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Secret message from Dan Kennedy


so… I’ve got something SO COOL to tell you!

Hey - I’m not sure if you heard or not…

But one of my BIGGEST mentors in this game of business is a legend named Dan Kennedy.

He’s BY FAR the most quoted “guru” in our industry…

In fact, if you look at “marketing genealogy” - all roads lead back to Dan Kennedy.

Every marketing “guru” in every industry, originated from Dan Kennedy.

He was the first… and he is the best - hands down.

But what most people don’t know is that earlier this year, we decided to BUY DAN KENNEDYS COMPANY!?!


Well, for a few reasons.

1st - He is a legend…

2nd - Most of the things that you are able to do inside of ClickFunnels were first thoughts and ideas inside of his brain… we just turned them into software to make it easy to implement!

3rd - I wanted to get HIS TRAINING into YOUR HANDS.

If you’ve ever tried to buy any Dan Kennedy courses in the past, you know that most of them START at $2k, and go up to $10k or more… JUST FOR A COURSE!?!

For many people, this is a lot to start with… So, my first task as the NEW OWNER of “Magnetic Marketing” (that’s the name of Dan’s company) is to get some AMAZING Dan stuff into your hands…

And a HUGE discount…

So - I need you to put this on your calendar:

Tuesday Dec 7th @ 2:00 PM Eastern Time (View the offer)

^^^ that is the MOMENT that I’m going to make you my first “irresistible Dan Kennedy offer.”

Yes, this day will be like Christmas for Marketing Nerds like me (and so I wanted to make sure you are prepared!)

A few things to prepare for your “Marketing Christmas Present”

Step #1 - Go get on a pre-launch list here:

Step #2 - I’m also re-launching Dan’s podcast… with a TON of amazing DAN stuff… so if you want samples from the greatest marketing mind to ever play the game, go and subscriber to his podcast here:


Russell Brunson

P.S. - Don't forget, you're just one funnel away...


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