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Ep 52 - What's Your "One Thing?" Until You've Identified This... You're In Trouble



Hey, everybody. Welcome, welcome. Back to the Marketing Quickie Show. It's been a little while, and I apologize. It's been crazy busy over here. I just want to say hi to everybody over here. We're very, very welcome to the Marketing Quickie Show. Glad to have you guys here. We have been having so much fun over here today. We've got some special guests in the office, who I should embarrass them and put them on TV, huh? Just kidding. Yeah, so anyway, I apologize. It's been a little while. We had Thanksgiving over here, which is a ton of fun, and we've been busy with all that kind of thing.

During Thanksgiving vacation, I'm curious what you guys did. But what I did for fun is every time that people were eating turkey and they started dozing off, I'd sneak over to the computer and I'd start building out funnels. I built out 3 entire funnels while my wife wasn't looking during Thanksgiving. Don't tell her that or it could be really, really bad, but it was awesome. All right, so what I'll tell you guys today is something that's a concept that's so simple that most of you guys, including me many times, we totally just mess it up, okay? Because we're entrepreneurs, right? We have ADD.

We have to do a million things at once. We're excited, we're having fun, and the reality is like, what we're really, really bad at as entrepreneurs, is we are bad at focusing. Have you guys all noticed that? A lot of times we create a product or a service and we're so excited about it and we go out there and we start trying to sell it, and while we're trying to sell it, we're trying to convince people like 4 or 5 things, like, "Oh, you need it because of this," or "You need it because of this and because of this," and all these reasons why people need something, right? But the problem is that any time you have a sales message that has more than one belief, that you're trying to get someone to believe, right?

You have maybe 2 or 3 or 10 things you're trying to get someone to believe, the sales will decrease every, every new thing you're trying to convince somebody of. Okay? Perry Belcher's one of my closest friends, and a mentor, and one thing he told me, he said that in all their sales letters or sales videos, or whatever they had where they're trying to convince somebody of 3 things, it would bomb. They'd drop it down to 2 things, and it would still do it. As soon as it was one thing you're trying to convince someone of, then the sales would increase. I started thinking about all the things we create, and like, what's the one thing that I need people to believe?

It's in every single aspect of it, right? It's in ... If we're making a sales video, what's the one thing I need somebody to do? If it's an email, what's the one thing I need them to focus on? If it's a landing page, you come to a landing page, there needs to be one thing for you to focus on. We always have to think about, like if we give somebody an option, there's a saying that says: A confused mind always says no. If I'm giving somebody options, there's always going to be somebody confused, right? I've got to take away all of those things as possible and just focus on one thing as much as we can.

I just restarted ... Rereading a book recently that's really, really good. It's a book called Good to Great. How many of you guys have read that? If not, awesome book from Jim Collins and the gist of the book, he talks about how good is the enemy to great? Why do most people not have great marriages? Because they've got good marriages, right? Why don't they have great jobs? Because they've got good jobs? Why don't they have a great life? Because they've got a good life. Good is the enemy to great, right? In his book, Good to Great, he's talking about companies that took the leap from going from good to great, and there's a bunch of different things in the book. There's 5 core concepts.

One of them they talk about is that the companies that went from good to great, they all had what he called a hedgehog concept, the one thing. What's the one thing that they do? What's their focus? I looked at my business recently ... Not recently, probably 2 years ago, and I didn't have one thing. I had like 50 things I was going after, and we were doing all sorts of things. We were all over the place, and we didn't have a one thing. As we launched ClickFunnels and most of you guys are ClickFunnels members, right? Someone said kitchen counter quickies are a must for great marriages. All right?

Anyway, back to this, but when we launched ClickFunnels, we started realizing that that's our thing. That's our one thing. That's what we need to be focusing at, and so in that process we started selling off our supplement companies, everything and just tried to focus on this. You guys will see over the next few months we've got some new offers coming out. At first you're gonna be like, "Russell's getting distracted. He's doing other things." Part of me wants to do other things. I'm not going to lie. I'm all over the place. That's kind of my personality, but I'm trying to focus, and so you will notice that the new products, the new services, the new things we're coming out with are all very ... They're all things that push people more towards our one thing.

For example, Supplement Secrets is our new training course we're coming out really soon, teaching people how to do Supplements. But the focus is how to teach people to create supplement funnels, right? Anyway, and we have our High Ticket Secrets coming out, teaching you how to create high ticket funnel, like it's all focusing back on our one thing. For you guys, I want you to start thinking about that, because I know that most of us entrepreneurs, we're doing a million things and we're excited. We're all over the place and there's all these things happening. If we really want to be successful, we've got to focus on the one thing, and our sales message is going to be focused on one thing and our emails are going to be focused on ...

When you start thinking that through in all aspects of your business and probably in most areas of your life, you're going to find a lot of power in that, so that's what I want to share with you guys today. Hopefully that resonates with some of you guys and gives you some ideas. If you're on Periscope tonight, then give me a double tap. I need some hearts to show that you guys like that, as fast as you can give me. Check this out, you guys, it mentions that if they double tap, they get a whole bunch of hearts. You guys don't have double taps on Facebook, so if you like it or comment, say, "Russell, I'm in. I know we got to focus on my one thing."

Give me some comments or some sharing it or liking it or something, just so that we know you guys are resonating with this, because it's something that we all need to focus on. Yeah, the hearts are flying over here in Periscope land. You guys are getting it. You guys are on. OJ's in on the one thing, over here on Periscope, or on Facebook. Dave's on for one thing. Anyway, I want you guys thinking about that because it's going to simplify your life. We are in December right now as I'm making this and we're transitioning over to a new year. It's coming very, very soon and now is the time.

For me December is very big, a time where I'm focusing on what's our goals for next year? Where are we going to go? What's the directional changes, right? That's when we've got people in the office saying we're focusing on directional changes this month so that in January we can hit and start running and focusing there. A lot of it's how we shrink things down and keep focusing on this core one thing. Use this month for that. Use December. December's a great month for you to really start focusing, re-getting back to a focus and as you focus, you guys will see a huge increase in everything else you do, which is awesome. Hope that helps.

If you guys want to see this or any back issues of the Periscope Marketing Quickie Show, just go to blog That's where all of them are at right now and we've got a cool marketing quickies site coming up hopefully in the next day or so as well. We're doing launches on iTunes as well. A bunch of cool stuff's happening here at the Marketing Quickie Show. But I just wanted to say hi to you guys today, give you some ideas, and appreciate you guys. That's it for today, so I'm out of here. Have an amazing day, and I'll talk to you guys again tomorrow on the Marketing Quickie Show. Bye, everybody.


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