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18.1 - Russell Answers 10 New Questions LIVE…

Russell Answers 10 New Questions LIVE…

Listen To Today's Episode: 

Episode Recap:

Today we have another bonus episode of Marketing Secrets where Russell answers questions about marketing from other funnel hackers, including:

--How to make a product more scalable when it's embarrassing for people to talk about.

-- How Russell gets in the zone for a successful hack-a-thon.

-- What Russell does to prepare to have a successful mindset. Ideas on how to warm up leads and have a conversation with a potential client.

-- What the number one mistake is that people make with Clickfunnels and how to avoid it.

-- Where to place an upsell on a call to action video.

-- How Russell gets focused enough to get things done when he's a hyper buyer.

-- How Russell manages giving back to good causes while also running his business.

-- How Russell decides between making recorded content versus live content.

-- How to target people on social media to buy your products when using a white labeling service.

So listen to Russell drop the mic as he answers these questions.

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