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The BEST funnel I ever built


I’ve been building sales funnels for over 20 years.

But last year I created the best sales funnel I’ve ever had that made over $1 million in 30 days.

In this email I’m going to share the one aspect that changed everything for me.

I hope it will give you the brainwave you need to take your sales funnels to the next level!

First I need to tell you something about this funnel.

The front-end offer was 100% free.

But… because it was so powerful and because the upsells were insane I got my AOV (average order value) up to $300.

So anyway here it is…

The ONE thing that made a $1 million funnel possible in 30 days…

It’s called the ‘MIFGE’.

“Russell, what on God’s earth is a MIFGE?”

Now, you might know I acquired Dan Kennedy’s company Magnetic Marketing last year.

Magnetic Marketing was down to just 1,000 newsletter subscribers and had no ads running when I bought it.

I knew we needed a funnel – and fast – so I asked the Magnetic Marketing team what had been their most successful way to win customers in the past.

“Oh, that’s easy, the MIFGE!”

“The what??” I said.

“The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever! It literally built the company.”

Basically, your MIFGE is an irresistible free offer which you use to get new subscribers into some kind of continuity program (e.g. a newsletter).

Think about Sports Illustrated.

A couple decades ago the business was going bankrupt, so they started including things like a free copy of the latest swimsuit edition.

When I learned about the MIFGE a light bulb went off.

I mean, I had 40 years’ worth of Dan Kennedy wisdom in a Google Drive in front of me!

This stuff had made Dan’s businesses and subscribers billions of dollars…

I won’t go into the exact details of our MIFGE (you can find out in the link below) but let me just say the free content was valued at around $20,000.

The funnel included INSANE upsells too.

One of them was a 6-book volume of Dan’s entire swipe file and we sold physical copies for a price of $2,500.

So... once we the MIFGE ready, I pushed it out to the existing 1,000 subscribers plus a small network of affiliates.

Within 30 minutes someone had bought the $2,500 upsell!

That pushed my AOV up to $300 ..

In the first month 4,100 new subscribers came in plus the existing 1,000 meant 5,100 total subscribers... and at $300 AOV that was over $1 million in revenue.

It’s the best funnel I’ve ever had.

I’ve been running ads to my MIFGE ever since and I know I can spend up to $300 to acquire a new customer and still break even on my ad spend…

Isn’t that crazy?

So… what about your MIFGE?

I don’t want you sitting there thinking… “But I don’t have access to Dan Kennedy’s Google Drive, so I don’t got no MIFGE.”

Everyone has valuable information or courses or video trainings or live event recordings lying around.

And let me tell you this.

If something feels painful to give away for free... then it’s probably perfect for your MIFGE!

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