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Supplements Part II: The 7 Pills I Never Leave Home Without…Ever.

Supplements Part II: The 7 Pills I Never Leave Home Without…Ever.

Everyone knows I love supplements.

I think there are so many beneficial reasons to take them because our lives today look a lot different than our ancestors– we lack many important vitamins because of the way we live, the way food is grown, the depleted soil, etc.

In my last supplement post, I wrote about the core foundational supplements I take everyday. Most of these are in powder form and you can read about it here.

Today’s post is going to go through the foundational vitamins and minerals I take in pill form. These seven supplements I never leave home without….ever.

I consider this lineup of supplements my secondary foundation. In another post, I’ll go through some of the special supplements I take when I have a particular ailment or problem I’m trying to solve.


This pack is amazing. It comes with six bottles of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids broken up into am/pm packs.

The pill you take in the morning focuses on vitamins that increase your mood, brain function, bone structure, and energy.

The pill for the night gives you vitamins that work on supporting restorative functions in the body, regulating sleep, calming your mood, etc.


The only problem I have with this pack is that I always forget to take the nighttime pack. Which means, I end up with no am pack and a ton of pm. My wife won’t let me reorder a new pack and waste the pm packs, so I usually end up taking the nighttime version 2x a day for a few weeks until I run out.


This is my hydration and energy supplement. People ask how I do so much in one day, and this is part of it. In fact, my dad takes ONE and can’t sleep at night. I take two every morning and have no trouble sleeping.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan is the guy who created this supplement, and you might notice I talk a lot about the people and the brand behind the supplement, and that’s on purpose.

There’s a lot of poor quality supplements on the market and if you buy those, you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Worse still, some of them could actually be doing more harm than good. That’s why it’s so important to know the people and the manufacturer behind the company.

If you break up this pill and put it in your drink, you’ll watch it foam up so much! In fact, whenever I take this, my stomach starts to fill up until eventually, I burp (just in case you start taking it and wonder).

The important habit to incorporate with this vitamin is drinking enough water. Most of us are chronically dehydrated so this pill plus a good amount of water will do so much for your energy and hydration.

If you drink caffeine, that dehydrates you as well, and MegaHydrate helps reverse those effects.

Another side benefit is how Mega Hydrate helps with allergies.

I am deathly allergic to cats and when I go to my in-laws, I take Megahydrate with a big glass of water and it helps far better than Claritin or Allegra.


These are my fat soluble vitamins. We’re all depleted in most of them, but these two especially. If you’re anything like me, you do NOT get nearly enough sun.

This particular blend helps with bone density and heart health.


I’m writing this during flu season so I know a bunch of you will want to know about this pill. It’s the “Don’t Get Sick Pill” by Onnit. 

It’s a kick of Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine and Selenium. These three vitamins and minerals are in all kinds of products on the market, but this tri-blend by Onnit is the best one I’ve found. I take it regularly, but also add a bit more to my daily routine if I feel a cold or flu coming on.


I discovered St. John’s Wort back in my weight cutting days in wrestling. Every time I cut weight for a match I would notice my mood would go sour. I’d be sad and angry, mainly because I wasn’t eating for three days and had so little energy

. I started taking St. John’s Wort and noticed a huge difference in my mood! It made cutting weight so much easier.

St. John’s Wort is considered a natural antidepressant and so if you struggle with moodiness or feeling down, you should definitely try it. I’m not a medical doctor or giving medical advice, but I use this everyday, love it, and notice a difference in my moods because of it!


If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that the #1 asset you have is your brain. Dr. Daniel Amen is an incredible brain doctor genius who has studied the brain extensively, and this is his personal vitamin blend. It’s designed for focus, productivity, and mental sharpness.

I don’t know about you, but I will use everything I can find to help keep me focused, and Dr. Amen is one of the best in the world when it comes to understanding the brain. I trust him and his research, which is why I’ve chosen this particular brand.

Remember, in the supplement world, the people you buy from matter.


This is the last of my foundational supplement pills and it focuses on gut health. This is a combination of prebiotics, enzymes, and probiotics.

Please note! Do NOT take on an empty stomach. You will regret it. I usually take it with my biggest meal of the day (lunch or dinner).

There are so many random symptoms and issues we have that can be traced back to leaky gut and other poor gut issues. In fact, researchers are starting to see connections between gut health and brain function!

When you start working on your gut, you’ll notice more energy, weight loss, less inflamation, and a more regular system.

In case you can’t tell, I love Onnit and their products so I think their blend is the best one I’ve found.

So there you have it. These are my foundational supplements.

I’ll be back soon to talk about some special supplements I use throughout the year for specific reasons and results.

Russell Brunson


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