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Possible vs Probable


If you want to sell stuff online, especially if you sell courses, there’s two words you want to understand: possible and probable.

These two words create two completely different belief systems.

And belief will be the #1 driver when it comes to not only making sales for your courses…

…but getting people to actually TAKE ACTION after they’ve purchased the course.

When you get people to take action, you get the opportunity to have a major impact on their life.

But it goes so much deeper than that.

Because it’s estimated that around 80% of people will never do anything once they’ve purchased the course.

For them, just buying it was enough of a dopamine hit to make them feel good about the decision they’ve made -- and the progress they’re making on their goals.

Even if they didn’t really make any progress at all.

The 20% of people who do take action, though, and get results, can become your biggest brand ambassadors, sending referrals, giving you testimonials, and making it even easier to sell more courses down the road.

And if you want the other 80% to start taking action and getting results so you can get even more referrals and testimonials, you need to shift their belief from thinking it’s possible to thinking it’s PROBABLE.

Because when someone thinks the result they want is possible, they’ll move forward.

But when they think the result they want is PROBABLE, they’ll take action.

They’ll move mountains to get what they want.

So if you want more people taking action on the courses they’ve purchased from you?

Revisit your copy and your offer.

Look for areas where you’re showing people what’s possible and then tie how it’s possible back into their unique situation.

Show them how you’ve built the offer to overcome each of their objections, the hurdles they’ll face, and the stories that they tell themselves for why it may not work out.

Use social proof to show how people just like them have gotten the exact (or better) results you’re promising them and what they can do to start knocking those dominoes over.

Because if you can get someone to believe that the results they want aren’t just possible, but that it’s actually probable they’ll get those results…

That it’s more likely than not that they’ll experience the transformation you’ve promised them…

You can start knocking down dominoes in their life and turn your course into a movement.

When I first decided to teach people about funnels I didn’t want them to just think it was possible -- I wanted them to realize it was probable they could have their first funnel built and ready to make sales as quickly as possible.

If you want to see how we approached solving that problem and how we’ve turned ClickFunnels into one of THE most prolific marketing companies in the world, grab your copy of Expert Secrets.

In it, I’ll teach you the Big Domino strategy for shifting beliefs and showing people that it’s actually probable they’ll get what they want with your course.

Then, when you get someone to believe that what they want is not only possible, but probable, and that it’s only probable through your course…

That’s when life (and business) gets exciting.

- Russell Brunson


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