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Skyrocket Coaching Sales, Defining Your Success Moments And Getting People To Pay Attention


Can you guess where I was last week?

This year, I put together this brand-new experience that’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before.


I think the event brought in the coolest crowd I’ve ever had.

Go check out what the event was all about here.

But then come back here because there’s a lot I want to share with you today!



Those of you who know me, know that I was into wrestling before I got into business.

But wrestling actually taught me some of my greatest business lessons.

This story is probably the best of all.

So one day my coach Mike Schultz knocks on my door and says, “Hey Brunson, go get your wallet.”

So I run and get my wallet…

Coach grabs it, takes all my money out and sticks it in his pocket.

What the heck?

But then he handed me a VHS tape called “Total Violence” by Mark Schultz.

And I’m like, “Coach, what is this?”

He says:

“It’s a VHS tape I need you to watch. If I just gave you this video you would never watch it…”

“But now that you’ve invested everything you own in this movie I know you’re gonna watch it, you’re gonna learn from it, and you’re gonna become better because of it.”

And that’s what happened.

I watched it over and over.

Now and then I see entrepreneurs giving away their stuff for free.

But even though they think they’re giving amazing value… sometimes it’s not the best way to actually help someone.

When people pay, they pay attention.

Go ahead and watch the clip here to get this message in your mind.

- Russell Brunson



Another wrestling life story for ya…

So last week I was on a podcast with Andy Elliott and got talking about my first ever win.

I remember getting to the end of the match and I wasn’t sure how I’d done.

And then the ref held up my hand…

And it was the most amazing feeling ever to me.

It wasn’t that there was a lot of people there. I think there was like three – and one of them was my dad. But I remember thinking ‘this is it’.

That feeling of winning was the moment that changed everything for me. I became obsessed with chasing that feeling, no matter what.

When the grind gets difficult…I think back to that moment.

So what about you? What moments in your life inspired you to chase after your dreams?

Let me know in the comments!



Are you trying to grow your business or coaching career?

It can be really overwhelming at first.

You have an amazing idea…but turning that idea to sales is something else.

Last week Russell sat down with Richmond Dihn who has an incredible approach to skyrocketing sales for coaches.

It’s called the Tiny Challenge Model.

Here’s how it works:

1. Launch a One-on-one Challenge

A lot of coaches start out with running group coaching offers. But group coaching can be hard. Instead, Richmond teaches coaches to launch one-on-one challenges for just 5 days. Instead of trying to pitch the perfect offer to a group of say 20 people…you learn to pitch your offer to just one person, 20 times over.

2. Get Them to Commit

Because many coaches struggle to make sales, they end up doing free consultations or a series of pro bono calls. Tiny Challenges are different. Because it’s a challenge, you can charge for it. It can be a small amount when you’re starting out but it means you get a 100% show-up rate and can get great results for each person.

3. Pitch Them on Day 5

When you get to the end of the five days, you make a pitch. What’s great about Tiny Challenges is you get honest feedback on your offer. Instead of getting no response from a group of 20 people…you get direct feedback from one person, 20 times over.

Richmond says his students always sell at least one of their first ten Tiny Challenge participants. But even if you don’t sell, you get data to learn how to improve your offer.

4. Increase Your Prices

Tiny Challenges is they don’t take a huge amount of time.

Richmond suggests getting your first leads organically, through your network. But at soon as you’ve done 10 you just keep doing the same Tiny Challenges but start increasing your prices.

Richmond says some of his students have made over $100,000 just from Tiny Challenges.

It’s a very smart way of making sales as a coach or business owner…

If you’re Funnel Hacking Live International…then Richmond will be one of the presenters.

But you can also check out the full interview with Russell and Richmond on YouTube – just search for “russell brunson richmond dinh”.


​That’s a wrap for this week’s newsletter.

Remember, you’re just one funnel away...

- The ‘Marketing Secrets’ Team


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