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Taylor Swift’s SECOND Marketing Tactic!


This week I’m sharing with you three ways that Taylor Swift has used genius marketing strategies to become a billionaire (and how you can, too!).

If you missed the first email, I sent it out yesterday so go check it out. It was all about three tactics she used to create a mass movement.

The second strategy that I want to talk about today is how she elevates her customer’s status.

Whenever we buy something, we unconsciously ask ourselves how that thing is going to make us appear to others — companies like Rolex and Porsche are built entirely on status.

People feel that buying those things raises their “status”.

Well, the same is true of Taylor Swift’s offers!

(Side-Note Question: how does your product impact the perceived ‘status’ of your customer?)


During the 1989 Tour, She Had Parties With Her Fans…

Literally. She held multiple private parties at her houses and invited 89 fans to each. This endeared her fans to her even more and made her feel more accessible.

Takeaway → How are you interacting directly with your fans?

She Under Promises & Overdelivers

Ever since Taylor Swift started publishing her own music, she under promises and over delivers almost every single time, with more tracks than were originally planned.

Heck, during 2020 she literally sent out stimulus checks to her fans! And she gave $100k bonuses to her truck drivers during her tours.

Takeaway → How are you overdelivering for your customers?

Lots Of Exclusive Merchandise

She’s released limited-edition merchandise, exclusive fashion, and autographed memorabilia. This gives her greatest fans a chance to identify their appearance with her brand and show their loyalty.

Takeaway → How are you giving your customers an opportunity to identify themselves with your brand?


Tomorrow I’ll share the third and final strategy with you — which is all about her “value ladder” — yes, even Taylor Swift has a value ladder!

Stay tuned!

- Russell Brunson

​P.S. If you want to learn more about building a massive following online and then monetizing that following like Taylor Swift, go get a free copy of my book, Expert Secrets!


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