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(Q&A) Leverage Your SKILLS... To Land Your Dream Partnerships

(Q&A) Leverage Your SKILLS... To Land Your Dream Partnerships

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How can you take your current skill set and use it to open doors for your dream job, partnerships, and more!

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I think the most powerful thing that most freelancers are forgetting is they're going out trying to just get a gig. And I've hired a ton of freelancers from copy, to emails, to design, everything. And I think a lot of times, a lot of freelancers are so shortsighted where they're like, "I'm going to do this deal for money," and they just trade time for money type thing.


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Russell Brunson: What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to The Marketing Secret Show. Today is another Q&A episode. Today we've got a really cool question from Jesse Price. Jesse's a freelancer and he had a question about, well, actually, I'm not even going to tell you. Let's load the question. You can hear it from Jesse's mouth and then we'll jump back in and answer it.

Jesse Price: Hey Russell, what's up? My name is Jesse Price and I actually work with Konain, one of your top copywriters. I work with him and his agency as a freelancer, but I wanted to know if you had to start in the digital marketing space all over again, online marketing, internet marketing, and let's say that provided you already had the funnel build structure figured out, if you could already do that skillset pretty proficiently for yourself and for others, what would be the number one skill that you focused on outside of that? Would it be driving traffic? Would it be launch campaigns? Would it be offers? Would it be copywriting? Would it be video creation? What would be the number one skill if you were just a freelancer on your own or you and a super small team? Just kind of curious to say what that would be. I have read your books and if you covered this previously, then I missed it all the times that I've read through your books, but just curious. Appreciate it. Love your show, love your content. Thanks, man.

Russell: All right, Jesse, so great question, and I know this is a cliche answer, but the answer is, it depends, right? It depends on your skillset. What's the thing that you like to do the most? That's what's so cool about digital marketing and any of these businesses. There's all these different things. There's copywriting, there's traffic generation, there's ads, there's design, there's all these pieces. And so the thing is, what's the thing that you're most obsessed with, the thing that gets you most excited, the thing that you bring unique value to the table that nobody else has? That's the question. What is that thing for you that's different, that's better than anybody else can do because that's the answer, leveraging that. I look at my team right now, I have some of the best copywriters in the world, but if they pitched me on funnel building services, I'd be like, "Ah," right?

I got some of the best designers in the world. They pitched me on copy services, "Ah." It's like, what's the unique thing you have? When I started building relationships after ClickFunnels got launched, the unique thing that I had was I could build funnels. And for me, I can build a funnel, I can drive traffic, I can do all these things. But most of them had an email list. Most of them had these things, but the piece they were missing was the funnel. And so what I found is I found people who were authors, who were launching books, who were launching them on Amazon or whatever. I was like, "Ah, don't do that." Okay, so good examples. When ClickFunnels first came out, first year, that year, Dave Asprey, the guy who wrote the Bulletproof Diet and made up Bulletproof Coffee and all that kind of stuff, he was launching his cookbook.

He'd already launched book number one, cookbook was coming out. I'd seen him messaging it on social. I also knew he'd used ClickFunnels. We saw a ClickFunnels page of his in the past. So I found his team and I was like, "Hey, I see he's launching a book. Do you guys need help with the book funnel?" And they're like, "What's a book funnel?" I'm like, "Oh, let me tell you." And so I told them, and then we flew out to LA or whatever the Bulletproof Cafe was at. We flew out there and we did the book funnel for him. We filmed him, filmed upsell, filmed downsells, took everything. My team built it all out. And we built a relationship with him, gave him this funnel, handed over to him and they ran with it, right? Same thing happened to Tony Robbins, about at the same time Tony was coming out with his new book.

And so I'm like, "Hey, Tony, your book's coming out. I see you put it on Amazon. You're doing this big PR thing. Can I help you build a book funnel?" He's like, "Sure, what's a book funnel?" And then boom, we had built a book funnel for him, and it was amazing. And so that's the real answer. What's the unique thing you have? And then what's your end goal? For me, my only end goal is I wanted to get really cool people using ClickFunnels, so I was just going and doing these things for free. But if you came and you're like, "I want a client." "What kind of client do you want? Who's your dream person to work with?" Recently, and I can say this now, because yesterday is the time I'm recording this, I signed the contract, but some of you guys probably know I'm mildly obsessed with Napoleon Hill, he's my favorite author, and I love his stuff.

And so I was like, "I want to publish this thing. I want to put more things out there like that. This is my skillset. I want to take what he's getting, what he's created in the past and help blow it up." And so I was like, "I need to build a relationship with the Napoleon Hill Foundation." And so he came to them and it's like, "What do they need? How can I help them?" Looking at all this stuff they have, and saying, "How can I help?: And then coming in saying, "Hey, this is who I am. This is what you've got. I can do this thing." For Tony, I can build a book funnel. For Dave Asprey, I can build a book funnel. For Napoleon Hill Foundation, it's different. You guys will see what it is soon, but it's looking at those things.

So I'd almost say more so than what skillset should I focus on, is what's the end goal? What are you trying to get to? Begin with the end in mind. For me, it was like I want to publish Napoleon Hill's books and I want to do more than just republish a book. I want to create courses and membership sites, and I want to do a whole bunch of really cool things around that. And so I was like, "That's the end goal." So now I know what that is, and here's the skill sets I have, what's the gap that's happening in between here and here that I can go and fill the gap? I can add value, I can help people out along the way? So that's my recommendation. Also, it's not, "This is the one thing," but the reality is it's not the one thing, it's your skillset.

And how do you bridge a gap that somebody else doesn't have, right? It's tough. Let's say I wanted to do a deal with Dean Graziosi, right? He has a team and he's got great funnel builders, so my skillset might not work for him. So cool. I'm not going to go do a partnership with Dean because he already has the things that I'm looking for, but over here, there's an opportunity. There is somebody over here where they have a huge gap, and so I'm looking for gaps. So hopefully that kind of helps you to think through this. But I think the most powerful thing that most freelancers are forgetting is they're going out trying to just get a gig. And I've hired a ton of freelancers from copy, to emails, to design, everything. And I think a lot of times, a lot of freelancers are so shortsighted where they're like, "I'm going to do this deal for money," and they just trade time for money type thing.

And that's where so much of these things kind of land on as opposed to looking at the bigger picture. I didn't charge Dave Asprey. I didn't charge Dave. I didn't charge Napoleon Hill Foundation, but I was trying to do something bigger. Strategically, how can I bring my skillsets into an organization, into something where I'm not just getting paid X amount per hour, X amount per email, X amount per funnel, but there's synergy? The Napoleon Hill Foundation project, I think over the next 12 months, my take home from that will be at least, least $10 million in my pocket, personal. And so is it worth the time and energy to get that connection, build the relationship, do the thing, and then doing all the work now? Yeah, but it's going to be super profitable for them, a huge win for them. It's also a hugely profitable for me as well.

And so it's just thinking through it through that lens of just, "How does this skillset you have, how can you turn that into something bigger?" A lot of times it's not just, "I'm going to write emails for you," but in fact... Who was it? Bob Sterling, he's a licensing guy, has a bunch of courses on licensing. He wrote six emails or eight, or whatever it was. Wrote an email sequence for, I can't remember what market… I'm going to say chiropractor, it might not have been. And he went to this local chiropractor ran it. It converted really well. So he took those six emails and instead of just going in and writing emails for that chiropractor for the rest of his life, he took the six emails and he took those and he licensed them. So he went into another chiropractor, said, "Hey, I have these six emails, I can take your dead files. We send these emails out to them, and from there, you're going to get X amount of clients. I'll license these to you for $1,500 or license to you for 20% of any profit that comes in," or whatever it is.

And all of a sudden, he took these emails here at once, licensed it to this chiropractor. Sends the emails out, money comes in, takes it's to the next chiropractor, the next one. He starts stamping this thing and takes his six email sequence and now licensed it 500 times and makes insane amounts of money. If you look at Hormozi, when Hormozi had Gym Launch, it was the same thing. He had a process he had created to launch gyms. He went and physically flew out and launched five or six different... Or a dozen gyms, 2000 gyms, whatever. And then came back, licensed the process, sold it for $36,000 to a gym to take his process and to launch their gym.

And it's crazy. All it was, was a membership site with videos. Mostly he would've charged a membership site and sold it for 50 bucks a month to gym owners. But instead he's like, "Instead of selling access to the membership site for $50 a month, I'm going to license the emails and the sequences and the ads to people for $36,000 a year." And it's just taking the same thing, but structuring it differently. And so those are things like looking at your skill set. "How do I structure this to increase the value of what I'm doing?" And especially in a different organization or a business for some of you are trying to tie yourself into, where is it that what you're doing is unique and different? They're missing that gap. They don't have a webinar, so you're bringing in building webinar for them. They don't have a book funnel so you're bring that in.

Now, you're this revenue generation part of their business they didn't have before. Or you have a team that can drive ads. I had somebody who messaged me, and I get people all the time, but someone recently who I know has run nine figure campaigns for different people, and she messaged me and was like, "Hey, do you have any funnels you're struggling with you want us to take over?" I'm like, "Yes, I got four that are amazing, but they're not working." She's like, "I can just take them over and we'll just do all the work for you and we'll send you some money every month." I'm like, "Done." Because again, it's I have a pain point in this specific section and area of the business, and they can take it and they can run with it.

So anyway, this was not so much, "Here's the answer," as much as, "Here's the thought process. Here's the things. Here's how to strategic think about this differently so it can open up more windows. It can increase the value of what you are bringing to the table for a business and hopefully land you the dream partnership, dream job, dream gig." So hopefully that helps. Anyway, if you enjoyed that, you guys please share us with other people, let people know about Marketing Secrets podcast. Jesse, if you didn't like that answer, then please come back again to Resubmit another question and hopefully I'll answer it better, but hopefully some of you guys got some value from this. And again, if you want me to answer your question live, go to There's a spot, submit your question and maybe I'll answer it live on the show. Thanks everybody, and we'll see you guys on the next episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.


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