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PRIVATE MESSAGE from Garrett (it’s about the book)


...did you see this yet?

When I walked in that room that day, I was shocked to see over 1,200 copies of the Expert Secrets book laid out across the room...

Garrett J. White asked me to come and speak to his warriors about how they could create a movement and try to change the world in their own little way.

What I hadn't known was that he had pre-bought 1,200 copies of Expert Secrets and laid them out on the tables along with a private note he'd written for all of the men that he coaches, his warriors.

As he read this letter to his men, I happened to capture it on videotape and I posted the video online for you here:

I want you to hear this message because it's the SAME MESSAGE that I'm sure he would tell you if you asked him if you should get your copy of the Expert Secrets book.

After watching that video, if for some reason you still haven't requested your free copy of Expert Secrets, then do it RIGHT NOW.

Thanks again,
Russell Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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