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45 - Some Of My Favorite Highlights From This Week's Inner Circle Meetings

45 - Some Of My Favorite Highlights From This Week's Inner Circle Meetings

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Episode Recap:

The power of vulnerability, acting with urgency, and a whole lot more… On this episode Russell gives some of the awesome highlights from the latest set of Inner Circle mastermind meetings. Here are some interesting things to listen for in this episode:

-- How everyone in the Inner Circle group has been able to grow together making $30-50 grand a month last round to making $100-200 grand this round.

-- Why it’s important to celebrate other’s success in order for them to celebrate yours.

-- And what makes being vulnerable so powerful with your audience.

So listen here to hear these and many other highlights from the inner circle mastermind meetings.

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Best Quote:

...vulnerability is the ultimate human connector. So many of us, we try to be postured and perfect and that’s why, because we’re trying to get connection, we think people want to see us perfect and instead it actually pushes people away.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to Marketing Secrets. This is the day after the mastermind and I’ve got a whole bunch of secrets to share with you guys.

Alright everyone, inner circle mastermind just ended. We have been going, basically I’ve had 8 days of inner circle mastermind meetings with a week break. So group one came Monday, Tuesday. It was a group of 25 entrepreneurs. Then Wednesday, Thursday. Then a week off. Then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. So 4 groups of 100, 4 groups of 25 equals 100 entrepreneurs, they’re my inner circle. It’s a cool group because it's interesting watching how everybody within this group, year after year, everyone keeps growing together.

People first came in a while ago and everyone was trying to get their businesses launched and now it’s getting to the point where they’re doing, last set of meetings everyone was doing 30-50 grand a month. Now at this set of meetings everyone’s doing 100-200 grand a month. Everyone together as a group keeps leveling up. We’ve had a couple of members breaking the million dollars a month mark and now everyone else, that’s what they’re gunning for. It’s just so inspiring and so cool to watch what’s happening.

The businesses and industries are so different. We have everyone from, I’m trying to find the book right now. Dr. Wiebold, Pamela Wiebold who is helping doctors who commit suicide, helping to not commit suicide and literally saving lives, to people teaching business to people teaching dentists, everything in between. So many just amazing people. In fact, I’ve got from this meeting, those who are watching the video, these are my two notebooks, one got completely filled up and one got half filled up. That’s a lot for one set of meetings. Anyway, it’s amazing.

Obviously I can’t share everything, because it would take 8 days. But there were so many cool things. So I’m just going to kind of share a couple things as I’m flipping through here. Maybe over the next few weeks I’ll share other cool thoughts and ideas. So as I’m flipping through my pages, just some things I jotted down that were so, so powerful.

One of them was from Alison Prince, she was talking about through her course that she celebrates the people in her community. She said when she wins they celebrate me, because I celebrate them. I thought, how cool is that? As you’re finding more success, you’ll probably notice this, people around you, you think everybody would be happy for you, but instead it’s usually the opposite where they’re not happy and there’s this weird thing under where you’re like, “you should be happy for me. I’m having success.”

But when you’re depressed, everyone’s like “Oh me too.” And everyone loves you, but when you have success usually people aren’t happy and it’s weird. So it’s kind of cool within your community as you celebrate their success, they celebrate yours. So it gives you a spot to be able to talk about your wins and get people to celebrate with you. So that’s kind of fun.

What else? So many cool things. One thing from Alex and Layla, they were talking about in their ads, that they actually say what they’re really feeling. Most of us who write ads, we’re trying to be all postured like, “number one top secret blah, blah, blah.” And it was cool, what they talked about in their ads. They literally in their ads say, “Hey I feel like a cheesy person writing an ad, but I need to get this message out to you. I’m not going to….You’re probably thinking this right now and I want to make sure that you…..” Just kind of breaking down those barriers in the ad. Because it’s an ad and people know it’s an ad, so instead of being an ad, actually having fun with it. If you saw what their acquisition costs were, it works really, really good.

Another cool thing, a lot of times we talk about in our company, setting KPI’s, Key Performance Indicators and things like that, but one thing that Alex Charfen said, “if you look at a sports team, there’s two things they all have. If you ask a football team, ‘what are your goals?’ ‘My goal is to win the superbowl and be in the Hall of Fame.’ There’s a superbowl goal, which is like their goal. Then there’s the legacy goal, which is the Hall of Fame.”

So it’s cool, we talked about for a company what is your superbowl goal? And what’s your Hall of Fame goal? And also within your organization, with working with you team members, what’s their superbowl, what’s a win for your company? Do they know what it is? I don’t think my team knows. I haven’t really sketched, “This is our goal. This is how we get to the superbowl.” It hasn’t ever been defined, this is the thing, this is how we get in the hall of fame. And I think now that that’s a thing in my head, I’m so excited to figure out what’s our company’s superbowl goal and what’s our hall of fame goal? When you have those it becomes more clear, more tangible.

David Derricks awesome, talking about a bunch of stuff. One thing is he just wrote a new book called the Dream 100, which is a big concept none of us ever…I talk about it all the time and nobody ever does it. And my quote at the top says this is the foundation for our entire company. If you’re not doing Dream 100 yet, it’s time to start. Go back and listen to any of my stuff on Dream 100 but it’s how we figured out what our market was, what our blue ocean was. How we figured out where our customers…..everything we’ve done was based on the Dream 100 concept. There’s so many good things here. I don’t even know where to…

Oh this is a good one. So Brian Bowman, such a stud. He had a really cool, emotional presentation. He talked about how he was working hard and moving forward and getting things done. And he had a coach who was one of Garret White’s coaches, one of the Warrior Week coaches. He asked, “What’s your target?” and he’s like, “This is what I’m going for.” And then he asked him, “Are you operating with a sense of urgency?” And Brian, while he’d been working hard and hustling and all these kinds of things, he’s like, “Am I operating with a sense of urgency?” And I don’t have permission to tell his story behind what and how, but as soon as he had that thought in his mind, everything shifted for him.

He went and instead of moving things toward a goal he was like, “I need to operate with a sense of urgency.” And I think how many times for us we’re like, “Yeah, we’re moving forward, moving towards things. I’m going to launch my product someday. I’m going to write my book. I’m blah, blah, blah.” Whatever our thing is, but it’s like that’s good, but are you operating with a sense of urgency? Is this doing…when is this….this needs to be urgent. If it’s not urgent, you’re never going to do it. So are you operating with a sense of urgency? That was just so powerful. How many times do we not do that? How many times are we just kind of wandering, doing our thing, and it’s not urgent. Because of that days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years and sometimes we never get it accomplished.

I think one of the big reasons we’ve had so much success with Clickfunnels is because we do operate with a sense of urgency. I’m always stressing out, which maybe is to my downfall, it’s what makes me tired all the time. I just think it’s interesting, operating with a sense of urgency, having that as a thing we are thinking through all the time. So many good things.

What else, what else? Natalie Hodson talking about the power of vulnerability. How vulnerability is the ultimate human connector. So many of us, we try to be postured and perfect and that’s why, because we’re trying to get connection, we think people want to see us perfect and instead it actually pushes people away. How vulnerability is the big secret. It was interesting, Natalie just joined the inner circle. But she came to our FHAT event in February, five or 6 months ago and she was telling this story. She was creating, she’s in the weight loss, fitness market, and she was working out live on Live streaming or Facebook Live or whatever, she did a work out. She’s a mom, she has two kids and during her workout she wet herself, on camera, live in front of the entire world and how embarrassing it was.

And obviously that’s an embarrassing thing and most people would never talk about that again, they would leave the video, they would run away from it. But instead she realized that, “If I’m struggling with this, I bet other people probably are too. Maybe I can help them.” And she found a business partner or a content person, who that’s what they specialize in. Helping women to strengthen their pelvic floor so they don’t have those issues. And she created a $37 dollar book teaching the process and she put it out there and on a sales page she’s got pictures of her on a live stream with peed pants in front of the entire world. And she talked about this problem that she has and she knows all these other women have.

Anyway, from February until now she sold 50,000 copies of a $37 book. So over a million dollars in sales. And think about how many women’s lives she’s been able to affect because she didn’t posture herself and come off perfect all the time, because she was willing to be vulnerable. It’s just such a powerful thing. I look at the times in my life when I’ve gotten real connection with my audience, it’s not when I’ve been sharing the highlight reel, like we like to do. I think what’s good to do is sometimes to touch on the high reel. “Hey, I’m awesome. Just want to make sure you know this, but let me tell you the truth.” And then break it down. And that has been a theme.

In fact, the third inner circle group, I think I’ve never seen so many tears in a mastermind group in my life. The girls were crying, the men were crying, everybody was crying. But because people actually got vulnerable and shared and that’s been a big theme throughout the inner circle. You go to other masterminds and people are sharing the highlight reel and bragging about stuff, where with us everyone has to share, “Here’s what we’re doing awesome, but let me get vulnerable and share with you what’s actually happening.” And then we work at that level. It’s different and interesting and causes real actual change.

Anyway, it was amazing. I wish I could take all of you guys along on these journeys. But a lot of our inner circle members are going to be speaking at Funnel Hacking Live. The sales page for Funnel Hacking Live will be going live next week, it’s at and you’ll have a chance to hear Natalie talk about the power of vulnerability, a lot of these other people I pick are speakers for the most part, inner circle members. So I have a chance to see them present here in my office a couple of times a year. I get to know them intimately, I understand their business, I understand where it fits with what I want to share with our audience. So a lot of them will be speaking at this.

So if you don’t have tickets yet, when we go live next week, get them. We pre-sold out over a thousand tickets, I think we have another, I don’t know how many left. Not a lot. So if you want to be there, you know you need to be there and you do, now is the time., get on the waiting list and then wait. My guess is probably Tuesday it will go live. So by the time you hear this, it may be live. But make the effort to be there. It’ll be worth it, I promise you, it will change your life forever. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

So yeah, that’s basically the best spot to get the actual highlights, at Funnel Hacking Live. Anyway, with that said, appreciate you. Thanks so much for listening in today to the podcast, and we’ll talk to you guys again soon. Bye.


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