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I want to let you in on a secret today.

I shouldn't really be saying this in public.. but too late now!

So here it is.

Half of the funnels we launch don’t work on the first attempt.

Okay, I said it…

Usually we have to try over and over and over again until we find something that works.

In fact .. that’s literally why we created ClickFunnels.

I was making my co-founder Todd Dickerson code one website a week to test out all these different offers I had for supplement companies, coaching offers, marketing courses, physical products, and so on..

Eventually Todd said: “Can’t we just build a funnel software program so I don't have to build a website every week?”

The result was not just the creation of ClickFunnels.

Last year a man named Trey built a funnel on ClickFunnels that in 90 days made more money in the history of Internet marketing that we know about... unfortunately I can’t share the numbers because they’re not mine... but you can trust it was millions and millions of dollars.

ClickFunnels has literally raised the benchmark in the marketing world.

But I want to tell you something amazing about Trey.

If you get anything from this email – get this.

I first spoke to Trey a little after the initial Launch of ClickFunnels and he told me he’d just spent 2 months and $1,000s to build a website that broke completely and wasted him money.

Boom… perfect ClickFunnels adopter.

But Trey then said something to me that I actually spoke about during FunnelHacking Live last year.

Again, I don’t usually share anything from the live event to keep it exclusive.

But this is so, so important.

Trey said to me: “I'm gonna build a funnel a week.”

A lot of them failed.

But Trey launched them over and over and over until one day... he had one that exploded.

In his first year using ClickFunnels Trey made millions of dollars from a funnel for selling flashlights.

Here’s the original page:

Psst.. keep this email between us!

Isn’t this amazing?

A lot of people when they start out want to make everything beautiful and perfect and then... their 3-6 months of work and $1,000s is wasted when the funnel doesn't convert.

But a funnel rarely converts well on the first attempt!

That’s why I love Trey’s story.

Trey will admit his first big flashlight funnel was ugly – ‘the color of baby sick’ he says – but he was able to get it up and test it out in a day.

And… that mindset is the reason why he made history for the highest grossing funnel ever in the shortest period of time.

So here’s a reminder for you.

Put more importance on testing over and over even if the thing ‘looks like baby sick’ because one day you’re gonna have a funnel that explodes.

ClickFunnels was literally built for people to test, fail and test again and again.

We built our company this way… and Trey Lewellen made history this way.

You can watch the beginning of Trey’s story on our YouTube channel.

Here’s the link.

Talk soon,

- Russell Brunson


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