails in the funnel? Once you have their email address, you will be able to email them and help them REMEMBER you, your cool offers, and the way you can better their lives. Having their email gives you the ability to follow up. So think of Page One like the gatekeeper to your real offer.

Page Two: The Viral Loop Sequence Video with your Epiphany Bridge Story Demo and Call to Action

Page Two is simple to set up as well. It contains a video element and a button. That’s it! Most of your effort here will be to create a powerful video script that covers everything outlined in the Viral Loop sequence.

Here’s how it works, depending on the level of Duplication you’re using.

Level #1: If you are the only person using this funnel, then the Call to Action (CTA) at the end of the video is to click on a button to go to the corporate website through your distributor link to sign up. I HIGHLY recommend in that video actually showing them the order form and how to fill it out so they don’t get confused when they click and are taken to the corporate “anti-sales” department.

Level #2: If others are sending people into this funnel, you can’t just link to the order form through your distributor link, because then you would be signing up their visitors. So instead the CTA in your video should tell them to get back in contact with the person who sent them into the funnel. That way they can follow up by sending them their distributor ID.

Level #3: The third option is to use a share funnel link for the funnel you’ve created, and allow others to copy your funnel into their accounts, keep your video (or create their own videos), and then change the link in the button to point to their own distributor links. That way, they get credit for each person they sign up.

Secret #10

Digging Into The Home Party Funnel

Network Marketing Home Party Funnel


The Home Party Funnel is one of my favorite funnels for network marketing. It does a lot of the same things as the Bridge Funnel, but with more fun and fanfare. We want to bring that party/hangout feel online and create a lot of sales within a short period of time. Not only that, we also want our parties to continue making sales after they have ended.

The actual funnel setup is only three pages. You’ll set up an event invite page, then a thank-you confirmation page, and finally the hangout/party page.

So let’s dive into the Home Party Funnel step-by-step.

The Step-by-Step

The Home Party Funnel has three pages, and then you send people to your company’s sales page.

Network Marketing Home Party Funnel 2

Page one: The Party Invite Page

The first page should have a great headline, tagline, picture, and description, as well as time, date, and input fields for your party. Make sure the button has a clear Call to Action like “Reserve my ticket to the __________ party.”

Here are a few ways to create more bait on the page:

-  Add a timer. This creates a sense of buzz and excitement.
-  Hint at a giveaway. Perhaps everyone who attends live enters a drawing of some kind.

You’ll do this party multiple times, so after the party ends, schedule the next one right on the same page, and just update the date and time.

Page Two: The Confirmation Ticket Page

Once they’ve registered, they will see a simple page with words like “You’re registered” or “Invite a friend” and then have social media share buttons. If you run a Facebook group or Instagram account, you can encourage them to check you out over there between then and when the party begins.

Since you’ve collected their email address, it’s good if you can write a few emails with reminders and the link to the party hangout page. People need regular reminders, so consider an email sequence that includes the following:

- Confirmation Email
- Day-Before Email
- One-Hour-Before Email
- Party’s Live Email

Page Three: The Party Hangout Page

The party hangout page needs to have three main sections. The first section will have the headline, date, and time. The second section will have the live stream where you will be hosting the event. The third section will include images and buttons of the products you’re featuring, with your distributor links to the company website where they can purchase the products and join the opportunity. You can also add a comment section where people can ask questions and give live feedback.

Now, imagine this hangout is just like a home party. You are going to be using all of the steps in the Viral Loop, but instead of just a video like you have in the Bridge Funnel, this is actually a LIVE event that people register for, and then have a chance to come and participate in! And as I’ll show you below, if they miss the live stream, they can instantly see a recorded replay until the next live event starts! I’m going to take you through my tips for live streaming a party, and after a few tries, you’ll be a pro, too.

How To Live Stream a Party

You’ll need live-streaming software, but the easiest one to use is FREE. It’s called YouTube Live. Simply sign up for a YouTube account, then click on Events and Enable Live Streaming.

Once that’s done, you’ll go into YouTube and create an event. Just input the time and date, give it a title, and click Save. YouTube will give you a unique link. When you paste that link in the video element on the ClickFunnels page, it will automatically create a live stream. And if you’re not live yet, it’ll show a countdown timer.

Just like a live home party, you’ll want to pick the products that are the most interesting, popular, and easy to demo. If you need some extra personality to keep your product demos interesting, you can invite friends or other team members onto the party live stream for fun banter and questions and answers. YouTube Live allows up to nine people in a hangout. Unlimited numbers of people can watch.

On the day of the party, you’ll want to have a few things set up. First, your products. Whether it’s your home office, kitchen, or living room, make sure you have decent lighting and space to demo the products.

Next, be sure to plug your computer directly into your router or modem, and shut down any nonessential programs. You’ll want to sign in to YouTube Live about an hour before the event, and click on the START button. This will NOT start the event, but it will open up the software that allows you to broadcast.

Once inside the software, you can use tools like the Lower third to put your name and tagline, or even some of the fun hat and party effects. Click on the little person with the plus sign “To invite others…” into the party hangout room. You can have up to nine people on camera, and these people will be inside the hangout, not simply watching the live stream. It’s good to get everyone inside within 15 minutes of starting so you can test microphones and cameras.

When it’s time for the party to start, you’ll hit the START BROADCAST button. At that point, you are live! That means everyone who has the party page link will be able to see you (and up to nine of your friends) live.

How To Keep the Party Going After it Ends

As you get used to these parties, you’ll be able to do them weekly. Once your party is done, you can send a few follow-up emails to the registrants, so if they missed the live broadcast or want to watch it again, they can watch the replay. (YouTube Live just leaves the video up, so the party hangout page instantly becomes a replay page once it’s done.) Then simply switch out the date and time on the registration page to the next party. What happens is you have an ongoing stream of people watching the replay, a surge of people watching it live, and new registrants signing up each week. (We’ll get to traffic after discussing the last of the three lost funnels.)

How to Make This Funnel Duplicated and Go Viral

While the Home Party Funnel works great for selling product, the real power comes when you get your team promoting it and you start getting true Duplication.

Level #1: If you are the only person using this funnel, then the (CTA) at the end of the home party is to click on the button to go to the corporate website through your distributor link to sign up. I HIGHLY recommend in that video actually showing them the order form and how to fill it out so they don’t get confused when they click and are taken to the corporate “anti-sales” department.

Level #2: If others are sending people into this funnel, you can’t just link to the order form through your distributor link, because then you would be signing up their visitors. So instead, the CTA in your home party should tell them to get back in contact with the person who sent them into the funnel. That way, they can follow up by sending them their distributor ID. You can link to your distributor’s contact forms right underneath the live stream so it’s one click to get in touch.

Level #3: The third option is to use a share funnel link for the product funnels you’ve created and allow others to copy your funnel into their accounts, keep your video (or create their own videos), and then change the link in the button to point to their own distributor links. That way, they get credit for each person they sign up. For the home party, you could give out share funnels for both products so they can recreate the home party for themselves.

Secret #11

Digging Into The Hotel Funnel

Digging into the Hotel Funnel


The Hotel Meeting Funnel is the last of our three funnels. It is actually my favorite of all funnels. I wish I could go into more detail here about all the ways you could write your script, structure your follow-up sequences and more, but it’s outside the scope of this article.

However, I wrote an entire book teaching how to do webinar funnels, and you can get a free copy at

Before you geek out and try to optimize this funnel, I’ll give you the blueprint you need to get one started fast.

As with the other two funnels, the actual funnel setup is three pages. You’ll set up a registration page, then a countdown page, and finally, the webinar page. This funnel can be used live or prerecorded (so it works while you sleep).

So let’s dive into the Hotel Meeting Funnel step-by-step.

The Step-by-Step Instructions

Network Marketing Secrets Hotel Meeting Funnel

Page One: The Registration Page

The registration page is nearly IDENTICAL to the one for the Home Party Funnel. It includes a headline, tagline, input fields, time, and date. If you’re running the Hotel Meeting Funnel on autopilot, it’ll allow the viewer to choose a date to attend the virtual meeting, or they can choose to watch a replay—perfect for those who don’t want to wait. If you’re running it live, it will have the future date and time just like the Home Party Funnel.

Underneath the signup, you’ll want to add three main bullets: the THREE SECRETS you’re going to unpack in the workshop.

If you’re not sure what kind of headline or secrets to use on the registration page, grab a copy of Expert Secrets, which details exactly how to write and script a webinar and registration page.

Page Two: The Countdown Page

This is, again, just like the Home Party Funnel thank-you page, but here we call it a countdown page.

Once they’ve registered, they will come to a simple page with words like “You’re registered” or “Invite a friend” with social media share buttons. If you run a Facebook group or Instagram account, you can encourage them to check you out over there between then and when the party begins.

Since you’ve collected their email address, it’s good to write a few emails with reminders and the link to the party hangout page. People need regular reminders so consider an email sequence that includes the following:

- Confirmation Email
- Day-Before Email
- One-Hour-Before Email

Page Three: The Webinar Page

The webinar page doesn’t have much on it except the workshop title, the video element where your recording will go, and a button that leads to a form, email address, or other contact info. In ClickFunnels, you can create a delayed action so the button doesn’t appear until the moment in your presentation when you announce it. The same goes for any free gifts you promise to those who stay until the end. These types of animations encourage people to watch and not click prematurely.

If you want people to be able to comment, you can also add a simple Facebook comments element under the video. Just be sure to check the comments each day to answer any questions.

The instructions above are for recorded webinars that autoplay. If you’d like to do the presentation live, you can either use YouTube Live like in the Home Party Funnel and just make it a more structured presentation, or you can use webinar software like Zoom or GoToWebinar, and eliminate the webinar page altogether.

As for what to say on the recording, refer to Section Two, the Viral Loop. Use the Epiphany Bridge Script, Demo the product so they can see how great it is to sell, and then the Call to Action needs to lead them to connect with you and become a part of the team.

How to Make This Funnel Duplicated and Go Viral

Level #1: If you are the only person using this funnel, then the (CTA) at the end of the Hotel Meeting Funnel is to click on the button below the video to sign up for the opportunity. I HIGHLY recommend in that video actually showing them how to fill it out so they don’t get confused when they click and are taken to the corporate “anti-sales” department.

Level #2: If others are sending people into this funnel, you can’t just link to your own contact form or distributor link, because then you would be signing up their visitors. So instead, the CTA should tell them to get back in contact with the person who sent them into the funnel. That way, they can follow up by sending them their distributor ID. You can link to your distributor’s contact forms right underneath the live stream, so it’s one click to get in touch.

Level #3: The third option is to use a share funnel link for the product funnels you’ve created, and allow others to copy your funnel into their accounts, keep your video (or create their own videos), and then change the link in the button to point to their own distributor links. That way, they get credit for each person they sign up. For the Hotel Meeting Funnel, you could give out share funnels for both products so they can recreate the hotel meeting for themselves.


Want A Free Copy Of The Book?

Go Get Your Free Copy Of Network Marketing Secrets NOW, For Both You And Your Team!

Included in the book is a secret bonus chapter revealing how to get free leads into your funnels. Limited quantities, click below!

Section Four:

What To Do Next...

Secret #12

How To Get Started right now!

Start Your ClickFunnels Free 14 Day Trial Now

I hope you’re excited and ready to go blow up your business!

Here Are The Next Steps:

We’ve created THREE free premade and customized share funnels that match the Bridge Funnel, Home Party Funnel, and the Hotel Meeting Funnel.

-  Download the Three Share Funnels Now!
-  Get Your Free ClickFunnels Trial
-  Share This Post With Your Network Marketing Friends

When you download the funnels, if you don’t have a free trial of ClickFunnels yet, you’ll be asked to set one up. As soon as you do, the funnel will be loaded into your account, and you can simply plug in your opportunity and get started!

After your funnel is live, you’ll need to get some traffic into it. Traffic is a whole other topic, but Secret Thirteen has a few ideas to get you started.

You’ll also be able to download this report in a PDF format so you can refer to it again and again.

Secret #13

How To Fill Your Funnel

Mechanics of the 3 Lost Funnels

Once you’ve downloaded the funnels into your ClickFunnels account and have them set up, it’s time to bring traffic to them. I wanted to briefly touch on the methods you can use to fill your funnels.

Traffic is the fuel in your funnel. You’ll need a steady stream of leads each day, opting in, so you always have a new supply of cash and possible team members. Here are some of the most popular ways to fill a funnel…

1. Email SignaturePlace a link in your email signature inviting people to your Bridge or Home Party Funnel.
2. Instagram Bio Link – Place a link on your Instagram profile that gives something away for 4. free.
3. Your Own Facebook GroupBuild a free community around the topics that most interest your ideal customers.
4. Facebook Ads – This is one the most powerful ways to grow your business. Run ads to any of your funnels (just be careful about making business claims on your landing pages).
5. Other Peoples’ Groups – Some groups allow for promotional posts and links and you can make great connections in big groups where your ideal customer is hanging out.
6. Pinterest Pins to Blog Posts – Set up a blog or a few signature pieces of content and make sure to include links to your free offers and funnels. Then pin beautiful images onto Pinterest that lead back to those blog posts.
7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Those same blog posts can also start to generate Google traffic if you do some keyword research on what people are naturally searching for online.
8. Guest Posting – If the idea of writing your own blog feels overwhelming, you can reach out to other bloggers and offer to write a guest post. Most will allow you to put a link in your bio and that should lead into your funnel.
9. Podcasting – Whether you decide to host your own or just be featured on others, podcasts are a great way to get the word out about your product.
10. YouTube Channel – For some companies, YouTube tutorials work really well! They are searchable with Google and you can add annotated cards at the end of your videos that drive people to your offers and funnels.

I know there’s been a lot of information in this article. Don’t forget to download your free funnels and a copy of this article, plus a FREE copy of my book Expert Secrets.

Remember, you’re just one funnel away….

Russell Brunson Signature

Want A Free Copy Of The Book?

Go Get Your Free Copy Of Network Marketing Secrets NOW, For Both You And Your Team!

Included in the book is a secret bonus chapter revealing how to get free leads into your funnels. Limited quantities, click below!


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