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Quick Intro to Claude Hopkins


What if your most effective ad campaign is hiding in plain sight?

Let me introduce you to Claude Hopkins.

In the early 1900s, Schlitz Beer was the number 8 beer brand on the planet. They’d hired tons of different agencies and companies to help them advertise their beer without success.

Then they hired Claude Hopkins.

Hopkins wasn’t familiar with the beer making process so they sent him to their manufacturing plant.

He was amazed and inspired by the process. So he created a series of ads that explained the beer making process…

Here’s one of those ads…

The owners of the Schlitz thought it was odd. They said, “But that’s what every beer making company does…”

But Hopkins knew the other companies weren’t sharing their process…

So they ran the ads.

And Schlitz Beer went from the number 8 beer company… to the number 1 beer company.

Sometimes the best marketing campaign… is the most obvious marketing campaign :)

- Russell Brunson


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