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(Q&A) How Do You Scale Your Webinar?


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In our Inner Circle meeting, Anne Truong asked an important question that everyone should hear. She’s been following the Expert Secrets strategy to a proverbial “T”, but her leads are running out. At the same time, she’s growing her Linchpin business spectacularly! In this episode, I’ll explain to Anne how to scale her webinar from Expert Secrets and use the Linchpin strategy at the same time to scale massively!

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Yeah, the goal is to get to a million dollars a month in paid ads as soon as possible. That should be everybody's goal in here. How many guys are spending less than a million dollars a month in ads? Okay, there's your goal. Welcome to the Inner circle, you guys. That's when you graduated. That should be it. The whole thing, our goal should be how do we spend as much money humanly possible? That's it. So that should be the goal. How do we get to the point where I can spend a million dollars profitably a month in ads? And that's how you do it.


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Russell Brunson:
What's up everybody? This is Russell. Welcome back to Marketing Secrets podcast. We got another cool Q&A show for you guys, which I hope you will enjoy. And this question was fun.

This was about how do you actually scale your webinar? A lot of people do a webinar to their own list and they make some money and they're excited. Then do the webinar to list again and then again, and they start getting really quickly diminishing returns. And that was kind of this question. It's like, how do I grow this? How do I scale it? And so that was kind of the background on this question. And so if you have a webinar and you're trying to figure out how in the world do I scale it, hopefully this will help you guys to get some ideas. Obviously as you hear this, you're going to learn, we talk in Inner Circle a lot about linchpin and things like that and how we're scaling businesses.

So if you don't know anything about the linchpin yet, I'd recommend going to Go buy a copy of that book for free, which walks you the linchpin formula, which will help you to understand also how we're scaling webinars and how in fact the click funnels webinar is on track to be, I guess it's not just the webinar, it's everything we've done on click funnels. But yeah, click funnels is close to passing a billion dollars in total lifetime sales, which is crazy. It all came off of our webinar. So I wouldn't say it's a billion dollar webinar, but it definitely was the foundation to build click funnels. So anyway, if you want to scale a webinar to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, a billion figures and beyond, hopefully this will help you see my strategy and how we do it. Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy this episode.

All right, how's it going?

Anne Truong:
Hi, good, how are you?

So good.

Good. I have a question about webinar. So I listened to your advice, everything you say I do. And it works. That's why I'm here. So you said if you do a webinar every week, you never have to worry about your bank account again, something similar on that line, right?


It's true. So I've been doing a webinar since June every week. So interestingly, the first webinar, the only two people that showed up was my husband and my sister.

Did either of them buy?

And I pretended it was like a thousand people that show up. So it didn't matter at all. I just did the webinar because I know that every time I do it, I'm going to get better and better and better, and it's actually much better than it was thanks to the coaches and 2CCX as well as some of the Inner Circle members as well. So thank you for that.

But since then, my list has dried up. I have not run ad to the webinar, so I've been presenting it to my list initially, and then anybody that joined my list and then social media and to YouTube, and then we would stream live to YouTube and our social media. So what we're finding out is less and less people are showing up. They're not buying the offer like they used to. So my question is, and for us, we only run Google Ad because of our content and actually our Google Ad right now is not performing as well, and we're probably going to decrease the amount that we usually spend. So my question is, do I need to continue the webinar anymore because it seems like I'm drying up the leads that's coming to there organically? Or I'm afraid to do Google Ad because we're losing so much money now, we're just using Google Ad to drive into our business as leads and not to the webinar.

So you're only buying Google Ads right now?

But not to the webinar.

What are you buying them to?

We're buying it to the [Mifke 00:03:40] and to our free ebook, which then leads to a sales call.

And then you're not buying Facebook, other social platforms because you're just not able to?

No. Yeah, just Google Ad right now.

Okay. And you're saying you're buying it to the [Mifke 00:03:56]. Are you profitable or you're not profitable on [Mifke 00:03:57]?

We're profitable on the [Mifke 00:04:01].

What's the price of the [Mifke 00:04:02]?

Well, it's $7 to opt in and 14 day trial that lead to a continuity of $97 a month. So far we have 350 members. Yay.

Okay, so this is awesome, actually. This is a really good thing. This is great news. I've got good news for you. Have you ever ran Google Ads to the webinar?


Okay. Step one, run Google Ads the webinar. That's step one. You look shocked. Yes or no?

Try it?

A hundred percent, because the nice thing is you have so much, what's the price point you're selling on the webinar?

Actually, the webinar goes to a sales call.

Okay. What's the price point sell on the-

It's 10,000.

Okay. So if you spend 10K going to a webinar and you get one sale, you're breakeven, right? And if you follow linchpin, when someone registers for a webinar, it comes down here and then they see the [Mifke 00:05:05]. And for percentage time for [Mifke 00:05:07], then you make continuity, right? So even if you're like, "This whole thing is just for me to breakeven."

You spend $10,000, you get one sale, but you add from this process. I mean, if you spend 10 grand on webinar registrations, let's say you're paying 10 bucks a lead, what's the math on that? Is that a thousand leads? You get a thousand leads. From a thousand leads you get, let's see, let's say you get 10% sign up, you're a hundred people out of continuity, a hundred people join continuity each week just from this. So within three weeks you've double the size of your continuity and it didn't cost you any money. Because this was your breakeven, your self-liquidating offer. Does that make sense?


Yeah. So I mean, you're still getting the MIFGE sale, but you're also getting people into this sale, which then liquidates the cost of the ads. The other thing to think about when I talk about doing a webinar a week, the only way that model works is if you're doing paid ads, because you have to have a new audience to do it to. You can't do the same audience over and over again. As soon as you've promoted the same audience three times the same webinar, they're like, "This is the same webinar. Why did I ever show up?" And then they just tune you off and they're gone.

So for me, it's funny actually, you guys ever do something for a long time and it works really, really well, and then you stop? And five years later you're like, "Why did we stop that thing?" Okay. So the rule for the first four years of click funnels, what we did is we were doing five or six webinars a week consistently week in, week out. And then once a quarter I would do webinar to my entire list, the exact same webinar, and then I'd come back and I'd do it every single week doing these other webinars. And once a quarter I do it. So once a quarter I'd do a webinar back to our own list, who obviously some had already seen it, some hadn't seen it, but that webinar would crush it. And so once a quarter we did my webinar back to my own list, but only once a quarter. If I did it more often than that, people wouldn't show up because it was just not enough. We didn't have enough new blood coming in for that to actually work.

And so that was the thing. And so it's funny because I have not done one, I've done the funnel hacks webinar to my list in years. November 30th of this year, I'm doing the funnel hacks webinar to my entire list. I had this revelation two weeks ago. I was like, "Why did we stop doing the thing?" Every time, once a quarter, we do that thing and it's just like, "Here's the million dollars." And I was like, "Oh, we should just forget that one thing that gives us a million dollars every quarter and just not do it."

So November 30th we're doing it and you'll see me once a quarter for the rest of my life, now hard-coded into, because it took away from the entrepreneur. Now someone who's a manager is making it part of a process so then it'll magically happen, which is awesome. But that's the thing is once a quarter to your existing audience, but now you've got to replenish it. So you replenish it through ads. And if you've got a $10,000 offer, I would gamble 10 grand. Spend 10 grand on this and see what happens, and maybe you get one, but what if you get two sales or three or five, and you get the continuity? Now you're getting ... Now this is, let's you get five sales, five times row ads on this, and you add 300 people or a hundred people of your continuity, that's scalable and that grows and you run that boom, boom, boom, boom. Then once a quarter you take that whole audience and boom, you go back in and you launch it again.

So if that work, how much more should I put in for ad? Well, it will work because you tell me you to do it. It will work.

So whenever I test a campaign, this is always my thing. I'm like, what am I going to make over here? And I'm going to gamble that much money. So if you're selling the $2000 offer, I say throw $2,000 in, just see what happens. If you're selling 10 grand, throw 10 grand in. Just see if you can get one sell from that offer and just see what happens. And if you get two sales, it's Christmastime, let's do it again. And just keep doing that and start just slowly scaling it up and just kind of going from there.

So, I just put more and more money in, the more sales we have on the backend?

Yeah, the goal is to get to a million dollars a month in paid ads as soon as possible. That should be everybody's goal in here. How many guys are spending less than a million dollars a month in ads? Okay, there's your goal. Welcome to the Inner circle, you guys. That's when you graduated. That should be it. The whole thing, our goal should be how do we spend as much money humanly possible? That's it. So that should be the goal. How do we get to the point where I can spend a million dollars profitably a month in ads? And that's how you do it. Because if you're spending a million dollars a month in ads, again, what's a million divided by $10?

A hundred thousand.

A hundred thousand. That means you add a hundred thousand leads to your list that month. If you get 10% to join, it means 10,000 people joining your continuity. That should be the goal. Everyone should write that on their forehead or their arm or something. A million dollars a month ad spend is the goal. And then take a bunch of money, dump it into organic, all the other things to get your free traffic. Because I'm a big believer now, more so now than I've ever been because ads are getting more expensive, but dump time and energy into free that stuff as well and start trying to get more of that.

But that should be the goal. It's as quick as possible how to get to a million dollars a month in ads profitably. Don't just like ... Real quick, this is like the asterisk before someone comes back. "Russell, you ruined me." Okay. Don't spend a million dollars yet. You spend 10 grand and see if you get 10 grand back, cool. Then you do 20 grand, 20 grand back, and you keep slowly scaling it up. And if you have one month where it goes down, then you taper back down a little bit, make some tweaks. But it should take you a little while to get to that point. But that should be the goal, a hundred percent.


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