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Pioneers Die 😬


Have you heard the story of Xerox?

In the late 1970s, Xerox Corporation developed the first GUI. This technology revolutionized computer interfaces by introducing elements like windows, icons, and a mouse.

Xerox invested heavily in this technology, dedicating substantial resources and time.

But the true potential of the GUI was realized when Apple, and later Microsoft, adopted similar concepts.

Steve Jobs, after visiting Xerox PARC, was inspired to integrate these ideas into Apple products, leading to the development of the Apple Lisa and, more significantly, the Macintosh.

Microsoft followed with Windows.

The GUI became a standard interface for personal computers, but Xerox, the pioneer, failed to capitalize on its innovation.

Now I tell you this story because it illustrates an important point…

Which is summed up well by this quote from William H. Calvin…

“You can always spot the pioneers by the arrows in their backs.”

When most people are trying to build a business, they think they have to be totally original in order to succeed…

But that’s not true…

In fact, being original is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs fail — because they run out of time or they run out of money before they can see their new idea through to its fruition.


Remember that whatever you’re trying to do… someone else has already done it.

Find them. Study how they did it. And then apply that to your own business.

I call this “funnel hacking” — and it’s a concept I talk about extensively in my Secrets Trilogy.

It’s THE key to winning at entrepreneurship… and online marketing.

Here are 7 of my favorite funnel hacks.

- Russell Brunson


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