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The Beauty of an All-in-One Marketing Platform


Business owners have so much to do to run their companies. It’s easy to get swamped in survival mode at the expense of focusing on growth through a digital marketing strategy. However, marketing is integral to survival and growth–good marketing helps you last in today’s competitive marketplace.

Today’s abundance of marketing options in a digital landscape makes marketing decisions even more difficult. Do you go with this service or that? How can you efficiently and effectively make the right choice for your business without wasting time stuck in analysis paralysis?

​One question you’ll face in your search for marketing help is whether to go for an all-in-one marketing software solution or piece-meal it with single-service ones. Below, we’ll cover what you need to know to make the best decision.


Marketing Fundamentals

First, look at what it takes to get by in today’s digital world. We’ll start with the three non-negotiable essentials you need to get going. Then, we’ll list what you want to add as you grow your business.


Top Three Basic Marketing Essentials:

  • Website builder with landing page creation and lead capture editors
  • Email marketing tools, such as email automation
  • Analyzation features

You’ll want your marketing platform to have a website builder so you can create a user-friendly site. Landing pages are critical these days to convert and drive sales. Look for a solution with templates and easy drag-and-drop editing features for landing page creation minus the coding expertise.

Over half of all marketers surveyed in a 2021 Demand Gen report said that email marketing has been their most effective means of lead generation. That was especially the case for their newer customer relationships.

Email is vital for spreading the word about your business. As such, you’ll want your marketing software solution to provide tools that make creating and sending emails easy. Additionally, you’ll want yours to have a lead management database to securely store and lead-capture tools to grow your email list.

​Begin your marketing efforts with specific and measurable goals called key performance indicators (KPIs). One example of a trackable KPI would be to grow your email list by a certain percentage. Ensure your all-in-one solution includes analysis.


Marketing Essentials as You Grow:

  • Pop-ups and online forms
  • Online store builder
  • Social media management
  • Automated workflows
  • Materials management
  • Online promotions and giveaways
  • SMS marketing (promotions via text)
  • Graphic design
  • Referral campaigns

Plus, having landing pages, pop-ups, and online forms will increase conversions. Having those tools in your toolbox will be integral to your success.

An online store builder turns a website into a money-making machine, allowing visitors to purchase right then and there.

A social media manager keeps you on task with your online presence and engagement.

Time-saving automation tools will help you market more efficiently. They’ll also help you scale your business as you grow, broadening your reach without adding to the payroll. Think of the most time-intensive marketing demand you face. Look for a marketing platform that meets that need.

From managing marketing materials to referral campaigns, today’s digital marketing requires multiple customer outreach methods. You’ll want robust solutions for each because you’ll likely employ all the above solutions.

​So, do you shoot for an all-in-one platform or a single-service one? Let’s discuss the benefits of each type to help you make the best decisions for your company. Keep in mind the above list of the most common marketing essentials almost every business uses.


All-in-one Marketing Solutions

You’ll find all-in-one platforms:

  • Convenient
  • Money-saving
  • Time-saving

All-in-one platforms, like ClickFunnels, offer a complete suite of marketing tools to cover the bulk of your company’s marketing needs–one service to rule them all. And because all functions are interconnected, your processes are located in one centralized area.

You save money by purchasing one software package as opposed to several. One monthly subscription gets you many tools that give you unified insights into your progress.

​You and your employees won’t waste time switching back and forth between disparate platforms. An integrated marketing solution has everything within easy view, so you get information quicker. It’s also the most effective way to discover your customer’s journey. You and your employees save time learning only one software instead of five or ten.


Single-Service Solutions

You’ll find that single-service platforms give you:

  • More control
  • Highly specialized tools​

You gain more control over your tech stack when you solve your problems one software solution at a time. You can thoroughly vet and utilize the solutions that most closely align with your goals. Also, the caliber of tech solutions you’ll find are highly specialized for deeper insights.


More Bang for Your Buck

All-in-one platforms aren’t for everybody, but they do meet the needs for most. These platforms create simplicity by rolling many features into one seamlessly integrated product. They save you, the busy and thinly stretched business owner, time, money, and effort while solving the bulk of your marketing needs.




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