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Should I Sell My Book On Amazon Or In A Sales Funnel?

Should I Sell My Book On Amazon Or In A Sales Funnel?

I wanted to quickly give up an update here on the blog on our 1 million book journey. A few days ago, it was the one year anniversary of the Expert Secrets book launch, so we tallied the numbers and so far, here’s where we’re at…

Expert Secrets

  • 16,431 Sales through Amazon and our publisher
  • 105,250 Sales through the Expert Secrets funnel

Dotcom Secrets

  • 43,559 Sales through Amazon and our publisher
  • 91,776 Sales through the Dotcom Secrets funnel

Total Sales to Date = 257,016 books sold!

That means we’ve officially crossed the quarter million mark on the 1 million book journey!

That is super exciting, but here’s what I want to point out about these numbers.

About 23% of our TOTAL sales came from selling my books on the LARGEST eCommerce platform in the world..Amazon. 23%.

That’s it.

(technically it’s probably less than that since those numbers actually represent selling the book ANYWHERE besides a funnel)

Amazon is in the top five list of the most trafficked sites on planet Earth. It’s where people go to buy things. And yet, not even a quarter of our sales are coming from that platform.

So just hold that thought because it gets better.

On Amazon, the books are priced around $14.50. This means through that platform, we’ve made (in gross revenue) around $869,855.00. Just shy of one million dollars.

That’s pretty cool. Most people would be happy with that.

In our funnels, our books are free (just pay shipping). This means for every book we give away, we pocket $7.95.


Obviously the margins are really bad here since when you figure the cost to print the book and ship it, we’re not netting much.

If all we sold in the funnel was the book, the gross revenue still outperforms Amazon at half the price. We make $1,566,356.00.

But, in case you’ve not been listening to my podcast lately, we never JUST sell a product.

We create an offer.

An offer is the key to every funnel.

What kind of offer can you create that positions you outside the competition and allows you to charge whatever you want?

I wanted to outline the Expert Secrets offer and the Dotcom Secrets offer and then show you the actual number difference, and if after you read this post – you don’t build a funnel and an offer – well you just might hate money.

Expert Secrets Offer

  • ​The Expert Secrets Book
  • ​The Black Box Upgrade (with Dotcom Secrets and extra bonus chapters and booklets)
  • ​Storyselling Class Order Bump
  • ​The Audio Book for Expert Secrets as an OTO
  • ​The Expert Evolution Masterclass as an OTO

Dotcom Secrets Offer

  • Dotcom Secrets Book
  • The Black Box Upgrade (with Expert Secrets and extra bonus chapters and booklets)
  • 3-Funnel Template (that goes with the book) Order Bump
  • ​The Audio Book for Dotcom Secrets as an OTO
  • ​Traffic Secrets Masterclass (for traffic into your funnels after you’ve made them) as an OTO

The Expert Secrets offer is all about building your expert story. The Dotcom Secrets offer is all about building your funnels. Everything fits with the theme so it makes logical sense. There’s a natural progression in the way the products are laid out so it’s an easy yes, at every point and step in the funnel.

We make sure to put the sexiest product out in front. The most compelling thing in the offer. The easiest thing to say yes to.

A free book and eight bucks in shipping.

I put that as the first product in the offer even though I know it’s probably the most valuable thing I could ever sell.

Expert & Dotcom Secrets Page 1

In fact, my good friend Dana Derricks sells his books for $2500 or more because he knows if you implement what’s inside, you’ll be rich.

I have so many stories of people who simply read my books, and made millions so I bet I could sell my books for $2500 or more.

But I’m using it as the sexiest lead in for my offer because I have a master plan…

And the plan is to get them through the funnel, and to buy more than just the book.

Once they’ve done all that, I’ve not only gotten their lead information, I’ve also made profit.

And then, I can introduce them to Clickfunnels, to my coaching programs, and higher end offers.

Over the lifetime of the customer, they will easily spend thousands and thousands of dollars – per year – in our company.

Alright, so back to the comparison between Amazon and funnels.

We know that our funnels generated more than 75% of our sales.

What is the average dollar amount each customer spends in the two funnels?

   - Expert Secrets = $48*
   - Dotcom Secrets = $45*

That means if we look at all of our customers, we see that some bought just the book, some bought everything in the offer, some bought other random combinations. But if we average it all out, we’re at between $45-$48 per customer.

Sometimes these numbers go up and down, but this is what we call Average Cart Value. So the estimated revenue on these two funnels to date based on average cart value is….

dotcom and exper secrets.png

   - Expert Secrets Revenue through our funnels = $5,000,000   
   - Dotcom Secrets Revenue through our funnels = $4,000,000

What is the difference between $9,000,000 and $869,000?

Life changing, world impacting money that can enable you to share your message with the world…and MAKE a difference in peoples’ lives.

Even if we sold every single one of our books on Amazon, at full retail price for $19.95, it still would come about $4,000,000 short of what a funnel can do.

All from a FREE book.

If that doesn’t fire you up to go get a funnel running for your business, I don’t know what will!

For those of you who are affiliates for ClickFunnels, we’re going to have some fun celebrating the one year anniversary of the Expert Secrets book launch, so stay tuned for that…coming soon.

As always, I appreciate all of you who’ve bought the books, read them, shared them, left reviews, but most importantly, took action on what’s inside.

Remember, you’re just one funnel away…


*Technically the ACV is higher than what I put in this post because of our thank you page webinar on the order confirmation page, which sells a package of ClickFunnels for $1997. Because it’s processed differently than our products, it doesn’t show up in our statistics, but realistically, our ACV is more like $60 a book…which is INSANE.


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