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96 - RUSSELL'S RANT: How Can This Work For My Business

96 - RUSSELL'S RANT - How Can This Work For My Business

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Episode Recap:

If you think that this stuff doesn’t work for eCommerce, network marketing, local businesses, non profits, and your business… think again. Let me show you how this process works for all businesses. On today’s episode Russell talks about why and how you can use Expert Secrets to 10x or 100x ANY business. Here’s some of the awesomeness you will hear in this episode:

-- Why you need to stop thinking, “This won’t work for my business.” and start thinking, “How can I make this work for my business?” instead.

-- Hear Russell come up with some offers on the fly on something as ordinary as a coffee mug.

-- And find out why it took Russell launching Clickfunnels six times before it finally blew up.

So listen here to find out why you can use Expert Secrets to grow and scale any business.

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Best Quote:

“Funnels are really, really cool Russell, how’s it going to work?” and then I tell you, “Go read this book Expert Secrets. Go read the book Dotcom Secrets and the first thing is like, “Well there’s no face in my company so this stuff doesn’t work for me.” And I always just want to cringe. For anybody who though Expert Secrets was only about selling information products, you missed the whole point of the book. Please stop, go find your copy of the book, start at the very beginning, and this time look at it from a lens of whatever it is that you’re selling.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I’m going to go on a rant that’s going to show you, doesn’t matter if you’re selling physical products, network marketing products, local services, whatever it is you’re selling, this process, the Expert Secrets process we’ve been talking about is the same. If you enjoy this episode please go to iTunes and rate and review us. With that said, let’s jump into the podcast.

What’s up everybody? This is Russell again, and I have a little bit of a rant and I hope you guys are okay with that, because it’s something that I keep trying to get people to understand, and they keep not understanding. So no offense to anybody, because I probably said in a lot of places and maybe you didn’t hear it. So I’m telling you guys right now, right here so you will hear it and you will understand.

The question I keep getting from people, in fact a guy asked this question last night in our new Two Comma Club X coaching program, and I responded to it and then today I was thinking about it and today I’m like, I need to talk about this because I want to put this to rest once and for all. So in the future, if any of you guys hear anybody who is in ecommerce talk about this, please tag them, post to them this link, this video, this podcast it’s going to be all over the place. Let them know because this is the key they need to understand.

A lot of people come into my world, the funnel world and they’re like, “Well, I’m selling stuff on Amazon or Shopify, I’m selling physical products.” So I was grabbing some examples of physical products. Maybe you’re selling supplements, or you’re selling jars, or you’re selling, buttons, or markers, whatever it is you’re selling and you’re going through this stuff and you’re like, “Funnels are really, really cool Russell, how’s it going to work?” and then I tell you, “Go read this book Expert Secrets. Go read the book Dotcom Secrets and the first thing is like, “Well there’s no face in my company so this stuff doesn’t work for me.”

And I always just want to cringe. For anybody who though Expert Secrets was only about selling information products, you missed the whole point of the book. Please stop, go find your copy of the book, start at the very beginning, and this time look at it from a lens of whatever it is that you’re selling. If you’re selling physical products, info products, supplements, network marketing, whatever it is you’re selling, this book is the blue print for that.

And if you’re saying, “This doesn’t work for me because in my business I don’t do this.” Instead start thinking, “Should I do this in my business? How could I use this in my business.” That should be the thing going through your mind, how could I use this in my business. Not I can’t use this for my business.

People always tell me, “Russell, my business is different.” No, it’s not different. You’re just not doing it right. Start thinking, “How do I actually implement this into my business.” For example, a lot of people are like, “Russell this works for you because you have a software company.” Every other software company that I’m competing against does not do this. If you would have the people, if I would have released this four years ago and told people to read this, they’d be like, “This doesn’t work for SAAS and I’m not selling information products.”

It’s like, no, you’re not seeing me actually do this to sell SAAS, to sell software as a service. It works for that, it works for supplements, it works for everything. So I want to kind of walk you guys through just a really quick 2 minute breakdown of how this concept works with physical products. But again, this works for anything. Plug in non-profit, we’ve got two or three people now who have hit the Two Comma Club selling non-profits, using all these same principles. We’ve got tons, probably 100 plus who are selling physical products who are doing it. Internet marketing, network marketing, it works for all of them. It works for software, it works for whatever it is you’re selling. It doesn’t matter, it’s agnostic about what it is you’re selling, the principles work the same in all of them.

So again, the comment yesterday I saw was, “Russell, there’s no face to my company so this isn’t going to work.” My first thing would be, you need to have a face to your company. There’s a reason why there’s a face to Clickfunnels, because people can connect with a human being. If there’s not a face, not a person you become a commodity and the people are going to go off price, off of what feature, this feature versus this feature.

If you have a face, a personality, people will bond with you and they will follow you to the end of the world. I promise you that. If you were at the last Funnel Hacking Live, you may have missed it. You’ve seen it happen. I’m practicing what I preach every single day.

That’s number one. Number two, this whole book is about how to create offers. Figuring out what market you’re in and actually creating an actual offer. In fact, for those of you guys who wonder, if you’ve read my little bio it’s says, “Russell did this, this and this and one of the top super affiliates in the world.” This same concept is how I became a great affiliate.

So I’m going to do this, I’m going to go through some examples. I’m going to pull up my chair. Hopefully this will come out and make sense. So let’s say you’re selling physical products. Let’s say for example, Organify. This is my buddy Drew’s supplement. It is a very good supplement I take every single day. There’s a picture of Drew on the back, for those who are watching the video. Drew’s funnel, and I love this guys, the funnel is not the best funnel in the world. The copywriting is not that good, the sales letter is not that good, but what do they have?

They’ve got personality, a brand, a person, a human that people trust, they like, they know and they follow him through this movement, which is why they’ve done so well with Organify. Now if I were to go sell Organify as an affiliate, first thing I look at, they’re selling a product here. If you listen to me or Steven rant about this, a product, Steven at the last FHAT event had everyone stand up and raise their hand and say, “I will not sell a product again.” And had everyone chanting that with him.

A product is not how you win this game. How you win this game is by creating an actual offer. So the way I became a really good affiliate for people, is I would go and find someone who is selling a product, they’d be selling this and doing well. And I’d say, okay how do I make this an offer. So I’d say okay, here on my whiteboard. Here is Ogranify, let’s say this is number one. Organify they’re selling and if I want to be a good affiliate I’m going to take this product and I’m going to create an offer around it.

I’d be like, “If I want to sell this to become their number one affiliate,” which I could very easily and all you guys could do this. You could pick any product and do it. Say “okay, someone who is buying this, what else do they need to be successful?  Oh they have Organify, what if they need to know how to eat or drink for that?” So I’m going to make a book or a video course teaching the 30 day juice reset. Boom that becomes part of the offer.

Now they got green drink, they got a juice reset diet, what else do they need? Maybe when they’re juicing they’re trying to sleep better at night. So maybe this is the sleeping system, the greens sleeping system. Or maybe it’s like, they want some more recipes. So it could be like 20 ways to put green drinks to make something. So I would go and try make a whole bunch of recipes and ways to turn these green drinks into really healthy foods and I don’t know, whatever you do.

But I’d create a whole bunch of things, put a bunch of things together and make an offer, with a total value of blank. Then I’d go back to all the people buying Organify, “Hey you can buy Organify and get it for 100 bucks, or you can get the same offer but I’m going to give Organify plus this, plus this, plus this….” and I make an actual offer. I’m going to go out there and destroy every other affiliate including them selling their own product.

There have been affiliates, times I’ve gone and promoted somebody’s product and actually sold more of the product than the actual product owner. I do that by turning their product into an offer and make it irresistible. So there’s an idea for supplements. If I’m going to be selling a supplement I’m going to go out there and create an actual offer, not just the supplements. The supplements is just one piece of the offer, what are the other tools and systems they need to make an amazing irresistible offer that’s going to make them whatever it is, the result you’re promising.

So for ecom people, so let’s just say you’re an ecommerce person and you’re selling this little coffee mug thing. I tried to find something random in the office here today. So this is a nice little coffee mug, it’s awesome. I’m selling it on Amazon and you’re like, “Russell, I don’t know how this Expert Secrets stuff works for me. We’re just selling little coffee cups, there’s nothing to this.” I’d say, in fact, those of you guys who are members of Funnel University I did Bulletproof Supplement Funnel and I did Onnit Supplement Funnel, both of them are not very good funnels. Both have built 10-30 million dollar a year supplement brands because they followed the steps in this process, the Expert Secrets stuff.

So if I’m selling this on Amazon to make some money and I’m scared that Amazon is going to crush me, or I’m going to get booted off, or I just want to diversify or I want to sell this for what it’s actually worth. I would take this product and turn it into an offer, that’d be step number one. So this is something that keeps coffee warm, I’m assuming, so how to make this offer.

So going back to Expert Secrets, which market is this in? Health, wealth or relationships, it’s probably in health, because people who drink coffee a lot of times do it for health reasons. So it’s in health, inside of health what is this? What’s my submarket, the submarket are people who are drinking coffee to become healthy. So you got health, you got coffee for health is the submarket. Then what’s my niche I’m going to create?

I’m going to create a niche that, let’s just say Dave Asprey with Bulletproof, he’s putting butter in Coffee, so let’s say I’m going to go on that tangent. So his whole market is like teaching people that and telling people to go buy butter and put it in. So my sub niche could be like, “I’m going to give you guys the kit that you need to be able to make Bulletproof coffee on the go.” Maybe that’s my sub market I’m going to create.

So I take this, this is the physical product. Now if I want to compete in a funnel, I need to make this an offer. So I’d say, “Okay, the first thing you’re going to get right now, is you’re going to get the physical cup, which is really, really cool.” The problem with that’s all that this is, there’s probably 500 other people selling this on Amazon. It’s because they’re all selling the exact same thing, what happens? It’s a race to the bottom. Everyone’s getting cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, because whoever wins is the person who’s got the cheapest product on Amazon.

So I don’t want to be constrained by price. If I’m constrained by price I’m going to lose this game every single day. So what I’m going to do instead is take this out of a price constraint where people are going to be judging me based on somebody else, I’m going to turn this into a special offer where I’m the only person on earth who can actually sell this because it’s my special offer.

So number one would be this cup, this really cool cup. Number two, what would it be? What else could I put in this offer? Well maybe I sell coffee, or maybe it’s hot chocolate, or maybe it’s cacao, maybe it’s something that can actually go in there. That’d be the second part. “You get this, plus you’re going to get this stuff you can actually make, it’s really, really good.” Number three, I’m looking at my office to see what else I could plug into this offer.

Number three, let’s say there’s a really cool weight loss plan that I want to make with this. “Let me show you guys how to have more energy in the morning and have more focus. So number one you’re going to get the coffee cup, number two you’re going to get the actual coffee, number three you’re going to get my secret eating plan to actually boost my mental performance as an entrepreneur. Number four….” And I’m going to add the next thing, and I go through and create an amazing offer.

Now I can go and even though people are selling these on Amazon for like, you know I don’t know how much this costs, $10 let’s say, I can now go and because I bundled together a bunch of things, this is now worth $30-40  because it’s an actual offer now. People can go on Amazon and it’s ¼ the price over there, but it’s actually worth 4 times more because we turned it into an offer. We bundled a whole bunch of things together and now it’s something that is different, that people can’t price, go with price because I’m the only person that actually has this special offer.

Now to take it to the next level, it’s not just creating an offer, it’s creating a brand, a person, a movement behind this. Dave Asprey did it so good with Bulletproof, where his whole, he had a story now of him, he was overweight, he lost a bunch of weight, he was hiking, I can’t remember the whole story, hiking in the Himalayan mountains and these guys gave him some yak butter tea, he drank the yak butter tea, he felt good, his brain was lit on fire and he realized he could put butter in his coffee and Dave started this movement where people were putting butter in their coffee, it’s this weird thing he did.

Same thing, I’d be like, here’s my product, here’s my offer I created to go with it, what’s the movement? What are people tapping into besides just that? Who am I? What’s my story? I need to share the story. Why’d I create this? What was the reason? What was the purpose? If you look at Drew, Drew had a whole story about why he created Organify, what was the reason, what was the story behind it?

So for you guys, if you want to transition from selling physical products, or a network marketing product, or ecommerce, or if you’re an affiliate selling other people’s products, it doesn’t matter what it is. The system and the process is the same. It’s taking that thing and turning it from a commodity into an offer. Putting together a bunch of things that are unique to you.

Interviewing people, I could go interview Dave Asprey, I could go interview someone who is an expert in whatever and put that in part of the offer, make this thing amazing and increase the value of it. Then I can go and tell my story. Why did I create this, what was the reason, the purpose behind it? People will buy into that story line and then from there it creates a movement. Now I got a whole bunch of people buying this and my offer and they know my story, know who I am, then guess what happens?

In a month from now, six months from now, a year from now when I decide this is really good, now I want to create my next product, now you have the following in place. Now you have the people in place, now they actually care because they’re connected to you and your story and your mission and movement.

So I want you guys to understand, so many times people come to me and they’re like, “This doesn’t relate to me because I’m selling a different product. I’m selling a physical product.” Or “I’m a network marketing company that’s separate from this.” No, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

The reason I’ve been successful at selling anything I’ve ever sold, and I’ve done all of them, physical products, supplements, information, network marketing, physical brick and mortar retail locations, I’ve got chiropractic units, I’ve got dentist units…it doesn’t matter what you’re selling the process, the system is the same.

Number one, create an irresistible offer. Selling these markers I would try to create an irresistible offer with these markers. You’re picking your market that you’re targeting to. I wouldn’t just sell these markers to everybody who wants a marker, because I’m going to be competing with everybody else in the world with price. So in fact, if you look at, I just got these in the mail today, from JLD. How many journals are there out there in the world? A billion, 2 billion, 10 billion?

So what he did is he figured out what’s the submarket, and sub niche that I want to create? So he made these journals, one is a mastery journal, and one’s a freedom journal, these literally came in the mail today. If I was to go and compete against price on journals, you can get a journal for 99 cents. You could get lots of them super, super cheap.

So what he did instead, what he did, he took this journal, picked a submarket, and then he spoke and created something specific to them, then he made a really good offer behind it, and if I was an affiliate I would make this offer even better. I would go interview 5 different people who understand mastery at different levels. I would interview someone on mastery of physical fitness, weight loss, business, entrepreneurship, athletics. I’d interview 5 or 6 people who have mastered something in their life and make this an actual offer. “You get the mastery journal plus you get an interview with so and so who is the number one guy at whatever. Plus you’ll get an interview with so and so…”

I’d create a really good offer, his offer is good, but if I wanted to be an affiliate for that, I’d make an even better offer. Now I’ve got those kind of things, I’d say, “Okay, I’m going to create a movement of people who are all going to go through this with me together. We all want to master this stuff together. We all want to drink green drinks together. We all want to drink bulletproof coffee together. We all want to use markers to sketch out our funnels.” Whatever it is, I’m making this group of people and creating a movement of all of us together that want to do something and I’m going to become the leader of that movement.

I’m going to put my flag in the ground and say, “Look, this is my movement, I am the leader, come follow me.” They’re going to come follow me, and then all these Expert Secrets principles start working. Now I got a movement to follow me. What’s our future based movement? What’s our cause? What’s the new opportunity that I’m trying to provide for these people?

I’m going to figure those things out, put them together and build this following of people and what’s happening is they’re all buying my physical products, they’re all buying my network marketing opportunity, they’re all buying my local chiropractic care, they’re all buying my teeth cleaning system. It doesn’t matter, whatever it is the process is the same. I’m building this community of people who love me and trust me and know who I am, they’re all part of this movement and now when my second product line comes out, I can sell exactly what these guys want and now, boom this where you start growing very, very rapidly your company.

That’s what I always tell people, take any physical product brand, wrap the Expert Secrets model around it, and you will 100x your company overnight. It’s like giving it a shot of adrenaline. I want you guys to all understand that. No matter what business you are in. I know a lot of you guys are in a lot of different types of businesses.

So instead, as you’re going through this process, when you’re reading Expert Secrets and Dotcom secrets and listen to my podcast and all those kind of things, instead of saying, “Oh that doesn’t work for my business.” Stop and say, “How can I make that work for my business.” That’s it. That’s the magic. That’s the big secret. It’s shifting that thought in your head, “oh that doesn’t work for my business.” To “How can I make this work for my business?”

And if you think for 5 seconds, for 10 seconds, I promise you this is a shot of adrenaline for any business you are in. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, or whose product. It could be your own product, or someone else’s product. Whenever I wanted to be an affiliate, whenever people asked me to be an affiliate, the reason I don’t just like set up Google ads and run it to affiliate offers is I want to be the top affiliate, all the time.

I’ve won cars, I’ve massage chairs, insane amounts of things, watches, everything you could dream about being an affiliate. And it wasn’t because I was selling the same product that everyone else was, I was, but I had made mine an offer. I took their product and figured out what else could I do to provide more value to this thing. And I took, I did this a lot of times when product launches were happening all the time in my marketplaces, the ones I was in. I would say, “Okay, everyone is selling this course for $1000, so how do I make this worth $10,000? Because if I can do that everyone will buy from me versus the product owner or any of the other affiliates.

So I would create an offer so irresistible they’d have to buy from me. I had people literally buy the product once and then buy again just because they wanted my offer. That’s the magic we’re talking about here. We’re creating really, really good irresistible offers. That’s what you should be thinking through.

So again, if you’re looking at whatever business you’re in, I’m a network marketer, I’m selling ecom, I’m doing whatever, first question is how do I turn this commodity, this thing…. especially network marketing. You got you versus 180,000 other distributers, ecommerce is you versus everyone else that comes up into the search when they type that product into Amazon. How do I de-commodize myself by creating an actual offer?

That’s number one, thinking through that, what can I create? What are the other things? Number two then is who am I actually selling this to? You keep trying to selling to everybody it’s going to be hard. When you start creating an offer, this is really fun. This is why those who are going through the Two Comma Club X program right now, we’re talking about that, picking your market and creating your offer to match it.

Because this right here is a cup that anybody who drinks coffee could do, but the problem is then it’s a commodity and the price drives down. By choosing the right market, the price actually goes up on this. This is the coffee cup for biohackers, or the coffee cup for entrepreneurs who want to drink Bulletproof coffee on the go, suddenly this becomes more valuable, because I picked the right market to actually go after. Now the price went up.

Now that the price went up, I know the submarket that I’m in, now I create an offer that relates exactly to that market.  What does this market want? Well, if they’re drinking Bulletproof coffee on the go, they probably want more recipes or ways to do it, or they probably want interviews with people like Dave Asprey or Anthony Diclementi or other biohackers.

Maybe they want an interview with the coffee guys who run the company. I could find my favorite type of coffee and interview the person who discovered that, who invented that product, whatever it is, you go and create an amazing offer for that submarket, suddenly this $8 cup becomes worth $60 or $100 or more. Now you get a whole bunch of people doing that together, we’re all part of that, they all took the same offer, they’re all part of the same market that you have created and now you’re able to start creating your mass movements. Does that make sense?

So it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, if you ask me to consult you, I’d tell you the exact same thing. Someone posted on Facebook the other day, “How much do you think Russell would charge to Vox me back and forth for a day?” people were posting, “$100,000, 150,000” and it just makes me laugh because the feedback I would give you would be the same. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re selling.

The process is simple you guys. Figure out what it is you’re selling, and then realize that’s just one component of your offer, then create an actual offer out of that. You’re going to sync it an actual sub niche that you’re creating. So you go market, submarket, sub niche. So create that sub niche and you create the offer for that submarket, then you get people in there, and then start creating your mass movement. You start going and the audience, your group, the tribe you’re building will tell you what to sell, what they want, where to go from there and that’s how you scale these things.

That’s how I could take any ecommerce business off of the street, we could 10x it, we could 100x it very, very quickly by just wrapping with these principles. So if you learn nothing else from today, go back to the Expert Secrets book with any product, any service you’re selling and this time when you’re reading instead of saying, “This won’t work for my business, my business is different.” Say, “How can I make this work for my business, I want my business to be different.” That’s the magic.

One last story before I wrap this one up, that’s what happened with Clickfunnels when we first launched it. I looked at every other SAAS company out there and they were all selling their software. I said, “Okay, I’m going to sell my software.” And funnel number one was selling my software and guess what happened? Boom, bombed.

Funnel number two I was selling my software. It bombed. Number three, sold my software. Four, five, number six was the offer that blew up and guess why? Because I was no longer selling my software. I created an offer for people. Number one, you’re going to get the software for free for 6 months. Number two you get the funnel hacks training system to teach you, indoctrinate you and show you how to use it. Number three I know the next problem you’re going to have, you don’t know how to write copy so you’ll get my copywriting system. Number four you’re going to get my traffic system. Number five I’m going to give you all the components you need to be successful with this product…” and I turned it into an offer and it blew up.

Year one 10 million, year two 30, year three 70, and on track this year for 150 million, because we created an irresistible offer for a software company. And it blows my mind that all the other SAAS guys out there we’re competing against haven’t figured it out yet. It’s right in front of them, plain sight. They keep on trying to sell their product.

You don’t sell products because then you’re fighting a commodity based business. You’re fighting with the next dude who creates a product who’s got this feature and this, and their price is high, and all sorts of the garbage that comes out. No, we’re creating an offer. It de-commoditizes you, pulls you away from everybody else, breaks you away so now price is no longer a thing you’re fighting with because you are your own thing. You are separate, you are unique and now you have what you need to grow and scale a company.

That is the magic that we’re talking about you guys. If you’re doing a webinar, if you’re just creating one big offer and you’re selling it, if you’re doing ecommerce and you have a physical, not physical, but if you have a funnel with front end, upsell, downsell, each thing of those is an offer. You front end, when I sell my books, it’s a free plus shipping book, but I made an offer around this. You get books, you get training, a whole bunch of stuff that comes with this.

The upsell is a new offer. When you buy this, you get this. I’m making lots and lots of these offers. The biggest thing I could tell you guys, if you do this over and over and over again, is getting good at creating and making offers for people. And what’s cool about it is you’ll find out some things people go crazy for, and some things they don’t respond to. You just keep making new offer after new offer after new offer. And the more you do this, the better you become at it and the more successful you’re going to be.

So if you’re in the Two Comma Club X program, you guys know the homework I told you guys before was go in and find 10 offers that are happening, 10 successful funnels in your business, funnel hack them to figure out what their offer actually is. The ones that are successful have really, really good offers. See what they are. What’s component number one? What’s component number two, number three inside their offer? Study those things so you can understand how you can make better offers for your market.

That’s it you guys, hope that helps. This is probably the longest podcast in a while, but I needed to go on a rant because I wanted everyone to understand that this is how this game is played. It’s all about creating offers, picking the right market, and then create an offer for that specific market, and then from there start getting people, start building your tribe, create a mass movement, do all the stuff we talk about in the book and from there, product number two, product number three, everything else comes into play.

So that’s the game you guys. I love this game, I hope you guys love it as well. It’s so much fun. Once again, how can this work for your business? Keep thinking that. Thanks everybody, talk to you soon.


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