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(FHL) Recap of Funnel Hacking Live 2022 "Day 1"


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Here is Russell's recap of Funnel Hacking Live "Day 1"! This day is JAM PACKED with so many speakers and presentations; and tons of life changing content. Listen in as Russell takes you behind the scenes of everything that went on that day!

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I've become a drifter again. I was focused, I was driven. And I fell off the path and I'm back. I'm going to do the things. And it set the tone that I wanted to set and it became the theme of the event.


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. During today's episode, you talk about Funnel Hacking Live. I record the first episode talking about day zero, and I got so much good feedback and more people wanting to know behind the scenes what else is happening, the ups, the downs, the chaos, the excitement, what they missed out on, what they didn't see behind the scenes and a whole bunch more. And so today may be diving into day number one, Funnel Hacking Live.

So I told you guys about Day Zero, right? The Dan Kennedy Day, all the stuff that happened there, how great it was. And that night went to bed, super late, started working on my presentation because the next day, day number one, I was leading the event with a presentation that I've been thinking about for man like two years.

And when I was excited for and nervous for, and one that I didn't want it to be a super heady presentation, I wanted it to be something that's very heartfelt and which a lot of times I'm teaching tactical, a lot of slides, step one, step two, step three. I was like, I want to do something different that's going to help set the identity for the room, help get people the mindset, the belief that things are going to need to be successful for the rest of the week. And so that night I was working on it trying to figure this out, and it was one of those things where it's just nerves and anxiety and stress and excitement and all the things wrapped up to it. So I was late going late that night doing that. And then finally passed out, went to bed, and it was cool about funnels impacting lives.

Day number one, we don't start until lunchtime, which gives me the morning to plan and prepare, which is so nice if you do a big event, starting day one at 9:00 AM is so stressful and hard. Plus there's still people flying in registration. And so we started starting day number one, kind of again, lunchtime. And it's so nice. So in the morning I had a chance to wake up to relax a little bit, kind of focus on some things, keep working my presentation. The first day, at least for me, is I'm the most nervous and excited. And so I've got to go and get all my clothes, make sure they're working, all that stuff happens. And so had the morning to do all those kind of things. And I kept getting text updates from my team throughout the morning, how many would registered, right? Because the night before people registered, I think we had two or 3000.

They had pre-read or they had registered the night before. So based on that, we knew how many people were going to, should be registering based on years past what the numbers end up being. And so it was nice to be able to get those texts out of the day just knowing, okay, people are here, they're in the hotel, they're going to show up. Because my biggest fear is doing an event and coming there and not having people be there. And the reason that's my biggest fear is, because it's actually happened to me twice. Once was we did an event in Salt Lake City, this is probably 15 years ago now, crazy. Anyway, and we had 300 people that registered for the event, they had paid to buy a ticket. So I was like, Oh, we have 300 people. So we set up the room for 300 people and when we got there, we opened the doors there was about a hundred that actually showed up, which means the room's sparse and empty and it's just like, ugh, not a good feeling at all. Right?

And then a couple years later, I was in a company called Ripplin', and we did our first intro event and there were like 1200 people at it. And then we launched the company. We had 1.6 million people register for this app, and then we did an event on the backside of it. And so we did the room, I think we had the room set for 2000 seats, which we had 1.6 million people register. This is going to be easy to fill up. And I remember getting there and five minutes before open door, we looked outside and there's not 2000 people here, there's close to 300. I remember Brian, who, it was his company, he messaged me, we ran back.

And so we spent 15 minutes pulling chairs out of the room just because there weren't going to be people there. So we're pulling all chairs out of the room, we got it to, maybe 500 chairs in the room. They opened the doors and there's this huge empty event room all the way up to where people run in and sit down. And it was just like, Oh, it's so painful and hard and embarrassing for me. It's just one of those things. And so I've always, every year had fear of our events, especially year number one was the worst. We were in Vegas, I'd done event since the two, they had crashed. I was like, I'll never do an event again, but you funnel hackers talked to me to doing one. And I just remember just the fear I have every year is looking out and okay, people are here.

And so for me, getting those texts, like calms, okay, I know people in the hotel, they're here, they're registered, something amazing's going to happen. So anyway, that kind of led up. And then finally it's like, okay, I send my intro slides down. We have our bodyguards that follow us, who follow us down and had some of my kids there this year too with us. So Bodyguard takes us all back. Hallways, he goes down to the room, we walk in and walk in the room. You see how amazing the room is and you can hear people outside, you hear all the emotion and things happening. And I was like to peek out the doors and you hear people crazy screaming and it's like, Oh my gosh, this is happening again. And then we had something really fun. I think I had mentioned a little bit during the podcast talking about Day Number zero, but Justin Benton, who's one of my inner circle members had acquired for me Napoleon Hill's actual typewriter and the Outwitting the Devil, the actual manuscript, which are two priceless heirlooms.

It's just some of the coolest things ever, right? Some of you guys know I'm building a library slash museum. So these will be in the library museum. In fact, this is kind of cool. Dan Kennedy told me the other day that he bought a new fax machine. And so I was like, can I have your old fax machine? He's like, Well, it's not dead yet. I'm like, Okay, well I have Napoleon Hill's typewriter. I would also like to have Dan Kennedy's fax machine in the library some day. How cool would that be? So anyway, so Dan told me that when it dies I get first dibs on it. So that's going to be amazing. Anyway, so we're about to open the doors and all of a sudden Justin Benton message or I can't remember, he's like, "I'm here. I got the stuff". So we ran in and I got ahold of the manuscript, I saw it and then put it down.

And then the typewriter was in this huge box. And so we unboxed it. There's like those foam peanuts falling everywhere and pulling it out. This is crazy. And they hear the people doors banging, ready to come in and we hear open doors, open doors. So I put the typewriter up, put the manuscript. We found a table called to hide him and kind of cover them because my intro presentation that I was so excited for is called The Drifter VS The Driven and think you probably heard it, We played this podcast or I had my brother turn it into a podcast, so you guys probably had a chance to hear it here. We also streamed that first presentation on Facebook. So a lot you guys saw it, but I talked about Napoleon Hill and about the Outwitting the Devil book and how in Outwitting the Devil, we talks about drifters versus non drifters.

And for me, I was like, I never connected with non drifter, but I do connect with the driven, so the drifter versus the driven and the all this kind of stuff. So anyways, crazy. So then we opened the doors, my kids were there on stage watching you see people running, jumping over each other. And the chaos that always ensues when you come to funnel Hacking Live when a normal event where people slowly walk in, it's chaos. And anyway, so it was fun watching a lot happen. And then went backstage and Devon comes out and does the intro while I'm getting nervous and then my name happens. And we had a wall this year to the wall, instead of opening in the past, we have a wall. It breaks down. The middle opens this year the wall went up. And so standing behind the wall, all the smokes coming out, it's going crazy.

And all of a sudden, boom, it starts raising. And yeah, it's weird cause the light breaks from under the bottom of the thing and it goes over to your feet and then to your knees and then to your chest. But you can't see anything yet because your eyes are being covered by the wall and gets a little higher, a little higher, and all of a sudden it passes your eyes and boom, you see the smoke, the lasers, Devon clapping. You see the entire audience going nuts. You hear the music, everything, and you're like, Oh, it is the craziest, you know how to explain it. It's all the nerves, excitement, all things happening. And all of a sudden, boom, it happens. And then you step out into that and you just absorb it. And it's just the coolest man. It's just the cool feeling. And so that's how the day began.

It's crazy. Oh, so much stress and anxiety, all things. And they went out there. And I know I'm a little nervous, I watched the presentation later, Oh, I love the presentation. But also it was my first time giving it, I was nervous. I didn't have ton of slides. It was more me trying to doodle and draw and explain these concepts. And so if you heard it, I was like, I did sound nervous. But at the same time I felt like it landed, the right message was right identity to give everybody beginning. I had so many friends, messaging people at home, people here who were in tears. That was the thing I needed. I've become a drifter again. I was focused, I was driven. And I fell off the path and I'm back. I'm going to do the things. And it set the tone that I wanted to set and it became the theme of the event.

The Drifters VS The Driven. We are the driven, we're here to drive and to push and to change our lives in the people's lives we've been called to serve. So that was the intro event. And after that could have gone home, it would've been amazing. But then we had day one, I always trying to make day one. If you go to day one, you're just like, dang, that was day one. This is amazing. So after that, Brooke Castillo from the Life Coach School, Brooke came out and if Brooke, she's one of the most successful info product businesses I know. She's got two products, one funnel and does multiple eight figures a year. It's amazing. And she does it all by teaching one framework. And so I had her come in, teach the framework, here's the framework I use, which teaches people how to become, she teaches people how to use her framework to be a life coach, how to coach yourself.

And then she also said, here's how I took this framework and built it into this huge multi eight figure year business. That's how many multis you can do the math in your head. But her hers is amazing. She was so much fun and her energy and all the things and oh she did such a great job. It was fun because my mom's back "I love Brooke, she's so much fun". My mom does nothing about what we're doing. She's loved her energy. But Brooke's Brooke session was insane. It was so cool. And then I think we gave her more time that she was planning on, so she had Q&A at the end and she was working with people in the audience. It was really cool. It was special. So Brooke came and it was cool. You could see why she's so successful. You can see why people love her.

She was amazing. And one thing to note about Brooke, that was the most impressive to me. She's probably, of all the speakers and the people that are there, probably the person who makes the most amount of money, at least up there, one of the most successful people in the room. And then it's funny because other people will come and then you're backstage talking and they're wandering the halls, they're doing stuff like Brooke was on the front row, the entire event all four days. She was taking notes, she was watching the process studying, doing all sorts of stuff, engaged and everything. And then when I made a coaching offer, she signed up for 250,000 our coaching program where everyone else is like, Oh, I want her two comma club. I'm too good for a coaching. Oh I'm too good. And it's like she runs the two comma club every 30 minutes and she's still there, front row, paying attention, taking notes, doing the things, and then goes and joins the coaching program on top of that.

In fact, right now we're doing the One Funnel Away challenge this week. And she's here in Boise in the audience six experiencing just to learn. Anyway, she's an impressive human, just super impressed with her. And she killed it, which was awesome. And then after Brooke spoke, this is one that was magic for me. So in basketball you got Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Rhett in wrestling, Dan Gable was the Michael Jordan. And the person nowadays it is Jordan Burns. Jordan was in Serbia wrestling at the World Tournament. He won the world title, which means he won Seven World title, the Seventh World title, which is makes him the Goat, the greatest wrestler of all time, greatest American wrestler. John Smith was the old greatest wrestler. He had won six World Olympic titles and Jordan broke his record three days before Funnel Hacking Live. Flew from Serbia with his family after he won the medal directly to Funnel Hacking Live; hadn't gone home yet and shows up.

And I got a chance to meet the night before during sound checks, but this is my guy, this is if I could anyway, he's my hero. And so it was so cool to be able to have a platform and he could come directly after becoming the greatest wrestler of all time, come on stage. And he told me, when you don't tell people that I won. So I'm like, I wanted everyone to understand the magnitude of who he is and what he accomplished and all kind of stuff. But he asked me not to. So I didn't, which was cool because his presentation, he told the whole story and at the end of it, the buildup and the positives and stuff that didn't work and the frustrations just point back and forth and back and forth. And the end of it, he showed the match that he'd just won three days earlier and showed how he won and became the greatest wrestler of all time.

And people went crazy. And he's someone who's never done public speaking before. He speaks short form things on podcasts. He does stuff like that in the wrestling community. He's never had a chance to be on stage. And he never seen something like Funnel Hacking Live. And he went out and experienced it and it was amazing. His presentation was, it was flawless. It was so good. And so yeah, even if you didn't know anything about wrestling and care about wrestling, you left that presentation moved and changed. It was insane. I could talk for days about just that experience for me and being backstage and him and his wife and his kids and watching his dad on thing. And then afterwards he brought his kids on stage, his wife on stage, which is cool. One really interesting thing, we had these metal key cards for all the staff and that they could have.

And so one of Jordan's sons was like, Oh, I want one of those key cards. And so Jenny gave Jenny my assistant, gave him the key card and the key card was silver. He's like, I don't want that one, I want that one. He pointed at some of the gold one. Why? It's the same thing. He's like, we don't wear silver in our family, all we see is gold, which is his -Instagram handles. All I see is gold. And it was so cool cause his little kids have been trained to, we don't like silver, we only like gold. And so we went and found him a gold key card they can wear on his neck because they only wear gold in that family, which was so cool. And just, anyway, so many magical moments there. They were awesome. And I was able to pull a few wrestlers that I knew behind scenes so I could get pictures with them and stuff.

But Jordan's just a class act, gave me some signed Jordan Burs shoes afterwards, which was amazing. Which will be hanging up in my wrestling room at my house very, very soon was, yeah, I mean that was the first three presentations. Drifter VS The Driven. Oh Todd, I forgot Todd came out. We talked about ClickFunnels 2.0. And then from there, Brooke Castillo and then Jordan Burroughs. I'm like, how do you make this day better? It's crazy. And then we did, after that, Derryl Eaves came out, and if you don't know Derryl Eves, he is the greatest YouTube mine on the planet. He is business partners with Mr. Beast, who is the biggest YouTube channel, but Derryl's the genius who understands the algorithm. Derryl also started a mass movement, you may have heard with the TV show he created called The Chosen, which is the greatest documentary series, whatever it is about the life of Christ.

And he created it in a way cause he wanted to make Christ relatable to the world. And it is created this movement that I think he said like a hundred million dollars in T-shirt sales alone, just craziness. But it's this, it's, yeah. And he did it using YouTube and using these things to build this huge mass movement. So he talked about how to use YouTube, how to use the algorithm and how he did it to build Mr. Beast's business, how he did it to launch the chosen. And he showed Myron Goldman, he helped Myron with his channel and Myron's YouTube channel blew up and just, man, that was one of the most tactical, Derrell's amazing. And that was insane too. And it's just how, Anyway, day one was crazy. And by the way, we're not done yet. So after Derrell came and showed his stuff, and again, everyone's blown away, I was blown away.

Everyone was just freaking out. Then Stu McLaren came on and Stu shared nine different funnels that you can use to launch a membership site in 30 minutes. It was like boom, boom, rapid fire. And all of them were just crazy. Todd's back there taking notes like, Ooh, if we had this ClickFunnels one, we can do that one. If we had this, we can do that. And so watching Todd brainstorm while Stu's trading and teaching was really, really cool. And so that happened. And then after Stu got out sharing all his membership had to launch membership funnels, then we went from there and then we, oh, Stu and his wife Amy came on stage. And if every time you build a funnel on ClickFunnels goes live, we donate a dollar towards Village Impact, which is Stu Mclaren's charity. And so we had a chance to bring them on stage, give them a huge check for 150 something thousand dollars, which is really, really cool.

And then you think that was a good day, But wait, we're just getting started. It keeps on going. After that, we broke into breakout rooms and we had four different breakout rooms this year, all theme and topic based. So one of them was Stephanie Blake. She ran a whole room talking about agencies like how to run and how to run and build your own agency as a funnel builder. And her group was amazing. She messaged me afterwards and you probably hear, I talk about all the time how funnel hackers are the 1% crazy. And she's like, I think she said in her box, she's like, I told her one that they're the 0.5% crazies who serve the 1% crazies. And it was, anyway, she's just amazing. And her session, it was packed. All these people wanted to build agencies, start an agency, things like that.

Stephanie came and delivered, spent an hour with them in that breakout room and it was amazing the feedback. So good. Number two was Dave Lindenbaum, he ran the second breakout room and Dave is an e-commerce expert. He does coaching side of our coaching groups. He helps manage my e-commerce companies, but he also, in the back, they had a kombucha making kit company and a candle making kit into basket making kit. And he just is amazing at e-commerce. But he's also one of the most brilliant, and don't tell him I said this because it'll go into his head, but one of the most brilliant marketing minds ever. He'll look at something and he'll have the craziest ideas for split tests and tweaks and things of that. And it's always just pure goal. He's brilliant. So Dave's there, Anthony Morrison ran a breakout room on webinars. Anthony's got a really cool software called Webinar Fuel.

So he went and taught people all the biggest things to increase your webinars, make more sales, things like that, which was amazing. And then Preston and Lauren Anderson, they built a whole info product business teaching people how to make cookies. They hit the Two Comma Club, I believe with a $37 info product with no upsells or down sales or anything. And they're amazing. So they showed how you can take any passion including how to make cookies and build into a huge empire doing what they did. And so their story was so cool as well. And those breakout rooms are awesome. So we had, if you want to an agency, one group, if you want to do physical products, another group, if you want to run webinars, another group. And if you want to sell information products and yeah, everyone did.

The breakout groups are awesome. I didn't have a chance to attend all, I kind of popped in and out of each one of them. But my goal this week is to go back through and listen to all of the trainings because I just heard nothing but amazingness from all them. And then you think the day was over. But wait, there's more. After we got back in the breakout rooms, then Mr. Dan Kennedy came back out and I had a chance to interview him for two more hours on Magnetic Story selling, which is tied to the book that me and him just put out. It's a high ticket book, only people who are at the event who donated charity got it. We'll be selling in the future for, I don't know, a thousand bucks or something. But we did a whole session and presentation around that and it was really, really cool. I think I was tired at that point.

I think Dan was, it had been a long day, but at the same time, every time Dan opens his mouth, gold falls out. And so we had a chance to listen to Dan and it was amazing. So now I was done. I went to the room and I passed out and that was day number one.

So between day zero, day number one, as you can see, Funnel Hacking Live is crazy and amazing and intense and all the things, but I want to show it with you guys again for those who were there to hopefully rekindle some of the thoughts and the memories, those who weren't, to kind of give you guys behind the scenes of what happens and what's like why I picked the speakers idea and why we orchestra and the things that you learn at a Funnel hacking Live event.

If you haven't come in the past, make sure you come next year. Next year's going to be whatever year. How do we make this better than last year? I'm not sure how to do it, but I promise you we will. So do not miss it. But that said, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode from Hacking Live  Day number one. I will have an episode on day two, three and four coming out here in the near future as well. With that said, thank you so much and we'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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