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105 - The BIG Secret... Defend And Advocate

The BIG Secret... Defend And Advocate

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Episode Recap:

One of my biggest take-aways from this month’s inner circle meetings was this… On today’s episode Russell talks about hearing Alex Charfen say something in passing at the latest Inner Circle meeting and why it was so important to make him stop and point out what he said to everybody in the meeting. Check out a few of the other things you will here in this episode:

-- Find out what Alex said that Russell had never noticed before, but that he’s been doing all along.

-- Hear why it’s so important to defend and advocate for your dream clients.

-- And Find out how Russell has used social media platforms to go from 10,000 clicks an email to 250,000 customer interactions per day.

So listen here to find out what Alex said that was so important, and how you can use it to connect with your audience on social media and in turn increase your customer interactions each day.

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Best Quote:

I’ve been talking about this in the last, recently, if you stop thinking about business as “what product am I selling?” And start thinking more about “What’s the customer that I am serving?” Then you get super hyper focused. “This is the customer I’m going to serve to the best of my ability.” And then the question is “How do I defend and advocate for this person.” So they feel protection within what you’re doing.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today we’re going to talk about one of the most powerful strategies I have ever heard to grow your following, build your herd, and actually change the lives of the people you are serving.

Hey everyone, I am actually in my inner circle room right now, walking around in circles and I’m reminiscing on the last couple of weeks. I had all my 100 entrepreneurs in the inner circle come out and spend time with me and what’s cool about it is, everyone has a chance to come up on our little stage here and talk about their business and things that are working and they have a chance to ask questions.

And it’s my favorite way to learn. I think it’s better than any product, any book, any course, any anything, and it’s how I learn the best. So I sit here in this room with these amazing entrepreneurs and learn and get ideas from them. In our last set of meetings I got something that was so good and I wanted to share it with you. A lot of you guys know Alex Charfen, he spoke at Funnel Hacking Live twice, he’s one of the coaches in our Two Comma Club X coaching program.

I had a chance to start working with Alex last summer. He was moving into this new business where he was trying to become who he is right now and I invited him to a mastermind group we were doing in Las Vegas at Pirates Cove. If you watch on Funnel Hacker TV online, you probably saw the three or four episodes at Pirates Cove last year, which were really fun.

Anyway he was kind of struggling, so I gave him some ideas and pointed him in the right direction. I told him to launch a podcast, do a webinar, and I’ve watched as his business has blown up over the last little bit, which has been really fun. And then also, it’s been fun watching him serve so many people. I think my super power is getting people from wherever they’re at, getting them to a million dollars in a record amount of time. I don’t think there’s anybody on planet earth who has created more first generation self made millionaires than us here at Clickfunnels.

I would be shocked if anyone else has done that, and if so, we will pass them very, very soon because we are pumping out millionaires every single day, which is really fun. Alex’s super power is helping them build teams and scale, which is cool. So he’s been helping a lot of people in our inner circle and just within our community and now inside the Two Comma Club X coaching program he’s teaching that division of it, which is how to build a team and scale and grow and all that kind of stuff.

Anyway, it’s exciting. Well, we’re sitting here and we’re talking and sharing some stuff, he said something that was, I stopped, I had everyone stop. I’m like, “Did you guys just hear what he said?” Because he kind of said it in passing and then left. He said that what you need to do as a publisher, someone who’s out there talking and building content and stuff like that, is you have to defend and advocate for your avatar, your prospect, your customer, your people. Defend and advocate.

And when he said that he kind of went through and then kept talking. I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.” I was like freaking out. And what’s cool is I watched, I understand now like some of the stuff he does and it just opened my mind to this huge thing. So he serves entrepreneurs right. He’s got a podcast that’s really good called the Momentum podcast, he’s got this book called The Entrepreneur Personality Type and he’s talking to entrepreneurs all the time. And if you watch him, he does such a good job with this.

It’s cool because I knew he was doing it, but I didn’t know that he was conscious of him doing it, and now that I know he’s conscious of doing it, it’s even cooler. Because now there’s a pattern and when you understand the pattern you can actually do something about it. So what he does is he defends entrepreneurs like, “You’re not wrong. You’re okay, you’re not different. Or just because you’re different that doesn’t mean you’re broken. It’s a super power.”

He’s defending his people which are entrepreneurs. And then he advocates for them. Why entrepreneurship is great and why you’re special. Boom, boom, boom, on and on and on. So he defends and he advocates for his dream customer and what happens when you’re defending and you’re advocating for those people, those people come to you because you are the protector and the promoter of them. Isn’t that amazing?

So for all of you guys, and I’ve been talking about this in the last, recently, if you stop thinking about business as “what product am I selling?” And start thinking more about “What’s the customer that I am serving?” Then you get super hyper focused. “This is the customer I’m going to serve to the best of my ability.” And then the question is “How do I defend and advocate for this person.” So they feel protection within what you’re doing.

And after you know that then it’s like, “okay now I have a direction for all of my outbound content, for all my Facebook Lives, my videos, my podcast, my everything.” You are defending and advocating for your avatar, for your dream customer, and when you’re defending and advocating, those people will be attracted to you, they will come to you and then you can serve them and you can change their life. I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing.”

Think about it as a parent. I have these kids and I love my kids, they are amazing. And one of my roles as their father is to defend them, to protect them. Defend them and advocate, talk about how amazing they are. And that’s what you do as a parent, as a spouse, in whatever it is. If you’re doing that for your customer, first off your customers will come to you and second off, they will share the message and bring others to you as well. And I think that that’s one of the biggest reasons why Alex has blown up. When he came to the Pirates Cove Mastermind, I was like “Hey dude, you should do a podcast.” He’s like, “Oh, everyone told me I shouldn’t do a podcast.” I’m like, “Well, everyone is dumb and they’re wrong.

Do a podcast.” So he’s like, “I’m going to do it.” And what he did then is he used that podcast, that platform to defend and advocate for his dream customers who are entrepreneurs and because of that, they came. And they’ve come in great numbers. He was showing his podcast download stats in the last 8 months since he launched and it’s huge. I’ve done this, but not knowingly. Now that I’m aware of it, you can better, believe me, you can see now that I’m aware of the pattern that I will now amplify it like crazy.

I will be focusing more on defending and advocating my dream customers now that I’m aware of the pattern. I don’t’ know if you guys are like me, but I try to identify patterns because as soon as you see the patterns then you can amplify and magnify the thing that the pattern is doing. So it’s like, the faster the better. So for me, I’m going to start doing that. So for you, now that you’re aware of the pattern, now you’ve got what you need to go and start doing it.

So figure out, become intimate with who is your dream customer, then figure out how to defend and advocate for them and then publish like crazy. I want to share one other thing that was so cool. So we have our partner meeting this week, so Todd and Ryan flew out here and we had a fun chance to meet and talk about a whole bunch of cool things. And John who runs all of our traffic, he pulled up some stats to share with us and it’s like basically showing in the last six months how much traffic has grown.

And he was showing the stat, and I still remember so, let me rewind back. Back when we were focused on, we were email marketers completely and that’s kind of how we did everything before social media and things blew up. I remember I would send an email to my list, if we got 5000 clicks, that was a good email. If we got 10000 clicks I was like, that’s insane. So 10000 clicks from email, that was amazing.

So if I could send 10000 clicks to an offer, to a page, that was insanely good. Now, I wanted to give you that so you have contrast of what I’m about to share with you. So John showed us this graph about traffic stats and views and listeners. So he showed on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter, on our podcast, on everything, how much stuff is happening and how fast it’s grown and then he had this little chart and on the chart he showed the percentage of our daily interactions with our dream customers.

He showed this whole thing and then he had this number underneath and the number was like 274,000 something. I was like, “Oh is that how many interactions we had with our customers in the last month?” and he said, “No.” and I’m like, “Oh, what was the timeline?” he said, “That’s how much we’re averaging per day.” I was like, “What?” He’s like, “Yeah, per day.” I’m like, “There’s no way. That doesn’t make any sense.”

So he showed me the numbers. He’s like, “here’s the podcast, the podcast gets…” I don’t remember the number, “15,000 listens a day.” So boom, there’s 15,000 there. Then here’s Facebook. On our Facebook ads we’re getting, you have views right. So a view is at least ten seconds. People watch ten seconds, there’s 30,000 of data happening there. Then you’ve got Instagram. Instagram I get 6 or 7,000 views per story. I do like 15 or 20 stories per day. Then you do Twitter and our blog posts and all these things, it ends up being 200…..more than a quarter of a million people a day interacting with the content that we’re putting out. Is that insane?

I’m looking at people, friends I’ve had that have been doing this for a decade who are just solely relying on emails and they’re sending emails and trying to get 500 or a thousand or ten thousand clicks on an email going out. And I’m like, they’re missing it. Email’s still powerful, but imagine right now, Clickfunnels as a company, 250,000+ people a day are interacting with pieces of content that we’re putting out there. That is power. That is where we gotta go.

Now if you’re doing that and you’re putting out all this stuff and your job is defending and advocating and a quarter of a million people a day are seeing it, imagine how you grow your brand, your company, your cult-ture, and everything grows. So anyway, I hope that helps you guys. The biggest thing I want you to take away is to defend and advocate, the next thing I want you to take away is that you guys need to be publishing because now is the cheapest and the easiest it’s been in the history of the world to get your message out to people.

And I think it will get harder. I don’t think it’s going to get easier. I think there will be more platforms, I think attention will get segmented. But man, if you can control that much attention every single day, now is the time to dive in and do it. Build up your podcast listenership, build up your following on Facebook. Build up your Twitter, build up your Instagram. Do those things because my old business of trying to get 10,000 clicks an email three or four times a week, versus now 250,000 people a day interacting with me, whether I do anything, or you know without me doing too much. It’s crazy, it’s insane.

I think as you go out there and you defend and you advocate for your dream clients, those numbers will amplify, and they will share it. You know Alex hasn’t done paid ads to grow his podcast, but he’s defended and advocated his people and his people share it, because his people know other people just like them. And that’s the magic, that’s the power. So become a defender and an advocator of your dream customer, of your avatar. Give them a place where they feel protection and a place where you can share your message and as you do that, they will come to you.

The whole, “If you build it, they will come” in this situation is actually true. I hope that helps you guys. Appreciate you all. Go defend and advocate for your people, they need you. As you do that you will change their lives, which will change your life. That’s the goal of everything we do here. If you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please go to iTunes, leave a comment, please share, like it, let people know because I think this is important. If you have someone in your world who is defending and advocating for you, send them this podcast, let them listen to this episode so they understand what they are doing for you.

And if you are trying to defend and advocate for somebody, send them this today and say, “This is my role, this is what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to protect you, I’m going to promote you and we’re going to change your life.” So there you go guys, appreciate you all and I hope you have an amazing day and we’ll talk soon. Bye everybody.


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