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why I wrote Expert Secrets...

I want to pretend that the next two minutes is a private conversation between me and you... (Don't think of it as an email I sent to my list... but a private conversation between us)

I believe that your business is a calling.

You've been called to serve a group of people with the products, the services, and the offers that you've created.

People come into your funnels looking for solutions to their problems.

By positioning yourself as an expert and learning how to tell your story in a way that gets people to move, you're able to guide people through your value ladder and give them results they're looking for.

This is how you change the lives of your customers, and this is how you grow a company.

I want you to understand that your message has the ability to change someone's life...

The impact that the right message can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.

Your message can help to save marriages, repair families, change someone's health, grow a company, and more, but only if you know how to get it into the hands of the people whose lives you've been called to change.

  • ​Expert Secrets will help you to find your voice and give you confidence to become a leader.
  • Expert Secrets will show you how to build a movement of people whose lives you can change.
  • ​Expert Secrets will teach you how to make this calling your career.

If you haven't yet, go get your free copy of the book today. You can get one at

Thanks again,
Russell Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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