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Should I focus on multiple funnels or one huge funnel?


Should I focus on multiple funnels or one huge funnel?

I do a lot of different things. Should I be focusing on different funnels for each of these businesses, or should I work on some massive, huge funnel that will take people through the journey of my brand, my message that I’m trying to get across and kind of piece it that way?

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This is a cool question. It depends on where you are currently in your life cycle. Number one is if you’re going through this whole process, what I recommend doing, this is Gary V. 101, document the process of you figuring this stuff out. If you don’t know, that’s what I’m doing all the time. We’re documenting between this camera, I’m just documenting the journey to share with people because it’s really interesting.

But with that said, this right here is the Two Comma Club coaching, those are our coaching members. I talk about everyone, there’s 3 phases, it’s going to be inverted for you guys huh. Basically it’s how to go from 0 to a million, a million to ten, ten to a hundred million. There’s different things at each point. But the first step going from 0 to a million dollars. The whole goal of this step is to figure out the what and the how. What am I actually selling and how am I selling it. So your question is if I do a whole bunch of things right now, should I keep doing that?

It depends. If you’re in that phase, you don’t know what to sell or how to sell it yet. Yeah, keep doing a bunch of things. The first 7 or 8 years of my business I was launching this and this. Different markets. We had 12 businesses in 12 different markets that we launched in a year, which is a horrible idea, do not do that. But a whole bunch hof thing like that, we’re all over the place, and then what’s interesting is from that, by doing it, I was able to figure out one or two businesses that are the right ones and eventually the one. This is what I wanted to sell and this is how to sell it.

By the how, is it through a webinar, is it through trip….what’s the messaging? What is it I’m selling and how am I selling it? If you’re in that phase now, that’s okay to be doing a couple of things, because you don’t know what your actual business is going to be, but as soon as you get one that actually works, and this is the definition of how you know it works. You know that a business works, when you’re able to get it to a million dollars, in a year. That’s it. If your business hasn’t gone to a million dollars yet in a year, you haven’t figured out your what and how yet. I’m convinced.

As soon as you figure out the what and how, your business within 12 months will hit a million dollars. That’s the gospel according to Russell. Now you got the thing, I figured out what I’m selling, figured out how I’m selling it. Now I’m at a million bucks. Now you transition to phase number two, where you turn the blinders on, you delete every other business. You shut them down, hide them, burn them, sell them, get rid of them and do this thing that’s really hard for us entrepreneurs, you focus. It’s really hard.

The good news is the f-word, the f-word for entrepreneurs, you focus on one thing, but when you focus it’s kind of fun. Because there’s a way to be unfocused and focused. Clickfunnels became my thing, when I figured out the what and the how. I transitioned and I shut off everything else. We sold, killed, deleted, destroyed everything besides Clickfunnels, but then I started focusing on, there’s 3 ways to get people into your business.

There’s front end funnels, excuse me there’s, okay let me step back. Jay Abraham taught me this. Three ways to grow a company, number one getting more customers, number two getting them to spend more, and number three getting them to buy more often. I call this acquisition funnels, ascend funnels, and monetization funnels. Then your focus is on what funnels can I create to get more people into my thing.

For me Clickfunnels is my thing, I’m creating funnels and things to get people into that thing. So the first phase, as you’re jumping off is okay, but you’re doing that knowing that you’re trying to figure out what is my business. As soon as you figure out the what it is, and how to sell it, you will know when you hit it because you made a million dollars in 12 months, then you transition over to focusing and going deep. So there you go. That good? Alright, here we go, we’re dropping the mic, guys.


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