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(Q&A) Perfect Challenge Secrets

(Q&A) Perfect Challenge Secrets

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How to structure your 5 day challenges so people will buy what you're selling when you make the offer!

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

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I think too many people talk about challenges and they're excited about the fact that it's five days, and then you pitch something at the end and not spending time talking about the structure. How do we persuade somebody? How do we move them? How do we break their false beliefs? How do we do all the things we need to do, so that on day four, when we decide to open up our cart for them to buy something, that they're prepared, they're ready and they're going to actually purchase?


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to The Marketing Secrets podcast. I'm excited to be hanging out with you today for a lot of reasons, but number one is a little while ago on, we put up a block that said, "Ask Russell anything and I'll answer on the podcast." And so I put the block up there, and I told people on a couple of podcast episodes to go and submit your questions and I'll answer them. And then I waited, and I waited, and I thought that nobody was sending questions in. And I was like, oh, well, that sucks. I thought people had some questions.

And then one night, one late night, I was sitting at home, and I thought, I'm going to log into the system and actually see what's happening. So I logged into the system, and I thought it was going to email me all the things, and I had forgot to check the box that said email responses to me. So I logged into this inbox, and there were 10 pages of amazing questions from you guys that I hadn't even seen before.

So I'm going to start doing these more often where I jump in here, answer one or two Q&As, and we throw them out as episodes to hopefully answer you guys' questions. I'm specifically going to be answering questions that I think are broadly applicable to a lot of people. And so that's the game plan. So I'm going to jump in now and answer the very first question that came in. And it came in a couple months ago, so I apologize for my delay. This question came from Sagar, and I'm going to play the question real quick, and I'll come back with my answer.

Sagar: Hey, Russell, my name is Sagar Sangam Sahu from India. I left my job. Now I'm doing my building coaching business. Now when it comes to the challenge, five-day challenge, three-day challenge, people are loving the challenge. My stick rate is very high, but they're not actually upgrading to the next level. What is your position to have the best high converting challenge? That is something I wanted to ask. Thank you so much, Russell.

Russell: So I think this is such a good question. I'm glad he asked it because I want to share this with a lot of people because I'd say over the last 12 to 18 months, one of the big hot topics is challenges. And rightfully so. Challenges work so, so, so good. We've had some amazing people talking about challenges. I know at Funnel Hacking Live, man, when was that? Four or five years ago, I had Natasha Hazlett come and talk about paid challenges. About the same time we launched the One Funnel Away Challenge that completely changed our business. It was a paid challenge, and we ran that challenge twice a month now for five or six years.

And then a couple of years ago, Pedro Adao came into the scene and started talking about free challenges, and he blew up free challenges, and then everyone was doing free challenges. And last year, he spoke at Funnel Hacking Live. We trained inside the Two Comma Club X coaching program, and now everyone's doing challenges, and they're free challenges, and they're working great. And for those who saw it, when we launched ClickFunnels 2.0 recently, we did it through a challenge you can find at It was a free challenge and it killed it for us. One of the most successful campaigns we've ever ran here at ClickFunnels.

And so challenges are big, they're hot, and I get it, but one of the biggest problems people have is exactly what his problem was, which is, what do I actually say? I'm doing the challenge. People jump on, we have a challenge, we go through the process, and then at the end I try to get them to buy something, and they don't. And the question is why? What's the reason why they're not buying the product or the service that I'm selling? Why are they not signing up for the next tier of the value ladder? All those kind of things.

And so I want to address that because this is really, really important. I think too many people talk about challenges and they're excited about the fact that it's five days, and then you pitch something at the end and not spending time talking about the structure. How do we persuade somebody? How do we move them? How do we break their false beliefs? How do we do all the things we need to do, so that on day four, when we decide to open up our cart for them to buy something, that they're prepared, they're ready and they're going to actually purchase? And so I actually want to step back and ask you guys all, how many of you have read the book Expert Secrets?

If not, this is the playbook for how to convert anything online, how to sell through email, how to sell through ads, retargeting, sales video, sales letters, webinars, but also through challenges. Now this is something, if I could go back in time a decade ago, I would change. But when I first put together this framework, I was doing a lot of webinars. I'd speak at live events. I was doing webinars. And so I created this framework based on everything I learned over two decades of speaking from stage and closing and selling. So I took all that stuff, and then I put it together into what I called at the time the perfect webinar framework. And it was funny because it was right when I first launched my inner circle. Liz Benny was one of my first coaching clients ever in, and she came in, and she wanted to do a webinar.

And so she's like, "Well, how did a webinar?" I'm like, "Let me show you." And I spent three or four days looking at every webinar presentation I'd ever given.,All the ones that were successful, all the ones that failed and mapping out. And I built out this framework that's now affectionately known as the perfect webinar. And we gave it to Liz. She would use it. She crushed it. I started training people on it and started selling it as a product. And the Expert Secrets book is basically teaching everything behind this perfect webinar framework because it is how we get people to move. How do we get them to break false beliefs? How do we get them to buy the thing we're going to buy?

And my disservice is I call it the perfect webinar. So people are like, "Oh, I'm not doing a webinar, Russell, I'm doing a challenge." I'm like, "Duh. But it's not just for the perfect webinar. It's the perfect challenge too. It's perfect for all these things." And it's just taking the perfect webinar framework and molding it into something a little bit different. And so I want you to understand that number one is go back and read the Expert Secrets book or go to and buy the $7 script there because it's the same thing.

If you look at my five-day challenge, I break it down the exact same way that I break down my webinar. During my live webinar and during the perfect webinar, the first 15 minutes is telling my origin story about how I discovered this framework. And then the next 15 minutes is introducing the new opportunity. And again, I could teach a three-day event on this. I have multiple times. So this is the faster version. You've got to go deep if you really want to master this. But again, the first 30 minutes of the perfect webinar is origin story and introducing the new opportunity.

Again, not an improvement offer, a new opportunity. That also happens to be day number one of a challenge. If you look at the funnel hacks webinar, the first 30 minutes is me telling my story about how I discovered this thing called funnels. And I tell the origin story, and I do secret number one, which is me showing the opportunity, which I'm showing them funnels. So for me in the webinars, it's me teaching funnel hacking. When I did the year first funnel challenge, guess what day number one was? It was literally the first 30 minutes of the webinar. I got in there and I told the origin story about how I discovered funnels, and I taught secret number one, which was funnel hacking. That was day number one of the challenge.

Now the only difference is because we have a little more time during a challenge, after I got done teaching that, then I came out, and I had two success stories come and share their story about the new opportunity. So for our challenge day number one, I had Jaime Cross, who uses webinars and uses funnels to sell her soaps, physical products, eCommerce. She came and told a 20-minute story about how she used everything I talked about, the new opportunity Russell introduced you to, that's how we blew up our soap and lotion company. And so she spoke for 20 minutes.

And then Stacey and Paul Martino came and spoke for 20 minutes, and they said, "Remember the new opportunity Russell just talked about? This is how we used it to launch our coaching business." And so they were strengthening and edifying the thing that I said. So that's what's happening day number one of the challenge.

Day number two of the challenge, in the perfect webinar formula, it's secret number two. That's what it is. It's all about figuring out what are the internal false beliefs. They believe the funnels are the greatest thing in the world. Number two is they've got to believe that they can actually do it. So here is I have to show them examples. Here's how easy it is, how simple. Let me show you doing it, and trying help them visualize and see exactly how to do it. And so that's day number two, which is secret number two.

And then again, because of a longer form and we've got a challenge day, then I have two people come in, two guests from two different businesses or industries or things, who they come and show exactly how what Russell just showed you actually works. Now your problem you're going to want to have with your guest speakers is you're going to want them to come and speak for 30 minutes or an hour, and it'll actually hurt you more than anything else. They're short. They're tight. I do 40 minutes of teaching, 20 minutes and 20 minutes. So the whole thing ends up being, what is that, 80 minutes? So I end within an hour-and-a-half during a challenge day. And so that happens day one, day two.

Day three, guess what? It's secret number three, which is the external false belief from perfect webinar script. If you don't what I'm talking about, go watch the perfect webinar training or go read the Expert Secrets. That's secret number three, breaking the external false beliefs. I teach the framework for 40 minutes. Speaker number one, speaker number two, and it ends.

And then from there, you transition to day number four, and day number four is the stack and the close from the perfect webinar. Day number four is the stack and the close. And so what I typically do is I lead though with a guest speaker, showing how everything I've talked about day one, two, and three is actually true. It's worked for them. So there's some content there. And then I transition from there directly into my stack and my close. And after the stack and close, I have testimonial story person number two. Then re-edify about the fact that they purchased the thing and how it worked for them. And that's day number four, stack and close.

And then day number five now is the logical re-pitch. At a three-day live event, this is the re-pitch that happens on day number three. In a webinar this is the follow-up webinar that happens the next Monday to close down sales. It's where you're basically logically re-pitching them, helping them understand the logic behind it. Day 1, 2, 3, and 4 are all about getting the emotional buyers to buy. Day five is about the logical buyers.

And then the rest of your sequence, if the challenge was Monday to Friday, then Saturday, Sunday, Monday is all urgency and scarcity, getting the third close, which is fear, getting those people to buy. So you have emotion days one through four, logic day five, and fear, which is urgency and scarcity, day five, six, and seven and eight, however it ends up going. But it's basically I'm taking the perfect webinar, I'm tipping it outside, and I'm breaking it up over the five days for the challenge.

You could also do that in a three-day challenge. I don't recommend it as much, but you can. The three-day challenge difference is you're probably going to do origin story secret one and maybe secret two on day number one. Day number two then is secret number three and the stack and the close. And day number three then is the logical re-pitch. So it's just you're morphing it, but the sales process is the same. It's the perfect webinar. It's also the perfect email sequence. It's the perfect retargeting campaign. It's the perfect challenge. It's the perfect everything.

Again, I hate that I call it the perfect webinar because everything it isn't just the perfect webinar, but it is the perfect challenge, the perfect everything. So if you're challenged on converting, it's probably because you're not taking them through the perfect webinar through line, which is the key to increase the sales at the end when you make the offer. So hopefully that helps you and anybody who is doing challenges, not having success with them yet, it's coming back to the fundamentals of this is the perfect webinar, I've got to perfect it, I've got to use it, and if I do, it's going to be successful.

So hope that helps. If you haven't gotten the perfect webinar script yet, go to It's seven bucks. You can get the script there. Or if you want the Expert Secrets book, go to and get the book there. It's free plus shipping and handling. So you can get both of them for under 20 bucks. Then you've got everything I know about how to create a webinar, slash stage presentation, slash challenge training as possible. So hope that helps. Thank you so much for your question. And if any of you guys have questions, please go to, drop your question in there for me, and I will try to answer live on the podcast. Thanks so much and we'll talk to you all soon. Bye, everybody.


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