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Ep. 106 - Sneak Peak into the Two Comma Club X Event


Alex Charfen visits the office to lead a Two Comma Club X event about entrepreneurship and team building. While at the event, the gang becomes enamored with the Solus from Outstrip Equipment. Everyone gets involved trying out the Solus, but the real competition is between Russell and Dave.

The ClickFunnels machine is still rolling and everyone around the office is freaking out! A ClickFunnels affiliate has made a million dollars for himself and over two million dollars for ClickFunnels, and Russell has come up with an idea to make 30 million dollars in an hour thanks to Grant Cardone and his 10X event.

Finally, we love our team here at Clickfunnels and one of the best team building events that we do every year is our ClickFunnels company luau to for some fun, family, and pig roasting. Everyone gets a taste of some fun with hula dancing, face painting, swimming, and much more.


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