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Taylor Swift's Value Ladder, One-Word Split Test Results And Modeling Hollywood



Have you ever noticed how Hollywood promotes ALL of their most successful movies the same?

Several weeks before a new movie hits theaters, you’ll see the core cast of the movie doing tons of interviews — they’ll be on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, etc.

Usually it goes something like this…

Step 1. → They talk about their experience filming the movie, share some stories, and answer some questions.

Step 2. → Then the interviewer shows a clip from the movie and promotes the movie to their audience.

It’s the exact same playbook every time Hollywood releases a blockbuster.

And it’s not a coincidence!

They do this because it works.

If you think about it, these “today shows” and “tonight shows” really just act as mediums for virality — whatever gets shared on those programs will get massive attention.

Why does this matter?

Because you can use the exact same playbook to sell your products, offers, or services!

Heck — I watched Tony Robbins during his last book launch, he scheduled 260 interviews… and sure enough it became a New York Times Bestseller.

You probably won’t get on these same stages in front of millions of people. But you don’t need to. If you can just get in front of a few thousand or even a few hundred people in your core target market… that’s enough to have a 7-figure launch!

So ask yourself…

What are the Podcasts you can get an interview on in your niche? There are so many small-to-medium podcasts today with audiences in your target market who would love to interview you.

Make a list. Reach out. Schedule as many interviews as you can.

This is the main “secret” behind virtually every successful launch I’ve ever done… free publicity.

If you want to learn more about this — I call it the “dream 100” strategy — check out my book, Traffic Secrets (get a free copy here).

- Russell Brunson



Can you stop the difference between these two pages that Russell split-tested?

They’re almost identical. But under “Step 3”, it says “Finish!” on A and it says “Get your access!” on B.

That was the only difference.

As Russell explains in this Instagram video, A had a higher conversion rate for people to enter their email address, but a lower conversion rate of people to buy on the next page. Whereas B had a lower conversion rate for people to enter their email, but a higher conversion rate for people to buy on the next page.


A has the word “Finish”, which indicates to people that this is the end of the road. And they’ve mentally closed the buying loop.

B says “Get your access!”, which keeps the buying loop open and indicates that they haven’t finished the buying process yet.

It’s pretty wild how just one word (or three words) can have a significant impact on conversions… but words really do matter when it comes to marketing!

Follow Russell on Instagram for more tips like this.

By the way, want to run your own A/B tests? You can do that with ClickFunnels — here’s how it works.




Even Taylor Swift has a value ladder.

This is a principle Russell talks about in both his Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secrets books.

What’s a value ladder?

It’s just the offers you have that take someone from learning about your business to buying your most expensive product. It’s the steps.

Here’s what Taylor Swift’s value ladder looks like!

The Bait

You can listen to her for free on the radio. This introduces people to her music without them having to pay for it.

Frontend Offer

If someone enjoys her music on the radio, then they can go buy her albums. This is a relatively low-cost frontend offer for her fans.

Middle Offer

This is one of the most genius parts of her value ladder and it really connects the dots. She created a movie of her Eras Tour. This is a less expensive way for her fans to experience her live tour.

Backend Offer

Attending one of Taylor Swift’s live tours is the pinnacle for many of her fans. After they fall in love with her music, buy her albums, and watch the move of the Eras Tour, they will likely end up trying to attend her live show when the opportunity presents itself!

Cool, right?

It might sound crazy to talk about Taylor Swift’s marketing strategies… but she’s the biggest star on the planet today.

And as entrepreneurs and marketers, we’d be crazy not to pay attention!

Check out this guide to create your own value ladder.

​That’s a wrap for this week’s newsletter.

And remember...

You’re only one funnel away,

- The ‘Marketing Secrets’ Team


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