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(VRE) Magnetic Marketing - Dan Kennedy - Episode #1

Magnetic Marketing - Dan Kennedy

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Here is the story behind why I bought Dan Kennedy's company, and what's happening with the funnels now!

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Some backstory for those who don't know who Dan Kennedy is, he is a lot of them consider him like the godfather of marketing. He was one of the first, if not the first people that really was in this industry. Not just doing it, but also teaching other people how to do it. He's been big, he was behind the scenes of writing infomercials for Guthy-Renker and a bunch of big companies you'd be aware of, but he's been in the trenches forever.


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Hey, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secret Show. During today's episode, we're going to be talking about all things related to Dan Kennedy and the No BS Marketing Newsletter. I'm going to talk about the history of GKIC/Dan Kennedy's company. I'm going to talk about the things that they did to grow their company. I'm going to talk about what we did when we acquired the company, why we acquired it, and all things we're doing now to grow the company. I'm going to show you guys behind the scenes of the new launch we're doing to get people to ascend up to a higher level of membership and a whole bunch of other really fun things.

Before you get into this episode, I want to make sure you set intention going into this, understanding that I'm going to be sharing behind the scenes of this huge business model and you don't need to take on everything. I want you listening specifically for the one or two nuggets you can actually apply to your business. Don't just listen to this for entertainment, although I will try to be entertaining for you guys. Make sure you're listening with intentions like, "Oh, there's something I can apply to my business right now."

Hopefully that'll help you guys as you're going through this. Also, as always, make sure you rate and review these podcasts. Number one is how we get the message out, and number two, it gives me motivation to keep doing these, because I have a lot of things I can do in my life and if you guys are not getting value from the podcast, I can focus on other efforts or I can go back to bed. If you're enjoying these, please rate and review, share these with other people. It means the world to me.

Also, if you have specific questions for this episode or any episode, go to There's a block that you can submit questions, and those audio questions do come directly to me. I listen to them and if your question is really cool, I will answer it here live on the show, which would be really cool.

Then on top of that at, you'll have a chance to go see the video version of this episode, if you're listening in right now, as well as the transcripts, show notes, other links and cool things as well, which is really, really cool. This episode is actually brought to you by a very special sponsor and this one, maybe this is a shameless plug, I don't even know, but today this is actually being sponsored by the No BS Newsletter, because when we'll talking about it, I'm sure he has been the scenes. But honestly, if you are not subscribed to the No BS Newsletter, the only logical reason I can think of is you must hate money. Now is the time, if you go to, you get access to what we call the most incredible free gift ever. It's like over $10,000 on money making material for me and Dan Kennedy, you get for free, when you subscribe to the No BS Marketing Newsletter, which comes to you every single month in the mail.

This is a personal letter from Dan Kennedy and for me, talking about the most important thing you can implement in your business. This is like having us hand deliver a seminar to you every single month in the mail. When you get the No BS Newsletter, you also get for free the Behind the Scenes Newsletter, where I show you guys behind the scenes of our marketing campaigns, our funnels with screenshots, images, and stats, everything we're doing.

Again, this is the greatest offer of all time. All you got to do is go to to go get subscribed to the newsletter and go get the most incredible free gift ever. With that said you guys, we're going to jump into the podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Okay, so today's podcast episode, we're going to be talking about behind the scenes of Dan Kennedy's company. Obviously a lot of you guys know we acquired Magnetic Marketing last year, it's been almost a year now that we've had it. I'm going to show you guys behind the scenes of why we bought this company, what the old business model was as we acquired it, like what we did, how we cleaned it up, how we relaunched it, where we're going with it, and a whole bunch of things along the way. I hope that you get just a bunch of ideas for your businesses that kind of go through these things.

Some backstory for those who don't know who Dan Kennedy is, he is a lot of them consider him like the godfather of marketing. He was one of the first, if not the first people that really was in this industry. Not just doing it, but also teaching other people how to do it. He's been big, he was behind the scenes of writing infomercials for Guthy-Renker and a bunch of big companies you'd be aware of, but he's been in the trenches forever.

Then, I think 1996 is when he published the very first version of No BS Marketing Letter. I don't have a copy of that one here, but I do have a copy of this one from May, 2002. Those who are watching the video, you can see it's this newsletter and it's like black and white, what, 10 pages stapled together. This was their newsletter and this is the backbone of Kennedy's company.

He launched in 1996, I believe. It's called The No BS Marketing Letter and he ran it for a bunch of years and the company was called Kennedy Inner Circle, KIC and then eventually Dan was like, "I don't want to be running a business. I want to do content, I don't want to do business anymore." One of the people in his mastermind is Bill Glazer, and he actually sold the company to Bill Glazer and Bill Glazer rebranded as GKIC.

Those who have been around the block for a little while like me, remember it being called GKIC. That was the company and it stands for Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle. In fact, one funny side note, I spoke at, I joined the Mastermind, I was like all in drinking the Kool-aid. I was in the mastermind for six years and my last year there, before Bill had sold the company, they had me speak on stage and I gave four presentations and I joke because I actually spent more time on stage than Dan did at this event.

My slides, I took the GKIC logo and I reread it and say GKBIC, I was like, this is the Glazer Kennedy Brunson Inner Circle meeting, thanks so much for being here. I kept calling it that and I think I made Bill really mad, because he went back to the audio video guys. It was actually Blue, who does FHL now, which is funny, and told him to pull my slide down, had the GK, it was GKIC's, little like carrot, had a B in the middle. He told him to take it down, which I thought was hilarious but apparently Bill didn't think it was funny.

But now looking where we are today is kind of funny, because I should just rename it GKBIC just anyway. But I was in that world for six years, I was in Bill's Mastermind, he was honestly my first big mentor and Bill and Dan, I just learned so much from. Even to this day, people always ask me, "Where did you learn marketing from?" I'm like, "I listened to Dan Kennedy almost daily," to this day, decade and a half later, because he still brings the best insights.

Back when Bill owned the company, I had a really unique insight, I got to know Bill really well and I had a chance to see behind the scenes of what they were doing at a pretty deep level. If you look at their entire business ran off of this print newsletter called The No BS Newsletter. Bill's whole thought, in fact Bill told me, he's like, "I'm in the two things business. I'm in the business of getting customers, I'm the business of retaining customers. That's all I do. Everything else is an appendage to that." Right? There are events there, seminars or courses. Everything was just appendages to the two goals of the business, which is I'm in the business of acquiring customers and the business of keeping customers, which is actually something as I'm saying this out loud, I need to go back to our click funnels to make that more our core priority. But that was the two things.

He was all about how do I get people, and how do I get them to stick? Then when you signed up, so they had the first version that when I got into the Kennedy World, Bill launched an offer that they called the MIFGE. MIFGE stands for most incredible free gift ever. It was this big package of $630 of money making stuff for free when you joined The No BS Newsletter. I signed up for, back in the day, I got a kit in the mail and then the newsletter started coming, I'd get a newsletter every single month. I would read it and it was having a conversation with Danny Kennedy, which was super fun.

Anyway, eventually I joined the Mastermind group and I remember Bill walking me through the process. He said that they have funnels, he didn't call him funnels back then, he's like, we have offers like the MIFGE that acquire new customers, is after we acquire a customer, our goal then is to ascend the customer. Inside their company they had different levels. They had a Gold level and then a Diamond level and then a peak performer level, and then a Platinum and a Titanium. There were five or six different levels. I remember that he said that they had someone on their team that was specifically in charge of marketing to each level.

If you came in and... Sorry, before they had their big email list. The email list is converted leads and the whole goal of email list, is to get them to ascend up for membership to become a Gold member. As soon as you became a Gold member, you dumped in this bucket and then the only job of the people marketing to the Gold members, is to get them to go from Gold to Diamond to send them up.

They had different marketing campaigns, different emails, different tele seminars back, and they had different direct mail campaigns, everything with the only goal is get someone to ascend from Gold to Diamond. Then as soon as you became a Diamond member, you got bumped off of that marketing campaign list, onto the Diamond list and the entire goal was to get you from Diamond to Peak performer. Then you got Peak performers, Peak to Platinum, and Platinum to Titanium.

That's how all their marketing sequences were built out. In fact, you'd see it when they would launch events, they launched their super conference and the sales that would come out, it's like tickets are a $1000, but if you're a Gold member it's $800, if you're a Diamond member $700, if you're whatever the thing is. You could check whatever price you want to pay, but if you checked I want the Diamond level members, then they put you on continuity. Now you were Diamond member. It got people to ascend up every time they sold them anything.

When you were at their events, when I would speak as a speaker, they wanted to have three prices, like price for Gold, Diamond and Titanium or whatever. I had different prices on my package, because they wanted every single thing was all about sending people from one step to the next. The other big thing I learned from Bill and from Dan, is when you went to their events, you'll notice me, I do some funnel hacking live a lot. When I would speak at a GKIC event, they never said, "This is internet marketing nerd Russell Brunson, come on stage." They'd say, "This is Titanium member Russell Brunson." They always, they labeled me by the level of membership I was.

You notice the people on stage are always a Platinum and Titanium member. If you want to be on stage, I have to be a Platinum or a Titanium member. You probably notice Funnel Hacking live. People always ask me, "How do you get on stage?" Well notice how we introduce them, like this is two common club member so and so speaking, this is Inner Circle member so and so speaking. We label them as we introduce them with level membership that they're at, which makes people want to ascend up.

Just little strategy I learned from Bill along the way that were so cool, but their entire, like I said, the entire business ran around this No BS Newsletter. Now, I remember one of my Masterminds was out in Mastermind was in Baltimore where Bill lived. I remember I was sitting at the table and we were in this big u-shaped Mastermind table, someone's up there presenting and I was sitting next to Bill and Bill was kind of being fidgety and I was like, "Everything okay?" He's like, "I'm just waiting for something." I'm like, "What?" He's like, "I sold GKIC." I'm like, "What?" He's like, "Yeah, the wires supposed to hit today." I'm like, "How much did you sell for?" He's like, "I can't tell you, but I can tell you that soon as this wire lands, I'll never have to work again." I was like, "What?"

He's like, "Don't tell anybody." I'm like, "I'm the worst secret keeper ever. You can't tell me to not tell someone and then I'm going to go tell," I was just kind of freaking out. But I was so excited. Then he sold the company and then it went downhill fast. The company sold to a PE firm and hopefully they're watching this, anyway, maybe I shouldn't. Okay, I'm not going to make fun of them. They didn't know what they were doing. They didn't understand the business that they bought.

I remember watching them do things. I was like, "They don't understand the heart of this business." They were making choices that had nothing to do with the focus of the business, is to get members and keep members. They were doing all sorts of stuff that had nothing to do with it. These guys, this PE firm, they ended up going through, I don't know, six or seven different CEOs throughout the time. They ended up burning it to the ground. They offended most of the existing members like me and other people and it got smaller, smaller, smaller, to the point where I don't know all the stats and the details, but that point, we were basically had kind of died on the vine.

About that time they were going to fire sell it or something. Adam Witty, who was a GKIC member, he owns Forbes Books, Adam was a friend of Dan's and basically Dan said, "Hey Adam, you should buy it." Adam bought it and then Adam owned the company and just so you know the way that the business works, Dan doesn't own any of the company. Ever since Bill, Bill bought a 100% of GKIC, then Dan is basically on contract to work for the thing. Which is the same relationship I have with Dan. I own the company 100%, then I have a contract with Dan to write, to speak, to do things like that.

Adam, when he bought the company, Dan was working with him and then about a year into it, as you guys know, that's when Dan almost passed away. Poor Adam has got this new business, he's trying to launch it, the face of it, we all thought he died and then he came back and then he wasn't able to work for a year just, and we got a point where it's just the burden became too heavy for Adam as well. Then about a year ago right now, actually, is when I got the message from Adam saying like, "Hey, would you be interested in buying this company?" Obviously I was like, "Yes, that'd be amazing." We negotiated the company, I was able to get it pretty inexpensively. I'm not at liberty to talk about the actual details, was not that expensive.

Then we had a contract with Dan. A lot of the payment was financed from the future profit. I was able to say, "I'm going to pay this." I talked about this a while ago on episode about acquiring companies. When you acquire companies nowadays, let's say you spend, I'm throwing a number, say $20 million. You don't give someone $20 million you me say, "I'm going to give you a million dollars and I'm going to pay you a million dollars a year for the next, well whatever, $2 million a year for the next five years or whatever it is, a hundred grand a month or you figure out something where the business you buy can actually finance back the payment, which is awesome. That's kind of similar we did. We paid up front and then the business financed it for the next little bit until it was paid off.

We had it and right for Funnel Hacking Live, that's when I was signing my contracts with Dan. I was like, "Speak at Funnel Hacking Live." Then he's like, "Do you want to do a promotional to promote it?" I'm like, "No, we're not telling anybody. This is going to be the greatest secret of all time." We didn't tell anybody. Then obviously FHL, Dan came on stage and those who were there, he freaked out and it was awesome.

For most people, they thought he didn't know he had survived his accidents and stuff. A lot of people were just excited to see him and it was a magical moment. That was in what, September of last year. Then, from September to December is when we sat back and said, "Okay, we got to figure out this business. What is it doing? What's happened last decade since Bill sold it? What's good, what's bad?" Luckily there were a handful of rockstar team members from the original team that were still around.

We flew him out to Boise. We made a chance to look at everything, we looked at the numbers, here's working, here's what's not working, and just seeing all sorts of things. For the most part, we did, is we almost shut off everything. I was like, "Let's just shut down everything and then slowly relaunch things in the sequential order that makes sense. For me, the very first thing was like, "Well how did Bill launch this company? He created a MIFGE. Let's create a MIFGE offer." A lot of you guys have seen the MIFGE. If you haven't yet, go to and go get your copy of the MIFGE. It's the most incredible free gift ever.

Basically we give an insane gift. You cover shipping and handling and you get a month worth of the newsletter. We created the MIFGE offer and number two is, and I wanted to launch the new newsletter in January, just because I don't know, I wanted to start in January so someday I can buy these in 12 month books, whatever. I was like January 1st, we're launching the new version of the newsletter and we got to make a new one. Then we had Big Day dates back and forth, because Dan Kennedy's like, Dan's like, "I want it to be black and white stapled together. That's what it's supposed to be."

"In the past I've done newsletters, they're magazines," and he's like, "No." In fact, one of the versions, someone who owned the company at one time turned into a magazine and all the members hated it because it's like, "oh I feel like I paid five bucks in a news stand for this versus a hundred bucks for this paper off Dan's fax machine or whatever." We kind of made a middle ground, where we designed a version that's not a stapled together black and white, but it's not a magazine, it's kind of this individual version.

We created a new newsletter and then my biggest fear was like, "Ah, we've got Dan's audience and we have the Click Funnels audience." I'm like, "I know that Dan's audience is going to love Dan, so that's awesome." I was like, "I'm afraid that my audience isn't going to spend enough time to really get to know Dan to stick with him," partially because when I first got into Dan Kennedy world, I didn't understand. It took me a while, because a lot of his principles he's teaching are direction science marketing, but he's showing examples of chiropractors and dental care places and salons and stuff like that. Dan's like, "How's this relate?" It takes you a while to bridge the gap of like, "Oh my gosh, I can see how these things fit in my business."

I had this fear that all the click phones community come here, get a No BS Newsletter and they would leave because they wouldn't get it. I was like, "If we're going to get people to stick, I'd love to have something for both sides. Plus all the Kennedy people need more internet stuff. A lot of you guys know ever since I was in the GKIC where I've been publishing a print newsletter, in fact we published one for, man over a decade, almost a decade and a half, and It's had different variations of secrets letter and then something else and something else and eventually was Funnel University, which we shut down about a year ago.

I said I want to bring back Funnel University but a little bit different and I want to show people behind the scenes of the online campaigns that we're running. That's what we decided to do, is instead of having one, newsletters have two, which is a big undertaking. Now we write two newsletters a month, which is a lot. I mean each of these is 20 to 40 to 50 pages. I mean, it's almost writing a hundred page newsletter a month. No, not quite. I'd say probably 50 or 60 page newsletter every single month. That's 600, 800, almost a thousand pages a year. I guess it's publishing two books a year on marketing with Dan Kennedy.

It's a lot of work on this side and it's taking us a couple months to get in the process of it. But now at the time I'm recording this, we are in July. Since January, we've two newsletters a month, January, February, March, April, May, June, July. Yeah, seven months of this now. It's finally we have a process and the thing, and it's been working and people are... Anyway, even the old timers who didn't, the newsletter when we first came out with it now are like, "Okay, this is turning out really good. You've done a good job," I'm like "Thank you."

But it's been really cool. Again, if you don't have these letters, I spend a couple days every month just focused on this, this is how much effort we put into this. I have two hours a month I interview Dan to get the content for this. I Funnel Hack of funnel when I show behind the scenes and the stats, the numbers and all the details and I show you unique campaigns and strategy, it's our best stuff delivered every single month to your mailbox.

If you don't have it, you need to get it. You'd be insane not to. But this is the business. The first phase of our business is how do we grow the newsletter, right? Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer 101. Step number one is how do we get new members? MIFGE obviously launched and then we've been buying ads and creating things. We've had about 6,000 people now who have, I think it's like 6,006 this morning who have got the MIFGE, which is amazing. Right now 71% of the people stay through the first month billing, which is insane. Most continuity programs are like half of that. We're really proud of the initial thing of keeping members, at least through the first billing. We're still working on keeping them longer. But it's been really, really good.

The business is already paid, a hundred percent paid itself off, and it's profitable, which is obviously exciting and amazing. There's a whole bunch of recurring income coming from it. It's $97 a month to be part of the newsletter. I think our newsletter revenue is, I don't know, close to almost like $350-$400,000 a month I think is coming from the newsletter revenue, which is great. My big goal is obviously is keep fueling this.

The first question, I'm sure somebody is thinking, "Okay, we have this newsletter you've promoted, you've driven ads. How do you scale it faster? That's the question I keep asking myself as well." One thing is that obviously Dan has written 40 different books. Now we're coming back and building book funnels and the goal of book funnels is to get people into the MIFGE offer. The first one we're doing is Dan wrote two books. One's called the Ultimate Sales Letter, one's called the Ultimate Business Plan. We're doing a funnel right now, we're working on, it's going to be those two books, basically free, plus shipping. You get two of Dan's The Ultimate books and that'll bring you to the funnel, which obviously will eventually lead you to the MIFGE offer.

Then this is another exciting thing, Dan and I are working on a book together, and I think the title, like 90% sure the title of the book is going to be called The Ultimate Sales Funnel. What? It's going to be, it'll be a trilogy of the Ultimate Sales Letter, Ultimate Business Model, and then The Ultimate Sales Funnel, which is going to be so exciting. We're working on that right now.

But anyway, that's the book funnel we're launching and we have other front end funnels we're launching to get people into this. That's all about getting new customers. Then the next phase of the business, this is where we're literally at right now. I don't have stats or details for you yet, but I can tell you the strategy, what we're doing and why. Then hopefully this will be going live by the time, honestly the next week or so.

Everything with the MIFGE so far has been the focus point, is get people to become Gold members to get them into the newsletter. We've spent seven or eight months now perfecting this process, making it good and getting all the conversions well, but also the content right, that people like it, they're sticking, they're enjoying. It's giving them the right stuff. It's sustainable on our side to continue to produce this much, all that kind of stuff.

Now that it's all in place, now the next step is, okay, what's the next level? There is already inside of Kennedy's world, there's the Gold level, which is the newsletter, and then there was a Diamond level. Don't ask me why you went from metals to rocks, I'm still so confused and I want to change it from, so bad that there's so much marking out there with anyway... We're going Gold to Diamonds to who knows. Anyway, so second tier is that.

We cut out basically all the other tiers they had in the past. We basically shut them down, moonlighted them, just because I wanted to be able to focus and slowly open things that make logical sense to do. Diamond right now, I think Diamond have 300 members in it from, that have been legacy members, been there for a long time, which is amazing.

Now I want to get that point where there's 1000 or 2000 or 3000 members. Diamond is $300 a month. The next thing is, "Okay, how do we, what's the process to ascend somebody from Gold into Diamond?" We wanted to basically create a new MIFGE. Now we're not calling this the MIFGE, but is, like what's an offer we can create that's so good, that's so powerful, they can only get it, if they ascend to become a Diamond member? When we bought Dan's company, I got a hard drive with everything he's created in the last 40 years, which is a Gold mine going through. As I was going through everything, I found this one folder, it was called Diamond Faxes, and I knew there's a Diamond level member. What are the Diamond faxes? I opened it up, I started reading them and these were faxes.

I talked to Molly, who has been with the company forever. I said, "Molly, what are these Diamond faxes?" She said, "Well, from 2012 to 2019, if you know Dan Kennedy, he doesn't have an email, he just faxes things to people." He would send a personal, he would fax all of his Diamond members the fax of his thoughts of the week, the best marketing strategies, the best personal development, the best, whatever he was excited about that week, he'd write a one page fax and he'd fax it to all the Diamond members for seven years.

I started reading these and they were so good. I've read two or three month podcasts in the past, but they're insane. Some of these things are like I'd pay, I would've paid a thousand dollars for Dan to tell me this, right? It's here in a fax and there's seven years, like 360 of them. The only people ever seen these are the people that run Diamond during that little window of time who actually had a fax machine.

Most of the world's never seen this stuff and it is insanely good. I'm a book nerd, I was like, I want these in a book. We published them together in this book. Then right now this book is 446 pages long with I think 360 something faxes from Dan Kennedy directly who's Diamond members. Because it was just for Diamond members, I was like, this is the hook, this is the MIFGE. The offer, in fact, you can see if you go to, you get a free copy of this book when you upgrade to Diamond, right? That's the hook. There's the thing to get people in. This is the sexy thing. Hopefully for those who are trying to take things for themselves, if you're trying to get someone to ascend to the next level or to stick or whatever, what is the sexy thing that they'll want so badly? Diamond members want this. I'm hoping you want this, I wanted this. It is one of my favorite books that we've ever, it is. Anyway, it's amazing.

You create amazing offer and they come in. That'll get some people to ascend up, but then you need Bill Glaze, right? I mean the getting members and keeping members business. We get them in, this is a big hook that'll get people to send up and they may ascend up because they want the book and then descend back down or cancel whatever, which is fine, but I want to keep people. It's like how do we make offer, how do we make these people stick forever?

The next question is like, "Well what do Diamond members get right?" Each month Dan does a masterclass that are just for Diamond members. These are full video production where you could sit down and list to Dan, which are amazing. Another cool thing we had inherited was they created Dan Kennedy's search engine, which basically goes back to all the newsletters back to 1996 and put them in the search engine where you could go and type in Disney and it shows all of the times that Dan's ever written about Disney. You can go find those, you can type in Russell Brunson, you see all times that he ever mentioned me. You could type in whatever.

We created the search engine, we plug that in, which was really good as well. The search engine, then you sell for two grand. You get in as Diamond member, you get the book as a Diamond member. Then I was like, "How do we, I want people to stick though. I never want them to leave. What do we have that's sticky? You know one of the most powerful things about ClickFunnels is that people, they stick for a long time.

How do I get these people to stick? One thing that Bill used to always tell me, is stick is about creating pain and disconnect. If they disconnect, it's hard for some to quit ClickFunnels, because if you quit, you lose your funnels. There's big pain and disconnect. We just keep people around, where traditionally with info product membership sites and stuff, there's no pain of disconnect. You cancel, you cancel. For Diamond, I'm like, "How do we create a pain of disconnect?" Then we had this idea. When I used to go to the Kennedy's events back in the day, they would sell all their different courses, but then if you go back, they had all the courses on this big huge thing and they had one product called the Whole Enchilada, which is basically like 25 or 30 grand and he would just ship you one of everything and it was so cool.

It's called Whole Enchilada. I was like, "What if we gave people who became Diamond the Whole Enchilada?" I mean the problem is then, you'd log in and you're like, "Here's every course Dan's ever had," which is kind of cool, but it's like, "Would it be more powerful and you'll get people to stick, it's like what if we create this Whole Enchilada, but they have access to everything, but they get to pick one or two courses a month?" It's every course Dan's ever created in the last 40 years that are all in there. Each month you log in, you get two tokens, two credits or whatever it is, where you can go and unlock a, you can unlock a course.

You're like, "Oh, I want a speaking from stage." You click a button and unlocks it. Now you have access to it and then you have it for forever. But if you ever cancel, you lose access to all the ones you've unlocked. Each month you unlock more and more. Similar how Audible does it, right, and other companies. We're building that infrastructure and the members are right now, it should be done before this officially goes live here soon. But it's the goal again, here's the offer to get people to ascend up and how we get them to stick. We make it where there's pain of disconnect. We unlock things and give them things, but then if they leave, they lose these things. You could go resign up, but then you got to go and each month earn your courses back till you have all the different courses.

Just some things we're doing strategically. Again, we haven't launched Diamond yet. I don't know whether the conversions or numbers or anything are going to be, but that's the things we're doing, because we know that's the next tier to really get people in here.

Okay, other things I want to kind of mention, just again, visualizing where I'm going in the future. We've got the Gold level, we've got the Diamond level. I do know there's going to be a third level, which is going to be our high ticket level. I don't know what that is yet. Some of you guys have been watching ClickFunnels. You know we recently launched our certification program, which sold really, really well. Part of me is thinking about launching a marketing consulting certification program that goes based off Dan's teachings. I'm not sure about that.

We're also working... Well, there's other potential partnerships that potentially be going into Gold and the Diamond, where it's more than just Dan, other amazing people. But I'm not sure yet. Anyway, we're still trying to figure those pieces out. But if you look at, again, I'm always looking at what are the different funnels of different businesses and different industries that are working well, one of the ones I've been watching really, really closely, in fact, she's speaking at Funnel Hacking Live, is Brooke Castillo.

If we get Brooke, she has a $300 month membership site, which is very similar to Diamond level. Then she's got a $21,000 certification program and she has one of the most successful info product businesses in the world. I'm looking at that like, man, how do we create something similar, where we have that the $300 month level, but then you have this higher end certification that's amazing? I've been talking to Dan about that. We may or may not do that, I haven't decided yet. But that's something that after we've executed on correctly, the Diamond level we have, this is Gold's growing and Diamond's growing and people are sticking in both sides. That'd be the next thing for us to tackle is that, which would be cool.

Then the other thing, the reason why people always ask, "Why'd you buy that company? Why did you buy it?" There are a couple reasons, right? There's a reason like, I wanted to work with Dan Kennedy. Number two, I want to extend his legacy. He's had such impact on me to want to do it. Number three, I love this game. Building funnels, these things are so much fun, finding Diamonds in the rough. Dan Kennedy's faxes, is like, it's greater than... It's like treasure hunting. It's so much fun. I'm enjoying that part of it.

But what I'll send down, the reason why we're building this company is because, man, probably three years ago I had the thought we need to create more non Russell based front ends. Like, if I'm the front end of everything in ClickFunnels, then if I get hit by a bus, what happens to ClickFunnels? Or someday we want to sell ClickFunnels, boom, the book fail fax book fail. If we want to sell ClickFunnels, what happens, right?

There's all these things, I don't know the answer, but I just know that if I'm the front end of everything, ClickFunnels, that's, it's going to be hard. I was like, I need to create more non Russell based front ends. When we look at Dan Kennedy, he's got 40 books. He's written, he's got newsletters, he's got courses, he's got books, he got all these amazing things. I think these are a whole bunch of non Russell based front ends, I can use to get people who are marketers, who are entrepreneurs into a conversation where now I can expose them to ClickFunnels and then my books and other things like that.

Really as much fun and as profitable as this business is in and of itself without anything else, it's core goal, it's core purpose for existing and being, is to find people and either turn them into entrepreneurs or find entrepreneurs, bring them in, train them on good marketing principles, and then from there send them into ClickFunnels. That's really the end all, be all right? As much fun as I'm having in this company, if it wasn't for that purpose, it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Now, some of the virtual real estate properties like Zuma Juice and Au Bon Broth, they're not front ends for ClickFunnels, necessarily. Those are more to feed Russell's ADD and have some fun and just to keep me sharp in the game. All those are going to be businesses that eventually get sold off, right? Something like this, again, the Marketing Secrets, Russell Brand, the Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy brand, these are things that I want to keep for forever, because I'm so passionate about these as businesses, as front ends and things like that.

I think those are the core things I want to talk about right now inside of the Dan Kennedy business. That's some of the reasons why we did it, how we're doing it, where it came from, where it's going, what we're doing. Hopefully from that you got to insights of how you can use some of these principles in your business. How to get people to sign up for your newsletters or your membership sites or whatever. How do you get them stick? How do you get them to ascend? Then after that, where do you take people? What's the process?

I hope this gives you some ideas for that. That's the things. Thanks so much for listening. If you've enjoyed this episode of the podcast, please share it with other people, share it with people on your team, share it with a spouse, share it with in your favorite marketing group on Facebook, or text it out to your text list or whatever. Let people know about it if you're enjoying it. That's how we get the word out. I will keep sharing behind the scenes of all these fun things, if you guys do that.

If you must see actual physical behind the scenes screenshots of everything, you make sure you get subscribed to newsletter, because twice or once a month, you get the Behind the Scenes Newsletter, where I'm showing screenshots of page, every single page. I think month two I showed the MIFGE and I went through detail stats. Here's page one, page two, what I converted at what the conversion number. I'm showing you guys all behind the scenes of all this kind of stuff. All in the Behind the Scenes Newsletter. You get that for free when you join the No BS Newsletter.

If you go or, sorry,, you subscribe there. Then the last thing, if you have any questions about this episode, about Dan Kennedy, about the newsletter, about this business, please go to and there's a spot there where you can go and you can leave me a personal message. When I do the next update on the Dan Kennedy business, I will listen to the ones you guys posted about that and I can answer your question live.

Or if you have another marketing question, go to and let me know. On top of that, if you want to watch the video version of this podcast, get the show notes, transcripts, all that kind of stuff there, also, just look for the Dan Kennedy No BS Episode number one. You'll find all that stuff there as well. That said, thank you guys so much for listening. I appreciate you. Hope you enjoy this episode and I'll see you on the next episode of The Marketing Secrets Show.


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