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if you understand this process, it'll work in any advertising. It'll work on Facebook, works on Instagram, works on YouTube, works on Google, works on TikTok, works on Twitch, works on MySpace. You can go back in time, works on MySpace. You can go to new networks that'll be discovered in the future as well and work just as good there as it does today.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell. Welcome back to Traffic Secrets TV. What should we call this? Traffic Secrets, the TV show, the live experience, traffic secrets, quarantine time. We can call whatever you guys want to. Just excited to hang out with the guys today. Sorry I'm a little later than normally in the day. We are in the middle of the Traffic Secrets book launch, and I literally am practicing what I'm preaching. As you guys get a copy of your book, you learn about working your way and buying your way. I've been working my way in. I did a bajillion interviews today. Not quite a bajillion, but pretty close to that. So, it's been a lot of fun and I'm going to be doing more of those over this whole week. So, hopefully, I'll get back to our normal time by tomorrow. But today I was a little bit off. So, I apologize about that.

But excited to be back with you guys. How are you all surviving during this quarantine time? Last week was technically our spring break for our kids. So now they're like, spring break's over and they're back to normal life, except for now we're in quarantine. So, it's like another spring break, and they're not sure, like do we do school or do we not? It's just kind of chaos. But for me and you, it's life as usual. We're here hanging out talking about traffic and Traffic Secrets and building our businesses, our empires, and serving our people, especially during this time of uncertainty and all that kind of stuff.

So, anyway, I'm excited to be hanging out with you guys for the next 30 minutes or so, and we're going to dive deeper into Traffic Secrets. How many you guys have got your copy of Traffic Secrets? Let me know in the comments down below if you've got it. Be like, "Yes, I got it. Of course, I did, Russell. I got it the first second you told me about it," or some of you guys are like, "I actually haven't yet, Russell. I know you keep telling me to. I know I need to, but I haven't for some crazy reason." Anyway, if you don't have your copy yet, all you got to do is go to to get a copy of the Traffic Secrets book. Obviously, the ship's on May 5th. So, it's pretty launched right now but the audio book is available right now.

So, one of the upsells is the audio book. You can start listening to it right now. In fact, somebody messaged me, I can't remember who it was now. This morning, I looked at my messages and they told me they listened to it four times over the weekend, four times. It's me in a studio. It took me three days, seven-hour actual audio book. So, it means they spent 28 hours with me in their ear, but they probably understand it better than me. So yes, it's an audio book. You just got to go to, get your free copy of the book, which ships on May 5th, and then the audiobooks, one of the upsells, which you can get, and then the box set here. If you want all the other updated hardbound new books, it's in there as well.

But we'll talk about that later. So, today we're going to go deeper into Traffic secrets. I'm going to take you guys... Because we just finished last week. We finished on Friday. We finished section number one of the book. Yes, we've got him deep into this. I hope he hasn't been enjoying it. Section number one, went through a whole bunch of cool stuff. We talked about... Section number one is called your dream customer. We talked about secret one was, who's your dream customer? Secret number two is where are they hiding? AKA the dream 100. Secret number three, hope story offering the attractive character. Secret number four, working your way and buying your way. Secret number five, traffic that you own. Secret number six was follow-up funnels, and secret number seven was infiltrating your dream 100.

So those are things we've covered in the past Facebook/Instagram lives. If you missed any of them, feel free to go back. These are all posts on my Facebook page, over, whatever. Anyway search for Russell Brunson live, and you'll get all the live videos that are all there. I'm also working on putting this into a podcast., So you guys want to listen to this and get deeper into traffic through your ears. We can turn this into podcasting soon as well. So it's going to be fun. Anyway, so right now, we're moving on to section number two with a book, which is called fill your funnel. It's kind of cool. So today, I want to talk about the fill your funnel framework. So, you guys heard me talk about this is I created this book. My biggest fear writing this book was like, how do I write a book about the least evergreen topic of all time, which is traffic and make it evergreen, so it'll be true yesterday, today, tomorrow, and for forever?

Because I don't want to rewrite this book in six months from now or a year from now or five years from now. In fact, when I'm dead and Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is gone and Facebook disappear, I want people to pick up this book and be like, "This is still relevant today. What? This is crazy. How did Russell even know?" It's funny because like for me, I read a lot of the books from my old time. Some of the founding fathers of direct response marketing. I study all these books and it's crazy now looking back pre-internet, pre-anything. Some of the smartest guys were these marketers talking about copy and things like that way back then and the principal still worked. So, guys like Eugene Schwartz, Robert Collier like all the old timers, my goal is that this book will last throughout time so that when I'm gone, this book will still work. So I'd write this book differently than just like a typical traffic book, which is like, here's how to run a Facebook ad or here's how to run a Google app.

It's not what this book is about. This book looks at traffic differently. So what you're going to learn about in section number two is what I call the, fill your funnel framework. If you've ever studied with me or learned stuff from me, I'm very big on frameworks. So the fill your funnel framework is a process and cost of you to understand if you understand this process, it'll work in any advertising. It'll work on Facebook, works on Instagram, works on YouTube, works on Google, works on TikTok, works on Twitch, works on MySpace. You can go back in time, works on MySpace. You can go to new networks that'll be discovered in the future as well and work just as good there as it does today. So that's what this whole process of this book is help you understand this framework.

So here's what the fill your funnel framework looks like when, your books on page 128, section number two. But this is the doodle. You guys know I Google everything out, but this is the framework here. So today I'm going to just walk through these six steps of the process. So you start understanding them, and then after that, we'll start going through each day. In here I do go through... I apply it to Instagram. I apply it to Facebook. I apply it to Google. I apply it to YouTube. I apply it to podcasting, and then I let you guys run through from there where you can...Now you've seen this framework in five different networks. Here's how you can go run with it in any network. Okay? All right. So the fill your funnel framework is basically six steps. Here's the doodle again.

There's six steps we're going to be going through here that you got to understand. So step number one is what I call history and goal. Okay. You have to understand the history with the advertising network and then the goal of where they're trying to go. Okay. The reason why is because when I first got started getting traffic, what I would do, I would go into different network, and my goal was like, let me figure out how to hack this. Let me figure how to beat the network. We did this the most with Google. We figured out what Google's algorithm was and we'd figure out a loophole behind it and we'd go and we'd spam the search engines like crazy to get ranked really high.

It was fun because it was always like a game. We're trying to beat the system and then we'd beat it for a little while and we'd get rankings a bunch of traffic and then Google will catch up and the change thing and then we drop out of it and then we'd come back and try to like beat the system again. We figure out how to beat it. We'd get ranked really high, and then they come through and shift it, and we'd get dropped out again. That was like the game forever. What I realized is that while that going to be a lot of fun, it is not a way to build a solid, sustainable business. As we grew ClickFunnels, I'm like, we have to only do things that are white hat that are going to be around for a long time.

So the way we do that is initially is if you're going into any advertising network, you have to understand first off the history where they've come from, and second off the goal of where they're going. Do you understand the history and the goal? Then your job is come in and figure out, what's the loophole that I'm going to exploit to get more traffic? It's figuring out how can I get in alignment with the goal of the network. If I can get in an alignment with the goal of the network, then they will give me free traffic. So instead, it's a shift in mindset for most marketers. Most of us are like, how do I hack the algorithms? What's the loophole? I know that was my mindset for 10 years. This book is not, what's the loophole instead, it's coming back and saying, okay, not what's the loophole? It's like, what's the goal of the network and how do I align with their goals?

If I can do that, they'll give me traffic for free. It's a different way to look at it. It's more of a holistic, long-term approach, but it's the way to make sure that you're going to be around for a long time. Some of the questions said is Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets audiobook upsells, the new versions you yes.I rerecorded all three of these. So it's all the new versions of the books. So we do have the upsell. You can get the audiobook upsell when you go to for all three books as well. So yes. Okay. All right. So step number one is understand history of the network and the goal of where they're going and then aligning yourself with them. That's number one. Number two, step here in the process is finding in your dream 100.

Okay. Now we talked about dream 100 in secret number two. So dream 100, who are the people who have already congregated your dream customers? So if I'm going into Instagram or to Facebook or to Twitch or to TikTok, whatever I'm, looking at, who are the people that have already congregated my dream customers? Okay? I'm going to find those people, and then what I'm going to do, I'm going to go and I'm going to unsubscribe from everyone else. I tell people like in the book, like if you're going to Instagram, go to Instagram and unfriend all of your high school buddies and your college buddies because you don't want to be getting in political debates on the social networks. It's a waste of your time and your energy. My job is to use this as an advertising tool.

So I go unsubscribe from everybody and I follow just the people who've already congregated my dream customers. Okay. My dream 100 people who already have my customers. Okay. So the influencers on each platform who already have your customers and then follow all of them. Okay. Now, if you've done that, if you follow them, all what's going to be cool is when you open up Facebook or Instagram, whatever network you're going into, you open it every morning, you start scrolling through your feet. Only thing you're going to see, you're not going to see all the annoying stuff that's driving you crazy, that's making your blood boil, and making you get arguments with your people who were your friends five minutes earlier, instead, all you're going to see are the people who are marketing to your dream customers.

Okay. You can see all those people in there and you see what they're doing. What are the hooks they're throwing out? What are the messaging? What's actually happening. Okay. And then in real-time, you can actually see what the network are rewarding today. Okay. That's the big secret. Okay. Because the advertising platforms are changing so often, that anything I wrote in this book, here's, what's working today will be irrelevant by tomorrow. Okay. You just figure out, what is the advertising platform rewarding today? Okay. So look at, what's throwing up in your feet and then why? What are they doing? How are they doing it? How are they structuring their images and their posts? You start seeing what's working today. When you see that, now you know, what kind of things you should be creating to be successful on the platform as well. Okay.

I remember the other day some of you guys saw on Instagram. I posted a picture of me with a sticky note with had a quote on it. It did really, really well. I remember higher performing pieces of content we put out there. Okay. How did I find that out? Okay. I follow a bunch of my dream 100. I was scrolling through my new feed and all of a sudden, there was one Lisa Bill, you posted something. As I saw it, it caught me, and it was like her holding a yellow sticky note with a quote on it. And I was like, "Oh my gosh." That stopped me in my tracks as I was scanning. Okay. So I was following my dream 100, and I was like, "She did that. How did she do it?" I looked at what she did and how she structured the post, everything, and I got some ideas like, "Oh, cool. That's something that worked for her. I could do something similar."

So I figure out what's the quote I want to share? I wrote on a sticky note, I got a picture of it. I posted it, and that performed really, really well for us. Okay. I only figured that out because she's someone who I'm following. I'm scrolling through my feed every single... I'm looking for ideas of like, what can I post? How can I post it? What are people doing that are different? What's the pattern interrupt that's working today that nobody else has thought of? Then from there, I'm trying to innovate, come up with my own ideas. Okay? It all comes back to following my dream 100 on the platform and seeing what they're doing and watching what the platforms are rewarding in real time. Okay. That's step number two. Step number one, what's the history and the goal of the platform?

Number two, find your dream 100 on the platform, follow them, and keep your eyes open and watch every single day what they're posting, how they're posting it. What are the hooks? What are the things that they're putting out there? Okay. Then our step number three in the framework is figure out, what is your publishing plan? Okay. You're on this network and how are you publishing? Okay. Are you going to go live every single day? If it's Facebook, am I going live every day? Am I going live twice a week? If it's podcasting, an I podcasting once a week? Am I podcasting every day? If it's, Instagram, what's your publishing plan? You got to figure out your own strategy in the publishing plan. Okay. So by watching my dream 100, I start looking like, what are they doing? How often are they posting? What are they saying? How are they doing?

I start looking at that and I start figuring out, what is working today? Okay. Then from there, I created my own publishing plan. Okay. I know when I launched my podcast way back in the day, I was like, okay, I'm going to do a podcast. I'm going to be publishing it three times a week and this is how it works. I created a plan and then I stuck to it. Okay. Instagram, when I first got online, when we first started doing it, we were posting two images a day because that's what was working really good. Now we've shifted. If you notice now on Instagram, I post one image a day on my wall, but I used to do two, but one because that's what's working the best right now. So I said, okay, once a day I'm going to publish the best picture I have that day.

When I get to the Instagram chapter, I'll walk you through my strategy deeper, but I'm publishing one thing there. On my Insta stories, I'm going to publish 5 to 10 stories a day. I got to figure out what's my plan that I can actually do and that I'll be consistent with? I create that publishing plan and I stick to it. Okay. So that's step number three in the processes. How are you actually publishing on this platform? Okay. Step number four, this goes back to what I talked about earlier. Now that I've understood this network, I've found my dream 100 and following, I've created my own publishing plan, now I'm coming back to my dream 100 and say, "Okay, how can I work my way? That's number four. How can I work my way into my dream? 100. Can I do colabs?

For example, the other day, I'm in the middle of my book launch, obviously getting people to buy Traffic Secrets at I was on Instagram. One of the people at my dream 100, this guy named Jason Stone, and he's got a Facebook group called millionaire or his Instagram channels called Millionaire Mentor, I believe. He's like 5.5 million fans on there. Right. So he's already got all my dream customers there. So I would say, how can I work my way in? So I sent him a copy of the book. I said, "Hey, can we do an Instagram live to your audience?" He said, yes. So within five seconds, he clicked live on Instagram. He invited me on it and boom instantly, me and him were on there, and I was talking to 5.5 million people. 2,500 people I believe came online instantly and had a chance where I could work my way and start talking to his audience instantly. That was one person on my dream 100.

I'm going back down on Instagram, tons of other people who already have big follows on Instagram. I say, "Hey, let's go live. Let's go live. Let's do colabs." I start working my way into those audiences. Okay. So step number four, how can I work my way into the audiences of my dream 100? Okay. So number five, that is like, now that I'm working my way in, how can I buy my way? Can I buy ads to target the followings of the dream 100, the people I've already congregated. That's number four or sorry, step number five is buying my way. So I worked my way and buy my way in. Okay. We talked about this during section number one. So this is a recap. Knowing my dream 100, and working my way in, buying my way in. Then from that, all the traffic I'm getting from both these sources, as well as my own publishing, I'm turning all that into traffic I own.

I'm driving people into a book funnel, into an opt-in funnel, into something where now they're joining my list, now they're traffic that I own, and I can follow up with them over and over and over and over and over again. Okay. Is that making sense? So that's the secret guys. That's the algorithm hack if you want it. If you need a loophole, there's the loophole. Okay. It's simple and it works on any platform, any network. Over the next week or so, I'm going to be going through showing you guys specifically. Here's how I did on Facebook. Here's how I did Instagram, on YouTube, on Google. To show you guys this process, but that's what it is. It all comes down to step number one is understanding the history of the network and the goal of where they're going, and then figuring out how to get an alignment with what the network actually wants.

Number two, figure out who are the people on that network who've already assembled your dream customers and who are they? They're your dream? 100. Then following all of them so you can watch in real time what the networks are rewarding in your specific market today. Every single day, I'm getting market research from watching every single person that's posting anything. Then from there, I figure out what's my publishing plan that I'm going to be consistent with and I can stick with, I'm going to do every single time, and you make your publishing plan. You start publishing, then from there, now you've got that all in place.

Now. It's like, "Hey, cool. Now, how do I work my way in? I've got my dream 100. What can I do to get in into those audiences? Can I have them interview me? Can I give them a gift? What can I do to work my way into the audience? The number two or number five, number five, now, how can I buy my way into their audience? Okay. Number six is how do I turn all this traffic from my own publishing, the publishing of me buying and the publishing that I'm buying and then I'm working my way and turn it into traffic I own. Now from there, I can put them into my follow-up funnels and everything else you talked about during section number one. That is the big secret you guys. Okay. So there's the framework. It's pretty simple. It's not super complicated, but, again, as I go through section two of this book here, you're going to see the pattern over and over and over again. So actually the next two days will be a little different.

Tomorrow we're going to talk about filling your funnel organically, which is worked your way. We're going to go to that, which will be fun. Then the next day, Steven and I were talking about filling your funnel with paid ads. We'll talk about that. Then after that, then we go in, and now we start playing this game and I'm like, okay, here is, let me flip through my book, Instagram. So I'm going to show you guys this fill your funnel framework as it applies to Instagram. Boom. Then the next one is Facebook, Google, YouTube. So I'm going to show you those four platforms. I'm going to show you the practical application of this framework that I just showed you guys today on top of those four networks, you'll see it over and over again, you'll see how we dominate Instagram, how we dominate Facebook, YouTube, Google. It'll give you guys a really good understanding.

Then your job is not to go and publish on all of them. Okay. I'll get more into that. My goal for you is not to go... I don't want you thinking, I need to be publishing on all these platforms. My goal for you is to pick one and just focus on that one. Okay. I'm sure somebody is like, "But Russell you're on all of them" but I also have a huge team of people. When I got started, it was just me and I just focused on one and one alone. So for you, you just got to pick one right now. Okay. I don't care which one it is and we'll get deeper... In fact, I would wait... Let me go through these all so you can understand them all, the pros and the cons of them. Then at that point, you can pick which one you want to focus on and then go and go deep into that one.

That's where it's going to be a lot of fun. So, Ray said, on three platforms, which should I focus on first? A lot of it depends on you. I say, what platform do you like the most? I think a lot of these people are trying to figure out, what's the one's going to give me the biggest bang for your buck? The reality, what's the one that you're going to understand the most. I really liked Facebook for long. That was my main focus of the first couple of years, everything I published was on Facebook. So all my Facebook audience, "Hey, how's it going guys?" Then I start becoming more obsessed with Instagram, and now I publish more on Instagram now than anywhere else because I love Instagram. So I'm on Instagram all the time. I do Insta stories throughout the day, every single day. It's really, really fun.

I remember when we decided we want to start doing YouTube, I didn't understand YouTube, but I thought like, oh, I'm a genius. I know YouTube. So we started making these amazing videos and posting them and it got almost zero traction. In fact, we posted over 100 videos and I was like, "YouTube's horrible. I don't get this platform. I am not having success." I couldn't figure it out. I remember the reason why is because I don't actively use YouTube. I'm not somebody who consumes videos on YouTube. So I didn't get YouTube. I don't understand. I didn't understand the network. I didn't understand if come back here, the history and the goal of the platform. So because of that, I really struggled with it. I remember, after I kind of had that aha, I was like, "I got to figure out YouTube."

I went with my kids. My kids love YouTube, and I said, "I want to watch YouTube with you." They're like, "What do you want to watch?" I'm like, "I don't care. I want you to watch it. Like, I just want to watch you watching YouTube so I can figure out so I can understand this platform. It's so different. I'm not succeeding with it. Let me see what happens. So my kids start watching YouTube. I sat back and I watched them, watched what they did, and what videos they watched, which ones they stuck on, which ones they watched like five seconds, and then they left. I started noticing, I'm like, "Oh my gosh. I did not have respect for the platform before I went into it because I didn't understand it." Because of that, we shifted everything, and now we're having a lot of success on YouTube, but it took a long time because I didn't understand the platform.

So for you guys, it's like, where do you spend most of your time? If you listen to podcasts and you love podcasts because that's like your thing, you should be starting your own podcast. If you're like, I'm obsessed with Instagram. I just want to be here swiping up like crazy, build there. If you're like, I want to be doing Facebook because I get Facebook, go where you spend the majority of your time right now, because you're going to understand the intricacies of that network., More so than a new one you're going to go into. So I don't care if you start building on Facebook today or Twitter or TikTok. It doesn't matter to me. Just pick one that you love, and then that's where you're going to double down on. Okay.

So while I'll be showing you guys a lot of them over the next week, I don't want you learning all of them. Okay. In fact, towards the end, maybe this might be next week, but there's a chapter called conversation domination, which is like, how do you dominate the conversation on every platform? But even then, I don't talk about like you doing it on every... Then I'll walk you through the strategy, but it's really understanding the intricacies of each platform and focusing on the ones that you understand the best. So, that's the game plan. Chase said, how do I have so much energy? Because I'm hanging out with you guys. I'm excited. You have to generate energy. I could have been like, "What's up everybody, traffic secrets." You're all been like, "Boring." Instead I'm like, "I'm excited about this. I'm excited to share with you guys."

On live right now, we've got 163 Instagram, 184 on Facebook. So there's like what? 300 something people I'm standing in front of right now. I am pumped to be talking to you guys. These videos over the next 24 hours based on normal stats, Instagram will be seen about 5,000 times on Facebook, anywhere from 10 to 50,000, depending on if we put some ads behind it. So I'm speaking to like a football stadium worth of people right now. I'm pumped about that and I'm tired. I've been on interviews all day. I've probably done eight or nine interviews say I'm worn out. I'm tired. I'm ready to go to bed. In fact in 30 minutes from now, I'm going to be swimming with my kids in the backyard. So I'm totally out of energy, but I'm showing up for you guys because I love you. I care about you. I want you guys to understand these things.

If I don't step up my game when I'm talking about what I'm... If I'm not excited about this, you are not going to be excited about this, especially times like now. Everyone's uncertain. Everyone's freaking out. If it's at home, like wondering what to do, and if I come in like, "I'm in quarantine. This is horrible. You should buy my book," That's not going to inspire you to do anything. My job, my role here is to get you guys excited about the possibilities in the future of what's happening because if not, nothing's going to happen, nothing's going to change. So right now, it's this really unique, rare opportunity all of us have to literally like sharpen our saws, start gathering our customers, start serving them at a higher level we ever have before. If I don't show up for you guys at a top of 10 level energy, there's no way in the world that I'm going to be able to help you and serve you at all.

So hopefully you guys' understand the same thing's true for your audiences. If you're not able to show up at level 10, it's kind of like you guys ever seen those tuning fork experiments where they have two tuning forks, like ding, ding, and they're both different tones, but does it bring them together. What happens? Both the tones end up sinking and they stay in the middle. Same is true for you guys. If you walk into a room and everyone's depressed, you walk it all excited, whoever's got the most certainty in any situation. So if you come with more certainty, more excitement, you will raise the level of the energy of all the people around you, and then they'll be at your level. If you walk in though, and you're like, "Hey, what's up, everybody? You will suck the energy down of everybody."

So your job as a role model, as a mentor, as a leader is not to come in and suck everyone's energy down. It's to bring them up, especially in times when people's energy is low, especially in times people are bored. They're sitting at home. They don't know want to do at themselves. Your job is to come in and serve your people at a level you can bring them up. Okay. So while I'm doing this for you guys, you should be doing it for your group, for your audiences. I did a podcast probably a year, year and a half ago, talking about how the main goal of businesses to gather people together. This traffic secrets is all about, how do you gather your dream customers together so you can serve them?

I'm a big believer that we've been called to serve a group of people. So your job as the business owners is to congregate together a group of people and to serve them. That's what traffic secrets is all about. How do you fill your funnels and your websites with your dream customers? How do you find them? How do you gather them together so you can serve them? Okay. My job, my role in this whole conversation is I feel like I'm a gatherer of gatherers. I've gathered a whole bunch of people, all of you guys, and I'm going to teach you guys how to gather your people, okay? Because your people are waiting for you. They need you. Right now more than ever, they need your inspiration. They need your techniques. They need your frameworks. They need your knowledge right now more than anything. So my job, my goal is to inspire you guys.

Hopefully if I'm doing this, I'm coming off this kind of crazy energy, then when you go back to your groups, whatever level they are, they could be small, it could be big, it doesn't matter, but you're going to do the same thing and like inspire those people and bring them up as well. That way you can help them be successful. So anyway, hope that helps. Tina said, "So we should unfollow high school friends?" I would. I'd say, "Sorry, guys, this is not a social platform for me." Okay. One of the things I talk a lot about this in here is I said, look, there's people who consume social and people who produce social media. If you want to be successful in this business, you have to stop consuming social media. You need to be focusing on producing social media.

Does that make sense? Okay. Our job is not to be consumers here. Okay. Our job is to be creators. We're creating content. We are creating things. Today I've done eight different interviews. Now this is right now. This is my ninth that I'm going live today. Nine times. How much time do you think I spent scrolling through everyone's feeds and like reading their stories. None. Because I'm not consuming social media. I'm producing it. Okay. That's what I want you guys to understand. You are producers of social media. Those books to help you to be is to figure out how to break out this consumption, while I'm in there trying to read my friends and my family talking about, say, "No, no, no. I love them and I want to serve them. I'm going to unfriend them, and I'm going to focus on the people I've been called to serve. I'm going to produce social media to change, inspire their lives."

That's what your guys' role in this game. Your role is not... You don't provide any value by you scrolling through the news feeds and commenting on people's feeds. That's not how you provide value in this world. You provide it by consuming social media, but producing it. That is the game that we are in right now. So if you don't have a copy of your book yet, go to We're going to prelaunch these books until May 5th. But the good news is, for any of you guys who like, what the order form bump is for the audio book where you can actually take this book and pour it into your ears and listen to the entire thing right now. In fact, I had someone this morning message me said they listened to it four times over the weekend. Okay. Now it took me three days to record the audio book.

I already talk fast. It's seven hours long. If they listen to it four times, that's 28 hours of me talking to them. I'm so sorry for what that was. But hopefully, you're starting to mash these principles. But any of you guys, you can go listen to this by tonight. You can download it. The audiobook is available right now. You can download it. Then if you guys are interested in the entire box set of all my life's work, when you go through the... When you get the free copy of the book with the upsell is you get the box set here, which comes with Dotcom Seekers, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Seekers, along with also the Unlock Seekers workbook. You're also able to get you want you get the audio books of all these... These are all the new update hardbound versions that are all new. In fact, just put this in perspective, the Dotcom Seekers book, the first printing was 58,000 words.

When I did the second edition, this is five years later, I went back and rewrote it, I wrote 58,000 words. I deleted 30,000 of the words, and then I wrote more and ended up being, I think 93, 94,000 words. So it's basically a brand new book and same with Expert Secrets. This is a brand new book. So if you've read them in the past, you still should get the box... Number one, because it's cool. Look how cool it is. It's take like half of your shelf, it'll be amazing. That's number one why it's cool. Number two is because they're literally all new books. Number three is because I would love you guys read these in order. This workbook that comes with it basically takes you step by step as you go through these. You should read the Dotcom Secrets you thought the Unlock Secrets workbook. Then you go through expert, unlock it, traffic, you unlock it.

Then so I got frozen over here on Instagram. Someone called through. Anyway, as you go through these, you have mastered all these principles and it'll be huge for you. So anyway, hope that helps you guys. I appreciate you guys again. You can get a free copy of Traffic Secrets right now at Again, this ships may fit. The box set ships may fit, but you get the audiobook for one book or all of them also on that also inside that funnel. It's all available right now at With that said, thank you guys so much for hanging out. I appreciate you all. Hopefully you guys are doing well in your time at quarantine, that you're using this time for your strategic advantage, that you're paying attention. You're studying. You're learning. You're sharpening your saw. You are becoming becoming better.

So what's going to be cool is that on the other side of this whole thing, you're going to be miles ahead of everybody else and you'll be running while they're still trying to figure out what the world's happening? So that's pretty cool. So again, you go,, You get the book. If you want the audiobook, everything's in the funnel. So go through the process. Trust me. I have built a funnel or two in my life. It's a lot of fun to go through it. Take your time. Buy the funnel. Look at the upsells. You buy this, the upsells, the order form bump is the audio book and then you buy the box and there's an audio book upsell. Anyway, it's all in there. Have fun with it. Thanks you guys.

I will see you all tomorrow when we go live again and go a little deeper into the Traffic Secrets book. So thanks everybody. Appreciate you all. If you enjoyed this at all, please call me down below. Feel free to share it if you're on Facebook or Instagram, wherever you can. With that said, I'll see you guys, manana. Bye everybody.


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