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“Tay Tay” Is A LEGEND At Marketing


“Tay Tay” is how my daughter refers to her favorite artist of all time, Taylor Swift.

It’s adorable. Haha

Now you might be a huge fan… or maybe you don’t think there’s anything special about her. Either way you have to admit that what she’s accomplished is incredible.

She’s won a grammy 14 times, sold 114 million albums… and she has a net worth of over $1 billion!


How did she do it?

That’s what I want to share with you over the next few days.

I did a bit of research and I found three things she does that almost no one else is doing in the music industry…

…things that have led to her crazy success.

And things that YOU can do, too, to grow your audience and your business!

Today, let’s talk about the first one. But keep an eye out for the other emails this week because I’ll be sharing all three strategies with you in detail 🙂

Number 1?

Selling music is one of the most competitive things you could do on the planet. But she didn’t just sell music… she created a movement.

Just talk to literally ANYONE who is a “Tay Tay” fan and you’ll see it in their eyes.

How’d she create such a powerful movement?

Three tactics!

Thing #1. She Shares Her Backstory

Taylor Swift is not shy about sharing her origin story, how she got started, her failures along the way, and how she eventually succeeded. This has become a rallying narrative for her fans… her rags-to-riches story empowers them to believe in their own dreams!

Think about your other favorite musical artists — I’m willing to bet you know next to nothing about their backstory unless you’ve intentionally researched it…

That’s why Taylor Swift is winning 🙂

Takeaway → Are you shy about sharing your own story of success with your audience? Don’t be!

Thing #2. She Shares Her Flaws & Vulnerabilities

One of the things that make “Tay Tay’s” fans connect with her the most is that she shares her struggles. Most of her songs are about her failed relationships or her frustrations! She’s not shy about sharing her mistakes and failures. This endears her audience to her and makes her more relatable even though she’s a billionaire celebrity.

Takeaway → Don’t try to appear perfect. Share your mistakes and flaws and your audience will be able to relate to you better.

Thing #3. She’s Not Afraid of Polarity

I don’t have to tell you that Taylor Swift is a controversial character…

It often seems she gets just as much hate as she does love. And that’s because she’s not afraid of polarity. She caters to her loyal fans exclusively. She has even drastically changed the music industry by fighting for her rights as an artist.

Takeaway → Don’t be afraid of polarity. Just serve your dream customers and don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion.

Tomorrow I’ll share her second strategy with you, which is one of my absolute favorites.

Stay tuned!

- Russell Brunson

P.S. If you want to learn more about building a massive following online and then monetizing that following, go get a free copy of my book, Expert Secrets!


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